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Chapter 335: Are We Really Attempting A Hell Tier Dungeon?

Chapter 335: Are We Really Attempting A Hell Tier Dungeon?

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Under the advice of others, Sanguine Explosion awkwardly kept the staff that Ming Du gave, which was not much stronger than a flaming pole.

Seeing Ming Du's elated expression, that unusual feeling instantly made all members of Sanguine Alliance recall all sorts of legends about the members of Quan Zhen Sect. In an instant, everyone cooled down.

Just at this moment, a group of players entered the inn, looked around, and started heading in Wang Yu's direction.

These were the ten people from Basic Number Competitive Team, led by their leader, Little One.

"God Bull…" Little One greeted Wang Yu.

Wang Yu sheepishly laughed and asked: "Who are you guys?" Other than their jobs, he couldn't recognise anyone.

"I'm Little One!" Little One replied.

"Oh right!" Wang Yu nodded his head and introduced the group to Fearless and co. "This is Little One, Basic Number Competitive Team's leader!"

"Oh…" Fearless nodded his head and asked Little One. "You're from a third rate competitive squad?"

"Eh…?" Little One and his brother's expressions immediately turned ugly.

When the five members of Sanguine Alliance heard Fearless's words, cold sweat began dripping down their forehead.

"D*mn, this b*stard is really this direct… The people of Quan Zhen Sect are indeed abnormal…"

As the saying went, one might be bullied, but one shouldn't bully others. Even though the Basic Number Competitive Team wasn't that strong, but Fearless shouldn't have insulted them in front of everyone!

"This person is? Would God Bull introduce us?" Little One's asked Wang Yu with an unhappy expression on his face.

"He's Fearless, the leader of our guild." Wang Yu introduced.

Upon hearing that, Little One's expression changed once more as he pointed at Fearless while shouting: "The Fearless of Quan Zhen Sect?"

"Oh, seems like you're quite famous…" Wang Yu commented while smiling at Fearless.

Fearless shamelessly replied: "Of course, when I rose to fame, you still hadn't learnt how to play games yet!"

To this, Wang Yu kept quiet. Indeed, he had only played games for barely a month, so Fearless wasn't wrong to say that.

"..." When the members of Basic Number Competitive Team saw Fearless mock Wang Yu, the dissatisfaction in their heart disappeared.

Even an expert like Wang Yu didn't become angry after being mocked like that, so how could they not endure the same thing?

"Brother bull, isn't the Twilight Temple a 10 man dungeon? Are we splitting into two groups to attempt it since there's so many people?" Noticing that there were so many people around the table, Little One asked Wang Yu.

Before Wang Yu could reply, Ming Du interrupted: "Why do we have to split into two teams? Don't you need at least 25 players for Hell tier dungeons?"

"Hell tier dungeon? Brother Bull, are you kidding?"

After hearing Ming Du say that, the Basic Number Competitive Team was shocked, then they turned their gazes towards Wang Yu.

Although the equipment of players were getting increasingly powerful and their repertoire of skills kept expanding, Hell tier dungeons were still an untouchable existence in the eyes of ordinary players. All this while, Little One had been speculating whether they were going to attempt the Elite or Abyss tier dungeon, but who knew that these people were so ambitious. To actually consider attempting the Hell tier dungeon.

Wang Yu honestly replied: "Joking? No. We're really attempting a Hell tier dungeon, otherwise do we still have to cobble together 25 players?"

"This…" Little One and co suddenly became hesitant.

Naturally, they knew that a Hell tier dungeon was completely different from other dungeons. Other dungeons were populated by projection of dark creatures, hence if they died in the dungeon, they wouldn't lose much. However, Hell tier dungeons were populated by the actual bodies of those dark creatures, thus, if they failed to complete the dungeon, their losses would be greater than dying normally outside… Gaining levels wasn't that easy for anyone…

Waving his hand, Wang Yu assured them: "Don't worry, our team is very strong!"

"But…" Just as Little One was about to say something, Ming Du smirked and said to Vainglory. "And these p*ssies still dare to play as a competitive squad…"

"D*mn!" The anger that Little One just suppressed exploded up once more. He stared at Ming Du coldly while asking Wang Yu: "And who is this guy?"

It was one thing to be looked down upon by Fearless, but for another guy that appeared to be an idiot to laugh at him? Little One had already acted as the bigger man by not retaliating.

"This Ming Du…"

"..." Little One was secretly celebrating inside. Thankfully he didn't attack - this stupid and ugly guy turned out to be the Quan Zhen Asura, Ming Du.

"Are these all members of Quan Zhen Sect?" Little One asked again.

"Mhmm!" Wang Yu nodded before going on to introduce the rest of the guild. All of their names were no less famous that celebrity players. But of course, those players were famed for their prowess… While Quan Zhen Sect were famous for other things…

Looking at these famous big bosses, the Basic Number Competitive Team's jaws dropped. Only when the five members of Sanguine Alliance were introduced did they heave a sigh of relief. Finally there were a few people who weren't famous. However, when Wang Yu introduced them as the experts of Sanguine Alliance, the members of Basic Number Competitive Team were stunned again.

"Wow, God Bull is indeed impressive. He could even invite the experts of Sanguine Alliance to join them. No wonder they dare to attempt the Hell tier dungeon…" Little Four and Little Five tried to suck up to Wang Yu.

In the eyes of these competitive squad members, a first rate squad like Sanguine Alliance was much more impressive than Quan Zhen Sect's members.

What the two of them didn't expect was that not only did they fail to suck up to Wang Yu, they also stepped on the toes of others… The rest of Quan Zhen Sect were rather unhappy…

The five members of Sanguine Alliance wiped sweat off their foreheads: "No, no, it was by Boss Fearless's grace that were were brought it to make up the numbers."

The members of Basic Number Competitive Team responded: "The members of a large sect are indeed different!" They still thought that the guys from Sanguine Alliance were being modest.

Now Fearless could no longer take it anymore, so he coughed and said: "Ok, let's stop with the bullsh*t, quickly join the party." Following which, Fearless sent them a party request.

"Does anyone still need any supplies?" Fearless asked after everyone joined the party.

Everyone replied: "No…"

"Then let's head out!" Once he finished speaking, Fearless stepped out of the inn first, leading the entire group out of the city.

Since this was the first day that the game went into open release, the number of players around was insane. After going out of the city gates, all they could see on the hills were groups of players everywhere.

The sight was even more spectacular than when the game was just released.

Wang Yu and co. had put on equipment with a colourful glow, so with a look one would know that they were top tier players. Hence, they were constantly harassed by newbies on the way.

Ones that asked for equipment, ones that asked for assistance in levelling, and ones that even wanted to make children with them… The whole situation made everyone very frustrated, and Ming Du, with his unusual temper, didn't unleash hell on them only after being stopped by the others.

In the backstory of <<REBIRTH's Light Faction, the Sunset Light Church was Twilight City's local religion. All citizens of Twilight City believed in the Sunset Light God, Colphis.

It was written in the history books of Twilight City:

Before the chaos, our God took his servants with him and left us. Darkness descended on the lands and God still never appeared. We know that God has abandoned us.

As for whether the Sunset Light God, Colphis, really abandoned his people, there was no evidence to prove it. However, after the attack by the Dark Faction was repelled the second time, people found a gigantic temple in Dusk Mountain Range.