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Chapter 300: Shoot its head

Chapter 300: Shoot its head

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However, Wang Yu was clearly overestimating the guys from Team Storm. Stone Golem King was faster than them. Moreover, its body was 2 stories tall and as wide as a tank. It was impossible for them to dodge from the charge that came from such a close distance.

Spiralling Winds and Clouds was lucky to be near Wang Yu, so Wang Yu was able to drag him out as well. The rest were not so lucky, and died right away.

As an independent mode boss, Stone Golem King was intelligent. It cancelled its skill after killing the three guys, and punched straight towards Wang Yu and Spiralling Winds and Clouds. "I will stall him, you need to run away now!" Wang Yu said to Spiralling Winds and Clouds when he saw the punch coming for them.

Spiralling Winds and Clouds was already scared pantless, so he did not hesitate when Wang Yu told him to run. He kept running until he could not hear the footsteps of Stone Golem King anymore.

Wang Yu on the other hand, was ready to retaliate. He stayed and close to ground and went towards Stone Golem King. Since it was huge, there was a gap between the ground its body even when its body was tilted. Wang Yu was able to make it to the back of Stone Golem King through that gap.

Wang Yu then stuck his pole in between the Stone Golem King's legs. Wang Yu knew the difference in their strength, so he did not do that to trip it. As Stone Golem King moved, it sent the pole flying together with Wang Yu.

Right after using [Corkscrew Punch], Stone Golem king slammed its limbs onto the ground, and countless rock spikes rose from the ground.

Wang Yu felt a chill when he saw the ground covered in rock spikes that were over a meter tall. He was lucky to have been sent flying, or else, even if his spirit guard could keep him alive, he would be traumatized.

"Despicable foreigner!" After missing two of its skills, Stone Golem King started running towards where Wang Yu was going to land. As soon as Wang Yu had landed, its fist was already coming for him.

Wang Yu rolled and went beneath Stone Golem King's crotch. He then used [Thunder God's Stomp] on its ankle, and struck at its leg and crotch with his pole.




The combo attack Wang Yu used was called "Stationary Sweep", a move from "Crouching Pole Arts". Despite his precise execution, the system did not recognise his martial arts techniques as a skill. The damage done to the Stone Golem King was pathetic.

Stone Golem King roared angrily and its fist went towards Wang Yu again. Wang Yu rolled over to the front of Stone Golem King and struck his pole at its crotch again.


"Erm…" Wang Yu was speechless. Chinese martial arts had always emphasized on striking the weakest spots of an enemy. However, a Stone Golem was different from a human, its crotch was not a weak spot.

Although Wang Yu only dealt an insignificant amount of damage to Stone Golem King, it was enraged. For an insignificant human to hit it at an embarrassing spot continuously was humiliating. It roared and attacked Wang Yu again.

Wang Yu leaped backwards to dodge its attack, but he was nervous.

The control range of his pole depended on the length of the pole and the height of the target. Stone Golem King was too humongous for his pole to even reach its limbs. Wang Yu's control skill with his pole was useless.

"Brother Bull, is there anything I can do to help?" Spiralling shouted from afar.

"Just stay alive!" Wang Yu replied and went towards Stone Golem King again.

Stone Golem King bent over and struck again. Wang Yu climbed onto its head from its arm, and used [Eagle Stomp] on its head.




Wang Yu was relieved to see the damage he dealt. That meant that he had found its weak spot. The only problem was that its weak spot was hard to reach.

Although Stone Golem King's attacks were slow and full of openings, but it was five meters tall. For Wang Yu to jump onto its head to attack every single time, would be way too time consuming.

Wang Yu wanted to use [Grappling], but since the effectiveness of the skill depended on the strength of the target, there was no way it would work against Stone Golem King.

"Wind, get here!" Wang Yu shouted in the team chat.

"Ah? There?" Spiralling Winds and Clouds was confused. He only asked to help Wang Yu out of politeness, he was clearly too weak to help with the fight.

"What can I do?"

'Shoot its head!" Wang Yu said as he dodged the attacks coming from Stone Golem King.

'Erm…" Spiralling Winds and Clouds was surprised, "Is there something less risky that I could do? Like cheering you on or planting a trap?"

"Trap? You can make traps?" Wang Yu was astonished.

"Yeah. I did a quest and learned to make traps from the Hunter…" He said as he sent a screenshot of his skill to Wang Yu.

[Trap]: Make a trap that confines a target for 3 seconds. Skill radius: 50

'F*ck you, how is that a trap?" Wang Yu's impression of traps was the Mystic Snare that Defiant Tiger made. Spiralling Winds and Clouds' trap was trash in comparison, the radius was not even enough to fit Stone Golem King's foot.

"I can't help it..it's just a beginner level trap, I have yet to farm my mastery…"

"Forget it, just get over here and shoot its head."

"No, brother Bull, I would die!"

"Don't worry, I would stall it!!" Wang Yu replied loudly.