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Chapter 329: Traps and Ambushes

Chapter 329: Traps and Ambushes

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"What do you mean by that?"

Before Seven Blueberries and Tibet Martial Bird could understand what Wang Yu meant, he dashed away speedily.

The layout of this PVP map was very simple. It was a square map with four buildings in the center that divided the map into "区丨"(Note from author: I don't really know how to describe this, please be understanding) [1]. There were a total of three paths: one each on the top, center, and bottom.

Wang Yu and co. Were at the bottom left hand corner of the map while the Basic Numbers Competitive Team were at the top right hand corner.

By a stroke of luck (or misfortune), the Basic Numbers Competitive Team were the same few guys from before...

As both teams had 0 points and 0 matches, there was a pretty high chance that they would be matched together.

Upon seeing the system notification that opposing players were leaving the battle one by one, Little One brushed aside the trauma of being killed by Wang Yu and said: "It seems like we're still rather famous around here. Our opponents were scared off just by seeing our name."

"Haha, after all, it's just a random team. Even if we fought, they wouldn't stand a chance!" The members of Basic Numbers Competitive Team echoed back.

"Wow, another one of them left. There are only three people remaining… What a free win that the heavens have blessed us with. You guys better not fight with me for the position of MVP. That title is mine!" Little Five declared excitedly when he saw one more of his opponents leave.

Little Four smiled: "Perhaps those three might not even stay…"

While the members of Basic Numbers Competitive Team prepared for battle, they took note of any new system notifications. Once they saw that the remaining players did not leave, they were sure that these three were ready to fight to the end.

Now that the number of players had been confirmed, Little One dismantled the traps he had set up previously and said: "Let's go, we'll go over to kill them straight away. It's 10 against 3, there's nothing to hesitate about!"

"Go! Go! Go!"

Once the rest received the command, they followed behind Little One and charged towards the enemy's position.

Just as they passed through the center of the map, an overbearing figure suddenly appeared in Little One's field of vision - it was Wang Yu who had been rushing over.

At this point, Wang Yu was looking for opponents to battle… It seemed like he wasn't that familiar with this map.

"Eh? This person looks a little familiar…" Little One frustratingly spoke after seeing Wang Yu.

When Wang Yu came a little closer, Little Five exclaimed: "F*ck, it's Iron Bull!"

In the past three rounds of battles, Little Four had his head bashed in by Wang Yu's knee, Little One was squished to death from behind, and only Little Five had the honour of being killed by a direct punch from the front. Hence Wang Yu left the deepest impression in Little Five.

The three of them had fought Wang Yu before so they knew how impressive Wang Yu was. Now that he was charging straight at them, their subconscious automatically screamed at them to run.

At this moment, the others around them shouted: "What are you afraid of. Little One already fought a decent fight with him just now, so how can we lose with the 10 of us?"

"That's right…" Upon hearing their teammates say so, Little Four and Little Five turned to look at Little One with a look of admiration on their faces.

A waterfall of sweat began pouring down Little One's face…

The others might not have known why his battle with Wang Yu lasted for that long, but could he not know the real reason behind it? It was extremely easy for that guy to kill him, and actually, there was no difference between his fight and Little Four's or Little Five's.

Wiping his sweat, Little One replied: "Well, let's not be complacent. Iron Bull is very famous and his level of skill is also very high. I think we should retreat first and set up a few traps…" Even with so many teammates around, Little One still didn't feel safe at all.

"Sure, everyone listen to boss's commands!" Following which, 10 people turned around and started running. When they reached the bushes at the end of the road, Little One bent down to place a Frost Trap before installing a Deadly Trigger right at the other end of the bend.

That way, both traps were well hidden and as once Wang Yu stepped into them, on top of the attacks from the trap, the attacks from all of them shouldn't be something Wang Yu could block.

From the word "shouldn't", one could see that Little One wasn't confident about this one bit.

After placing the traps, Little One pointed towards another bend in the road and said to Little Seven, the Priest: "Stand there. Once he steps into my traps, silence him…"

Those two traps didn't give him the reassurance he needed, so why not throw the only Priest in the mix to keep the target under control.

Pugilists, in general, were rather dependent on their skills. Just now, Wang Yu had obviously used a blocking-type skill, hence if he was silenced by a Priest, Little One didn't believe that he would still be able to do the same.

"Little Four, stand behind the Deadly Trigger. Unleash [Charge] and [Tornado Strike] when you hear the trap go off…"

"Sure…" Little Four quickly moved into the position that Little One pointed to.

"Little Five, hide well. We'll be depending on you later!"

"Understood!" Little Five gave an OK sign, then he disappeared.

Other than Little Five and the four of them, Basic Numbers Competitive Team had a Guardian, Crusader, Sharpshooter, and three Magicians. As Survivors had pretty good crowd control skills, there were no other Shamans, who specialised in crowd control, in their team.

This was a team that focused on dealing damage - the kind that would kill their enemies in an instant once they get crowd controlled.

After everyone went into position, Wang Yu strolled into the center of the map.

The center of the map was a cross shaped junction, and as Wang Yu wasn't familiar with the map, he looked left and right, unsure of which way to go.

Upon seeing this, Little One told the Sharpshooter: "Little Three, lure him over here!"

The Sharpshooter frowned: "How many times must I repeat myself, call me Old Three!"

Little One quickly changed the way he addressed the Sharpshooter: "Sure, Old Three, go there quickly… If he doesn't come here, our ambush would be useless… Remember, once you hit him, run back immediately. Don't stop for even a moment."


Little Three swiftly ran across after receiving his orders. At this point, Wang Yu finally decided that he would turn left but an arrow came flying at him out of nowhere.

Smacking the arrow out of the air, he heard someone shouting: "You dumb*ss, come catch me!"

It turned out that Little Three was afraid that Wang Yu wouldn't take the bait, so not only did he ignored Little One's instructions to run away immediately, he even taunted Wang Yu.

This guy obviously underestimated Wang Yu's ability to move.

Aiming in Little Three's direction, Wang Yu used [Crushing Blow] followed by [Sunset Shift] and in an instant, he was right beside Little Three.

"D*mn it!"

This gave Little Three the shock of his life, prompting him to flee. However, with a single step forward, Wang Yu casually crushed Little Three into a flash of white light beneath his foot.

While this was happening, Seven Blueberries and Tibet Martial Bird, who were hiding in a corner of the map waiting for the match to end, received a system notification: <Your teammate "Iron Bull" killed an opponent "Little Three".

"Hey, this Pugilist isn't half bad… He actually took one of them down."

Tibet Martial Bird exclaimed.

"Yeah, if the others didn't leave, we might even have had a winning chance…" Seven Blueberries said in a disappointing tone. This lady no longer had any hope in winning this match. All she hoped for was a draw.

On the side of Basic Numbers Competitive Team, Little One received news of Little Three being killed and a chill ran through his spine. He couldn't help it but scold Little Three: "D*mn, how did you die?"

[1] TL Note: the "区丨"is a rough diagram of the map layout, don't read it as Chinese words. Your guess is as good as mine for what the map's layout is like.