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Chapter 313: Get Wrecked

Chapter 313: Get Wrecked

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"What's the guild that stole your boss? Don't they know that it's your quest boss?" Fearless asked.

Unlike a normal boss, quest bosses were actually considered to be someone's belonging. Not to mention that quest boss had atrocious drop rates, so even the most shameless player would not go around stealing people's quest boss.

Even someone like Ming Du would not go around stealing other players' quest boss, but that was because of the poor drop rates. If it was a lucky boss, Ming Du would have probably done the same thing.

"I think they are rom Dominator's Guild. I told them that it's my quest boss, but they did not care. I ended up arguing with them, so they killed me." Ming Du replied.

"How did you argue with them?" Based on their understanding of Ming Du, there was no way that he would argue like a proper human.

"I threw a [Thunderous Hellfire] at them."

After Ming Du had progressed to his hidden branch job, his both fire-type AOE skills were blessed by the power of lightning. One was called [Flaming Thunderstorm], the other was [Thunderous Hellfire]. Both of these skills were extremely powerful.

"Great, that's just like you!" Everyone nodded in unison.

Although Ming Du was violent, but Dominator's Guild was equally domineering. They stole his boss despite knowing that it was his quest boss. That was a despicable act.

Although the gang had never heard of such a guild before, they could tell that it must be a guild with at least several thousand members. How could a big guild like this be so shameless.

"You are a joke, Ming Du. To get your boss stolen when you are a city law enforcer...you are bringing a bad name to your job." Crotch Lord laughed.

Ming Du stared and Crotch Lord and exclaimed, "I'm just a substitute!"

"Then shouldn't you be more overbearing…" Everyone was laughing now.

"F*ck you guys…"

"Hey, so are we going to steal this boss?" The cautious Frost Blade asked.

Dominator's Guild was a big guild with thousands of members, there was no way the 10 of them could beat them head-on.

"We are not stealing, we are taking back what's rightfully ours!" Fearless exclaimed.

"What should we do then?" Spring Halo frowned after checking out the surrounding landscape.

Blazing Sun Plains was wide and open as its name suggested. There was no way they could take advantage of the landscape. There was nothing they could do except taking Dominator's Guild head on, but that would not end well for them.

"Hmm," Fearless paused briefly, "We are on the moral high ground, so let's talk to them first, and then decide what to do depending on their attitude."

Fearless always liked to be on the moral high ground before he backstabbed someone. He claimed that it was to remove the burden on his conscience. As a result, the victims would never be able to retaliate, even verbally. The victims would end up hating Fearless for more than the monetary loss he had caused them. As evil as it was, Fearless' technique worked well.

The Goddess of Luck was truly a ferocious beast. They could tell that Dominator's Guild was not having an easy time, since their guild members kept dying and coming back. However, since the players had infinite lives, they would be able to grind the boss down with their numbers alone.

When Quan Zhen Sect approached the outer ring of the battlefield, the Dominator's Guild members that were guarding the battlefield soon surrounded them.

One of the tanks that was leading the group of guards saw Ming Du and started mocking him, "Yo, kid. Did you manage find helpers that are willing to die as well?"

Although the Quan Zhen Sect gang were ill-tempered, they did not bother arguing with an idiot. Fearless smiled and said, "Brother, the boss you're fighting is my friend's quest boss. I think that there might be a misunderstanding, could you ask your boss to speak to us?"

"Hahaha!" The tank started laughing, "Do you think our boss will see you just because you said so? Don't overestimate yourselves, and get the f*ck out of here. We'll start killing everyone here who's not part of our guild otherwise!" It was a common occurrence in online games for big guilds to kill all the other players in the area when they were fighting a boss.

Just as the tank finished his sentence, the dozens of players behind him all drew their weapons and formed an offensive formation.

"Oh? This is the stance that you want to take after stealing my friend's boss?" Fearless raised his brows.

The Quan Zhen Sect gang had stolen bosses before as well, but they had never acted so provocatively. These players from Dominator's Guild were even worse than Ming Du.

The tank waved the shield in his hand and continued, "That's right. Our boss said that we do not care about whose quest boss it is, once we lay our eyes on it, the boss is ours!"

Fearless smirked, "Great, the Dominator's Guild is domineering indeed! You better watch out."

The tank started laughing, "Haha, you dare threaten us with that few people? Brothers, let's send them back to the city for free!"

As he was talking, the tank struck at Fearless with his shield. Such savagery could only be expected of someone from a big guild.

However, Fearless did not move an inch. Meanwhile, Boson charged out and sent the tank flying

, he then followed up with [Heavy Blow], [Double Slash], [Quadruple Slash], and [Tornado Slash]... Before Boson could finish using all his skills, that tank was already dead.

The two assassins from Quan Zhen Sect leaped out at the same time. They used [Haste] instead of [Stealth], and ended up among Dominator's Guild's formation in an instant. After a few strikes, all the bowmen and magicians were dead.

Quan Zhen Sect's sudden attack left the Dominator's Guild team stupefied. They had never expected a group of 10 to attack them.

While they were too stunned to react, Spring Halo already casted [Dark Barrier] and surrounded all of them. Ming Du attacked with his AOE skills as well. The rest of the gang did not even have to move. In less than 10 seconds, Dominator's Guild team of several dozen players was wiped out.

"What the f*ck! What's going on?"

The crowd attacking the lucky boss was shocked to see their team of guards wiped out all of a sudden.

"Boss Peerless, the guy from before brought helpers to steal the boss!" The players that were killed replied in their guild chat.

Peerless Dominator was a core member of Dominator's Guild, and their best Weapons Master. "Peerless" was a popular choice among the current generation of gamers, so whoever with "Peerless" in his name was definitely one of the first players to have joined the game.

It was Peerless Dominator who ordered his men to steal the boss just now. Now that Ming Du was back with help, he was worried. "How many of them are there?" Peerless Dominator asked.

Actually, Peerless Dominator was able to see all the Quan Zhen Sect members. However, having witnessed Ming Du's ability to wipe out a dozen players in one shot, he was certain that Ming Du was a core member of a big guild. When he had heard that Ming Du brought help, he checked their surroundings subconsciously, but did not see any big guilds around.

"10…" The tank that was killed by Boson replied.