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Chapter 305: Faction System Activated

Chapter 305: Faction System Activated

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Wang Yu was unhappy with Alice. She did not even take a look at the item that he had spent so much effort to retrieve. Wang Yu regretted not putting a durian in the bag.

At this moment, he received a system notification.

<System Notification: You have joined the Neutral Faction. Your fame in the Elves Faction has increased by 50. Current familiarity: Friendly

Meanwhile, the system also released game-wide announcement.

<System Notification: Player "Iron Bull" has earned the recognition of Elf Queen Alice and joined the Neutral Faction, activating the Faction System. Iron Bull's great contribution will be going into the annals of history.

Wang Yu was puzzled by the announcement. Why was starting the faction war by activating the faction system considered a great contribution? The system was clearly not promoting peace.

While Wang Yu was feeling puzzled, all the other players were busy discussing.

"Neutral Faction? I thought that we could only join either the Holy Faction or the Dark Faction?"

"It must be a system bug…"

All the players opened their faction choice interface in unison, and there were clearly only two options, Neutral Faction was not one of them.

Even the Quan Zhen Sect members started messaging Wang Yu.

"Bull, what the hell is the Neutral Faction?"

"Well…" Wang Yu started talking like the hermit, "You can only stay clear of the worldly matters if you're powerful enough."


"You've to be strong enough to join the Neutral Faction!" Wang Yu did not want to be so straightforward, but they would not stop asking about the details.

"F*ck you! You're shameless!"

"I suppose the Neutral Faction has lots of benefits?" Fearless asked.

The quality of the faction contribution rewards were directly related to the strength of the faction. Since the Neutral Faction was full of powerful beings, its rewards should be great.

"I have yet to see the rewards, but since I am the only one getting the rewards, it would definitely be better than what you guys will be getting from your factions…"

The rest turned silent. Wang Yu was right, since he was the only one, there would be no competition for faction contribution points. Hence, the rewards would cost very little contribution points to redeem. Why was Wang Yu always the one to enjoy such benefits?

Vainglory then asked, "Can we join as well?"

"You'd have to be at least as strong as me…"

"..." Vainglory was speechless.

The whole of Quan Zhen Sect knew well about Wang Yu's strength. With that condition alone, there would probably be no one else apart from Wang Yu that could join the Neutral Faction.

"Where are you guys?" Wang Yu asked.

Wang Yu was loaded thanks to the hidden dungeon. All the items that he had gotten in the dungeon could be considered the best items available in game currently. Apart from Quan Zhen Sect, only the biggest guilds in the game would be able to afford them. However, Wang Yu knew to save the best for his friends first.

"We are doing our faction quests as well." After helping Sanguine Alliance with their headquarters defence, all of them were at least level 25, and the faction quest was activated for them as well.

"Oh...you guys can go ahead and complete your quests first." Wang Yu replied. He knew that their quests were important, so he did not give them pressure.

Just as Wang Yu exited the guild chat, the system announcements came again.

<System Notification: Player "Spring Halo" has passed the test of the Pope, Saint Peter, and joined the Holy Faction, activating the Faction System. Spring Halo's great contribution will be going into the annals of history.

<System Notification: Player "Unparalleled Dominator" has passed the test of the First Apostle, Saint Peter and joined the Dark Faction, activating the Faction System. Unparalleled Dominator's great contribution will be going into the annals of history.

The two announcements were made almost at the same time, and repeated thrice. There was a brief moment of silence, before another announcement was made.

<System Notification: The faction system has been completely activated, and <<REBIRTH will be entering the age of war. There will be a 72 hours update starting in an hour from now. Please remember to log off from the game on time as the system will not be compensating for any loss occurred.

"F*ck this!!" The Quan Zhen Sect members were extremely pissed off at the timing of the update. They had no choice but to give up on their faction quest.

As the system was counting down its closure, Wang Yu came to the teleportation formation in City of Elves and exited the game.

After he left the game, Wang Yu saw Mu Zi Xian checking out the game's official website.

"Darling, you are so diligent…"

"Hehe, I'm just taking a look. With the game update, there are bound to be changes in the market, I'm checking to see if there are any items I should sell before the update starts."

"Oh. By the way, what are the contents of the new update?" Wang Yu smiled and asked again.

Mu Zi Xian was a customer service assistant for the game, she would definitely know more about the game than the players.

However, she shook her head and replied, "I'm not sure as well."

"Eh? Even you have no clue?" Wang Yu was puzzled.

"It's a 72 hours update this time, it's definitely not as simple as a normal update. The contents are only known to the highest authorities of the game. Customer service assistants like us are not allowed to know about such information."

"I see. Nevermind, the update would not affect me greatly anyway."

Mu Zi Xian smiled bitterly, "It won't affect you greatly, but if there are big changes to the game, the market would be affected greatly for sure…"

"Is that so? Then we should ask Frost Blade about this, he's an experienced businessman." Wang Yu suggested.

Mu Zi Xian nodded, "It's the new year's holiday currently. Why don't we meet up in real life while the game is updating?"

Wang Yu was excited to hear her idea, "That's great idea, let me check with the rest of them."

Wang Yu had few friends in real life, so he was glad to have befriended the Quan Zhen Sect members. Although they had only been together for less than two weeks, they had lots of fun. Since everyone was free, it was the perfect time to meet up in real life.

Wang Yu then took out his cellphone and started searching for Frost Blade's number.

Meanwhile, the leading members of Daybreak Studio were having a meeting in a mansion in the capital.

"Number Five, I received intel from the game company that a big update is coming. How is our stockpiling going?" A middle aged man ask the youth beside him.

The middle aged man was none other than the boss of Daybreak Studio, Li Xiao Bing. He was a intelligent and scheming person, with a wide array of social connections. The main reason that Daybreak Studio was able to monopolise the game markets and overtook many old-school studios in the recent years, was his doings.

"Erm, we seem to have some troubles…" The youth responded with an anxious tone.