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Chapter 338: The Terrifying Dung Beetle

Chapter 338: The Terrifying Dung Beetle

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<Sunset Light Holy Beetle, Patrick (???) (Gold)



Skills: [Heroic Smash], [Ground Ambush], [Earth-Splitting Bang], [Sunset Protective Armour]

Monster Description: According to legends, it is the pet of the God of Sunset Light, Colphis. It serves the Sunset Light Church as a Godbeast.

<System Notification: Your party has triggered the dungeon quest "Unsetting Sun". Sunset Light Holy Beetle, Patrick slain 0/1. Quest reward: 15% completion.

Background Introduction: According to the legends from the Sunset Light Church, Patrick was originally the Godbeast that controlled the rising and setting of the sun. However, after the God of Sunset had soundlessly disappeared, Patrick was invaded by the forces of darkness and became a slave to darkness.

"Tsktsk… Godbeast."

Looking at the Sunset Light Holy Beetle's description, everyone clicked their tongues in amazement.

In front of the word 'beast', there was the word 'God'. This meant that it was not considered a wild beast any more. Although this thing was merely Gold grade, it was still a god. It definitely wouldn't be easy with…

Wang Yu asked curiously, "How would this insect actually control the rising and setting of the sun?"

Fearless pointed at the Sunset Light Holy Beetle and said, "Don't you feel that this fella looks familiar?"

"It's a little like…" Wang Yu stroked his chin, "like a dung beetle…"

The Holy Beetle's body was as big as a truck but its head was small and flat. It looked extremely similar to the dung beetles that Wang Yu saw back at his old home.

Fearless chuckled, "That's right. This brat rolls balls of dung. That's why, in the scriptures of several religions, the Sun was rolled by this fella…"

"Pff…" Hearing Fearless's words, everyone spit out their saliva in laughter. So this threatening BOSS was actually a plus-sized dung beetle ah…


It was unknown whether it could sense that everyone was mocking it or whether it was due to the aggro property of the system, but a red light flashed across the Sunset Light Holy Beetle's eyes and it started charging towards the party.

They were both beast-type BOSSes but a bug wasn't the same as a canine. Back in hell, that three-headed hound would know to announce a few sentences before it started charging at them. However, this dung beetle merely snorted lightly before it started its attack. It was truly a pragmatic bug.

Although the Sunset Light Holy Beetle looked big and slow, it was still a bug and its speed exceeded everyone's expectations.

All of them were less than 5 meters away from the Sunset Light Holy Beetle. In the blink of an eye, the Sunset Light Holy Beetle had already crossed that distance.

"F*ck! Hurry and dodge!" Seeing the Sunset Light Holy Beetle charging towards them, everyone shouted in fluster and anxiously moved away.

Jobs with teleportation or with high dexterity had it good. They either needed to teleport or run to easily get out of the Sunset Light Holy Beetle's attack range. However, this party had seven to eight Magicians and Priests. Their short legs couldn't move as fast as they wanted to, so how could they run away?

"Everyone, stop moving! Brother Spring, run towards the right!"

Seeing as these short-legged people were about to get crushed by the dung beetle, Wang Yu suddenly cried out loudly. With a slam of his staff, he flew towards the right side, and with a Thunder God's Stomp on Fearless's face, he kicked Fearless out of the attack range.

Thereafter, Wang Yu borrowed the momentum to flip in mid-air. With a sweep of his staff, he sent Sanguine Explosion and the rest out of the attack range.


The people from Quan Zhen Sect were already used to Wang Yu's moves. However, how could the rest be used to such a startling sight? By the time Sanguine Wall and co. ran out of the attack zone and turned back to look, they were shocked by what they saw. They could not help but exhale a breath of cold air.

This was especially so for the people that had closed their eyes and waited to die. They shot a nervous glance towards the Sunset Light Holy Beetle then turned to look at Wang Yu with reverence and gratitude in their eyes.

For jobs with teleportation, dealing with the beetle's attack wasn't very difficult. It was only difficult for jobs like Magicians and Priests which had slow movement speed. To save seven people in that situation, well, the difficulty was far more than one could imagine…

If Wang Yu's movements were slower by a single second, not only would he have failed to save a single person, he would have also thrown himself into the attack. There was no need to talk about his skill, just his courage was already enough to cause everyone to be shocked.

Fearless stroked his reddened face and said, "If only you kicked a little lower. From the looks of it, your skill still isn't high enough!"

Wang Yu shot a glance towards Fearless and said proudly, "I did it intentionally!"

Fearless, "..."

As the two engaged in banter, the Sunset Light Holy Beetle had already slowly adjusted itself.

"Quickly make way!" Fearless took a step back and ordered.

After all, the level difference was more than 20 levels. Even the sturdiest tank couldn't defend against such a savage BOSS. Moreover, whatever formations were simply jokes in front of this Sunset Light Holy Beetle's eyes. Just a casual charge from it and the formation would be dispersed.

Everyone here was an expert. Under such sort of circumstances, they knew what to do even without the need for instructions. Thus, even before Fearless shouted that order, everyone had already scattered away.

The Sunset Light Holy Beetle turned and paused slightly. Its head faced the ground, and like magic, it disappeared into the ground.

The system was that capable. Such a huge dung beetle could simply disappear into the ground without making a sound.

"Who is the aggro on?" Fearless asked anxiously when he saw the Holy Beetle disappear.

"I don't know…" Everyone shook their heads, "It should still be the initial aggro."

Back when the entire party was within the BOSS's aggro range, its aggro was directed at everyone. This sort of aggro was called initial aggro. When a player causes damage to the BOSS or when a tank provokes the BOSS, that's called exclusive aggro.

The Sunset Light Holy Beetle had charged towards them first and it charged towards the entire group. Clearly, its aggro wasn't on a specific person. Moreover, no one caused any damage to the Sunset Light Holy Beetle. Thus, the aggro hadn't shifted. It should still be in the initial aggro state.

Fearless said gloomily, "This isn't easy to handle!"

Since the Sunset Light Holy Beetle's aggro was still in the initial state, then it could attack anyone at this moment. Either way, someone would be the sacrificial lamb in order to control the aggro.


At this moment, there was a loud rumble. The Sunset Light Holy Beetle dug out from under Priest Little Seven's feet. Before Little Seven could dodge, the Beetle had swallowed Little Seven into its stomach with a single gulp.

"What the f*ck!"

When they received the notification of Little Seven's death, everyone else was dumbfounded. They all hurried to launch their attacks on the Sunset Light Holy Beetle. Who would have thought that with a single flap of its wings, the Sunset Light Holy Beetle avoid all the attacks. With a "Weng", it flew into the air before it shot downwards with tremendous speed.


Yet another loud rumble. In a radius of 5 meters from where the Sunset Light Holy Beetle landed, there was a huge crater. The three Magicians from the Basic Number Squad did not manage to react in time and they were turned into white light on the very spot.

When the rest saw the drastic change in the situation, they hurriedly retreated. Fearless shouted loudly, "Old Bull, hurry and pull the aggro!"