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Chapter 336: Fallen Holy Beetle

Chapter 336: Fallen Holy Beetle

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This temple was originally named the Temple of Holy Light but now its name was 'Twilight Temple. At this point in time, the Twilight Temple had been taken over by creatures of the darkness and even the holy priests and disciples had turned into puppets of darkness.

Following the system's guide, Wang Yu and co. made their way to Dusk Mountain Range.

As this was a Level 30 training area, there were no new players and their surroundings finally cleared up.

The Twilight Temple sat at the foot of the Dusk Mountain Range. It was built along the side of the mountain, facing the setting sun in the west, and the residual light from the sunset gave it a tinge of tragedy and solemness.

"Does your Thorn City also have a Twilight Temple of its own?' Wang Yu asked Little One curiously.

In the background introduction by the system, the Twilight Temple seemed to be linked to the main city, Twilight City, but Little One and co. from other main cities also had this quest, which made Wang Yu confused. After all, it would make the most sense for the Twilight Temple to be located in the Dusk Mountain Range.

"No, the main city dungeon of our Thorn City is named Thorn Gorge. It's a level 70 dungeon." Little One replied.

"Oh..." This made nothing clearer to Wang Yu. "Then why do you have the quest for Twilight Temple?"

"Ah?" Little One was stunned by this weird question of Wang Yu.

Frost Snow, who was standing beside Wang Yu, asked: "Don't you know what's a main city dungeon?"

"I don't know."

Impatiently, Frost Snow explained: "Based on the past games, our District Seven is actually one server, which means that all 20 main cities in District Seven has its own main city dungeon. Other than the common level 15 dungeons, you have to go to other main cities to enter the storyline dungeons for level 25 onwards, do you understand?"

"Oh, that means ourTwilight City is the location of a level 25 dungeon." Wang Yu nodded his head as he got it.

"Mhmm, not bad. It's quite rare for you to understand things so quickly." Frost Blade was very thankful that this guy was only a newbie and not an idiot.

"No wonder…" The mystery in Wang Yu's heart was now solved.

Little One, who had been looking on in shock, then asked: "Brother Bull, are you a newbie to gaming..."

There was no other explanation for a person to not know such basic knowledge unless he was a newbie.

"Yeah, this is the first game I've played." Wang Yu responded.

This reply made Little One freeze for half a second before he raised his thumb up: "You're really a genius..."

The number of players at level 25 or above in the 20 main cities of District Seven was rather large, hence many teams from various main cities gathered around the entrance to the Twilight Temple.

When the group arrived outside Twilight Temple, Fearless was about to enter the dungeon, but he suddenly remembered something. He turned around and instructed Wang Yu: "This dungeon is much more challenging than the Blood-Soaked Church, so you'd better not randomly aggro the monsters!"

Wang Yu nonchalantly replied: "Do I look like a person that's so despicable?"

In unison, the other members of Quan Zhen Sect responded: "Yes you are!"

Wiping his sweat off, Wang Yu spoke: "You guys are so rude..."

"Cheh!" Fearless shot a gaze in Wang Yu's direction before opening the gates to the Hell tier dungeon. A line of words appeared on the large rock beside the Twilight Temple: Twilight Temple being attempted, current progress 0%.

"D*mn, that group of people just went into the Hell tier dungeon!" The surrounding parties exclaimed after seeing those words.

Currently, the only Hell tier dungeon that had been attempted before was the Blood-Soaked Church. Although it was only a level 15 dungeon, there hasn't been more than 10 parties that managed to clear it. Moreover, each of them were squads from large guilds who were equipped with the best equipment. Who knew that there would be people bold enough to attempt the level 25 Hell tier dungeon?

"So what if they're attempting to clear it, you foreigners like to make a fuss out of nothing..." The players from Twilight City were not surprised by this.

"But this is a level 25 dungeon!"

As the main city dungeon, Twilight Temple's difficulty was definitely not on the same level as Blood-Soaked Church which most players could try their hand at.

The parties from Twilight City casually remarked: "Cheh, if dungeons did not have level restrictions, even level 35 dungeons could be cleared by the people from Twilight City."

Those foreign parties heard that the players from Twilight City were shooting their mouths off and couldn't help but sigh: "These people from Twilight City can really brag."

After the initial animation of entering the dungeon was over, Wang Yu's party arrived inside the Twilight Temple.

The temple was very spacious and its interior was completely different from the dark appearance seen from the outside. The inside was of a similar colour as the sunset, almost as if fresh blood had been sprayed all over.

<System notification: You have discovered the Bloody Temple, 5000 experience points received

<System notification: You have accepted the quest "Bloody Sunset", Difficulty A, Clear Hell tier Twilight Temple Dungeon 0/1

Current Hell tier Twilight Temple Dungeon progress 0, completion rate 0.

State: Attempt in progress

The Twilight Temple was many times more spacious than the Blood-Soaked Church. Everyone was simply a bunch of small red dots at the bottommost area of the temple on the map.

"This map is so big..." This was the first time Wang Yu saw such a large dungeon, hence he was a little taken aback.

Fearless sneered: "This still isn't much. Did you think that all maps would be like the Blood-Soaked Church, that basic dungeon?"

As a level 25 storyline dungeon, the Twilight Temple wasn't considered that large. In <<REBIRTH, there were some party dungeons which were larger than main cities.

After receiving the dungeon quest, Fearless issued out the command: "Everyone stick together and walk forward!"

Crotch Lord and Sanguine Wall automatically went to the front while the rest followed behind. The party proceeded forward for around two to three minutes before they arrived at a large pool.

The fountain in the pool constantly sprayed water, which looked like blood under the illumination of the blood red light, outwards.

Right in the center of the fountain was a giant beetle statue and on the edge of the pool, there was a circle of little beetle statues.

When Wang Yu's party approached the pool, all of the small beetle statues suddenly shattered, releasing blood red beetles that flew onto the ground.

These red beetles' shells had a vibrant colour and a pair of big horns grew on their heads. An evil glint of red shone in their eyes, making them appear very grand. Once the beetles landed on the ground, they split up, blocking the path of Wang Yu and co.

<Fallen Holy Beetle (LV 45) (Elite)

HP: 200000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Low Flight], [Smash], [Magic Armor]

Monsters in Hell tier dungeons were normally 20 levels higher than those in normal dungeons, thus their HP amounts were comparable to small bosses.

"F*ck!" When Little One saw the attributes of the Holy Beetles, he couldn't help but cry out.

Since the time they formed a competitive squad, Little One had become one of the top experts out of the millions of players out there. However, he still had never seen such a strong monster before.

"Boss Fearless, will we be able to defeat them?" Little One asked in fright.

From a glance, one could determine that the Holy Beetles were tanks and their [Low Flight] and [Smash] ensured that they had a level of speed. This sort of nimble, tanky monster with high attack was what players hated most at this point. Without exception, facing these guys head on with the stats of a level 25 player would yield no good outcome.