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Chapter 306: The Update Period

Chapter 306: The Update Period

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"Troubles? What troubles?" Li Xiao Bing stared at the youth and asked unpleasantly.

Since the Daybreak Studio was founded, they have been known for monopolising the market and creating troubles for the rest. This was the first time that someone else was creating troubles for them, so Li Xiao Bing was unhappy about it.

"Someone has been collecting pharmaceutical materials recently as well…" The youth replied.

"Oh? Who are they?"

Daybreak Studio had targeted the pharmaceutical materials since the beginning of the game, in order to make a huge profit when the game went official. The sudden appearance of competition had made Li Xiao Bing nervous as well.

"The three materials we are collecting aren't rare, so why would someone else target them? Could there be a traitor among us?" Li Xiao Bing got more afraid as his thoughts continued. This operation was only known to the core members of the studio, if there was really a traitor, they would suffer a huge loss.

"Mrs Bull's Convenience Store...." The youth said.

"Convenience store? What the hell is that?" Li Xiao Bing was dumbfounded. How could something as low-end as a convenience store dare to compete with a studio like theirs?

"It's the convenience store that sells medium grade recovery potions."

"Oh, it's them! Is the guild backing them up a big one?"

Players who focused on a secondary job like pharmacist would require a big guild to back them up in order to make it to the top.

As the boss, Li Xiao Bing only did the planning, but rarely played the game. He had only come in contact with the biggest guilds, so a guild with 15 members like Quan Zhen Sect was disregarded.

"No. It's Quan Zhen Sect…"

"Quan Zhen Sect? I may have heard about them, they seemed to be doing well in the game? How are they as compared the Sanguine Alliance?"

"We did not have much interactions with them, a few of our employees met them yesterday. Apparently, they only have 15 members. However, they are strong enough that even Sanguine Alliance has requested for their assistance."

"Only 15 members...How can 15 people be considered trouble?" Li Xiao Bing's face was black with anger.

"Well, they have offered to buy the materials at a higher price than us, so there are very few players selling their materials to us now…"

"Higher price? Hehe, we have invested about 20 000 gold in the game so far, right?" Li Xiao Bing asked.

The youth nodded, "Yeah, about 21 000…"

"That's equivalent to 20 million dollars in real life, almost half of our studio's assets. Do you think a guild with 15 members can beat us in terms of wealth?"

"Erm…" The youth was speechless.

The game industry had been growing exponentially for years, so most players knew about the hidden rules. Big guilds were ran by Game Clubs, which were similar to football clubs. These guilds have their own competitive team for competitions, as well as celebrity players that represented them. With the financial support of big companies, these guilds were making huge amounts of profits.

However, a guild with a dozen members, like Quan Zhen Sect, could only be considered as a small team.

Daybreak Studio was definitely afraid of big guilds that were backed by powerful companies, since they had strong financial back ups. However, Quan Zhen Sect was not one of them, so Li Xiao Bing disregarded Number Five's concern over the matter.

"Number Five, you have to use your brain next time. How could a small guild with 15 members compete with us?"

"So, does that mean we shouldn't increase our price?"

"Hehe, of course not! We should lower our prices instead, to teach those greedy players a lesson. We shall show Quan Zhen Sect the meaning of real life financial support!" Li Xiao Bing said confidently.

"Understood!" The youth realized Li Xiao Bing's intentions instantly.

Meanwhile, Wang Yu was calling Frost Blade and updating him about the idea of a meet-up. Frost Blade accepted the offer without hesitating, "Meetup? That's great, I have not seen them in a long time."

"Ok, what about the time and location?" Wang Yu asked.

"Half of the guild members are at your city, so how about meeting up at your place tomorrow?"

The update would take 72 hours, which meant that they could not play the game for three days. The amount of time was perfect for Frost Blade and the rest to come to City I for a one day gathering.

"Sure, but I don't have the contact number for the rest of them, except Fearless." Wang Yu said.

Since it was the age of the internet, everyone knew to protect their personal information. Wang Yu was aware of that, so he did not ask for the contact numbers of the rest of them.

"You can relax about that, I'll handle it. I will take care of their trip to City I, and leave the rest to you guys." Frost Blade laughed and said.

As a businessman in game, Frost Blade had everyone's contact number. He even asked for Wang Yu's number the first time they met, not to mention the other Quan Zhen Sect members' numbers. It even seemed like they had met up before.

All that was left was to decide the exact place to meetup. Wang Yu had wanted to meetup in a restaurant, but since it was the new year's holiday, most restaurants were closed. The ones that were still open had raised their prices by an awful amount.

Mu Zi Xian was thrifty, so she wanted the meetup to be at their house. However, the house was packed, due to the belongings of the six residents.

Coincidentally, Yang Nuo came over to visit them. After hearing about the meetup, she was excited and volunteered her house as the meetup location, "Let's do it at my place, it's spacious enough."

Wang Yu was living at the most luxurious residence in City I. There were four apartments in each floor, and there were two types of apartments. One was the common type with smaller space that Wang Yu resided in. The other was the luxurious type with bigger space that Yang Nuo resided in. The layout of the apartments was done in such a way for good Geomancy.

Yang Nuo's apartment was enough to fit two Quan Zhen Sects, so they agreed with her suggestion.

"Ok, that settles it!" Wang Yu said joyously.