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Chapter 323: Valuable Top Tier Equipment

Chapter 323: Valuable Top Tier Equipment

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Other than the Shadow of the Night, the other items' attributes were rather ordinary - all being top notch Gold tier equipment, but never as impressive as the Shadow of the Night's skills.

At this point, everyone had come to realise that the lucky boss was so special not only because the quality and amount of drops it gave was much greater, but also as the items suited the party that killed it. Whatever jobs the members of the party had, the boss would drop items corresponding to those jobs.

In games, it was really bad if you couldn't use the item that was dropped, and the lucky boss completely removed this worry from everyone's mind. Whatever you needed, you would get. An excellent service indeed.

Other than Vainglory's Despair's Sting fragment and Darknorth Fisher's armor, the other items that the lucky boss dropped suitable for everyone's jobs.

Yang Nuo received a pair of top notch Archer's shoes that increased one's movement speed which improved her strength further as she relied heavily on dodging.

Ming Du received a pair of armlets which increased his casting speed. Now, his casting speed was almost more than two times that of ordinary players – when others casted one spell, he could cast two... This solidified his position as a moving cannon even more.

Spring Halo obtained a piece of specialised equipment for his hidden job called the Virtuous Person's Ring. It improved the attributes of summoned creatures and increased the effects of one's skills.

Fearless obtained a hat named "Holy Gift". Other than increasing his magic resistance, it enhanced his healing skills be a significant amount as well.

The last item was a leg guard and another four people still did not receive anything yet...

An item like leg guards had a very low drop rate in <<REBIRTH - only second to accessories. Even the one that Wang Yu wore was bought from a store.

<Swordmaster Wilson's Pants (Leg Guard) (Obsidian)

Physical Defense: 60-80

Magic Resistance: 60-80

+15 Strength

+15 Vitality


[Swordmaster's Speed] (Active): Increase movement speed, attack speed, and casting speed by 30%. (Physical attackers' skills are affected by attack speed, Spellcasters' skills are affected by casting speed, both are not the same thing.)

[Swordmaster's Prowess] (Active): Increase damage dealt by both legs by 20%

[Swordmaster's Skill] (Active): Increase effect of sword related skills by 20%

[Swordmaster's Shadow]: Dodging skill, skill range 50.

Job Requirement: All Jobs

Level Requirement: 20

Equipment Description: The second hand pants that Swordmaster Wilson wore before. Who knows how long it hasn't been washed.


After seeing this piece of equipment, everyone was stunned.

Although the equipment description made everyone rather disgusted, but the attributes of it was definitely top tier. This was because it was a valuable equipment that all jobs could equip.

Increasing attack speed, movement speed, casting speed, and damage were attributes that every single job couldn't live without, and this equipment even had a dodging skill too.

Dodging skills and teleportation skills had a fundamental difference: teleportation skills were meant for avoiding attacks and required a high level of skill to use while dodging skills would allow one to really dodge 100% of the time. At this point, other than Wang Yu's self-invented [Tumble], only Archers had a skill like that.

Hence, the rarity of dodging skills were definitely no less than high tier attacking skills. Just the last dodging skill itself was enough to double the price of this equipment a few times over.

Even for rich people like Frost Blade who had already gotten used to seeing top tier items like this, a look of desire appeared in his eyes.

Out of all the top tier equipment in the market, this was the only one that had effects for all jobs.

"Let's roll for it." Fearless shamelessly declared.

An equipment like a leg guard was already rather rare, and on top of that this was an extremely high tier one, so it was definitely worth being shameless for one.


The six people who just received equipment nodded in agreement. After all, it would be considered shameless if one person suggested it, but if many people asked for it, it would become a democratic decision...

"F*ck all of you, is it that difficult to be a little less shameless?" Wang Yu ultimately was one who relied on his hands and legs to work, hence he moved the fastest, throwing the leg guard into his arms.

The other three people who did not obtain any equipment yet originally thought that Wang Yu was on their side, thus they shouted in shock when they saw him suddenly snatch the equipment away.

"D*mn, Old Bull, you weren't like this in the past!"

"I want this piece of equipment!" Wang Yu adamantly declared.

The dodging skill of this leg guard wasn't that important to Wang Yu, and it was in fact the effect of increasing one's leg attacks' damage that attacted his attention.

There were already very few leg attacks in <<REBIRTH. Other than the kicks of Thieves, a large part of them were Pugilist skills.

All these years, Wang Yu had train extensively in martial arts, so fighting with his fists and legs was not a foreign concept to him. The only thing that made him a little uncomfortable about the game was that the damage dealt by punches and kicks were the same... As a martial artist, this sort of thing could not be tolerated. However, this was just a game in the end, hence he couldn't do anything about it. Finally, there was an equipment that could differentiate punches and kicks, so how could he let it slip out of his hands.

"Er..." Seeing that Wang Yu was so adamant, the others immediately quietened down...

Normally, Wang Yu very rarely fought with the others for equipment and everyone at the table had taken advantage of him one way or another before. Moreover, he had contributed the most during the fight with the boss. Thus no one was willing to deny him of this equipment since he wanted it so much.

When he noticed the others' expressions, Wang Yu thought that they weren't agreeable, so he added on: "Don't worry, I won't let you guys lose out. Isn't it ok if I buy it? Frost Blade name a price."

Following which, he reached into his bag and was stunned – all of his money had been given to Frost Blade to buy materials.

Frost Blade quickly replied: "Old Bull, we don't mean that..."

"I know." Wang Yu smiled. "But I don't feel that good about you three receiving nothing. I'll put these things in your care for now, once I have the money I'll buy them back."

After finishing his sentence, Wang Yu took out a bunch of items and gave them out to Frost Blade, Boson, and Crotch Lord.

"D*mn! [Pickpocket]!!"

"F*ck! Single handed sword and shield set!"

"An Ancient grade skill!!"

The moment that those three saw the items that Wang Yu gave them, they exploded.

These were no less valuable than the pair of second hand pants and Wang Yu simply threw them out.

Wang Yu nodded: "Mhmm, are they good enough?"

"Nonsense, they're too good!" The three of them replied in unison.

"Then that's good." Wang Yu said.

"How about let's buy those items from you, but we don't have the money now. When we do, we'll minus off the cut for the pair of pants." The business minded Frost Blade asked.

Jokingly, Wang Yu responded: "That sounds good, but if you use the current exchange rate next time, I'll kill you!" In the future, the value of gold would drop by at least 10 times... Wang Yu wasn't that stupid.

Frost Blade grinned: "How could I, we're proper businessmen after all."