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Chapter 316: The Strong Dominate the Weak

Chapter 316: The Strong Dominate the Weak

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On the Blazing Sun Plains, a group of people surrounded the lucky boss while slowly moving towards the east.

Standing in front was naturally the members of various large guilds. These large guilds completely blocked the lucky boss's path, which also obstructed the view of the players behind them. They could not see what the lucky boss looked like.

Since the start of the mess, all members of the Quan Zhen Sect had slipped into the sea of people. With a few hundred thousand players around, no matter how tyrannical the Dominator's Guild was, they didn't dare to search through the entire crowd.

The power of a sea of people was endless - other than being good for wars, it also provided great cover.

Other than Crotch Lord, whose job was bulky and strong, the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect had jobs with thin defences. Hence at this point, all of them were being pushed around like in a crowded subway and their feet couldn't even touch the ground.

For the girls especially, In this kind of environment, they were regularly taken advantage of. Yang Nuo's butt had been groped a couple of times and from the angle, the culprit responsible was likely one of their own…

"Damn, it's so crowded, how can we get in?" Ming Du actively avoided Yang Nuo's suspicious gaze as he asked while struggling to keep his balance.

"There's no rush. Most people are here to watch a good show develop, so they'll leave on their own after they realise that they can't see anything…" Fearless, who was beside Ming Du, frantically wiped his sweat after seeing Yang Nuo's gaze fall on him, then he spoke with a glint in his eyes. As a person of a job with paper defences, he didn't manage to foresee this and almost got trampled to death.

Unsurprisingly, once people stopped streaming in, players began to leave. By the time that the lucky boss was about to leave the Blazing Sun Plains, the flood of people had shrunk by over 80%, leaving the members of a few guilds behind.

"There's still quite a few people…" Seeing the large group that was still around, many people began to grumble.

District 7 had 20 home cities and the largest guilds from those home cities were all assembled here. Even if each guild only had 500 members present, it would have added up to over 10 000 players, what more if there were gigantic guilds like Sanguine Alliance around.

Hence, while they were here to KS the boss, they hadn't even seen how the boss looked like yet.

Fearless explained: "Stop being so impatient. Do you understand the concept of the strong dominating the weak? Let's just continue watching the show."

Just as Fearless predicted, once the ordinary players on the circumference of the crowd left, the large guilds finally made their move - chasing smaller guilds away.

Small guilds were fearful of the strength of large guilds, hence even if there were some benefits laid out before them, none of them would dare to pull off something like the Lian Heng Family did [1]. After all, dying once in the game was nothing, but being marked by a large guild would be terrible...

Barely any home cities had a large sect like Sanguine Alliance, so after a short while, all small guilds were ejected from the area and only four guilds were left.

Dominator's Guild, Sanguine Alliance, Grand Alliance, and Blazing Sun Guild.

These were the stronger guilds of District 7.

For Sanguine Alliance, there was no doubt about their strength. They were the only Level 4 guild in the entire server and also a top guild with the most members.

Blazing Sun Guild was the local guild of Blazing Sun City, hence they had the home ground advantage. Although they were only made up of 500 members, they were the most arrogant.

Dominator's Guild was from the Elf City. Archers made up the bulk of their members and the Quan Zhen Sect had just observed their fighting style recently - Warriors would form a wall in the front while Archers attacked together. Only bosses would be able to take the punishment from this sort of shameless attacking style with their high health. If it were players, barely any would be left standing. Even Wang Yu felt that it was difficult to deal with.

The final Grand Alliance was impressive as well. They were a veteran guild in the world of online gaming guilds with a history that traced back even further than Termination Manor. The 'Master Squad' under them had been in the top four of the professional gaming league consecutively for six times.

Their Guild Leader, an Archer named "Irritated Master", was on the top rankings of District 7 - the only player above Level 24 other than the members of Quan Zhen Sect.

One had to know that although the Quan Zhen Sect members put in a lot of effort in training and doing quests, they owed a great part of being able to advance to beyond Level 25 to the assistance they rendered to Sanguine Alliance in securing a guild headquarters.

On the other hand, Irritated Master did this through pure, honest grinding… Such terrifying efficiency wasn't just at the level of a person obsessed with increasing his level.

As the host, Blazing Sun Guild's Guild Leader, Sunny Day, stepped out to speak first. "Peerless old friend, is the large expanse of land of Elf City not enough? You've actually come to our Blazing Sun City to KS our boss?"

Sunny Day was obviously a numbskull as he didn't care about the current situation. Three of the guilds here were large guilds of over 2000 members in strength and also not from the area. After his bold statement, the faces of Sanguine Warflag and Irritated Master turned black.

Peerless Dominator coldly replied, "Blazing Sun City isn't your house. I'll just come and go as I please. We could even move our guild headquarters here if we wanted to?"

Sanguine Warflag added on: "That's right, the lucky boss doesn't belong to you, so are you trying to take it for yourself?"

Normally Sanguine Warflag had a very bad temper. The Blazing Sun Guild were simply making the rest stand around by leveraging on their status as the local guild even though they weren't a particularly large sect. But Sunny Day actually still dared to target the other three sects with his statement. This was obviously an attempt to get themselves killed before they managed to kill the boss.

"Eh…" Sunny Day eventually read the situation correctly and shut up after seeing the changed look on Sanguine Warflag's and Irritated Master's faces.

While he might have been stupid, he wasn't a complete idiot. Blazing Sun Guild and Dominator's Guide had some conflicts before, so his words were really targeting Peerless Dominator. Who knew that the other two parties would take it personally as well?

Everyone else let Sunny Day off the hook when they saw that he wasn't a total idiot, and Peerless Dominator changed the topic: "Master, Sanguine, we're all old acquaintances. I'm not a very smart guy and it isn't easy for us to find a boss, so I don't want to continue fighting with you two. Hence why don't the two of you come up with a plan for us to compete fairly without ruining the harmony between us?"

Peerless Dominator didn't even care about Sunny Day when he directed his question towards Irritated Master and Sanguine Warflag, but despite that, Sunny Day still did not rebut at all. Instead, he simply shot a death stare in Peerless Dominator's direction.

It was obviously out of humility that Peerless Dominator called himself 'not smart'. He spoke of 'fairness' also to point out that the boss was discovered by him in an attempt to gain some benefits for himself.

But of course, how could a person that climbed to the top of a guild be someone easy to deal with?

On the other hand, Sanguine Warflag wasn't as nimble-minded, so it was more difficult for him to make a decision. Hence he decided to feign stupidity to the end and chuckled while saying: "I'm not that good at working my brain either. We'll have to ask Irritated Master how to settle this matter."

Irritated Master was indeed an old-school guild leader - thick-skinned, black-hearted - and he ignored Peerless Dominator's words without a second thought before plainly saying: "It's simple, every guild will send a team to fight the boss while everyone else stands far away and does not interfere. The boss will belong to whichever team that kills it, how about that?"

[1] The Lian Heng Family tried to unite multiple smaller countries to fight against the Qin Country (which eventually took over the entire China)