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Chapter 308: Various types of Talents.

Chapter 308: Various types of Talents.

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Wang Yu was excited to meet the rest of Quan Zhen Sect for the first time. It was awkward at first, but they soon mixed around just fine.

<> was a virtual reality game after all, seeing each other in game was not that much different from seeing each other in real life. The gathering was similar to their guild meetings in game.

The difference in age was small. Spring Halo was only two years older than Wang Yu, and he was already the oldest one around. The rest were all about the same age, except Vainglory. He was in his third year of college.

Quan Zhen Sect was around for about 7 years. Wang Yu was really puzzled that Vainglory could get into college if he had been hanging out with the rest of them since middle school. However, after knowing about their professions, Wang Yu soon realised how did Vainglory get into college.

Although Fearless was cunning and shameless, but he was so well educated that even Yang Nuo was impressed. Despite being a bastard, he was a double doctorate holder...working in the Chinese Academy of Sciences…

Fearless and Boson were on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Fearless was a theoretical scientist, while Boson was an army engineer who experimented with nuclear reactions.

No wonder the two of them were treated like freaks. If Boson said that he made nuclear bombs when someone asked about his profession, he would probably end up in a mental hospital.

Spring Halo was a famous hydraulic engineer. His job involved lots of landscape calculation and drawing blueprints. He was also well versed in the arts of Geomancy and fortune telling. Spring Halo was able to tell immediately that Wang Yu and Yang Nuo's residence had good Geomancy. Mu Zi Xian and Yang Nuo were so impressed that they asked for his fortune telling service (Spring Halo did his fortune telling by feeling the person's bones) on the spot.

However, Wang Yu quickly stopped Mu Zi Xian when he saw Spring Halo's perverted expression. As for Yang Nuo, Wang Yu knew that she would beat Spring Halo up if he had tried to be funny.

Frost Blade was a owner of a mediocre business. He started investing in the game to make profits out of professional habits.

"What's your job, Ming Du?" Wang Yu was curious after knowing that the rest of them had professional careers. Wang Yu had never seen any professional career that produced someone with Ming Du's personality.

"I'm a musician!"

"Musician? Are all musicians as outstanding as you?" Wang Yu was puzzled. Although he knew that most musicians were weird, but it was abnormal to be as weird as Ming Du.

Ming Du replied unhappily, "Outstanding my *ss, I couldn't even get a job!"

"Then what are you doing now?" The rest of them apart from the founding members of Quan Zhen Sect all asked curiously.

"City law enforcer…" Ming Du was embarrassed.

"F*ck…" Everyone had a sudden revelation, "No wonder…"

"Crotch Lord? You physique is too good to be a nerf." Ming Du asked.

"I was a sportsman... in the city's Table Tennis team."

"Oh…No wonder I felt a slight resemblance between us." Wang Yu exclaimed.

The Chinese Table Tennis team was stronger than ever. Even the cities' teams could easily defeat the national teams from other countries. The players in the national team had a reaction speed and movement speed that was comparable to even Wang Yu. Crotch Lord must be extremely athletic to be able to join the city's team.

"Dude, you play the game more than we do, don't you need to train?"

"Erm...I have retired…" Crotch Lord was looking shameful at this point.

"What? You are so young, how could you retire from such a promising career?"

"I got fired for playing too much game…" This was a typical example of addiction, I hope my readers would not become another Crotch Lord.

"..." Everyone was speechless. Although they were crazy about the game as well, but they knew that their jobs were the most important. No one expected Crotch Lord to go to such extremes.

"Then what are you doing now?" Wang Yu asked again.

"Playing games of course...Now that competitive gaming is considered a sports event, I consider this as changing my career...Moreover, my life is way more comfortable than before…"

Crotch Lord was speaking the truth. As compared to the vigorous trainings he needed to attend as a city's team player, the quests in game could be considered a piece of cake for him.

"I'm thinking of persuading my brothers from the team to quit and join me as well. The game has a much more promising career than table tennis. We could train all our lives and still lose to our own people." Crotch Lord mumbled to himself.

"Forget about it…" Fearless quickly interrupted him, "It costs a lot to nurture a sportsman, if you try to get them to quit, the Ministry of State Security would definitely come after you."

"Are you serious? The Ministry of State Security cares about stuffs like this?" Spring Halo was shocked.

"I'm not sure, but guys like them would easily become experts in game. We would be destroyed if they wanted to do that." Fearless replied.

"That's right, Crotch Lord, your idea is dangerous. I shall reprimand you in the name of the country!" Spring Halo started acting high and mighty.

"..." Everyone was speechless.

"Hey, you over there. What do you do for a living?" Yang Nuo asked Darknorth Fisher.

It was only then that the crowd noticed Darknorth Fisher who was sitting at a corner without any sign of presence.

"There's finally someone who remembers me…" Darknorth Fisher cried.

"Fish, are you a …" Ming Du squinted his eyes and imitated a pickpocket with his hands.

Everyone else looked at Darknorth Fisher, they were interested in his response.

Darknorth Fisher's lack of presence made him invisible amongst the crowd. Not to mention, his reaction speed was comparable to that of Crotch Lord. His job in game was a thief as well, so they could not help but feel that Darknorth Fisher was a thief in real life as well.

"F*ck you guys. I have been a professional player for several years, there's no way I would be a thief!!" Darknorth Fisher was annoyed.

"Haha, it's just a joke….Everyone knows about the famous Mercenary King, there's no way you would be a thief." Everyone started laughing.

"Ah? Are you guys really joking?" Wang Yu seemed confused.

"Did you take it seriously?" The crowd looked at Wang Yu as if he was an alien.

Wang Yu quickly replied in a stern tone, "Of course not! I'm not dumb!"