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Chapter 324: PVP Arena

Chapter 324: PVP Arena

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After working together for so long, Wang Yu naturally trusted Frost Blade. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gave Frost Blade all of his money that easily right?

When the others saw him take out three items to exchange for the leg guard, they gave up on the item completely. After all, any one of the items that Wang Yu took out was already extremely valuable, and one might not have been able to get it with money. No one would bother spending their time to fight wih Wang Yu to see who was wealthier.

Once they were done distributing the equipment, everyone continued working on their own factions' quests while Wang Yu took the teleportation formation to the guild headquarters.

Inside his bag, there was another item.

It wasn't the item that he had just snatched, but one that would only be of value in his hands.

After arriving in the forge of the guild headquarters, Wang Yu took out a charcoal black single handed sword.

<Swordsman's Enforcer (1-handed Sword) (Obsidian) (Cannot be equipped)

This was the sword that Wang Yu snatched from the lucky boss's hands.

Just like other weapons that he had taken from NPC's hands previously, this sword only had a basic introduction but no attributes and could not be equipped. However, at the bottom of its description, there was a row of seemingly unassuming words – can be fused with: "Martial Artist's Regret.".

Fusion – this was a skill unique to Wang Yu from his Magical Refining skill. He didn't actually know how it worked as he had never tried it out before. From the description, it seemed like it was a skill that could fuse the attributes of two pieces of equipment into one.

However, what made him the most frustrated was that the single-handed sword had no stats had all, so why could it undergo Fusion?

Placing the Martial Artist's Regret on the worktable, Wang Yu opened up the UI for Magical Refining, threw the Martial Artist's Regret inside, and saw that the two icons for Fusion and Reforge light up.

First, he opened up the Reforge UI before quickly closing it again after seeing the terrifying list of required materials.

D*mn, the meaning of reforge was restoring an equipment back to its original stats or even higher than that, and to receive that benefit, one had to first bite the bullet. At this point in time, Wang Yu would definitely not consider reforging anything at all.

After closing the Reforge UI, he carefully opened up the Fusion UI.

Looking at the Fusion UI, Wang Yu heaved a sigh of relief. This skill wasn't too screwed up.

There were three separate windows in the Fusion UI - Equipment (Main), Equipment (Secondary), and at the bottom there was one for placing materials.

Wang Yu took off his fist weapon and threw it into the main equipment window before throwing the Swordsmaster's Enforcer into the secondary equipment window. At the required materials window on the bottom, a selection of '2 Smelting Stones' appeared.

Smelting Stones…Wang Yu was momentarily stunned. If it were any other materials, he could buy them from the Second-hand Shop, but for something like Smelting Stones, it was simply too rare of a material for anyone to sell.

Actually, Wang Yu had this item in his possession before. However, he spent it all to fuse the Universe Sword so he had nothing left.

"That's right, Fearless and the others might have this item."

In this moment of desperation, Wang Yu suddenly remembered that after completing hell tier dungeons, he wasn't the only one that received Obsidian tier treasure chests. The others should have received something like this as well.

As he thought of this, Wang Yu asked in the guild chat: "Anyone has Smelting Stones, buying at high price, @everyone."

"Smelting Stone? What's that?" The first to reply was Vainglory. This guy knew next to nothing about secondary jobs and even didn't have one at all. Normally, he never bothered about materials in the game either.

"No…" That was the response from most of the people in the guild.

Fearless replied: "This should be a late game item. I saw some people using it during the beta testing, but I have no idea what it's for."

Wang Yu explained: "It can fuse equipment."

"Oh, then I'll keep some for you if I get any from mobs." Fearless said.

"Sure." Upon hearing Fearless's reply, Wang Yu was devastated. Without Smelting Stones, this sword was just a decoration in his inventory. If he had to wait until the late game, he would have probably gathered all of the required materials for Reforging by then.

At this moment, Frost Blade chimed in: "Smelting Stones? There's some in the Battle Arena's shop."

"PVP Arena?" Wang Yu asked. "Is it that one that was just added in the update?"

"Yes!" Frost Blade nodded his head. "I just saw it when I logged in today, there's Smelting Stones."

As a businessman, Frost Blade instinctively browsed through a few of the special shops in the game after the update, like the faction shops and fame shop, to estimate the movement in equipment prices. Since the game's PVP Arena had a shop as well, he naturally wouldn't miss it.

"Ok, I'll go to take a look." Wang Yu kept everything on the workbench and ran back to Twilight City again. According to the map, he would arrived at the PVP Arena soon.

The PVP Arena was located nearby the City Lord's residence. It was rather tall and from the outside, it seemed almost like a beast fighting arena of sorts.

Entering the PVP Arena cost 10 silver coins and this made Wang Yu sigh. The system's grinding was everywhere.

Once he was inside, he realised that this was actually a dungeon.

There were only two NPCs in the dungeon: one named 'PVP Merchant' and the other named 'PVP Master'...D*mn the game really skimped quite a bit.

When he walked to the front of PVP Merchant and opened the shop, Wang Yu found Smelting Stones on the last page of materials as expected. Each Smelting Stone required 1000 PVP points.

Then he walked to the side of PVP Master to ask how he could obtain PVP points.

There were three ways to PVP: 1v1 PVP, Group PVP, and Team PVP.

For Group PVP, it was split into King of the Hill and Mass Battle…

For Team PVP, it was split into Attack and Defence Battles.

Players started with zero points. If you won one match of 1v1 PVP, PVP points +10, and for each match lost, PVP points -5.

Group PVP were for five or 10 men in a group. For every match of Mass Battle won, PVP points +20, and the MVP would get PVP points +50. Every match of Mass Battle lost meant PVP points -10.

King of the Hill was also conducted in groups of five and each side would send members up one by one until all players from one side had lost. Points won were based on the number of players defeated, with each player worth 20 PVP points.

For Team PVP, it required at least 50 players. There weren't even that many players total in Wang Yu's friend list, and he wasn't really interested in things like Attack and Defence battles, so it was immediately ignored.

For the remaining two types of PVP battles, the game system would automatically match players with similar number of PVP points in all 300 main cities within the game. When one met with a tough opponent, the player could reject the battle but his PVP points would drop by one.

At the same time, players could enter their desired PVP target, and the target would have 1 PVP point deducted if he rejects the challenge. If one did not want to allow one's opponent to know one's ID, players could choose to battle anonymously as well.

The PVP points rankings were updated in real time and on every Monday, all players and squads who were in the top 100 would receive a special prize from the game.

After going through the introduction to PVP, Wang Yu understood about 70-80% of it. This was an inter-city PVP system.

PVP Master then prompted him: "Honourable player Iron Bull, would you like to enter the PVP Arena?"