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Chapter 322: Splitting The Spoils

Chapter 322: Splitting The Spoils

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For something like KS-ing a boss, it wasn't the first time Wang Yu had done it. However, when he did it in the past, he had always killed the other party before killing the boss with ease, so there was no need to think about fleeing.

This time, on the other hand, he KS-ed the boss right under other people's noses, while five to six thousand enemies followed closely behind.

If it were Wang Yu alone, naturally no one would be able to stop him if he wanted to escape. But for the others, there was some difficulty in doing so.

Thus from the start, Fearless had already put a plan in place - he would first incite a fight between guilds before escaping during the mess.

By the time the rest received Wang Yu's signal, the three large guilds were already in chaos, hence the members of Quan Zhen Sect immediately weaved through the sea of people and out of the battlegrounds.

At this moment, Peerless Dominator and Irritated Master had realised that they had fallen into a trap, but the three large sects were already not happy with each other at the start, and after a round of egging on by the Quan Zhen Sect, everyone became full on enraged, so the situation became totally out of control.

The only guild that wasn't involved was Sanguine Alliance. When they saw 10 masked men sneakily leaving, they knew what had happened.

"What a group of troublemakers…" Sanguine Warflag sighed as he shook his head. Although the boss didn't end up in his hands, he was still rather happy that the Quan Zhen Sect did not sabotage them. It seemed like that group of guys was still quite 挺讲情义

Sanguine Stormbringer remarked in frustration: "D*mn, why are they everywhere…"

The boss was KS-ed right when it was about to die - this felt similar to being caught by the police for patronising prostitutes right after taking off one's pants.

"The news about the boss must have been spread by them too…" Sanguine Darkness, who was in charge of intelligence, casually said.

"Mhm…" Everyone agreed one they heard it and felt that they were despicable as well.

Members of Quan Zhen Sect were scheming and slippery. Anything that involved harming others for their personal benefit might have been their work, but something involving selflessness was definitely not down their alley.

Even though the Sanguine Alliance knew that the members of Quan Zhen Sect were bad eggs, they still tried to scavenge some benefits on the side, so wasn't this asking for trouble?

"Should we give chase?" Sanguine Asura chimed in.

Rolling his eyes, Sanguine Warflag replied: "I'll give you 20 men, go after them…"

"Don't joke with me, even 200 men might not be enough!" Sanguine Asure shouted.

Everyone simply stared at him. "Since you know that, why did you still ask that question!"

After despising Sanguine Asura sufficiently, Sanguine Warflag opened his friend list and sent a message to Fearless: "Boss Fearless came up with a great plan indeed. What exactly were the drops?"

Fearless simply replied in an ignorant tone: "What are you talking about? I'm drinking at the inn…"

"Oh…" Sanguine Warflag was stunned for a moment. "Ok, I must have recognised the wrong person."

Just now when they were KS-ing the boss, the members of Quan Zhen Sect intentionally masked their appearance, and since there were so many 10 man groups in <<Rebirth, if they didn't admit that it was them, no one could accuse them without any evidence.

Even though the members of Sanguine Alliance knew that the person using a pole was Wang Yu, who dared to argue the case? Peerless Dominator just died a gruesome death just now and everyone suspected if Wang Yu had more brutal moves up his sleeves.

Twilight City, inside Hans Inn, the members of Quan Zhen Sect happily found a corner to sit at. After which, their burning gazes fell onto Wang Yu. "Old Bull, what did the boss drop? Quickly take the items out to split!"

"What's the rush? Fearless, get a round of the most expensive wine for everyone here first, hehe," Wang Yu chuckled.

"F*ck!" Fearless pointed his middle finger at Wang Yu before he called the waiter over.

At this point, Wang Yu also threw a bunch of items onto the table.

The rainbow hue from the pile immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"He he, as expected from a lucky boss. It actually dropped so many good items." Everyone exclaimed.

The drop rate in <<REBIRTH was pretty lousy. It was considered an extremely high drop rate if even dungeon bosses who had high drop rates produced over three to four items each time. What more for a wild boss?

Seven items. The lucky boss actually gave seven items…

Following which, everyone started to inspect the items on the table.

Despair's Sting (Fist weapon) (Ancient) 1/8… Without saying this was Vainglory's. This kid's luck was pretty good as almost every named boss would drop this item. By now, he had already collected six shards, and probably after killing two more bosses, his fist weapon would be complete.

<Shadow of the Night (Armor) (Gold)

Physical Defense: 40-60

Magic Resistance 40-60

+15 Dexterity

+15 Strength


[Endless Night] (Active skill) - [Enhanced Stealth] +15%

[Death By Shadow] (Active skill) - Creates a shadow clone which is 50% as strong as its original body, clone exists for 20s, costs 200MP, 30s cooldown.

[Vanish] (Active skill) - Vanishes and enters [Enhanced Stealth] status, any damage taken directly or due to an effect will not remove [Stealth] status, at the same time all movement restraining effects are removed, 3s duration, 120s cooldown, costs 150MP.

Job Requirement: Thief

Level Requirement: Level 30

Equipment Description: There's a group of Dark Elves in a corner of the continent. Their ability to appear out of nowhere made the Magic Gods uneasy, hence the Gods killed them and used their souls to make this cloak.

Special Effect: -50 Elf Race Familiarity for the wearer

As a piece of Level 30 equipment, this cloak's stats were not worthy of the Gold grade. However, its three skills were extremely useful god-level skills to any Thieves.

There was nothing to say for [Enhanced Stealth] - no Thief didn't need it. Also, [Death By Shadow] was a very handy supporting skill as clones were a lifeline for ordinary players to use for escaping, and for experts, it was a very versatile skill which could be used for both attack and defence.

Finally, for [Vanish], it was one of the high level skill for a branch of Thieves, Godhand, and it was about the same as Frost Blade's [Second Stealth]. Any Assassin which possessed this skill at this point in time was essentially peerless.

Stab once, then vanish instantly...Stab once more after your skill's cooldown ends and disappear again...This sort of shameless fighting style would completely destroy one's enemy physically and mentally.

"Give this equipment to Darknorth Fisher, I have no use for clones." Frost Blade commented.

Frost Blade already had [Second Stealth] and his [Stealth] was already enhanced to the maximum, so the only potentially useful aspect of that item was the shadow clone skill. However, his skill level wasn't that high, so he gave up the cloak to Darknorth Fisher.

"I'll take it then. If I get any items in the future, I'll give them to you!"

Since the previous incident, Darknorth Fisher had been in a pretty bad state. Currently, he had a set of Bronze grade equipment equipped...Within a group of experts like the Quan Zhen Sect, this was no different from being a beggar.

Seeing that Frost Blade let him have the item, Darknorth Fisher graciously accepted it.