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Chapter 330: The Same Attack Won’t Hit Me Twice

Chapter 330: The Same Attack Won’t Hit Me Twice

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"I… I don't know… That Pugilist suddenly caught up with me…" Little Three was very confused about how he died. Up until this point, he still couldn't figure out how Wang Yu could appear in front of him that quickly.


The other members of Basic Number Competitive Team were shocked as well: "This should be a pure dexterity Pugilist…"

Pugilists' dexterity never grew as much as Archers. Although Little Three wasn't one of those extreme players who added everything into dexterity, as an Archer whose main attribute was dexterity, he had increased his dexterity by a good amount. Thus, for Wang yu to catch up with Little Three, he had to be of pure dexterity.

As for teleportation… No one on Basic Number Competitive Team bothered considering it. This sort of extremely precious skill was only possessed by Magicians, so having a Pugilist who could teleport was simply out of the question.

"Mhmm, that should be it." Little One nodded as he thought of the scene of Wang Yu taking down 50 arrows… Normal players would only consider the idea of "speed = dexterity" and nothing else.

"His damage is still so high after adding everything into dexterity?" Little Four asked. He was still almost one hit KO-ed by Wang Yu.

"It must be due to his skills and equipment. Conversely, his HP isn't that high either, so we must crowd control him until he dies. Little Seven, you must silence him once you can, understand?" Little One repeated his commands.

"Roger!" Little Seven acknowledged.

After identifying the direction his target was in, Wang Yu ran straight at the Basic Number Competitive Team who had just went into their respective positions.

"He's coming, everyone hide properly!"
With that single command, the members of Basic Number Competitive Team tucked their heads in.


The next moment, the sound of a trap being activated rang out.

Little One shouted in surprise: "He's been hit! Little Seven, silence him!"

Before Little One's voice faded away, Little Seven poked his head out from the corner, raised his staff and threw a [Holy Flame] in Wang Yu's way.

[Holy Flame] was a target-type skill, hence once it was locked onto you, you had no way of escaping it. When Little Seven used the skill, a bunch of ellipses appeared above Wang Yu's head.

"Kill him!"

Seeing that Wang Yu was that easily crowd controlled, Little One was pleasantly surprised and gave the command to attack. In that instant, the members of Basic Number Competitive Team revealed themselves and started to attack Wang Yu.

It was Little Five, who appeared behind Wang Yu, whose attack first reached him. All this while, when Wang Yu was walking on the road, he had followed closely behind Wang Yu. Immediately after Wang Yu was silenced, Little Five raised his dagger and used a [Rabbit Strike] at the back of Wang Yu's head.

In Little Five's mind, this was a sure hit crowd control skill, however, it seemed like Wang Yu had a pair of eyes in the back of his head, as he turned around to grab Little Five's wrist in his hands. Then, he pulled Little Five to his side with a forceful yank.

In <<REBIRTH, the effect of this sort of "pushing and pulling" was determined by one's strength - a Pugilist wouldn't be able to make a Warrior or Knight budge a single bit but pulling a weak Thief over would be a piece of cake.

Little Five was pulled in front of Wang Yu…

Just then, the attacks from four crossbows and Little One's own crossbow had come flying his way too…

Wang Yu used Little Five as a shield, and the few dozens of arrows turned Little Five into a porcupine. Thankfully the damage of crossbow arrows wasn't that high, hence Little Five was still barely hanging in there after taking a those hits.

Normally, friendly fire from teammates would not cause any damage, but once other players forced one into the line of fire, the game's system would automatically determine that this player had been used as an active form of defence by another player.

This sort of system was there to prevent shameless players from using their opponent's teammates as a "super meat shield".

At the same time, Wang Yu also saw three Icicles coming his way, so he kicked Little Five square on the butt, causing him to fly forward.

The damage of Magicians was naturally much higher than that of Survivors, and the pitiful Little Five didn't have much HP left either, thus with the three Icicles stuck in him, he turned into a flash of white light while surrounded by a blue mist. The scene was rather beautiful, like a firework display.

However the rest of the team that saw this unfold before them turned as pale as a ghost. This happened in spite of Wang Yu being silenced and rooted to the spot. If this guy could move, wouldn't he be able to take 10 men at once?

Thankfully Little One was still quite confident in his plan of his, as three members of strength type jobs had already rushed into a pretty close range from Wang Yu.

Arrows and magic were single target, long rage attacks, hence Wang Yu could use other people as a shield. Now that Little Five was dead, everyone didn't believe that he would be able to survive the coordinated attacks from three strength type jobs.

The Knight, Little Six, had a [Charge] speed slightly faster than Little Two and Little Four, so he was the first to appear in front of Wang Yu.

Then, the gloves in Wang Yu's hands suddenly turned into a long pole which struck Little Six in the face, stopping his charge… Wang Yu was also sent flying backwards.

At this point, Little Two and Little Four had arrived directly below Wang Yu. But the Wang Yu drove his pole at the ground from midair, pushing himself even higher once more. Following which he stepped on Little Two's head and used the momentum to land in the middle of the three of them.

"You're asking for it!"

When Little Six noticed this, he shouted out and thrust his spear forward. Little Four and Little Two turned around as well - one using [Tornado Spin] and the other using [Shield Bash].

Did they even need to attack a weak Pugilist who dove into the encirclement of multiple tanks? He would be killed just from their squeezing!

Who knew that Wang Yu would grab Little Six's spear with his left hand, and by redirecting its momentum, the speartip was turned to point at Little Two… Afterwhich, Wang Yu's pole pushed against the ground, propelling him out of the three man circle.

"Crack… screech…"

The noise generated by the clash of two strength type jobs was rather shrill, and as for the two of them who were involved, they first checked if their own equipment was damaged and not if Wang Yu had died…

What frightened them the most had yet to come as well - Little Two and Little Six's clash had placed them right in front of Little Four's [Tornado Slash]…

Moreover, when Wang Yu leapt out of the circle, he hit both of them on the head with his pole. While that strike wasn't that hard, it caused them to move by a slight bit.

That bit was enough to cause the unfortunate Little Two and Little Six to be sucked into the flurry of attacks from Little Four's [Tornado Slash]...

Once he landed, Wang Yu turned and evaded the second wave of long range attacks. Since the three close range tanks had been thrown into disarray, he took this opportunity to take a few steps over, throw out a few pole strikes, and turn them into white light.


Only a few seconds had elapsed from the time that Wang Yu jumped into the encirclement to the moment he killed the three of them in a single hit. Little One and co. who were about to celebrate their success from afar had the happy expressions on their faces replaced with ones of disbelief upon seeing this.

"How is that possible? He even dodged all of this? Wasn't he silenced?" Little Seven asked in shock. He couldn't possibly understand how a Pugilist who didn't use a single skill could be so impressive.

Little One was in greater shock than Little Seven - Frost Traps rooted one to the spot for five seconds, and the trap hadn't even taken effect on Wang Yu for three seconds yet…

"How could you remove the root effect so early?"

When Wang Yu came before him, Little One asked.

After killing Little One with a single punch, he replied: "You want to use the same attack on me twice? I didn't even step into the trap."