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Chapter 317: The First Strike On The Boss

Chapter 317: The First Strike On The Boss

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"No, that's not fair!"

Right after Irritated Master finished speaking, and before Sanguine Warflag and Peerless Dominator could rebut, Sunny Day started making noise.

Who didn't know that Grand Alliance had many experts and that Master Army was one of the top four teams in the nation, while Blazing Sun Guild was just a new guild? Although they weren't PK-ing now, KS-ing also required a high level of skill, so wouldn't it be futile for a ragtag guild of ordinary players to face off against a professional gamer level guild?

Naturally, Sunny Day did not plan on doing something so disadvantageous to himself.

Peerless Dominator stared coldly at Sunny Day: "Are you in the position to say anything?"

"F*ck!!" It was as if Sunny Day had been slapped across his face and he simply clenched his teeth, holding everything in without making a move.

As the saying went 'weak countries have no diplomacy'; it was the same for weak guilds. Small guilds begged for survival between the cracks of large guilds, thus, how could they dare to ask for any right to speak up.

In response, Irritated Master laughed: "Does this mean Brother Peerless doesn't mind?"

"I don't mind!" Peerless Dominator nonchalantly grinned.

Which job in the game was best at KS-ing? Of course, it was the Archer!

Archers had decent damage and had the fastest attack speed in the entire game. There was a saying that 'the fastest martial arts under the heavens are invincible"... While the Dominator's Guild's number and quality of experts were inferior to those of the other two guilds, but as top tier Archers, they might have been afraid of anything else except for KS-ing.

"What about Sanguine Warflag? What do you think?" Irritated Master asked Sanguine Warflag once more.

Sanguine Warflag replied: "I'm ok with it!"

Sanguine Alliance's Sanguine competitive team was also one of the top 10 in the nation - not that far off from the Master competitive team. If they were going after the final attack on the boss, Sanguine Warflag was still rather confident.

"Three against one, majority wins. Sunny Day, how marginalised you must feel!" Irritated Master chuckled as he spoke to Sunny Day.

As he knew that his guild was not strong enough, Sunny Day ad no choice but to accept the outcome.

After they reached an agreement for the method to deal with the boss, each guild came up with a 10 man team which went to the front while the rest backed off into the distance.

With this, they could prevent any party from suddenly interfering with the battle and also block out any players trying to take advantage of the situation for their own personal gain.

While all this went on, members of Quan Zhen Sect had been hiding amongst the Grand Alliance. For a large guild like them that had over 2000 members, they were made up of many smaller guilds. Other than the members of each sub-guild, the rest basically didn't know anyone else. Thus, they did not notice that there were 10 more men in the crowd.

Once the four large guilds split up, Fearless activated the Mystic Barrier, instantly turning the members of the Quan Zhen Sect invisible. Only when the members of the four large guilds completely cleared the area did they manage to see the lucky boss of the legends.

<Lucky Boss, Swordmaster Wilson (LV 40) (Special Boss) (Independent)

HP: 1145855

MP: 56845

Skills: [Sharp Blade Charge], [Sword Tornado], [Penetrating Sword], [Descent of the Sword Saint]

Monster Description: A master swordsman that was exiled for thousands of years by the God of Light for disrespecting the glory of the god.

After the mass beatdown by Dominator's Guild, the lucky boss lost almost half of its health. The puppet body that the luck boss's main spiritual body was housed in was a zombie wearing tattered clothes. It had a hideous appearance and since it transformed into a lucky boss, it still exuded the aura of a true master despite how it looked. With a one-handed sword sheathed on its back, the lucky boss strolled around as though as the players were not there at all.

This was a unique characteristic of an independent boss - as long as it was not aggro-ed, it would not take the initiative to attack players.

Reading the description for the lucky boss, the members of Quan Zhen Sect felt extremely pitiful for the boss. In Chinese legends, a monkey that wrecked the entire heavenly court only got imprisoned for 500 years. But for this boss, it only disrespected a god and was exiled for thousands of years. This was indicative of how narrow minded the God of Light was.

Against such a rare boss, the four large guilds did not dare to hold back. At this moment, only the strongest of the experts were sent out. Even Peerless Dominator and Irritated Master personally stepped onto the battlefield.

Just as they were discussing who would make the first strike, a loud 'bang' rang out. A bullet-like object had been shot at the lucky boss's head.

"F*ck, someone aggro-ed the boss!"

Before the 40 experts surrounding the lucky boss could turn around to check who made that attack, the lucky boss had already drawn its sword and begun to charge out of the encirclement.

These 40 experts were all regarded as the top players in their respective guilds, so how could they allow the lucky boss to escape that easily? Seeing that the lucky boss was about to run away from them, Peerless Dominator charged over and unleashed a [Shield Bash] on its head. When it reeled from the attack, the attacks from the other players flew over.

The aggro of an independent boss was never fixed hence its aggro was soon transferred to someone else after they surrounded and attacked it.

As the bullets of a gun were much faster than arrows, all players on the outer regions only heard the sound but couldn't identify the culprit. This was because there was no one other than the group of experts that were chosen within 20m of the boss.

Both the gun and bows and arrows had the same range of 10m… Could it have just been a hallucination? The players from the four large sects felt like they couldn't keep up with what was going on.

Since everyone had heard the gunshot, it was definitely not a hallucination, and the members of the Quan Zhen Sect who were hidden in the Mystic Barrier were secretly laughing to themselves.

The person that fired the shot was Frost Blade… As Frost Blade had [Second Stealth], he could quickly engage [Stealth] again after attacking.

In <<Rebirth, boss drops were protected by the game system. Hence all items dropped after the death of the boss could only be picked up by the party that made the first strike and the party that got the last hit in. Since everyone wanted to fight for the drops, the natural way to go about it was to get the first hit in.

Frost Blade had his hand over his heart as he shouted like a frightened rabbit: "D*mn it, next time don't ask me to do something like that ever again. Do you know how it feels to be stared at by over 6000 people?"

"I know." Wang Yu nonchalantly commented. Back at Vatican City, he was blocked off by a couple tens of thousands of players on the streets, which was much more an impressive sight than their current situation.

"Ah? Then did you die a horrible death?" Everyone exclaimed. Other than Fearless and Yang Nuo, no one actually knew that Wang Yu had gone through this before.

"No, I escaped…" Wang Yu replied.

"F*ck! Are you for real?" Even the members of the Quan Zhen Sect, who had grown accustomed to seeing Wang Yu pulling off extreme acts, was taken by surprise.

D*mn, a few thousand people would completely block off the road and Wang Yu could still escape under such conditions. Originally, everyone thought that Wang Yu was already abnormal enough for being able to fight a few dozens of people at once. Who knew that he would actually push it to the limit...

"Ha ha." Wang Yu grinned. Without answering that sort of stupid question, he turned his gaze towards the battlefield.