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Chapter 327: I’m In A Rush

Chapter 327: I’m In A Rush

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Once Wang Yu exited the battle map, he suddenly received a notification.

<System notification: player "Little One" has challenged you through the search function, do you accept?

"..." When he saw this name, Wang Yu was taken aback slightly. The guy he just fought was named Little Five and this guy challenging him was "Little One". Anyone who wasn't an idiot could immediately see that they were part of a group.

"Is this team targeting me?" Wang Yu laughed bitterly before clicking on "Accept"... Rejecting a challenge would cost PVP points and no matter how small, a fly was still considered prey wasn't it?

This time the map was a forest. In order to increase the distance between them to launch long ranged attacks, Little One chose this particular map.

This map was many times larger than the previou maps. After all, the larger the map, the safer Archers would feel. Moreover, with the cover of the forest, as long as it wasn't some Thief, Little One was confident that he could kill anyone.

After entering the map, Wang Yu didn't go anywhere. Since the Elf City, he had already developed a fear of forests. Hence he did not dare to stay inside the forest.

On top of that, Archers were naturally fast runners, so a Pugilist couldn't hope to catch up, and inside a map like this, if an Archer moved to a different position after each shot and Wang Yu couldn't determine where his enemy was, he would be led by his nose on a chase. Thus, rather than take the initiative in attacking, why couldn't he simply take a passive stance instead?

Little One thought of the same idea as Wang Yu and wanted to take a passive stance. Thi was because he wasn't of the Sharpshooter job. What he chose was the Hidden Archer job from a different branch which would advance to become a Survivor at level 20.

Survivors were adept at tracking and battling in forests. They could also tip their arrows in poison and use various kinds explosives and traps... In all it was an extremely underhanded job.

Once he entered the map, Little One dove straight into the forest and set up two traps.

The first was called "Frost Trap" which used magic to stun a target for 5 seconds. The other was called "Deadly Trigger" - a spring triggered trap which would continuously shoot arrows from four crossbows at a target for 5 seconds when activated.

Although both traps didn't deal much damage but Wang Yu was just a Pugilist. At this stage, Pugilists normally had around 1200 HP, so if the first round of attacks couldn't kill him, it would at least leave him with low health. Then, Little One would shoot a few arrows from the side to ensure that if Wang Yu didn't die, he would at least lose a chunk of his flesh.

Little One's plan was set in motion. However, a long while later, the camouflaged Little One didn't see Wang Yu appear.

"Could he have lost his way in this large map?" Little One grumbled in frustration.

Another five minutes passed and Wang Yu didn't appear yet. Hence, Little One began to panic.

"D*mn, did he see through my plan? If this doesn't work I'll have to lure him over."

As he thought of this, Little One climbed out from the foliage and headed towards the edge of the forest. Archers had a longer range of vision than other jobs, hence before he left the forest, he spotted Wang Yu who was on the outside.

Wang Yu was sitting there playing solitaire with a set of self-made playing cards...

"F*ck!!" Upon seeing this, Little One almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

If he didn't come here to take a look, did this guy plan to sit here until the timer ran out and the match automatically ended in a draw?

"D*mn!!" Little One cursed under his breath. Immediately, he took out a small crossbow, aimed and shot it at Wang Yu.

The moment that Little One aimed the crossbow at him, Wang Yu could sense the killing intent and looked up. He saw an arrow flying straight at his face, so with a casual wave of his hand, he caught it in his hand and stared in the Little One's direction.

"D*mn!!" When he saw Wang Yu catch his arrow, Little One was slightly shocked. Following which, his eyes matched Wang Yu's gaze that fell in his direction.

Although Little One knew that Wang Yu couldn't see him, he couldn't help but feel a chill down his spine. Thus he didn't think twice about turning around and running back into the forest.

After determining Little One's position, Wang Yu kept the playing cards and gave chase into the forest.

While in front, Little One looked back as he ran. When he saw that Wang Yu had successfully been lured over, joy arose in his heart and he shot another arrow back.

In the end, it was also caught by Wang Yu. Soon, the both of them arrived at the area that Little One had set up the traps at previously.

One he dove back into the foliage, Little One stared at Wang Yu intensely and Wang Yu, who could sense his aura, quickly caught up.

"He he, fall into the trap." Little One chuckled before counting down. "Three, two, one..."


The sound of a trap activated rang out as a blue glow rose up from Wang Yu's feet. Then, both of his feet were completely frozen.

"Ha ha ha! You must be stupid!" The moment he saw Wang Yu fall into the trap, Little One jumped out of the foliage and activated the crossbow trap a short distance away.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Four crossbows immediately aimed at Wang Yu and arrows began to fly at him once the trap was activated. At the same time, Little One raised his crossbow and shot at Wang Yu as well.

The rate of a crossbow's attack was based on the dexterity of its user. Five crossbows could shoot at least 10 arrows in a second.

In five seconds, 50 arrows flew towards Wang Yu. Regardless how low a Survivor's attack was, 50 arrows should have been sufficient to turn Wang Yu into swiss cheese.

However, Wang Yu laughed and afterimages of his hands flew around him. Some were blocked and some were parried, but in the end all of the arrows shot at him clattered onto the ground...

"This... D*mn it... This can't be happening!"

As he laid eyes on the floor full of arrows, Little One was stunned to the point that the crossbow in his hand almost fell to the ground.

<<REBIRTH had been online for almost half a month, and as player became more well versed in the controls, parrying arrows, albeit rarely happening, wasn't something that didn't happen. For example, Thieves with high dexterity could use their daggers to parry arrows.

However, no matter how high a Thief's dexterity was, there were only players in the LVL 20s. Even if any Thieves could continuously parry multiple arrows at once, it would be extremely shocking. Who knew that this Pugilist in front of him could actually parry 50 arrows in one shot. How much dexterity was required for it... Could this be a bug in the system!!

Actually what Little One didn't know was that the most important quality one required to parry arrows was not dexterity but sharp eyes and good reaction time. With Wang Yu's reaction time, he could have caught arrows while in the Beginner Village.

Moreover, crossbows couldn't shoot in an arc or perform scatter shots and regardless how many arrows there were, they were only aimed at one target – Wang Yu. As long as he could follow the rhythm of the crossbows, he could parry five arrows twice in a second, and this wasn't really considered that fast. For someone like Wang Yu, dealing with this was very easy.

At the same time, the effect from the Frost Trap had been removed. In a single leap, Wang Yu landed beside the shocked Little One and he grabbed Little One's neck.

"Tell me, how many more friends do you have?" Wang Yu asked.

"There's seven more..." Little One replied in a fluster.

"Don't come at me one at a time. Fight me all at once, I'm in a rush!"