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Chapter 307: Beautiful Sister-in-law

Chapter 307: Beautiful Sister-in-law

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Frost Blade was businessman indeed, he managed to contact everyone else and arranged their trip perfectly. On the following day, everyone had arrived.

Yang Nuo even rented a Mercedes MPV to fetch all of them, showing her sincerity as the host.

Boson and Fearless were both living in the capital, which was close to City I. Crotch Lord lived in the Centaline area, which was even closer. Ming Du, Vainglory, Spring Halo and Frost Blade lived farther away. However, they were able to reach City I in just a few hours by plane, thanks to the advanced infrastructure of the nation.

Everyone's appearances in real life were similar to their appearances in the game. The unique air of perversity was definitely something that could not be imitated. Wang Yu easily recognized all of them with a glance.

Fearless was tall, handsome and sophisticated. He was obviously in the field of academic studies.

Boson on the other hand looked like a typical nerd. Although Fearless and Boson shared many similarities, the impressions they gave were completely different. Everyone could tell that they were half-brothers.

Frost Blade was wearing suit and he looked energetic like a successful man. The way he spoke was classy, so he was probably a businessman in real life as well.

Spring Halo's dress up was the most individualistic one. He was wearing a linen robe and fiber sandals, just like a medium. However, Frost Blade told Wang Yu that he was actually an engineer.

That had Wang Yu completed baffled. The difference between a medium and an engineer was equivalent to the difference between Fearless and Boson. He was amazed that Quan Zhen Sect had somehow gathered a whole bunch of weirdos.

Crotch Lord was shorter in real life, but very bulky and muscular. Wang Yu found a slight resemblance between themselves.

Vainglory and Ming Du were both dressed like students. However, Vainglory was handsome and childish like a high school student, while Ming Du seemed like a college graduate.

Ming Du and Crotch Lord were about the same height, but Ming Du was skinny. The sickening smile on his smile could almost alert someone from far away that he was a pervert. Without his student-like dress up, he was no different from the street thugs if there was a tattoo on him as well.

The six original members of Quan Zhen Sect had met each other before, and started messing around almost as soon as they met each other.

"Where's Mrs Spring?" Ming Du asked pervertedly.

"Yeah, where's Mrs Spring?" Frost Blade added.

Spring Halo rolled his eyes at them, but Vainglory joined as well, "Where's Mrs Spring…"

Like the bastard he was, Fearless was asking the same question too. However, Wang Yu was surprised that even the earnest Boson asked for Mrs Spring as well.

"Why didn't Mrs Spring come?" Wang Yu tried to join the conversation.

Spring Halo replied awkwardly, "Brother Bull, we've only just met, so why are you acting like one of them."

"Erm, what's the story behind this?" Wang Yu and the rest looked puzzled.

"Do you know why we are friends with brother Spring?" Fearless asked.


"Because Mrs Spring is beautiful!"

The five of them exclaimed in unison.

"..." The rest of them furrowed their brows. It was no wonder that even the calm and collected Spring Halo was panicking when he met this bunch of perverts.

"Alright, get in the car…" Yang Nuo saw that the nonsense was ending, and quickly interrupted, "Sister Xian is making the food now, we shouldn't delay any further."

Spring Halo said pervertedly at Wang Yu, "Tell sister-in-law to be patient, her brothers here are all waiting patiently for her too."

Wang Yu replied with a harsh tone, "You are pitiful but despicable!"

Yang Nuo did not understand Spring Halo and Wang Yu's conversation, and continued, "Sister Xian is not the only one waiting, there are four other girls waiting as well…"

"Let's hurry up and go!" Fear and Mung Du could not wait any longer when they heard Li Xue and the other girls were there as well.

"Wait a moment, why do I feel like there's someone missing?" Yang Nuo was a meticulous girl, and she noticed that something was off.

"Is it? Who's missing?"

"F*ck you guys! Who the hell locked me out of the car…" At this moment, they heard someone slamming the car door. Fearless glanced out the window, and saw Darknorth Fisher jumping around angrily.

Darknorth Fisher looked extremely average just like he did in game. He only nodded his head to greet Wang Yu just now, and stood at the side afterwards. Wang Yu had genuinely thought that he was a passer-by who greeted the wrong person accidentally. After Darknorth Fisher got on the car, he pointed at Ming Du and shouted, "F*ck you, Li. Why are you trying to hide, you are the one who locked me out!"

Ming Du pretended to be astonished and replied, "As expected of an expert in playing thief for so many years, you could make us ignore your existence while standing right beside us. This is the realm of a truly remarkable thief!"

"F*ck you!" Darknorth Fisher gave Ming Du the finger.

City I was small and since it was the holiday season, the roads were clear as well. The crowd soon arrived at Wang Yu's residential area.

"Bull, is this your house? Why did you lie to us about being penniless?"

Everyone was amazed to see how big Yang Nuo's house was, and Frost Blade started questioning Wang Yu.

"Is the house that big? I feel depressed just from the low ceilings…" Yang Nuo exclaimed.

"..." Everyone was speechless, but thought in their mind, "This chick sure does a good job of pretending to be loaded. Such a big house would cost almost 10 million dollars even in a third-rate city like City I."

Wang Yu saw right through their mind, and explained, "This is Yang Nuo's house, mine's at the opposite side…"

"Eh...so she's rich." The crowd was startled again, and changed their thoughts about Yang Nuo.

"Where's Mrs Bull?" Ming Du asked excitedly.

"That's right, Bull. Where's your wife?" Everyone started chanting in unison again, as if the sole purpose was their trip was to meet her.

Spring Halo was the happiest. He was treated as such for a long time, now that Wang Yu was in the same boat as him, he was the loudest. However, his happiness was ruined when Fearless reminded him that Wang Yu was younger than him, so he needed to treat his younger sister-in-law with respect. Spring Halo then went to a corner alone, feeling depressed.

"She's busy in the kitchen with the other four girls." Yang Nuo pointed at the kitchen and replied.

"Is that so?" The group was just thinking about going into the kitchen to check out their sister-in-law, when Mu Zi Xian and the other girls brought out the food.

Mu Zi Xian did not forget to greet them, "Stop standing around, come and help to get the food out!"

Mu Zi Xian's display of dominance had everyone stunned. The perverted group soon lost their spirit and went in the kitchen to help out obediently.

Whilst in the kitchen, Fearless asked Wang Yu softly, "Do the four of them live with Clear Snow?"

"No, they live with the two of us…"

"What the f*ck!" Fearless was stunned. He gave a thumbs up to Wang Yu and said, "In the whole Quan Zhen Sect, the only one I respect is you!"