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Chapter 337: It’s Just That Simple And Violent

Chapter 337: It’s Just That Simple And Violent

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Glancing at the monsters around, Fearless said: "Yes we can!"

"Ah? But we'll have to take them out in a one wave attack…" Little One reminded.

The positioning of these beetles were the same as those snakes in the Hurricane Cavern, so their aggro areas overlapped and if you attacked one of them, it would trigger all of their aggro. Hence, players could only choose to face them in an one wave attack.

There were 30 beetles in front of them. 25 level 25 players fighting head on against 30 level 45 elite monsters? Just the thought of it sent a chill going down Little One's spine.

However, Fearless simply chuckled: "One wave attack… I like that."

Sanguine Wall also chimed in with a smile: "Boss Fearless, shall we go into the same formation as before?"

Back in the Hurricane Cavern, Sanguine Wall was present, hence he knew that Fearless was the best at using formations as a force multiplier.

To his surprise, Fearless waved it off: "No need, all of you just attack freely!"

"..." Sanguine Wall was stunned and immediately responded. "Freely attack? Boss Fearless, you must be kidding. We're fighting monsters with a 20 level deficit. Without a formation and any commands, won't we be asking for death by fighting in a mess?"

In the Quan Zhen Sect guild chat, everyone also asked: "Do we really not need a formation?"

Fearless explained: "The Holy Beetles have the skill [Smash], so if we use a stationary formation, we'll be broken apart."

"That's not for sure right…" Crotch Lord retorted. "Guardians have the level 25 skill [Firm as a Rock] which granted invincibility. If your healing can keep up, we could hold the line."

Fearless snorted: "Hmph, of course I know this, but how could my real plan be guessed that easily by you idiots!"

"Motherf*cker… This piece of garbage!" Everyone scolded.

At this point, Sanguine Wall was still confused. "Boss Fearless, although I know that the members of Quan Zhen Sect are really impressive, but fighting without a plan will definitely not work."

"I know that" Fearless casually said. "We just have to find one guy to draw their aggro."

"But there are 30 monsters, us three Guardians are definitely not enough!" Sanguine Wall exclaimed.

The aggro of monsters were directly linked to the amount of damage players dealt to them. Everyone knew that Guardians had a pitiful attack attribute, and all they had was a taunting skill that could draw aggro. However, the range of that skill wasn't that great, hence it would at most be able to draw the aggro of five monsters at once. 30 monsters was definitely beyond their capabilities.

Allowing other players to attack freely without reliably drawing the monsters aggro meant that the aggro target would switch every few rounds of attack, and the aggro target changing would lead to a teamwipe…

"I'm not asking you guys." Fearless turned his gaze from Sanguine Wall to Wang Yu. "Old Bull, you'll draw the monsters' aggro!"

"D*mn, you're asking Boss Iron Bull to draw aggro?" Little One blurted out upon hearing Fearless's words.

It wasn't that Little One doubted Wang Yu's ability, but to him, the reason that Wang Yu was so impressive was that he had high attack and could kill opponents in seconds. However the beetles had 200 000 HP, so no matter how high Wang Yu's attack was, he couldn't deal 200 000 damage in one hit.

With the low HP of a Pugilist, he would die in a short while after being surrounded by 30 beetles.

Fearless asked: "Otherwise you'll go?"

Little One raged: "I'm an Archer!"

"Then it's set… Stay in position and attack like your life depended on it later. Don't spout so much bullsh*t!"

After finishing his part, Fearless gave Wang Yu the signal to start attacking. Wang Yu drew out his long pole, slammed it against the ground, flew up, used [Crushing Blow], and headed straight for the mass of monsters.

Right when he was above the beetles, Wang Yu used [Thunder God's Stomp] and shot to the ground abruptly.


Streaks of blue lightning flew out, and -5612 appeared above the heads of the circle of beetles closest to Wang Yu.

After the first hit by Wang Yu, all 30 beetles swiftly surrounded him.

Without breaking a sweat, Wang Yu unleashed the Seven Star Steps to casually weave in and out of the monsters.

The beetles weren't that slow, but as a tank type monster, its rate of attack was pitiful. No matter how much they flew or smashed around, they couldn't even touch the edge of Wang Yu's clothes. While he dodged their attacks, his hands didn't remain idle. His pole was always either in a sweeping or thrusting motion, dealing a bunch of damage while forming many afterimages in midair, which firmly drew the aggro of the beetles.

Wang Yu's bravery completely stunned the members of Sanguine Alliance and Basic Numbers Squad [1].

"How, how is this possible?" Little One exclaimed. "This must be hacking!"

In Little One's eyes, Wang Yu fighting 10 men alone was already a heaven defying feat. But compared to what he was doing now, fighting 10 men at once was nothing.

"Young man, you must have not fought many battles with Uncle Bull right?" Vainglory said.

"We fought twice!"

"That's it. You must really battle him for over a hundred times then you'll know that this isn't much either…" Vainglory remarked with admiration plastered all over his face.

The members of Quan Zhen Sect all agreed: "Yes, Little Chick is indeed right!"

Vainglory's words really made the Quan Zhen Sect members realised that the more time they spent with Wang Yu, the more they realised how exceptionally abnormal this guy was.

"Stop bullsh*tting, quickly attack with all your might!" Fearless commanded in a shout of anger.

This was in a Hell tier dungeon, so how could they have one person fight while the rest just watched?

"Oh, oh." After receiving the command, everyone snapped out of it. Those with blades drew them and those with arrows shot them. Skills were unleashed freely into the mass of monsters.

The amount of damage Wang Yu dealt was something no one in the game could match up to. Even though that many people were attacking the beetles, the aggro never shifted away from him. With one person drawing aggro and over 20 others attacking, it was just that simple and violent.

Five minutes later, 30 beetles died, leaving behind three equipment.

<Fallen Holy Armor (Heavy Armor) (Bronze)

Physical Defense: 130 - 150

Magic Resistance: 20 - 40

+6 Vitality


[Magic Armor] (Passive): Increase Physical Defense by 10%

Level Requirement: 45

Job Requirement: Warrior, Knight

<Fallen Holy Helmet (Helmet) (Bronze)

Physical Defense: 70 - 80

Magic Resistance: 10 - 20

+6 Vitality


[Magic Armor] (Passive): Increase Physical Defense by 5%

Level Requirement: 45

Job Requirement: Warrior, Knight

<Fallen Holy Arm (Armlet) (Bronze)

Physical Defense: 40 - 60

Magic Resistance: 10 - 20

+6 Vitality


[Magic Armor] (Passive): Increase Physical Defense by 5%

Level Requirement: 45

Job Requirement: Warrior, Knight

Although they were trash equipment that had an insane level requirement, they were drops from ordinary monsters, which was better than getting nothing.

Frost Blade kept them away and was about to give everyone a quotation.

Just then, the temple shuddered. The giant beetle statue in the center of the pool suddenly opened its eyes and a demonic red light shone out of them. At the same time, pieces of the statue began falling off.

Immediately, Fearless turned around and ran. "Everyone retreat!"

In a hurry everyone scattered all over, and now the statue had come to life completely.


The giant beetle leapt up and landed at the location where the party was at previously.

[1] We're changing 'Basic Number Competitive Team' to 'Basic Numbers Squad' because it sounds much better