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Chapter 326: The Best Counter For Pugilists

Chapter 326: The Best Counter For Pugilists

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Little Four quickly advised: "Stop fooling around. If we're going to fight till our PVP points go negative that'll be very embarrassing..."

He had personally experienced how terrifying Wang Yu was and he also knew very well what level of skill his bunch of friends had.

Even if there was some gap in ability between the few of them, it wasn't much. However, Wang Yu was miles ahead of them. If news of a competitive team's PVP points going into the negative spread, how could they continue working in this industry in the future?

Little Five, an Assassin in the group, spoke up: "What are we afraid of. No matter how impressive he is, he's only a Pugilist. You were just silly enough to fall into his trap, but his true strength might not be that much greater than yours."

"But..." Little Four didn't continue speaking. He knew that this group of friends were highly competitive, so if he said something along the lines of Wang Yu being too strong, it would not make them stop but instead have the opposite effect.

"Sure, do whatever you want..." Little Four commented.

While they were having their discussion, Wang Yu had emerged victorious in another match. Just as he exited the PVP map, he received an invitation for another PVP.

<System notification: player "Little Five" has challenged you through the search function, do you accept?"

"Accept!" Wang Yu tapped on "Accept" without even looking at the notification in front of him.

Once more, he entered the PVP map. This time, it was a nighttime map with very little light.

As the challenger, Little Five could choose whichever map he wanted. Naturally, he chose a map that was advantageous to his job – Assassin.

Players would experience a fall in visibility in a nighttime map, but as the sneakiest and dirtiest job in the game, Assassins had a unique talent called Night Vision. This meant that their visibility would not change in this sort of map.

It seemed like Little Five was still rather careful when facing a famous expert like Wang Yu despite looking down on Pugilists.

Once he entered the map, he went straight into [Stealth] state.

The map wasn't that big, and within a few steps, the stationary Wang Yu came into Little Five's field of vision.

"What a dumb Pugilist."

Little Five looked at Wang Yu's back and thought to himself. "And I thought this was some number 1 expert. He doesn't even know how to shuffle..."

Assassins in <<REBIRTH were rather OP. If you PK-ed an Assassin without any anti-stealth tools, it would be rather disadvantageous. Over time, players figured out a method to fight against Assassins – shuffling.

Because Assassins would reveal themselves when they attacked...As long as you continuously moved around, there was a chance that you could dodge the Assassin's first attack. Then wouldn't an Assassin without [Stealth] be an easy prey?

Of course, the success rate of this method wasn't very high either. Experts had a decent level of judgement, hence unless you met some stupid Assassin in a situation where the Assassin had the upper hand, the Assassin's first hit would normally not miss. Despite that, shuffling would give you some chance of dodging while remaining stationary would give you zero chance of dodging. Thus this dumb idea was still quite popular.

If you saw a player who twisted back and forth on the streets, it wasn't that he was insane and forgot to take his medicine. He was just PK-ing an Assassin...

Little Five was secretly happy. Quietly, he sneaked behind Wang Yu, raised his dagger, and stabbed it straight at the back of Wang Yu's head.

[Rabbit Strike] – a crowd control skill that Assassins could use to stun their opponents for a short period of time. Normally they liked to start PKs with this skill.

First, stun your opponent then stab him from behind using a high damage skill. Together with the bonus damage that Assassins dealt from attacking from behind, even if a tank took the hit, the tank would lose a good part of his HP.

But what happened next completed shocked Little Five: his [Rabbit Strike] actually missed...

"It can't be, he moved at this moment? It's too much of a coincident..." Little Five sighed to himself and got ready to run. However, he found out that his dagger wielding arm had been grabbed by his opponent.

When he turned around, Wang Yu was smiling while staring at him...

"Hi..." Wang Yu greeted Little Five as he pulled Little Five in front of him with a flick of his left hand. His right hand formed a fist which landed squarely on Little Five's nose...


Little Five was an Assassin so he didn't have as much HP as Little Four, hence he turned into a flash of white light on the pot.

10 PVP points were obtained once more, and Wang Yu sighed to himself: "That's too few PVP points..."

Smelting Stones cost 1000 points per piece and he needed two of them... That was 2000 PVP points, which meant that he had to fight at least 200 1v1 battles... PVP battles didn't give him experience either, so wasn't this a pure waste of time.

On the other side, inside the PVP Hall, Little Five was sent out.

After being forcibly ejected from the battle map, Little Five stood there, stunned and in the same position that he was in before Wang Yu punched him to death.

Upon seeing this, Little Four smiled: "How was it? You were also killed in one shot?"

"Mmm..." Little Five nodded his head blankly, as though as he hadn't regained his senses yet.

"D*mn, that can't be... How did he do it? Does he have an anti-stealth skill?" The others exclaimed when they heard what had happened.

In their competitive team, Little Five might not have been the strongest, but his skill at PVP was definitely the best. Other than his frightening technique, he also had the absolute advantage in terms of his job.

After all, an Assassin's [Stealth] was unparalleled at the moment.

The other party was just a mere Pugilist with low HP and defence. One skill should have been enough to take a Pugilist out, but why did the reverse happen?

"I don't know. Before my attack could land on him, he suddenly dodged, then I was one shotted..." Little Five explained... Even now he couldn't understand why he died.

"I did say that this guy wasn't easy to deal with..." Little Four gloated.

"A coincidence, it must be a coincidence!" Little Five declared while looking down.

"..." Seeing Little Five in that state, Little Four was speechless.

At this moment, an Archer stepped forward and spoke loudly: "That's it, I'll go to see what he's made on..."

This Archer was their competitive team's boss – Little One.

"Boss, don't do it..." Little Four and Little Five quickly advised. "If we lose another match, we won't be able to hold out heads up anymore..."

"Che" Little One remarked nonchalantly. "You guys underestimate your opponents. It's just a Pugilist. Can't I just prevent him from laying a finger on me? In the end, an Archer is the best counter for Pugilists."

The Pugilists were extremely pitiful as no one bothered with them since the game server went online. At least it was a little better now as they had become a yardstick for the various jobs.

However, Little One was right. Assassins were OP but still fought at short ranges. Once they revealed themselves, they became sheep waiting to be killed. On the other hand, Archers were different. They were naturally nimble and had the longest range in the game. Other than having less HP than Pugilists, they were superior in every other aspect.

Even if he couldn't defeat Iron Bull, wouldn't he be able to outrun Iron Bull? This was what Little One was thinking about...