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Chapter 320: Taking Advantage Of The Situation

Chapter 320: Taking Advantage Of The Situation

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"Ha ha, they just couldn't come up with it on the spot…" Spring Halo chuckled.

As the saying went "an involved person has clouded judgement while a bystander has a clear mind". They saw the problem from different angles and approached it differently. If it were Fearless fighting the boss now, he might not have thought of this plan that quickly either.

Fearless nonchalantly spoke: "Hmph, our Mystic Barrier is about to disappear, so how could I still have the time to help them think of an idea?"

The Mystic Barrier of the Fantasy Serpent originally could stay up for only eight minutes, but Spring Halo's hidden job had a skill called [Virtuous Person's Offering] which could transfer his mana to a specified target. Hence the Mystic Barrier was maintained until now, and it had less than two minutes of uptime remaining.

Wang Yu eagerly responded: "It should be our turn to make a move next!"

To an expert like Wang Yu, the existence of a boss that he could only watch others fight and couldn't fight himself was simply torture. If he didn't have to consider the opinions of others, he would have charged forward to "help out" a long time ago.

Nodding his head, Fearless agreed: "Mhm, everyone act according to the plan!"


It wasn't only Wang Yu; the others had also held it inside for very long, and at this point in time, a look of excitement appeared on all of their faces. At the same time, Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher activated [Stealth] and sneakily moved in the direction of Blazing Sun Guild.

The lucky boss that lost its ability to move was essentially crippled so killing it was just a matter of time. As the players standing far away saw that the situation had stabilised, their heaved a sigh of relief.

However, one person's joy was another's troubles. When Sunny Day saw this, he felt very conflicted inside.

Out of the four guilds, two were famous large guilds, one had an advantage in numbers, and only Blazing Sun Guild didn't have any edge at all, which left them with the lowest chance of winning the fight.

Actually, Sunny Day was aware that his guild was only allowed to participate to function as lackeys. The reason he sent people out to fight the boss was out of coercion by the other three guilds.

At this moment, his thoughts were in a mess, but if he made it too obvious, it would be targeted by the other three guilds. As the boss's HP was about to reach zero, Sunny Day couldn't be bothered to voice out his frustration.

"F*ck, bloody Dominator's Guild, what kind of airs are you trying to put in our Blazing Sun City?"

At the same time, Sunny Day suddenly heard someone shout.

Once he heard it, he quickly turned around to see that flashes of white light were going off in the Dominator's Guild's area adjacent to Blazing Sun Guild.

Upon seeing this, Sunny Day's heart skipped a beat: "D*mn it, why are they fighting at this time?"

"F*ck! What are you guys going to do about it?"

The players of Dominator's Guild were all focused on the situation by the boss and completely didn't think that the members of Blazing Sun Guild would launch an attack. After a short while of confusion, they restarted their assault.

Dominator's Guild had more than three times the number of members of Blazing Sun Guild, of which most were Archers, hence their ability to deal damage was rather strong. With a single round of retaliation, a few dozens of Blazing Sun Guild's players were killed in seconds.

After all, grudges and favours were dealt with swiftly in games like this. Sunny Day had been marginalised by Peerless Dominator from the start and he even lost face a few times. Initially, he didn't hold any grudges against Dominator's Guild either, but now that he saw his comrades being massacred, how could he, the one who was called the King of Blazing Sun City, endure it any further?

In a fit of rage, Sunny Day shouted out: "F*cking hell, brothers, let's kill the pile of trash called Dominator's Guild!"

Sunny Day's actions seemed like something a gangster would do.

Based on the current situation, the Blazing Sun Guild would not be able to get a single bit of the rewards from killing the boss. Since they couldn't get anything, would they just allow Dominator's Guild to profit that easily? Even if they were not able to triumph over Dominator's Guild, they would at least leave a bitter taste in Peerless Dominator's mouth.

Both guilds clashed fiercely with each other at a moment's notice.

The magnificent sight of thousands of corpses littering the ground stunned both Sanguine Alliance and Grand Alliance. As Grand Alliance's second in command, Master Kongzi, crossed his arms while observing the battle, an arrow appeared out of nowhere, pierced his skull, and killed him instantly.

It actually wasn't much if Master Kongzi was killed, but the players of Grand Alliance were unhappy about it. Hence they were dragged into this messy war, creating a wild scene like no other.

A short distance away, the real instigators, the members of Quan Zhen Sect, burst into bouts of laughter when they saw what was happening with the three large guilds.

"What about Sanguine Alliance? Shall we help them join in as well?" Ming Du suggested.

Fearless waved his hand in response: "Let's not do that. Sanguine Warflag isn't a complete idiot. He'll definitely be able to guess that we're the masterminds behind all of this, so there's no need to act against them."

"Sure." Ming Du nodded. After all, they were on good terms with Sanguine Alliance. Even if Sanguine Warflag found out that the players from Quan Zhen Sect did all of this, he wouldn't interfere or help them out.

The boss's HP gradually trickled down and all members who were embroiled in the fight knew that the boss was about to die and that it was time to get into position. However, no one wanted to stop just like that so they could only continue their fight. Beads of sweat rolled profusely off Irritated Master and Peerless Dominator's forehead.






The lucky boss only had 1% of its health remaining - this was the moment that everyone was very anxious about.

"The boss is ours! Ha ha ha!"

When the Archers of Dominator's Guild let their arrows loose in tandem, Peerless Dominator cackled and swung his sword down at the lucky boss's head.

"He he, dream on!"

Before you knew it, when Peerless Dominator's Sword was about to land on the lucky boss's head, a long pole, accompanied by condescending laughter, came flying over. It pivoted on Peerless Dominator's head and directly forced him back.

After falling back, Peerless Dominator saw a masked man descend from above.

"Long pole, large physique...ah! It's…" Sanguine Stormbringer almost shouted out a name when he saw this figure, but luckily he shut himself up in time and asked the members of Sanguine Alliance to back off.

Other than Wang Yu, who else could this person have been? If Wang Yu was here, could the rest of Quan Zhen Sect be that far away? This group of crazy people would even kill their own guild members when triggered, so Sanguine Stormbringer dared not stay for long.

At the same time, Peerless Dominator shouted: "F*ck, someone's trying to KS the boss, quickly shoot him down!"

Before he finished his sentence, the Archers of Dominator's Guild let loose a barrage of arrows at Wang Yu. However, with a swing of his pole, all of them were knocked out of the air.

When Wang Yu turned around once more, he saw that Peerless Dominator raised his sword again while charging at the lucky boss. Hence he extended his right arm out and hit the ground between Peerless Dominator's legs with his pole.

"Back off!" Wang Yu fiercely commanded.

As he had never seen Wang Yu's skill level before, Peerless Dominator thought that Wang Yu had missed when he saw the pole land on the ground.

Never was there ever someone that remained this cocky after missing a hit, hence he didn't care about Wang Yu and continued his charge forward.

Without breaking a sweat, Wang Yu raised his right arm and brought the other side of the pole up.