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Chapter 315: Product of Fearless’ Bonding

Chapter 315: Product of Fearless’ Bonding

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"Daddy, daddy."

The pink object started circling around Fearless as soon as it reached the ground. The gang looked closely, and realised that it was a pink snake.

"DADDY!!??" Those that had not seen the snake before all exclaimed in shock. They all squatted down to observe the snake closely.

"Don't be polite, just call me Boss." Fearless replied calmly.

"F*ck you, do you want to die?" Everyone started raging at Fearless for playing with their words.

Fearless pointed at the snake and said, "Trust me, if I am dead, you guys would be coming along as well!"

"What the f*ck is this?" Ming Du poked the snake with his staff and asked.

"Fearless' son!" Wang Yu laughed and answered Ming Du. Wang Yu was the one that got the snake to begin with.

"Son?" Ming Du grabbed the snake in his hands and observed it closely, "It feels more like a daughter…"

Fearless' face changed when he saw Ming Du toying with his snake violently, and shouted, "F*ck you, put it down!"

Ming Du let the down the snake unwillingly and laughed, "Fearless, I couldn't tell before. You are getting better and better at this game, is this the product of your bonding?"

"F*ck you!!" Fearless said angrily, "Get behind me now."

Everyone stood behind Fearless despite not knowing what was going on. Fearless mumbled something to the snake, and it circled around the gang. Then, a pink hexagram appeared beneath them and rose up. The gang was now under a status called "Mystic Barrier".

[Mystic Barrier]: Creates an invisibility barrier with magic. Range: 5 meters. Targets not more than 4 levels above the caster's level would not be able to sense the barrier.

"What the f*ck, it's a group invisibility skill…" Everyone shouted in awe when they saw the description of the status.

Group invisibility skills, as its name suggested, was a skill that granted invisibility to everyone in the group. This type of skills first appeared in the ancestor of all online games, <<LEGEND. It was a extremely powerful support skill.

However, this type of skills were considered to be overpowered, so they never appeared again. No one had expected it to show up in <<REBIRTH.

Apart from Wang Yu, everyone was an experienced gamer, and knew how powerful the skill was. "What's this snake? A pet?" Everyone asked Fearless with a astonished tone.

Fearless pointed at the snake, and displayed its properties.

<Phantasy Serpent (25) (Uncommon)

HP: 50

MP: 200 000


[Phantom Array] (Active) - Creates a barrier with magic to trap enemy targets within a 5 level difference from the user. Cost : 40MP/second

[Mystic Barrier] (Active) - Creates a barrier of invisibility with a range of 5 meters. Targets not more than 4 levels above the caster's level would not be able to sense the barrier. Cost: 20MP/second. Moving out of the barrier or initiating an attack would stop the skill. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Owner: Fearless

"Hiss.." Everyone took a deep breath when they saw the snake's properties.

[Phantom Array] was similar to [Dark Barrier]. If used wisely, it could be used for both offence and defence, and would be uncounterable.

[Mystic Barrier] on the other hand, was an extremely powerful skill meant for ambush or protection. It was known that a thief's [Stealth] status would be cancelled if the thief attacked someone, or if the thief was attacked or moved by an outer force. As such, it was possible to surround a thief and beat him out of his [Stealth] status.

However, [Mystic Barrier] allowed the players in the barriers to stay hidden, as long as they did not initiate an attack. Hence, although the gang could not move, the skill was better for them than [Stealth], under the current situation.

"So it's a pet skill, but is there even a pet system in <<REBIRTH?" The gang was puzzled.

"No one said there isn't one...I guess there is one, given the current situation" Fearless replied.

Spring Halo was in awe, "Woah, I didn't expect you to get something out of being a pervert. Tell me, did you get this after molesting Angela?"

Spring Halo then grabbed the snake up and smirked, "Hey little girl, come with uncle...I will buy candies for you...Your mom is with me as well…" He looked just like a perverted kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Dominator's Guild was closing on then Quan Zhen Sect gang, when they saw the gang disappearing before their own eyes. They were stupefied.

"What the f*ck, is there something wrong with my eyes? How did they dissapear? Did they activate [Stealth]?" The players from Dominator's Guild shouted in disbelief.

"That's impossible. There are only 2 thieves among them. There is no way that all of them could use [Stealth]. I think they must have used somelike like a teleportation scroll." Peerless Dominator said.

"They are smart to have teleported away, or we would cut them up!" The crowd shouted in anger.

It took them so much effort to finally bring the boss down to half of its health. They were pissed that their progress was disturbed by the Quan Zhen Sect gang.

"Remain vigilant! The reason they started this mess was to take advantage of it and steal the boss. Search around the area in case they are still hiding around here somewhere." Peerless Dominator reminded the crowd.

"Understood!" The crowd dispersed themselves up to search for the Quan Zhen Sect members after receiving the order.

Meanwhile, players were coming to Blazing Sun City from every part of the game. It did not take long before Blazing Sun Plains was filled with people.

In the official statement, lucky bosses were said to drop legendary equipments. After hearing that there was a lucky boss in Blazing Sun City, almost all the big guilds in the server came. Sanguine Alliance and False Symphony were here as well.

There were even more small guilds and random players around. There were people as far as the eyes could seen. It was roughly estimated that there were at least 100 000 players around.

Just how massive was a crowd of over 100 000 people? In reality, that was the population of a whole town. With the number of people gathered in the area, there was not enough place to even stand around.

The poor Goddess of Luck seemed pitiful in the encirclement of over 100 000 players.

"He, did you see that? That's a lucky boss."

"Tsk, I saw it. It doesn't look that impressive...Would it drop something good…"

"F*ck you! Stop pushing around…"

There was only one lucky boss. Anyone who could see it wanted to take advantage of the mess, and those that could not see it kept pushing forward. The whole Blazing Sun Plains was in a complete chaos. The only quiet area was the aggro range of the boss.

Since the players from Dominator's Guild already left the battle, Goddess of Luck had lost its target. It was wandering towards east aimlessly.

No one had dared to stop it, but no one was willing to give it up either. The players had no choice but to follow the boss.