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Chapter 314: Scheme

Chapter 314: Scheme

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"10?" Peerless Dominator was shocked by Quan Zhen Sect's bravery. Trying to steal the boss with only 10 people was just like a suicide mission.

"Could there be an ambush…" When Peerless Dominator glanced towards the Quan Zhen Sect gang and saw them talking amongst themselves instead of retreating, he turned vigilant immediately.

"F*ck you, Fearless, that was reckless." Boson started scolding Fearless, "Why did you want to argue with them, now we've got over 2000 enemies on us."

Even Spring Halo was frightened, "Are they going to surround us...I'm going to make this clear now, I won't be covering for you guys, there's no way that I could stop this many people."

Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher said while their daggers, "Luckily we had chosen a job that could use [Stealth], or else we will be dead way more frequently thanks to Fearless. We will be escaping by ourselves later."

Ming Du chimed in, "Escape my *ss. They have got over 2000 guys. If they are going to surround us, none of us is getting out."

The rest turned gloomy as well when they heard Ming Du. Ming Du was experienced in getting surrounded, and he had two movement skills to help with escaping. If he could not escape, no one else could. Any means of escaping were useless against the absolute advantage in number of people.

Wang Yu laughed, "Hehe...I can't agree with Ming Du."

"F*ck you, you are not human!" The rest exclaimed in anger.

If Wang Yu had wanted to escape, 2000 players would probably be unable to stop him. After all, Wang Yu had teleportation skills, and he could pole vault himself away as well. There were few players who could catch up with Wang Yu.

Fearless also laughed, "Don't worry, they won't dare to come over for now."

"Why?" Vainglory asked like a curious child.

"They are afraid of an ambush, a backstab, or that we are luring them away on purpose." Fearless said monotonously.

Humans were weird, the smarter they were, the more they feared. As a core member of Dominator's Guild, Peerless Dominator was just like that.

If Quan Zhen Sect came with 100 people, he would have attacked them already. However, he was puzzled that Quan Zhen Sect had dared to kill the guards, when they only had 10 people.

A lucky boss represent a huge fortune that would even turn players from the guild guild against themselves, not to mention that there were other guilds after the boss as well. There was no guarantee that there were no spies in a big guild like Dominator's Guild. Hence, Peerless Dominator was worried about an ambush waiting for them.

"What do we do now? We can't just stay here and watch them kill the boss." Yang Nuo asked.

The reason that Dominator's Guild did not dare to attack the Quan Zhen Sect gang, was because they were afraid of an ambush, but not that they were actually afraid of the 10 of them. If the Quan Zhen Sect gang attempted to approach the boss, they would be killed.

Fearless laughed, "Frost, lend me a few of your loudhailers, the type that can notify the whole server!"

As a businessman, loudhailers were a common tool used by Frost Blade to purchase items, so he had lots of it with him.

"Eh?" Frost Blade paused briefly, and passed a few loudhailers to Fearless, "What are you trying to do?"

"To call someone!"

Before Fearless finished his sentence, a huge message appeared before the gang.

<Player "Fearless" : There is a lucky boss at Blazing Sun City, get here now!"

"What the f*ck! What are you doing…" Frost Blade was shocked, he was just wondering why Fearless did not send a private message if he had wanted to call someone...It seemed that Fearless was really calling someone…

"Didn't I tell you I'm calling someone?" Fearless replied.

"F*ck, what if you end up attracting more big guilds?" Darknorth Fisher exclaimed in fear.

As a victim of a big guild's wrongdoings, Darknorth Fisher knew very well what they were capable of.

Moreover, this was a lucky boss that they were talking about. Most people might not even be able to meet one in their entire lives. Dominator's Guild was already a pain in the *ss, if more big guilds were going to come, they would have no chance of stealing the boss.

Fearless smirked, "Hehe, that's what I want to see. We'll take advantage of the mess later!"

"Won't they clear the area of unwanted personnels?" Crotch Lord said condescendingly.

The players from big guilds were not idiots, they knew to clear the field of unwanted personnels to prevent someone from stealing the boss amongst the chaos of the battle. Even if there were several guilds around, they would filter out the weaker ones first. In such a scenario, Quan Zhen Sect would get wiped out before the boss.

"They would, but don't worry, just stay beside me. They can't hurt you guys if I'm around." Fearless smiled and said.

When Dominator's Guild saw the loudhailer message, they started panicking too.

"F*ck those p*icks, how dare they broadcast the location of the boss with a loudhailer. Should we do the same?" The players started asking Peerless Dominator.

"Don't panic. It'll be ok if we simply keep quiet. However, if we do shout back, the whole server would know that it's real." Peerless Dominator said.

He was an intelligent man. The internet was always full of idiots. There were many players who broadcasted messages like they were slaying dragons when they were bored. Meeting a lucky boss was a common broadcasted rumor as well.

However, if they responded to Fearless' message, that would be like announcing to everyone that what Fearless said was true.

However, Fearless already expected Peerless Dominator to stay quiet. After broadcasting the location of the lucky boss twice, he passed two loudhailers to Yang Nuo and told her what to do.

At the next moment, another message appeared on everyone's screen.

<Player "Clear Snow" : Fearless you son of a b*tch! The Dominator's Guild is going to kill you over and over again till you are level 1!"

When Yang Nuo's message appeared, the players who had ignored Fearless' message all started discussing.

"Dominator's Guild? Could this be real?"

"Is there really a lucky boss? I have to check it out!"

There were only 10 lucky bosses across the 15 servers in the game, they were as rare as the divine bosses in the myths. It was risk dying just to see one.

"If the boss dropped a legendary equipment before me, I would be rich!" That was the thought of many players.

Yang Nuo broadcasted the message twice more. At this moment, the players in the seventh server had all stopped what they were doing, and came towards Blazing Sun City.

"F*ck!" Peerless Dominator almost choked when he saw Yang Nuo's message.

"How dare they pretend to be us, surround them!" With Peerless Dominator's order, the 2000 players from Dominator's guild all started charging towards the Quan Zhen Sect gang.

Now that the location of the boss was revealed, all the big guilds in the seventh server would be coming. If they had continued to attack the boss, the other guilds might kill steal them at the last minute. Hence, they decided to kill the Quan Zhen Sect bastards first.

"F*ck me, they are coming!"

The morale of 2000 players was a powerful sight to behold. The Quan Zhen Sect gang could not help but be frightened.

"What the f*ck are you guys scared about?" Fearless mumbled and threw a pink object onto the ground.