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Chapter 311: Goddess of Luck

Chapter 311: Goddess of Luck

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The players that were complaining about the update were mostly amateurs. The professional players had kept calm and rationale towards the update.

Humans had a talent as well. "Learning" allowed the players to improve their proficiency with their skills, thereby making up for their natural disadvantage. Although the effects of "Learning" were not so obvious currently, they would definitely become evident in the later part of the game.

Moreover, the other races had restrictions in terms of skills. Orcs could not learn magical skills, Holy Wingmen could not learn darkness skills, and the Elves could not learn defensive skills. Meanwhile, humans could learn anything. That was a clear advantage over the other races.

Wang Yu logged in into the game after browsing the forums, and saw that the rest of Quan Zhen Sect were online. Wang Yu could not help but be amazed that they were able to play the game more than him, despite that they had proper jobs.

The rest felt the same about Wang Yu as well. Wang Yu was playing the game like a job, from 9AM to 5PM each day, but stopped playing after dinner time, when the majority of other players were online. Yet, Wang Yu was somehow the best player in game. If they did not know Wang Yu, they would have suspected him of cheating

The game would be only going official in three days. The 10 million accounts that were released previously had all been taken, so the new races had yet to appear in the game. Wang Yu felt dissatisfied because he wanted to see what the new races looked like.

"What are you guys doing? Do you want to clear a dungeon?" Wang Yu saw that there was a storyline dungeon quest in his quests list, and immediately asked in the guild chat.

"We are doing faction quests, wait for us." The rest replied. Without completing the factions quests, the storyline quests cannot progress. That was the system's setting.

"Bull, how much gold do you have? I need more gold to purchase the materials." Frost Blade asked.

"You've spent them so quickly?" Wang Yu was astonished, "I thought we had over 10 000 gold left just before the update?"

"Sigh, the players aren't stupid. Since they know that the purchasing power of gold is going to drop, everyone is selling their materials to spend on useful equipments."

"I have 5000 gold left, I will send them to your mailbox now!" Wang Yu replied and found a mailbox nearby to send his remaining gold to Frost Blade.

After sending the mail to Frost Blade, Wang Yu suddenly realized that he had tons of items from Wonderland Forest left. Since everyone was spending gold like there was no tomorrow, he should sell them now.

Wang Yu then went straight to the convenience store.

When he had arrived at the convenience store, the situation gave him a shock. The whole alley was filled with people, he almost thought that there were people creating troubles for the store again.

After many attempts, Wang Yu realised that he could not squeeze through the crowd. He decided to get on the roof of the house beside him, and get to the store from there. After he was on the rooftop of the convenience store, he sent a message to Mu Zi Xian, and finally got in the store through the side door.

There were so many players that came to shop for items, that Mu Zi Xian had to call Li Xue and the rest for help.

When Li Xue saw Wang Yu suddenly appearing behind the counter, she was surprised, "Brother Yu, have you come to help as well?"

"Erm... I am here to deliver some goods." Wang Yu said in a frightened tone. He had spent too much time staying at home, and became socially awkward. He would not even be able to an auction, let alone selling items in a store, where bargaining was mandatory.

"Goods? What good?" Mu Zi Xian turned around as well.

"Equipments, potions, and stuffs…" Wang Yu took out a pile of items as he was speaking.

Top-tier arrows, medium grade recovery potions, and all sorts of magical equipments.

Li Xue and the rest were stunned by the amount of items Wang Yu took out of his bag. Mary even exclaimed, "Landlord, your bag must be bigger than a bank's vault…"

Wang Yu smiled and turned to look at Mu Zi Xian, "How are these items? I guess that they are worth a fortune."

All these equipments were top of the line equipments produced by the Gnomes. In addition to their high stats, they came with magical properties as well. They were so much better than equipments dropped by monsters.

Even Mary, who was a blacksmith, was amazed by the quality of the equipments.

"Yup?" Mu Zi Xian nodded. She kept the potions and the arrows, and said, "Xue, could you help me display these items on the shelves."

"Aren't we selling the arrows and the potions?" Wang Yu was curious.

"These are consumables, so their value would increase over time."

"Oh." Wang Yu nodded.

In the game, the most valuable items were the equipments. However, the items that depreciated the fastest, were also equipments. After all, as the players' levels increased, their equipments would be replaced as well.

Although the equipments Wang Yu brought back were good, but they were level 20 equipments. By the time the new level 25 dungeons were out, these equipments would lose their values.

However, consumables were different. Even in late game, the common potions sold in NPC shops would still be purchased in large quantities. The price of consumables would only increase.

Before an economic crisis, it was the most important rule amongst professional players, to stock up on rare consumables.

However, the normal players did not have such a mindset. All they cared about, was to spend their gold on the most useful items to them currently. Hence, Wang Yu's equipments were what they were after.

The equipments had better stats than even those forged by blacksmiths, so despite selling them at above market price, the equipments were sold out almost immediately.

Wang Yu had purchased almost 80 pieces of equipments from the Gnomes' shops, and all of them were gone within 10 minutes.

At that moment, Ming Du suddenly sent a location marker into the guild chat, "There's a boss at Blazing Sun City, are we going to steal it?"

"Old Li's habits are coming out again…" Everyone was despising Ming Du. Bosses technically belonged to no one, so it was fine to steal a boss if they came across one. However, to go to another city just to steal a boss, was crossing the line.

"Habits your *ss! It's the Goddess of Luck! There are already guilds coming after it, it's now or never!"

"What the f*ck, Goddess of Luck?" A commotion started when they heard the name.

"How? Do you want to come? Do your fathers want to come…" Ming Du started spamming the guild chat.

Fearless muted Ming Du casually and replied, "Stop f*cking spamming, wait for us!"