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Chapter 303: Trashy or Godly?

Chapter 303: Trashy or Godly?

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Skills that could be assimilated!

Wang Yu was familiar with the idea of assimilation. He knew that only the top of the range skills were able to be assimilated. He had not expected that both [Refining] and [Fusion] were such skills.

The effects of assimilation were outstanding. After Spring Halo's [Call of the Abyss] was assimilated with [Orphans of War], it turned into [Demons of War]. As a result, the effectiveness of the skill was almost increased by 100%.

<Accept! Wang Yu did not hesitate at all.

<System Notification: You have learned the secondary job skill, [Medium Grade Magical Refining]

[Medium Grade Magical Refining] - The skill assimilated from [Refining] and [Fusion]. Allows the user to craft top-tier equipments at an extremely high chance.

Apart from forging, Magical Refining was capable of two other operations.

[Fusion] - Allows the user to fuse equipments of the same grade.

[Reforge] - Allows the user to reset the attributes of an item. It can also restore special items that are unusable.

"What...what a skill…" Wang Yu was slack jawed when he saw the effects of Magical Refining.

Even master grade Forging had only over 60% chance of forging a top-tier equipment. Yet, [Magical Refining] was able do it at an extremely high chance, which was more than 70%, based on the system's settings.

Having had experience in forging, Wang Yu knew that [Magical Refining] would definitely provide more assistance during the process of forging, allowing the completion rate to get infinitely close to 100%.

As for [Fusion], Wang Yu was not certain of its capabilities yet. However, based on its description, [Fusion] could likely combine two equipments into one, while maintaining their best individual attributes. Since Wang Yu's weapon was already able to swallow other equipments, [Fusion] could help it improve even further, by absorbing the forms of other weapons, and raising its grade.

Wang Yu could not be more pleased with [Fusion]. As a martial artist that was capable of wielding all types of weapons, he could only maximise his strength if Martial Artist's Regret could change into various forms of weapons.

However, the last effect, [Reforge], was the only that impressed Wang Yu the most.

It was known that equipments dropped by monsters would never be as good as the ones forged by players themselves, if they were of the same grade. This was because only [Forging] had the ability to forge an equipment with maximum stats.

Despite so, there were limitations to [Forging], even master grade [Forging] would not be able to forge an equipment above the obsidian grade. Hence, the equipments forged by players, would never be able to compare to ancient or legendary grade equipments.

However, [Reforge] would likely allow Wang Yu to return ancient and legendary grade equipments to their prime, and thereby maximising their attributes.

That was not the end. The other ability of [Reforge] was the truly overpowered one. It allowed an unusable equipment to be restored. This meant that the equipments that turned unusable because Wang Yu had stolen them from bosses, would become usable again.

Wang Yu was no longer able to control his excitement. He took a screenshot of the skill and sent it to the guild chat.

"Hey everybody, take a look at this skill…"

There was a long pause before someone started replying.

"What the f*ck!! Uncle Bull, I heard from Frost Blade that your father is the Gamemaster, is that true?" Vainglory asked.

"Silly boy, don't listen to that idiot! Just tell me, how good is this skill?"

"Godly, words can't describe how godly it is!" Everyone praised the skill.

With such a skill, Wang Yu would be able to steal whatever equipments he wanted, from any bosses, and still be able to make those equipments usable.

Ming Du did not forget to add, "Remember to help me reforge all my equipments when you are back…" He was always the first to make use of Wang Yu's abilities.

"Ok!" Wang Yu agreed happily. He knew that with such a skill, he could benefit his friends as well.

"I want your help too, uncle Bull, my equipments are trash…"

"Brother Bull, I want to try it too...My shoes are still silver grade trash."

These fellows never knew to be satisfied. Silver grade equipments were already considered high end currently, yet they treated them like trash…

Seeing how Wang Yu agreed to help Ming Du so easily, the rest of Quan Zhen Sect all started kissing Wang Yu's ass. Since Wang Yu was also enjoying it, he agreed to help everyone.

However, Fearless suddenly asked, "Don't get too happy yet, I am sure that reforge would require a ton of materials."

"Materials…" Wang Yu's heart sank from Fearless' reminder. He quickly removed his ring and put it into the [Reforge] interface.

<Reforge: Martial Artist's Glory

Equipment: Ring

Grade: Legendary

Restoration progress: 10%

Materials required for reforging: Star Iron x50, Elite Gold x28, Silver x60, Meteorite x10...

The list of materials required almost gave Wang Yu a headache.

Silver and Elite Gold, were both rare items that cost a fortune. Star Iron was a special mineral that had no supply. As for the materials listed after Meteorite, Wang Yu had never heard of them before.

"F*ck this…" Wang Yu felt like crying. He thought that he had learnt a godly skill, but he did not expect the requirements to be so demanding.

"F*ck the system!" Wang Yu cursed in the guild chat.

"What's wrong?" The rest replied.

Wang Yu send a screenshot of the materials required into the guild chat and said, "If anyone wants to reforge their equipments, they better prepare the materials required beforehand."

"What the f*ck!" Everyone lost interest in reforging immediately when they saw the screenshot.

With the amount of precious materials needed, they could use the money to purchase many top-tier equipments instead.

Fearless laughed, "Don't be so disheartened, brother Bull. This skill is obviously meant for late game, when materials are no longer in shortage. There must be an equipment on you that can be reforged."

"Yeah, you can even restore unusable equipments!"

Thanks to Fearless' reminder, Wang Yu remembered the gold grade gun that he took from Yoda. He happily took out the gun and put it into the [Reforge] interface.

<Reforge: Yoda's Magical Rifle

Equipment: Secondary Weapon

Grade: Gold

Restoration progress: 0%

Materials required for reforging: Technomagic Cartridge x1, Rifle x1, Firing Pin x1

<System Notification: Material requirements are not met, reforging is currently unavailable.