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Chapter 321: Who’s More Overpowered Than Who?

Chapter 321: Who’s More Overpowered Than Who?

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Great physicists once told us that every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. At this point, I would like to warn everyone not to charge forward when there's a pole in between your legs.

Peerless Dominator paid the price for ignoring the wisdom of the physicists.

Just as he bent over and fell to the ground, Spring Halo and Ming Du's spells were cast.

[Dark Barrier] locked it in place.

[Thunderous Hellfire] covered the ground while lightning flashed among the flames. The area around Wang Yu was immediately turned to white.

At the same time, Wang Yu engaged the lucky boss.

The lucky boss ad a total of 2000000 HP, so even if it dropped to 1%, its HP count was still around 20000. This would require at least five to six attacks from Wang Yu to kill it.

However, the [Dark Barrier] ended at this moment, so the lucky boss regained its insane ability to dodge and attack.

Seeing Wang Yu swing his pole at it, the lucky boss swung its sword as well, forming an arc of sword qi.

Wang Yu knew that the attack from the lucky boss was enough to kill him in an instant, hence he bent backwards and formed a bridge with his body when the sword qi shot towards him to dodge the attack Following which, he twisted his hip to turn himself in a different direction, swinging his pole towards the lucky boss.

Chinese martial arts emphasized greatly on pole swings covering a large area, which meant that the attacking area of a pole swing was extremely large. If the game's system wanted to be shameless and allow the lucky boss to dodge even this hit, Wang Yu could just give up.

The lucky boss couldn't move but it didn't dodge either. Instead, it withdrew its long sword to block the pole.


With a light ring, Wang Yu's swing was blocked. However, this block didn't make him frustrated, and he was happily surprised instead.

It seemed like Wang Yu's guess was right - the lucky boss could only dodge long range attacks and not close range ones. Otherwise, against the charge of four tanks, it didn't have to make the first move. This was because waiting for those four to come closer before attacking wasn't exactly have been intentionally giving Peerless Dominator a chance to survive.

One had to admit that this boss's design was too OP - long ranged attacks were useless and while it was stationary, close ranged attackers couldn't even get close, which made it almost unbeatable. If it weren't for Fearless finding its weakness, all of the members of the four large guilds could die here without killing the lucky boss.

Of course, ordinary players might not have been able to close the distance with the boss, but it didn't mean that Wang Yu couldn't. No matter how OP the lucky boss was, it was only a LVL 40 boss. Its swordplay might have been 'unbeatable' to ordinary players, but it was as good as a child's to Wang Yu.

A short moment later, the lucky boss swung the sword that blocked Wang Yu's pole and released another stream of sword qi.

Without breaking a sweat, Wang Yu dodged the sword qi and landed in front of the lucky boss in a single step. The pole in his hands transformed into a pair of single-handed swords, one long and one short, that looked like forks.

His sudden charge gave the lucky boss a shock, so it frantically swung its sword at Wang Yu once more. However, the long sword in Wang Yu's hand had already been stabbed out, landing square on the lucky boss's wrist.

The thin and long body of the long sword dealt a heavy hit.


Blood red damage numbers appeared on top of the lucky boss's head.

"D*mn! This…"

Irritated Master, who luckily had survived Ming Du's attacks, was totally shocked when he saw this scene before him.

Only those who had clashed against the lucky boss would know how OP this fella was. Although it was just a boss who stayed at one spot, the four large sects could only rely on crowd control and Archers to slowly whittle it down bit by bit despite the numerous experts in their ranks. Who knew that there would be someone crazy enough to fight the boss head on and even land a hit!

The scariest part was that it seemed like the lucky boss intentionally sent its wrist forward to be hit.

After playing games for so many years, Irritated Master was seeing this for the first time.

Even though he was shocked, Irritated Master was an expert after all, hence he quickly regained his composure, took out three arrows, loaded them in his bow, and shot them towards Wang Yu.

His intentions were very clear - the strength of the lucky boss was very apparent, so Irritated Master subconsciously thought that Wang Yu got lucky with that hit, and this sneak attack of his would at least give the lucky boss a chance to fight back if it couldn't take care of Wang Yu.

At this point, Wang Yu's eyes were fixed on the lucky bosses' second attack, and just as he finished calculating the trajectory of the sword, he heard something shooting through the air behind him.

"Someone's still around!" Wang Yu tightened up, and without even looking back, he turned his body slightly to the side and performed a spinning kick backwards with his right leg. The three arrows were accurately kicked to the ground, while the lucky boss's sword arrived in front of Wang Yu.

Raising the short sword in his left hand, Wang Yu suddenly crossed it with the long sword in his right hand. The handguards of both swords formed a point of intersection which make the lucky boss's sword stuck in place.

Wang Yu made the judgement call swiftly. His arms forced the sword up while his legs unleashed a [Thunder God's Stomp] on the lucky boss's wrist. As the lucky boss's body was kicked backwards, surrounded by flashes of lightning, the long sword was forced out of its hands by Wang Yu.

In one smooth motion, he swept the long sword into his bag. This was some good stuff.

After kicking the lucky boss away, Wang Yu turned around and smiled at Irritated master, which sent a chill down his spine on sight.

"How, how could this be possible…" Irritated Master was completely taken aback by what he just saw. Based on his calculations, Wang Yu should have been caught unaware and should have either been shot to death by him or hacked to death by the lucky boss. Who knew that this guy not only dodged his attack but also pushed the lucky boss back with.

If the first hit could be considered to be a lucky shot, then this second hit by Wang Yu was definitely a demonstration of skill.

What made Irritated Master the most afraid was that relaxed smile from Wang Yu which made it seem like everything was very normal.

The scariest people in the world were often those who you thought had fought with their lives on the line, but actually never really even used their full strength.

That smile of Wang Yu made a serious hit on Irritated Master's ego.

"How could a person like this exist? This is literally something out of a dream…"

While Irritated Master mumbled to himself, he was blown to ashes by a flash of lightning from Ming Du who had rushed over.

The weaponless lucky boss still had a decent level of skill in unarmed combat. At this point, Wang Yu changed his weapon back into a pair of fist weapons and followed up with [Savage Maul] and [Flying Knee].





Overall, unarmed combat was Wang Yu's greatest strength, hence four damage counters lit up in succession before the lucky boss was killed in a flash of white light, causing a few items to fall from the sky.

Waving his hand, all of the dropped items were swept into Wang Yu's arms. Then he sent a message in their chat: "Retreat!"