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Chapter 312: God is a joker

Chapter 312: God is a joker

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"Goddess of Luck? What's that?" Wang Yu asked.

Wang Yu frequented the forum. The players on the forum loved to boast about whatever monsters they had killed, so Wang Yu had seen many different bosses before. However, he had never heard of the Goddess of Luck.

"It's a lucky boss!" Spring Halo answered.

<<REBIRTH was similar to many other games, it contained an easter egg system. The lucky boss was one of the easter eggs.

Lucky boss did not have a fixed spawning location. In fact, it did not even spawn as the same monster every time. It might a low levelled lucky dog, or it might be a powerful lucky dragon.

In the official data, there were only 10 lucky bosses in all of the 300 cities, and these bosses wandered around the whole continent. They might appear in a random map, or even in a dungeon. No one had ever seen one before.

The only way to differentiate a lucky boss from a normal boss, was the "lucky" before the name of the boss, as well the suffix of a special boss.

Lucky bosses were as strong as they were rare. If a wild dog that was super strong and powerful appeared in the beginner's village, it might be a lucky boss.

Lucky boss, as its name suggested, was a huge gift for the player lucky enough to come across it. The equipments it dropped were all the best among the best, and there was even a slight chance that it could drop legendary equipments.

However, throughout the two and a half years of internal testing, beta testing, and public testing, no one had ever came across a lucky boss before. Yet, a horrible bastard like Ming Du had met a lucky boss. This had proven that God was a joker that did not support meritocracy and fairness.

"Oh…." Wang Yu spent quite a bit of time on the official site, so he knew about the easter egg system.

Even Fearless chimed in, "Lucky boss is a rare occurrence. Let's gather at Blazing Sun City's teleportation formation!"

"My wife is busy so I want to help…" Wang Yu sounded like he was in a dilemma.

"F*ck you!" Everyone started cursing at Wang Yu. How could Wang Yu treat a lucky boss as something less important than accompanying his wife.

Mu Zi Xian smiled, "Just go, it's a lucky boss after all. Anything it drops would be a huge profit. That's way better than helping out at the store."

Mu Zi Xian was in the guild chat as well, so she saw their conversation. She knew that they could not help with killing bosses, so the least she could do is to let Wang Yu help out."

"Alright then, wait for me!" Wang Yu then left the store and went towards the teleportation formation on the roof.

Blazing Sun City was close to Twilight City, as the similarity in their names had suggested. With only one city in between them, Wang Yu could reach it directly through the teleportation formation.

After 10 minutes, everyone was at the teleportation formation except Ming Du.

"What's the coordinates of the location?" Fearless asked Spring Halo. When Ming Du was spamming the chat just now, the previous chat record got deleted. Only someone sensitive to numbers, like Spring Halo, could remember the coordinates. As expected of a professional, Spring Halo reported the coordinates without pausing.

"By the way, it's a lucky boss. Can the few of us really take it down?" Spring Halo asked cautiously.

Since lucky bosses could even drop legendary equipments, they must be at least as strong as ancient grade bosses. Since the squad was mostly around level 25, fighting a boss that powerful felt like a suicide mission.

The system's setting was fixed. Even if the player was as good as Wang Yu or Yang Nuo, he cannot overcome the difference in raw level and attributes, regardless of his godly mechanics.

Moreover, Ming Du's words implied that there were someone fighting the boss already. Given his strength, he could easily wipe out a few dozens of players alone. Now that he was calling for help, it must mean that the guild fighting the boss must be big.

If that was the case, the pressure on Quan Zhen Sect was even higher.

"Of course not, but since it's a boss, there must be a way to kill it!" Fearless replied confidently.

"Tsk, I really admire Fearless' confidence!" Vainglory was impressed by Fearless' bravery despite the fact that it was the suicide mission.

"Any more questions?" Fearless glanced at the rest and asked.

"Does anyone want equipments? Fresh equipments available here, I can give a friendly discount…"

"F*ck off!" The rest stopped Wang Yu before he could finish his sentence. "Are you shameless?"

Wang Yu looked at Fearless angrily, "It was that idiot who asked if I have any questions…"

Fearless could only silently accept the fact he was an idiot, since there was nothing he could do about Wang Yu's fist that was in his face.

"If there are no other questions, we shall depart now."

The lucky boss was located at the level 30 training area, Blazing Sun Plains. It was a open area that stretched into the distance as far as the eye could see.

When the gang had reached the location that Ming Du told them, they saw a crowd of people gathering around. There were a few dozens of people watching them from far.

Ming Du on the other hand, did not dare to get close at all. He was pretending to be training while glancing at the crowd as well.

Ming Du was always the type to beat people up when he was pissed off, but his pathetic state currently made everyone laugh.

Fearless could not help but mock him, "Old Li, how did you become a pu**y like this? This isn't like you!"

"F*ck you!. That boss belonged to me...f*ck those bunch of trash that stole my boss!" Ming Du exclaimed sadly.

"Tch, bosses do not belong to anyone. If you can steal someone's boss, they can steal yours. That's perfectly normal…" Frost Blade was despising Ming Du.

"F*ck that, this boss is really mine!" Ming Du exclaimed again.

Spring Halo was laughing at Ming Du's frustrated expression, "Tell us what's going on, Ming."

Ming Du almost cried, "That's the boss for my faction quest, "Demon Lord's Puppet". It somehow spawned as a lucky boss, f*ck the system!"

"..." Everyone was speechless.

Karma was real after all. Ming Du's favourite activity was to steal other people's bosses. Now that the system spawned his faction quest boss as a lucky boss, they did not know whether it was bad luck, or a blessing.