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Chapter 309: The game between Fearless and Daybreak Studio

Chapter 309: The game between Fearless and Daybreak Studio

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After they were done eating, they started drinking and talking about all kinds of topics. The Quan Zhen Sect members were experts in their various fields, so there was no lack of a topic for discussion. They went from talking about Mu Zi Xian's cooking, to the national issues, and finally back to the game.

The game was the main connection between them after all.

Fearless asked Mu Zi Xian, "Mrs Bull, what do you think about this update?"

The sudden major update was the biggest news in the game currently. Since they were talking about the game, it was definitely going to be mentioned.

Everyone knew that Mu Zi Xian was a customer service assistant for Soaring Dragon Game Studios, so her opinions were respected the most.

"I think the game would go official early with this update."

As a customer service assistant, Mu Zi Xian did not know about the details of the update. However, she knew the progress of updates well. If it was a simple content update, it would only take a dozen hours or so.

However, the update this time was a major one that was going to take three whole days. This was evident that the update was more than about contents. It was likely that there would be major changes to important areas like the number of accounts and methods of payment.

As a virtual reality game, <<REBIRTH was still lacking as compared to the established games. Despite so, it took over the gamer population's interest at an amazing rate.

The game was full of bugs at the beginning as well, but after months of beta testing, the game was almost completed.

Now that it was less than half a month away from the official start of the game, the demand for the game in the market was already getting out of control. The 10 million accounts that the game provided so far were unable to satisfy the hundreds of millions of gamers in the country.

In conclusion, these were signs that the game was going to start officially earlier than expected.

"Go official early?" Fearless looked serious when he heard Mu Zi Xian.

"Frost, how is the stockpiling of pharmaceutical materials going?"

"Our combined wealth is about 26 000 gold, and of it was invested. You know that the market's supply was limited, so I was only able to spend half of our gold so far." Frost Blade replied.

Fearless paused to collect his thoughts, and continued, "The game had only started for a short while, there would not be much gold in the market. I estimate that even Daybreak Studio would only have about 20 000 gold."

"Frost Blade and I calculated the sum of the posts on the forum asking to buy the materials. Your estimation is correct." Spring Halo added.

"Hehe, that makes it interesting." Fearless started laughing creepily.

"Why?" The rest asked.

Whenever Fearless laughed like that, they knew that he was plotting something nasty.

"I was only planning to make a profit with Daybreak Studio's help. If the game really starts officially early, I believe that they would suffer a huge loss…"

"...What do you mean?" Not everyone was not as smart as Fearless, so they asked again.

Fearless, Spring Halo, and Frost Blade then started explaining about their plan.

Daybreak Studio was an existence that could change the market in the game. They had been quietly collecting pharmaceutical materials since they first started in the game, with the purpose of monopolising the materials' market.

When Fearless and Wang Yu first came across them, they did not have a good time. Hence, Fearless asked Boson to secretly investigate Daybreak Studio. As a result, they found out that Daybreak Studio was trying to stockpile on the pharmaceutical materials, that was when Fearless first had the idea of copying what Daybreak Studio was doing.

After that, when Daybreak Studio purposefully defamed Wang Yu and Quan Zhen Sect, Fearless became certain that they were trying to monopolise the market. As a payback to Daybreak Studio, Fearless decided to buy the materials at a higher price.

20 000 gold was not a small sum of money at the initial stage of the game, but as time went on, there would be more gold in the market. Quan Zhen Sect would then lose their advantage over Daybreak Studio. This meant that Daybreak Studio would make the most profit in the end, with their strong financial supports in real life. Fearless' goal was just to irritate them.

However, if the game was starting officially before the expected date, the market would change early as well. In such a scenario, whoever had the bigger stockpile of materials would be the winner.

"Fearless, all they did was defaming us for having limited stocks in our convenience store. Is this really the right thing to do?" Mu Zi Xian was worried.

To stop someone's means of livelihood was equivalent to killing their parents. Mu Zi Xian's conscientiousness would not allow her to screw someone up so badly. Not to mention, Daybreak Studio was her most important customer.

"Mrs Bull, you are blinded by the short term profits. Our grudge with them is deep-seated. Do you know that they were trying to do the same to us?" Fearless said.

"Is that so? I thought they were targeting us for the medium grade recovery potions? If we have the stock, we would be able make a profit regardless of what they try to do." Mu Zi Xian said confidently.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to sell your stock even if you wanted to!" Fearless replied, "Why think you think they are stockpiling on the materials for our potions? Once they raised the price for the materials, we would be forced to raise the price of our potions as well. They would be the ones deciding the market then."

"Woah, these guys are way too cunning and deceiving!!" It was only then that the rest understood what Daybreak Studio was trying to do.

The reason Daybreak Studio was purchasing all of the potions in Mu Zi Xian's convenience store, was to empty her stockpile of potions. When the game had gone official, Daybreak Studio would have the majority of the materials available in game. By increasing the price of the materials, Mu Zi Xian would be forced to increase the price of her potions, since the cost had increased.

This would result in repeating cycle of doom. Mu Zi Xian's expensive potions would soon be unwanted. By that point in time, Li Xue and her friends would have to sell their potions through Daybreak Studio. Moreover, since they would be the one providing the materials, Li Xue would end up making zero profit.

This was equivalent to driving them towards bankruptcy!

"Luckily we have listened to Fearless and stockpiled on the potions as well…" Wang Yu was still frightened at the thought of Daybreak Studio's plan.

"That's right. It's the only item that we have control over currently. Once we have purchased enough materials as well, we would be able to destroy Daybreak Studio."

"But, what if they decided not to increase the price of the materials?" Yang Nuo asked Fearless. Since Daybreak Studio was able to decide the market, Yang Nuo felt that they did not have to restrict themselves to one option.

Fearless smiled, "Hehe, that's impossible! That was their goal since the beginning, it's too late for them to back off now. Not to mention…"


"Not to mention, we are the only people capable of making medium grade recovery potions. Materials would stay relevant throughout the game, as long as we have the materials, we would definitely make a profit!" Fearless smiled and said.

Everyone felt a chill from Fearless' smile. No wonder it was said that "knowledge is power". Villains that were knowledgeable were the most scary ones. Of all people, Daybreak Studio had chosen to offend Fearless, and now they were going to pay the price for it.