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Chapter 325: The Pugilist Who Can Perform One Hit KOs

Chapter 325: The Pugilist Who Can Perform One Hit KOs

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"Enter!" Wang Yu said. Since he was already here, wouldn't the 10 silver coins be wasted if he didn't go in?

"Please choose a PVP mode."

Wang Yu announced: " 1v1 PVP."

1v1 PVP did give fewer points, but at this point he was just getting himself familiar with the system.

After choosing the PVP mode, his surroundings suddenly changed and Wang Yu appeared in a map called 'PVP Hall'. There were already a decent number of players present there.

Those players had exquisite equipment on, so they were obviously no weaklings. Wang Yu couldn't help but be stunned at this sight, as it was difficult to see this many experts normally.

Actually, Wang Yu didn't know that most of the players here were professional gamers of competitive teams. Once the PVP Arena was released, those professional teams would naturally come to raise their fame through the rankings.

At the most prominent location in the PVP Hall, there was a PVP Points Ranking. On it were the names of players with the highest victory rate in 1v1 PVP and the highest number of PVP points.

As of now, Wang Yu's number of points was at zero, hence his name wasn't anywhere on the ranking.

"Do you wish to be matched?" The system's voice prompted after Wang Yu pressed on his preferred mode of PVP.


<System notification: Player "Little Four" has issued a challenge, do you wish to accept it?


"You have 5 seconds before entering the battlefield..."

The surroundings changed once more and Wang Yu arrived in an average sized map.

In front of him stood a skinny Warrior – this was his opponent "Little Four".

In <<REBIRTH, unless you voluntarily displayed your equipment's attributes, other people were not able to view it. Thus players used the equipments' glow to determine the tier that others' wore.

Of course, players could also choose to hide their equipments' glow, but those players were in the minority. After all, equipment were also for flaunting. Other than some bast*rd players who liked to act as a wolf in sheep's clothing, the majority who hid their equipments' glow were noobs wearing a set of trash


The reason Wang Yu hid hi equipment's glow was that his were too impressive. In his mind, he thought that only vain young ladies would like to show off like that...

Little Four's equipment was rather decent – out of the nine main equipments, more than half were Silver tier with a bluish glow, and the sword in his hand had a golden glow which was an obvious Golden tier weapon.

"He he, a Pugilist..." Little Four chuckled as he saw Wang Yu's getup. "I never thought that with my level of fame, I would actually get a free win in the first round..."

Jobs in <<REBIRTH had natural counters. For example, Magicians countered Warriors, Warriors countered Thieves, etc. Only Pugilists were not included in this as all jobs could counter them.

Pugilists were an extremely average job that was a jack of al trades and master of none. They had low attack range and damage, and weren't that fast either. Except for a baseles theory about how they were unparalleled, there were simply no good points about them.

Regardless whether players were PK-ing or PVP-ing, they didn't really lose much when they met Pugilists. Hence everyone called the Pugilists "Food".

"Come!" Wang Yu completely ignored Little Four's bullsh*t and gestured to him to attack.

Seeing that this Pugilist was rather arrogant, Little Four grinned, lowered hi body, and charged towards Wang Yu's direction with a [Charge].

Using [Charge] followed by a [Heavy Strike] to control the opponent, then drastically slowing down before using a [Triple Chop] was a common combo that Warriors employed. As Little Four was adept at this combo, he was obviously a decent player.

But of course, being "decent" depended on who you compared him to.

When Little Four lowered his head to use [Charge], Wang Yu jumped backwards by a step, dodging the [Charge] by an inch and before Little Four could complete the skill's movement, he landed a [Crushing Blow] on Little Four.


Little Four's HP bar hit the bottom in an instant.

"F*ck, this damage..." Little Four couldn't even finish his sentence when Wang Yu used one hand to grab his head. With a forceful drive downwards, his head connected with Wang Yu's knee, eliminating any remaining HP and turning him into a flash of white light.

<System notification: You have defeated player Little Four, obtained 10 PVP points, leaving PVP map in 10 seconds.

"D*mn, so high..." By the time Little Four finished his sentence, he was already outside of the map.

"What's so high? You met Yao Ming?" The team members beside Little Four asked curiously.

"No, I met a Pugilist." Little Four Replied.

"Oh, no wonder you came out so quickly..." Little Four's companions grinned. "The other guy surrendered right?"

"No, he 1-hit KO-ed me..." Little Four said depressingly. As a professional gamer, getting killed in one hit by a Pugilist didn't feel good.


The entire group was stunned for a moment before they pushed Little Four while asking. "Stop joking with us..."

Everyone knew that various jobs grew quite well in <<REBIRTH, hence even Weapons Masters experienced decent growth in their HP amount.

Little Four's equipment and skill level wasn't that weak either. If it were some high one hit damage job like an Assassin or Lightning Wizard that one shotted him, it would still be acceptable. But for a Pugilist who depended greatly on combos and dealt low damage in one hit, one shotting a wild dog was more likely. Wouldn't it be dreaming to ask a Pugilist to one shot a Warrior?

"I'm not joking, it's real... Being one shotted is not something to brag about so why would I lie to you?" Little Four angrily responded.

"For real? He must be hacking right?" Seeing that Little Four wasn't pulling their leg, the rest of the group asked in shock.

Little Four nodded his head: "That Pugilist dodged by [Charge] so his skill in movement is still decent. But his damage is a little too unusual. I also suspect that he's hacking."

Upon hearing that, the team was rather unhappy. "D*mn it, there's people hacking in the PVP Arena as well? What's his name, we'll report him!"

All players who came to the PVP Arena were very competitive. Thus how would anyone tolerate any hackers?

"Let me see..." Little Four opened his battle history. Immediately, he was stunned.

"What happened? Who was it?" His teammates anxiously asked.

Little Four replied with a stutter: "Iron Bull..."

"Ah?!! That guy who's said to be the number 1 Pugilist?"

Although there were no overall rankings for the entire server in <<REBIRTH, but Wang Yu was still very famous on the forums. Most players of other main cities had heard of his name before.

"No one else has such a unique name right..." Little Four said.

Everyone chimed in: "This is quite interesting...I'll add him to play with him as well. So what if he's the number 1 Pugilist? I don't believe it. How strong can a Pugilist be?"

Following which, all of Little Four's teammates opened up the PVP Arena window to search for Wang Yu's ID.

In <<REBIRTH, it took too long for one to level up. Hence the level difference between players were often very small. You could only go to the Beginner Village if you wanted to oppress someone based on a level difference. Hence technique and equipment were the most important in this game.

Since Little Four's teammates dared to form a competitive team, they definitely had a high level of skill. In terms of equipment, only Little Four, who was of average strength, had Golden tier equipment while the rest had nothing worth mentioning.