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Chapter 332: Grinding for PVP Points Like Crazy

Chapter 332: Grinding for PVP Points Like Crazy

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This was a brown coloured light armor which was shaped like an ancient Chinese battle armor. There was none of the usual glow of equipment, making it appear old and conservative. Among the pile of eye catching western style equipment, this one didn't stand out at all.

<Martial Artist's Protector [Exclusive for Martial Artists]

PVP Points requirement: 2400

Upon seeing the description of this equipment, Wang Yu was taken aback: "It's an item exclusively for Martial Artists!!"

As he had played the game for a long while, he naturally knew how valuable exclusive items were. To Martial Artist related jobs, the item could be priceless or maybe even more valuable than Legendary tier equipment.

While still in shock, Wang Yu didn't say another word and bought the item. This caused the number of PVP points he had to drop to zero.

But he didn't regret this a single bit, because all equipment and items, except for the materials, in the PVP Arena would be changed every once in a while. Smelting Stones ould be bought any day. However, if he missed the opportunity to buy this exclusive equipment, it would be gone forever.

"Thank god I obtained a little more points, otherwise I would have to look at this item disappear before my eyes." Wang Yu broke into some cold sweat, then he began to inspect the attributes of this piece of armor.

<Martial Artist's Protector (Light Armor) (Gold) (Incomplete) (Can be repaired)

Physical Defense: 40-40

Magic Resistance: 40-40

[Swift Like The Wind] (Active): Increases jumping ability by 20%, Increases movement speed by 20%, Increases attack speed by 20%, Reduces skills cooldown by 20%

[Fiery Invasion] (Active): Increases jump type attack damage by 20%, Increases attack by 20%, Increases skill damage by 20%

[Firm As A Forest] (Active): Regenerates 2% of HP and MP every second

Job Requirement: Exclusive to Martial Artists

Level Requirement: 15

Equipment Description: One of the exclusive equipment sets for Martial Artists that has been lost in the world for a long time. Current state of repair is 10%

Note: Can be smelted with: Heavenly Silk Armor

The equipment's main attributes were very ordinary, possibly considered on the lower end for equipment of the same tier or even worse than some Silver tier equipment. However, the three skills that came with it were exceptionally strong.

A recovery skill like [Firm As A Forest] required no explanation, and [Swift Like The Wind] and [Fiery Invasion] were the strongest out of all equipment attributes Wang Yu had seen before.

Pugilists relied heavily on combos, hence the cooldown of skills and rate of activation were naturally their most important attributes. The secondary attribute was movement speed, but this was a common attribute that other equipment also boosted. On the other hand, this was the first time that Wang Yu saw the attribute of jumping ability.

In <<REBIRTH, movement speed was determined based on one's dexterity while jumping ability depended on one's job… As such, one's jumping ability was more or less determined from the start and would never have increased since level 1.

Out of the seven jobs, Pugilists had the best jumping ability and Guardians had the weakest. So this was the only thing that Pugilists were good at.

On top of that, the most unique characteristic of Pugilists was that they could use skills in midair while other jobs could only use normal attacks while jumping.

The effect of jumping was the same as attacking from behind - it would increase your damage by 30%, and the effect of a Pugilist's skills would become stronger as well. Hence jumping attacks were the main attack method of Pugilists.

While [Fiery Invasion] increased attack and skill damage, it also boosted jumping attacks. After some calculations, jumping attacks would receive an increase of 60% in damage - how sick was that.

As for the matter of its main attributes, Wang Yu didn't really care about it. After all, things like physical defense weren't that important to him in the game. Moreover, this piece of armor could be smelted and repaired…

Most importantly, wasn't this item so much better than the turtle shell like Heavenly Silk Armor that he had on currently?

Just based on this alone, it made Wang Yu very happy - finally there was a piece of armor he could change into.

Putting the Martial Artist's Protector away, Wang Yu exited the PVP Merchant's shop and quickly returned to the guild headquarters' forging room.

Opening his Magical Refining window, Wang Yu took off the Heavenly Silk Armor and threw it into the Smelting window with the Martial Artist's Protector. A line of words appeared in the materials window at the bottom: required materials, 10 Smelting Stones.

"F*ck! That can't be right!" Wang Yu rubbed his eyes and looked at the line of words once more. Indeed, it required 10 Smelting Stones.

This made Wang Yu extremely frustrated. Smelting two Obsidian tier equipment only required two Smelting Stones, but now two Gold tier equipment asked for 10 Smelting Stones, what logic was this…

10 Smelting Stones… That was worth 10 thousand PVP points… Add the 2000 for his weapons… The mere thought of this made Wang Yu's scalp tingle.

Based on the rate of taking part in over 30 PVP matches in an afternoon, obtaining 12000 PVP points would take him at least three days. Three days that he could use to level up a few times instead.

However, Wang Yu thought about this from a different perspective. Actually, levels were never as important as equipment. After all, in <<REBIRTH, the rate of leveling up was too slow, and the increase in personal attributes that one got from leveling up was too insignificant when compared to what equipment offered.

Hence, rather than immerse himself in grinding for levels, why not settle these two pieces of equipment first. A blacksmith has to sharpen his tools first before going to work anyway.

At this point, Wang Yu grit his teeth and thought to himself: "It's just 12000 PVP points right, I'll stay in here for a few days to grind it out!"

For the next two days, once Wang Yu logged in, he would head straight to the PVP Arena to grind for points. As the members of Blueberries Squad had already enjoyed the victories from the first day, they stuck together ever since.

With a fixed team, Wang Yu didn't have the problem of recruiting team members before starting a match. Thus with his frightening level of efficiency and his patience as a martial artist, the number of PVP points he obtained in two days added up to over 10000. If anyone else knew that he exchanged all these PVP points for Smelting Stones, they would definitely label him as a wastrel.

One had to know that with the current purchasing power of PVP points, 10 PVP points was worth one gold coin, so for someone to use 1000 gold coins to buy materials, it was simply a waste.

As for Blueberries Squad, they were a dark horse, an unknown random team, that charged straight to the top of the whole server's rankings.

This shocked all of the professional teams.

"D*mn, can no one stop the Blueberries Squad?"

Inside the office of the Carefree Squad, a team under the Land of Imperial Power, their leader, Imperial Dragon Carefree, looked at the Blueberries Squad's recent battle reports and asked his subordinates: "Who exactly is the leader of this Blueberries Squad? Have you guys investigated?"

Opposite Imperial Dragon Carefree was an Assassin named Imperial Dragon Secret who replied: "We have already investigated. The leader of Blueberries Squad is a player named Seven Blueberries, and their vice leader is Tibet Martial Bird."

"Seven Blueberries? Tibet Martial Bird? Who are these people? Do you have any more information on them? For example which guild or club they're from?" Imperial Dragon Carefree probed further after hearing these two names that he had never heard of before.

"Tibet Martial Bird is in a guild named Warrior Alliance, a very low level guild… And for Seven Blueberries…" When he reached this point, Imperial Dragon Secret trailed off.

"What about Seven Blueberries? Is he a member of Ancient Empire?"

"No… This is a girl, and she is not a member of any guild…" Imperial Dragon Secret replied.