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Chapter 334: Making Up The Numbers Again

Chapter 334: Making Up The Numbers Again

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"The Twilight Temple dungeon only requires 10 players right?" Wang Yu asked. Quan Zhen Sect had 10 people so it would just be enough.

Spring Halo smiled: "We're Quan Zhen Sect, so how could we just be attempting the normal dungeon?"

An ordinary level 25 dungeon, even if it were the first clear, would only give them some Silver tier equipment and not that many experience points. All experts of the Quan Zhen Sect had their eyes on something bigger, hence they would naturally not be interested in those equipment.

"So we'll be doing the Hell tier dungeon?" Wang Yu asked once more.

Spring Halo excitedly replied: "That's the boldness about Iron Bull I admire. You're right, we're doing the Hell tier dungeon!"

However, Wang Yu was a little unhappy: "D*mn, doesn't that require 25 people to start?"

Everytime a dungeon's difficulty went up by one, the number of players required would increase by five. Previously when they went to the Blood-Soaked Church, Wang Yu somehow managed to cobble together 20, even including his own family. So where would he go to find 25 people this time.

"Yes, that's why we thought of you… Who doesn't know that God iron Bull is very well connected?" The others replied in unison.

"F*ck all of you." Wang Yu scolded. Then he suddenly spoke again: "Aren't we on good terms with Sanguine Alliance? Can't we just look for Sanguine Warflag?"

Sanguine Alliance had such a large operation. They would be able to find 250 people, much less if it were only 25.

Fearless responded: "If that worked, we wouldn't have had to look for you."

"What? They aren't willing to help?"

Shaking his head, Fearless explained: "No, they are also doing nonsense things like you. The few experts from their guild have gone to the PVP Arena… We aren't that familiar with the other members of Sanguine Alliance either, and do you think finding experts above level 25 is that easy?"

Wang Yu: "..."

Generally, players were around level 23 at this point in time, hence experts of level 25 and above were far and few between.

"I'll try my best then…" Wang Yu opened his friend list and sent a mass message out.

Not long after, Defiant Tiger replied: "I've joined the Dark Faction…"

"You're a traitor of the human race! Pui!" Wang Yu spitefully shot back.

It was rather disappointing that Defiant Tiger couldn't join, after all this guy had an expert friend as well, so if he joined, he would bring the other guy along. But now that both of them weren't coming, reaching 25 people would be a challenge.

The next person Wang Yu approached was Mu Zi Xian: "My level is not high enough!" Out of all the young ladies in Quan Zhen Sect, Mu Zi Xian had the highest level, level 18… They couldn't even serve as add ons.

Third to reply was Seven Blueberries: "Brother Iron Bull, you're not playing in the PVP Arena today?"

With the tone of an elder, Wang Yu replied: "The PVP Arena is a waste of time. Experts spend their time on leveling up."

"Oh…" Seven Blueberries replied, then added on obediently. "I'll go to raise my level today then."

"Go, go" Wang Yu casually gave a reply before he closed off the chat window. This girl sure was easy to con.

"So how is it?" A good while later, Fearless frantically asked Wang Yu.

"No one…" Wang Yu shrugged and explained the situation to everyone.

After hearing Wang Yu's story, Fearless was extremely anxious. Only when he needed people did he hate that there were so few around. It seemed like maintaining a small guild wasn't a good idea - there wasn't enough people to enter a dungeon.

"Eh? There's news!" At this moment, Wang Yu suddenly exploded.

"What? There's someone?" The others excitedly asked.

"Yes, 10 people, it's a competitive team… They said that they are in Thorn City, not that far away from here. They're coming over now." Wang Yu said.

"Competitive squad? Not bad." Fearless was momentarily stunned. "So you managed to find a fixed squad for yourself."

"No, it's an enemy squad from the past… They only added me as friends after that." Wang Yu clarified.

"Enemy squad…" Everyone was shocked to hear that.

"Uncle Bull really has a unique way of making friends…" Vainglory said.

To actually defeat one's enemies that made them accept their defeat and eventually convert them into friends - other than Wang Yu, no one else could do it.

"We still need another five more… You guys should put in some effort too." Wang Yu pushed.

"Sure!" Fearless smiled. "I'll ask Sanguine Warflag to send five members to us."

Wang Yu felt cheated: "Didn't you say…"

"You even brought an opposing competitive squad over, can't I find a friendly guild to help us out?" Fearless retorted.

"Nothing's wrong with that…"


Sanguine Warflag was still rather welcoming towards the members of Quan Zhen Sect, hence when he heard that Fearless wanted to borrow some men, he summoned five experts over with a wave of his hand.

Clearing a dungeon was actually beneficial to both parties, and beyond the experience points and equipment gained, the most important was finding out a strategy for tackling the dungeon.

Although Sanguine Warflag also knew that with Wang Yu as a wildcard around, even if they could get a strategy out of this, they probably couldn't execute it. At least, they would know the unique characteristics of the bosses and monsters.

For the five members that Sanguine Alliance sent over, while the members of Quan Zhen Sect weren't particularly familiar with them, they had seen those five before.

Their leader was that Guardian, Sanguine Wall - the guy that Wang Yu and Fearless went through the Hurricane Cavern with.

As for the Warrior, Sanguine Blade, the Magician, Sanguine Explosion, the Archer, Sanguine Hunter King, and the Priest, Sanguine Medicine, they had fought side by side with Quan Zhen Sect during the defence of the guild headquarters.

Those five knew how impressive the experts of Quan Zhen Sect were and were very excited to be able to fight alongside them once more.

This was especially so for Sanguine Explosion as she walked in front of Ming Du and burst out: "Boss Ming Du, can you give me an autograph after we're done with the dungeon…"

Upon hearing this, Ming Du was momentarily in shock, then he replied without masking his happiness: "Ha ha… What autograph, from now on, we're brothers!"

"Really?" Sanguine Explosion was surprised. One had to know that all members of Quan Zhen Sect had very bad reputations, and Ming Du was supposed to be the fiercest of them all. However, he didn't expect that this legendarily brutal man was so well tempered.

"Of course!" Ming Du took out a staff and stuffed it into Sanguine Explosion's hands. "Take this…"

"This…" Sanguine Explosion was caught by surprise, and frantically pushed back. The rest of Quan Zhen Sect quickly advised him: "Take it, otherwise he could vent it out on you…"

While Ming Du normally was very unreasonable, he was one who valued friendships greatly.

The other members of Quan Zhen Sect had seen this side of Ming Du before. According to Spring Halo, Ming Du was a classic example of a person that was deprived of love and acknowledgement, hence he would be extremely friendly with those who acknowledged him and very hostile towards strangers.

When they saw Ming Du in this state, everyone couldn't help but sigh: "Master Spring indeed lives up to his name."

Vainglory couldn't really comprehend why others would like someone like Ming Du, hence he puzzledly asked: "Did I choose the wrong job?"

"It's not because of your job, it's because of you as a person!" Fearless explained.

"Cheh, if there were half as many Pugilists as Magicians, I would have fans as well!" Vainglory wasn't convinced.

Coldly, Fearless retorted: "Iron Bull is also a Pugilist!"

Vainglory was angry now. "I don't want to speak with you anymore!"