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Chapter 318: Peerless Dominator’s Scheme

Chapter 318: Peerless Dominator’s Scheme

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On the battlefield, 40 players were already engaged in fierce battle with the boss.

There was limited space around the lucky boss, hence no matter how many players there were, only 40 would be able to attack the boss at the same time.

The [Sharp Blade Charge] of the lucky boss was a teleportation skill which dealt damage. No only was it very flexible, its damage was very high as well. With this skill alone, the lucky boss weaved around the encirclement, driving the entire group into a mess.

What made it worse was that the lucky boss's [Penetrating Sword] dealt true damage, which meant that it would be able to penetrate the thick defences of tanks and even shields would lose a great deal of durability when hit with it.

As a Guardian, Peerless Dominator stood on the front lines with the other tanks to block the lucky boss and at this point, he was brought to the brink of tears.

Shields were his main weapon, hence durability was the most important to him. On top of the hefty repair fees he might have to pay, once the durability of his shield dropped to zero it would be destroyed. What the lucky boss took with each hit wasn't the durability, but instead silver and gold.

However, despite the fact that the lucky boss was very strong, these 40 players were all top tier experts and the equipment they possessed were of the highest grade. Thus they were still able to contain the lucky boss within their encirclement with the help of healing from Priests in the face of slightly heavy damage.

"Shamans on crowd control! Assassins go into [Stealth]! Magicians and Archers! Prepare to deal damage!"

From behind, Irritated Master could see that the lucky boss was very difficult to deal with, so he started giving out instructions to coordinate their first wave of attacks against it.

Receiving Irritated Master's orders, the four Shamans in their group of 40 used [Dark Barrier] which instantly covered the entire encirclement.

No matter how strong the lucky boss was, it was a humanoid boss that was susceptible to crowd control. Once the Dark Barriers were set up, it was rooted to the spot and the Assassins appeared behind it, stabbing their daggers into its waist.

At the same time, Archers and Magicians on the circumference began their barrage of attacks at the lucky boss. But what happened next gave everyone other than the 10 players from Dominator's Guild a shock.

Just as the players' attacks were about to land on the lucky boss, it let out a roar and swung its sword to form a veil of sword afterimages around itself. When the daggers of the Assassins came in contact with it, they involuntarily bounced back and hit the Assassins.

Assassins were high in attack and low in defence, hence their health bars dropped to zero the moment their daggers stabbed into themselves. Flashes of white light erupted all around the lucky boss, leaving everyone speechless.

The most frightening scene had yet to play out. When the arrows of the Archers landed on the lucky boss's body, they were reflected along the same trajectory. To ensure a solid amount of damage output, all of the Archers used [Charged Arrow] which dealt the greatest amount of single target damage, but in the end all of them were hit by their own arrows and turned into flashes of white light.

Amongst the Archers of the four large sects, other than the members of Dominator's Guild, only Irritated Master and Sanguine Stormbringer used [Sidestep] fast enough to avoid death.

Skills of the Magicians were fortunately not reflected, but the lucky boss was a boss with magic immunity, so the Magicians' skills could only deal cause -1 to appear when they landed, completely frustrating the Magicians.

As the members of Quan Zhen Sect saw this situation unfold before them, they couldn't help but exclaim: "No wonder the lucky boss didn't die even though the Dominator's Guild had so many Archers attacking it and instead many of them died. So this fella actually had such an insane skill."

"D*mn!" The players from the other three large sects stared at Peerless Dominator unhappily as they saw the scene before them - heavy losses by the three large sects in a single clash. Irritated Master was especially displeased and he gritted his teeth while saying: "Brother Peerless, what a scheme, no wonder you agreed to this so quickly."

Dominator's Guild had fought the boss for a good while before this, hence they naturally knew the deadly aspects of it. The reason Peerless Dominator dared to agree to Irritated Master's suggestion was that they knew about this special effect of the luck boss's [Sword Tornado].

As the lucky boss was magic immune, Assassins were their main source of damage while Archers were crucial for stealing the final blow on it. Since most of the Archers and Assassins of the other three guilds had died, Dominator's Guild had a much higher chance of success.

Peerless Dominator suppressed his laughter and replied: "Nah, I was actually about to remind you guys about this but in the end I was a step too late… I'm really sorry."

"Hmph!" Irritated Master snorted. "What else do we have to look out for, Brother Peerless better tell us everything before we start fighting amongst ourselves before killing the boss."

Irritated Master was not a pushover indeed, and he began returning threats after being played by Peerless Dominator.

Aware that Irritated Master was not someone he would like to offend, Peerless Dominator quickly replied: "No, no, the boss only has this skill that's difficult to deal with."

"Hmph! That's good!" Staring at Peerless Dominator fiercely, Irritated Master commanded his men and entered the battle once more.

Fighting for the last hit wasn't something that solely depended on Archers. As long as all of the members of one guild had not died yet, there would be the opportunity. After all, Irritated Master's team was a professional competitive team, so he still had a certain level of confidence in them.

Sanguine Stormbringer, who was standing at one side, also put up his guard against Peerless Dominator. They agreed to cooperate to fight the boss but this fella actually played a trick on them in the first clash. Who knew what he would do in the future? There was no way they could let their guard down for him anymore.

Regardless how shameless the lucky boss was, it was a humanoid boss who was vulnerable to crowd control skills and as long as their Priests had enough MP, the tanks would be able to hold the front lines. However, even though the lucky boss had stopped running, that porcupine-like skill still gave everyone a headache.

Of course, any boss was made for players to defeat, so there had to be some way to deal with it. The lucky boss's weak spot was its head, and as long as arrows did not land on its body, [Sword Tornado] would not be activated.

The lucky boss itself was already very agile and with the teleportation skill that gave it great initiative, even though Shamans were using crowd control skills, Archers did not dare to say that they would hit its head with 100% accuracy.

In order not to die from their own arrows, everyone dared not use skills anymore, resorting to normal attacks that grinded the boss's health down bit by bit with each hit. Even with that, there were arrows sent flying back from time to time.

However, there was one person who was an exception - Irritated Master. His rate of firing arrows wasn't considered fast compared to other Archers, but his accuracy rate sent chills down people's spines.

As Irritated Master was standing behind Peerless Dominator, Peerless Dominator could clearly hear the crisp 'twang' of his bowstring. It went off rhythmically and each time an arrow left the bow, regardless whether it was a skill or a normal attack, it would land on the lucky boss's head without error.

If this happened once or twice, it could have been due to pure luck...but for every single arrow to strike their target and to use skills that confidently, this was skill.

No wonder he was one of the top experts in the entire server. Just this display alone was enough to impress everyone attacking the lucky boss.