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Chapter 310: New Contents

Chapter 310: New Contents

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Good time always passes quickly. During the meetup, everyone was drunk, including Wang Yu, who did not drink normally. He even started showing off his martial arts techniques under the persuasion of Ming Du and the rest.

Wang Yu was jumping around like a monkey while he was performing, and it was recorded on video by Li Ming Du. After Wang Yu woke up and realised that Ming Du was using the video as a joke, he was ready to beat Ming Du up. However, Ming Du had already sent the video to all his friends.

The following day, the group toured around City I to enjoy its sceneries, and returned home afterwards.

By the noontime on the third day, the game update was finally completed. Wang Yu went on the official site as per normal and checked out the new contents.

As Mu Zi Xian had expected, the game was going official earlier than expected, in three days time. There would no longer be a limit on the number of accounts created by then, but each player was limited to one account, and the account would be binded to his device.

The biggest change in content was the addition of three new species.

The Elves, the Orcs, and the Holy Wingmen.

The content was roughly talking about how the deep-seated grudges between the Holy Faction and the Dark Faction had finally lead to head on confrontation. It would be an era of war, brought on by the two factions.

The sound of the war-horns had awaken the Elves who had been lying dormant for many years. As believers of the God of Nature, they believe that the continent should be peaceful, so they would not hesitate to stop the war.

At the meantime, the Orcs, who were eyeing the human's territory that was rich with resources, were going to try their luck amongst the chaos. The Orcs had been banished by the humans to a wasted land thousands of years ago, their unsatisfied hunger for the past thousands of years had fuelled their emotions to join the war to fight for their benefits.

The mighty Holy God, also commanded the hidden race, the Holy Wingmen, to assist his believers in the battle.

Just like humans who were given the talent of "Learning", the three races had their respective talents as well.

The talent of the elves was called "Alertness", its effect was providing additional growth in dexterity. The Elves were also naturally sensitive to magic, so they were suited for jobs like thieves, bowmen, and magician.

The talent of the Orcs was called "Savagery", giving them good attack and defence. However, their intelligence was lower by comparison, so they were more suited for strength-related jobs like warriors.

The Holy Wingmen was a race blessed by the Holy God, so their talent was called "Divine Body". It gave the Holy Wingmen extra sensitivity to light-type magic, and a strong body. Despite having a lower attack, their healing abilities and halos were enhanced. Hence, they were suited for priests and templars.

In the backstory of <<REBIRTH, humans were an undignified race. The mastermind behind the Church of Darkness was a human. The Seven Apostles were humans as well. Although the descension of darkness was blamed for the war, but it was actually the humans that started it.

Rather than calling this a war between light and darkness, it was more fitting to call it a struggle of beliefs and power. Hence, the faction of the three new races depended on their beliefs as well.

In the story, the Orcs were more evil than the humans of Dark Faction, so players playing as Orcs could only join the Dark Faction. As for the Holy Wingmen, the Holy Faction was the obvious choice. Only the Elves, who were considered a neutral race, could choose between the factions.

There were changes made to the job branching system as well.

Since the content after level 25 was about the faction war, the system came out with two new jobs, Lich and Revenant, because priests and knights could not join the Dark Faction due to the nature of their jobs.

Liches were the most faithful believer of the Darkness, handpicked by the Apostles. They were indoctrinated with the power of the darkness, and turned from human into powerful creatures of darkness.

The Revenants are the spirits of the deceased woken up by the Apostles. Although their souls were gone, but their spirits remained. They follow only the orders of the God of Darkness, to protect and slay.

Among these two jobs, there were branch jobs as well. A Lich could become either a Lich Doctor or a Lich Toxicologist, the counterparts of Priests and Shamans. A Revenant could become a Death Knight or a Punisher, the counterpart of Crusaders and Templars.

The four branch jobs were similar to their counterparts in terms of the effects of their skills, but the Dark Faction's jobs looked cooler.

For the sake of fairness, Priests and Knights were allowed to change their jobs before level 25, to make up for their lack of choice in the faction war.

The other jobs had changes made to them as well, but players were supposed to discover the changes in the game.

The update was reasonable. However, Wang Yu was puzzled. Why did Dark Shamans become the followers of the Holy God if the word "dark" was in their name. He had thought the the Holy God was a hygiene freak, so why did he allow the magicians who practised dark magic to join his faction?

The Dark Faction also had the addition of seven new jobs corresponding to the Seven Apostles. They were the counterparts to the seven heroes from the Holy Faction.

The only difference was, players who unlocked the hidden hero branch jobs could choose to join the Neutral Faction, like Wang Yu. However, players who chose the hidden apostle branch jobs could only join the Dark Faction or become a free-thinker.

Apart from the changes to the jobs and races, the game added a Colosseum System. There were two types of battles in the Colosseum, Solo Battle or Party Battle. The winners would be awarded with rank points that could be used to purchase special items sold in the Colosseum. The shops even had ancient grade equipments and uncommon skills for sale.

However, many players were unhappy with the new update.

As compared to the new races, humans did not have any special bonus to their growth. A human warrior would definitely lose to an orc warrior under the same circumstances.

Since the players' devices were already binded to their accounts, no one even had a chance to start over with a new account. They felt that this had destroyed the balance of the game.

As a result, the forum was full of posts cursing the developers.

However, the update did not affect Wang Yu. Although the three new races had their advantages in their talents, but the new players who would be joining the game soon had already lost on the starting line. The current player base had the advantage in terms of their levels and resources.

Moreover, although the three new races had obvious strengths, their weaknesses were obvious as well.

Although warriors did not need intelligence, and bowmen did not need stamina, but during PK, a human warrior's skill would be able to last longer, and a human bowmen would be able to sustain more damage.

However, none of these were important to Wang Yu. To a martial arts expert like Wang Yu, the slight benefits from their talents were useless.