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Chapter 333: Twilight Temple

Chapter 333: Twilight Temple

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"No guild?" Imperial Dragon Carefree exclaimed. "How is that possible? Could your information be inaccurate?"

For high level competitive teams of today, from the equipment inside the game to the training outside of the game, it took a large amount of money and resources to develop them. As such, it was simply impossible for a random player who did not even have a guild, much less the support of a large organisation or guild, to have a 100% win rate.

Imperial Dragon Secret unhappily replied: "Inaccurate my ass. Don't doubt my professionalism!"

"Eh, it's not that…" Imperial Dragon Carefree laughed sheepishly. "What else?"

"What else is there?" Imperial Dragon Secret asked.

"Seven Blueberries' detailed information!"

"There isn't any more. This is a level 20 Priest who can't be any more normal…" Then Imperial Dragon Secret quickly added on. "Tibet Martial Bird is also a normal level 20 Warrior."

"That's all?"

"That's all…"

"D*mn!" Imperial Dragon Carefree was very frustrated. After a long investigation, other than finding out their jobs and IGN, there wasn't a single bit of extra information. What difference was there from not investigating at all?

Actually there was no use in blaming Imperial Dragon Secret as these two players were indeed just normal passers by, so what else could he find out about them?

"What about the other members of their squad?" Imperial Dragon Carefree asked again.

"We aren't that sure about that. Their squad's composition isn't fixed, and the ones that we know of are members of various small guilds… It feels like their just a random team. Our guys took a very long time to even find them." Imperial Dragon Secret admitted.

"Random team…" Upon hearing this, Imperial Dragon Carefree became increasingly curious about Blueberries Squad.

The game system matched players against opponents based on win rate and number of PVP points, so it definitely wasn't luck that created an squad undefeated for a hundred matches.

Moreover, the roster of this squad wasn't fixed either, almost like a random team. Unless these players were the experts among the commoners?

"Old Forest, are our two squads grinding for PVP points in the PVP Arena?" Imperial Dragon Carefree asked Imperial Dragon Forest who was beside him.


"Can they go to battle Blueberries Squad?"

"That… might not be a good idea." Imperial Dragon Forest remarked.

No matter how impressive the Blueberries Squad was, they were just a newly formed team.

On the other hand, the two Imperial Dragon squads from the Land of Imperial Power were veteran professional teams ranked in the country. If the system matched both their teams together, it could be attributed to date, but if they went looking for the other squad, others might say that they're bullying the newbies.

After being in this business for so long, other than results, their reputation was very important as well.

Imperial Dragon Carefree responded: "What are you afraid of? Isn't it just a few newbies? We can just form a new squad."

"Eh, this idea is decent." Imperial Dragon Forest happily said.

"Then you arrange it… I don't believe that a squad of newbies can be that strong."

"Roger." Imperial Dragon Forest acknowledged his instructions then began preparations.

Imperial Dragon Carefree wasn't the only smart guy around. Other than him, the other high level squads couldn't sit by anymore. Not only the Grand Alliance's Master Squad and Ancient Empire's Blazing Yellow Squad made a move, but even Sanguine Alliance's "Sanguine Squad" was given a mission by Sanguine Warflag.

Sanguine Warflag might have been the guild leader, but he was actually not strong enough to even get into the second string team. Hence in front of these experts, he was just like a nanny… If these guys wanted him to investigate something, he naturally couldn't ignore the request.

Hence, he put his mission of leveling up and grinding dungeons to one side and brought some people to enter the PVP Arena.

On the third day, which was also the day that the game formally went into operation. <<REBIRTH went into open release, which increased the number of players in game tremendously. The number of people online exploded by more than a few dozen times, and based on official estimates, there was almost 130 million players online on the first day.

The moment that Wang Yu went online, he was shocked by the scene before him in the city.

Previously, Twilight City only housed a few tens of thousands of players, making it feel rather spacious. But now the entire city was extremely crowded - filled with players in all nooks and crannies. Countless players were exiting the city, but the number of players inside still continued to increase.

Wang Yu recognised that these were new players as most of them had the appearance of the three new races instead of looking like humans.

The unique features of the three new races were very easy to distinguish.

Orcs had ferocious looking teeth, green skin, wore animal pelts, and appeared very strong and formidable.

Elves had pointy ears, dressed scantily, and looked like pretty daughters from wealthy families.

Holy Wingmen and humans were similar in appearance, but the only difference was that Holy Wingmen had feathers growing on their heads and their clothes were mainly white.

Players of those three races wore the level 10 new player equipment and looked around curiously in the city. Barely any human players could be spotted anymore.

After all, humans were the most ordinary race. New players were already behind by so many levels, so they couldn't afford to be behind in terms of aptitude as well.

Just after going online, Wang Yu received a message from Fearless that he was waiting in the inn.

By the time that Wang Yu laboriously squeezed his way to the inn, all experts of Quan Zhen Sect were already seated. He wiped his sweat and asked Fearless: "These players reached level 10 so quickly?"

One had to note that it took Wang Yu a good amount of effort to advance from level 1 to 10.

Fearless responded: "Didn't you read the official website? In order to reduce the gap between veteran and new players, all accounts created after the open release would reach level 10 straight from doing the quests in Beginner Village…"

"No wonder…" Wang Yu gazed at the scene outside the inn with some lingering fear before asking again: "What did you guys call me here for? I'm still grinding for PVP points!"

"What's your current level?" Fearless asked.

"27…" Wang Yu replied. After killing the lucky boss previously, Wang Yu managed to get the last hit so he obtained half of the experience points to reach level 27.

Fearless angrily remarked: " Even Old Fisher is at level 27. Places like the PVP Arena are nice to play around with for awhile...but leveling up is still the most important, understand?"

"Yes, yes!" Everyone else nodded.

If they were as skilled as Wang Yu, they probably would have reached over level 30 by now.

"Eh… I'm sorry…" Wang Yu apologised as he lowered his head, thinking to himself that the atmosphere here wasn't very right. Previously, these guys hoped that he didn't level up that fast so that they could overtake him. What was going on today…

"Have you done the Twilight Temple dungeon before?" Fearless asked.

"Twilight Temple?" Wang Yu scratched his head.""No… Isn't that a level 25 storyline dungeon? I saw that you guys were busy with guild quests in the past few days, and I was grinding PVP points after that, so I never did it."

"He he, we're planning on doing this dungeon. Brother Bull, call a few others here…" Fearless suddenly smiled.

Creases appeared on Wang Yu's forehead. This bunch was just waiting for him to appear, and to think that he thought they cared about his level… It seems like he overestimated this bunch of bad friends.