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Chapter 304: Fire Dragon’s Pistol

Chapter 304: Fire Dragon’s Pistol

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No materials needed….

Wang Yu checked the interface again to be sure. He saw an extra sentence at the bottom, "You have learnt the skill [Magical Rifle Assembly] and hence satisfied the reforging requirements. Gather the necessary parts to complete assembly."

Wang Yu understood its meaning immediately. It seemed like [Magical Refining] and [Magical Rifle Assembly] were related to each other, so the requirements had changed from materials to rifle parts.

Wang Yu already had Technomagic Cartridge, so he only needed to make the Rifling and the Firing Pin.

<Rifling Manufacturing

Required materials: Screw Thread Steel x2, Elite Gold x2

Wang Yu had tons of materials saved up from the bosses he had slain, and it was time to put them to use. He began making the rifling after he took out the materials and the portable machine bed he had.

The main purpose of rifling was to give the bullet its spinning motion. In real life, it was a meticulous process that required extremely fine skills. However, the game had accounted for the skills required.

After Wang Yu tossed the Screw Thread Steel and Elite Gold into the machine bed, it displayed a message, "Cutting, Punching, Milling, Drilling, Grinding.

The steps required to make the rifling was cutting, milling, drilling, followed by grinding.

Wang Yu chose the four options in order with the tips provided. A golden rifling was produced not after long.

<Magical Rifling: Increases speed of bullets by 80%

Wang Yu needed to make the Firing Pin next. The purpose of the Firing Pin was to strike the bullet at high velocity, so it needed to be made from a tough material. Hence, meteorite was needed here.

Firing Pin was easier to make than the rifling. The process only required cutting and grinding.

Soon, the Firing Pin was produced as well. It was much easier to make these items in game after all.

<Magical Firing Pin - Increases physical attack by 50%, and critical rate by 30%.

After the two parts were made, the <Assemble option in the [Reforge] interface lit up. Wang Yu clicked it without much consideration.

<System Notification: Do you want to include special materials in the reforging?

Wang Yu thought about it briefly, and added the remaining dragon scales into the materials column.

<System Notification: Begin reforging, current completion rate: 1%. Estimated time to completion: 67 seconds.

When the process was completed, a well-made pistol appeared in Wang Yu's hands.

The pistol was dark green and carved with magical runes. There was a obsidian glow on the gun as well. Although Wang Yu disliked guns, he wanted to play around with it.

<Fire Dragon's Pistol (Gun) (Obsidian) (Secondary)

Physical Attack: 50-50

Magical Attack: 50-50

+10 Dexterity

+10 Strength


[Impact] (Passive) - Increases the speed of bullets by 80%

[Fast Draw] (Passive) - Increases frequency of attacks by 50%

[Dragon's Burn] (Passive) - Attacks will deal additional burn damage

[Rage] (Passive) - Increases critical rate by 30%

[Ammo Switch] (Active) - Incendiary Ammo: 5/5, Knock Back Ammo: 5/5, Tracking Ammo : 5/5. 1 Bullet is replenished every 60 seconds.

Ammo: 5

Range: 10 meters

Job Requirement: All jobs

Level Requirement: 1

Item Description: A product of Gnomes' technology.

Wang Yu was amazed by the weapon's attributes, and he sent a screenshot of it into the guild chat.

"What the f*ck, is this really a secondary weapon? Its attributes are as good as a primary weapon!" Ming Du exclaimed.

Secondary weapons were considered additional equipments, so their attack stats would stack with the players' original attack stats.

As such, secondary weapons did not have high attacks. The ones sold in NPC shops all had single digit attack stats. The most godly one Wang Yu had seen was only about 20.

However, Fire Dragon's Pistol was an anomaly. Given how secondary weapons did not have any level requirements, its attack stats were extremely high.

"Uncle Bull, did this weapon come from your Reforge?" Vainglory asked.


"Is it for sale?" Frost Blade asked. It was his typical reaction to anything that was good. He would probably have asked Wang Yu to sell his [Magical Refining] as well, if Wang Yu had not learnt it.

"How much?"

"1000 gold!" Frost Blade was a businessman, he knew how to make an offer good enough to shut everyone else up.

Although the pistol only had 5 bullets, its [Ammo Switch] gave it extra 15 bullets with additional effected.

Secondary weapons were rare to begin with, not to mention a top-tier one like this. As an assassin, Frost Blade depended on dealing burst damage. Such a weapon would increase both his survivability and damage, remaining useful even in the future.

"Oh." Wang Yu replied indifferently.

"Does that mean you are going to sell it?" Frost Blade asked again.

1000 gold was a great offer. Frost Blade was slightly pissed off at Wang Yu's ambiguous reply.

"I haven't try it out yet, so I did not plan to sell it…" Wang Yu said.

"F*ck you! So you are f*cking around with me?" Frost Blade replied furiously.

Wang Yu smirked, "Hehe, I just wanted to know the value of my weapon."

"Bull, you've become just like the rest of them!"

Everyone raged, "Frost Blade, I dare you to say that again…"

Wang Yu then closed the chat and replaced his current secondary weapon with Fire Dragon's Pistol.

In the meantime, Karon had already gone off to do its own things. Wang Yu decided to check the shops again, but realised that they had not been restocked. It seemed like the he had finally completed the dungeon.

After Wang Yu exited the dungeon, he appeared in the cursed forest again. The area that was covered in fog was now a swamp. With the compass, Wang Yu headed towards the West, and reached City of Elves after twenty minutes.

When he met Elf Queen Alice again, she was no longer cold like before.

"Dear martial artist, you are back!" She greeted Wang Yu.

Wang Yu nodded his head and threw a bag at her, "This is the heart of the Stone Golem King."

Alice kept the bag without checking for its content, and said, "Martial Artist, you have inherited the Martial God's strength."