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Chapter 340: Blessing of the God of Sunset Light

Chapter 340: Blessing of the God of Sunset Light

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Just as Fearless was cracking his brain to find the breakthrough of this 'invincible' Sunset Light Holy Beetle, a laughter was heard from behind him.

Fearless turned around to see Yang Nuo's infuriated face. With one hand, she pressed Ming Du's head into the water. Ming Du struggled as he flung his hands around. However, his frail Magician body was completely helpless against Yang Nuo.

Not only did Vainglory and co. not step in to stop the fight, they were even rejoicing at the sight of this. Even Wang Yu, an honest and simple man, stood by the side as he watched on in glee.

Basic Numbers Squad and the people from the Sanguine Alliance were dumbfounded at what they saw… They certainly didn't expect the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were all so ruthless against each other.

Looking at what happened, Fearless guessed that Ming Du must have taken advantage of Yang Nuo in some way again. In the end, he must have been caught red-handed.

"What happened between them?" A curious Fearless asked Vainglory.

A wretched-looking Vainglory smiled, "This despicable man splashed water on Sister Clear Snow...Hehe." After explaining, Vainglory turned and glanced at Yang Nuo.

Following Vainglory's eyes, Fearless' eyes landed on Yang Nuo's wet chest. To begin with, female gamers' outfits were already revealing. This was especially so for female Archers. With one splash of the water by Ming Du, Yang Nuo's figure was completely exposed.

Even though Yang Nuo's figure was average, it was still quite a scene especially in this virtual world with so many wolves and not enough meat.

"Click click click…" Fearless was also another lecher as he constantly clicked his tongue when he looked at Yang Nuo.

Only Ming Du could be so low-class to do something so despicable. However, Ming Du was also probably the only one stupid enough to pick the wrong target. This young lady's viciousness was only second to Wang Yu. Isn't he seeking death?

"Gu lu gu lu…"

"Gu lu gu lu…"

Bubbles started appearing in the pond. Seemed like Ming Du just cannot stop moving his mouth even underwater.

Looking at the bubbles in the water, Wang Yu thought that Ming Du couldn't take it anymore. He pulled Yang Nuo aside, "Is that not enough? You really want to drown him?"

In <<REBIRTH, it was true that teammates couldn't harm each other. However, water, fire, etc were all considered external forces. If a gamer didn't learn the skill of diving, one could easily drown.

Yang Nuo wasn't exactly someone who would hold a grudge forever. After teaching Ming Du a lesson and Wang Yu's intervention, she got the perfect opportunity to let go.

The moment Ming Du lifted his head, he glared at Spring Halo angrily, "Spring Dog, I…"

Spring Halo quickly interrupted, "Little Ming ah, see what you've done. I really have to reprimand you for this."

Vainglory, Fearless and co. were all old friends with Spring Halo. Listening to the conversation between Ming Du and Spring Halo, they all understood what was going on. So Ming Du's despicable act was instigated by the sneaky Spring Halo. This old fella…

Ming Du shouted, "F*ck you! You're the one who got me to do this…"

Spring Halo replied with a straight face, "Little Devil, you should change if you know your mistake. Refined and earnest are synonyms of my name. How is it possible that I will do such things?"

This wasn't the first time Spring Halo commit such despicable acts. He was also the one who taught Wang Yu how to rob someone else's monster. However, with no proof or evidence, there was nothing Ming Du could do.

Fearless sighed pitifully before advising Ming Du, "Okay, stop fooling around. This is a dungeon quest so be serious! I was thinking of serious issues but the few of you disrupted my train of thoughts."

"What are you thinking about?" Ming Du asked.

"Do you think that dung beetle doesn't dare to come near the water because the pond is restricting him?" Fearless asked.

"Restricting him?" Ming Du repeated the question. Ming Du then splashed some water at the Sunset Light Holy Beetle. Neither did the Sunset Light Holy Beetle dodge the water nor have any reaction at all.

Seeing how the water from the pond didn't have any effect on it, Fearless thought to himself out loud, "Could there be some secret underwater?"

"Aye?" Just as Fearless' voice was heard, Ming Du's eyes lit up. "Oh yes, I think I saw something underwater earlier…"

"What is it? Where? Quickly bring me there!" Fearless called out in a hurry.

"Its just there…" Ming Du pointed to where he was taught a lesson by Yang Nuo. That was also smacked right in the middle of the pond.

Fearless walked over and dunked his head into the water. Indeed, there was a golden platform in the middle.

Fearless knocked with his hands but there was no reaction. It seemed like he didn't use enough strength.

"Boson, try!" Fearless waved for Boson to come over.

Boson took out his massive sword and swung it towards the position pointed out by Fearless.

"Pa ta!"

After this sound was heard, a golden light was emitted from the platform.

Within a few minutes, the entire pond turned golden.

<System Notification: You've opened the seal left behind by the God of Sunset Light. Your equipment has received the blessings of the God of Sunset Light.

Looking at the system notification, everyone turned to look at their own weapons. There was an additional state on the equipment.

<Power of Sunset Light: God of Sunset Light, Colphins' purest holy energy. Able to cleanse all sinister energy for 60 minutes. Ineffective outside the Twilight Temple.

"Cleanse sinister energy? Could it be that this fella is the sinister fella? Long-ranged attackers, please try attacking!" Fearless commanded.

Yang Nuo and Ming Du started attacking.



Two damages appeared on top of the Sunset Light Holy Beetle's head. The Sunset Light Holy Beetle, which was attacked, shivered as though it was burnt by something. It retreated a few steps hurriedly.

Fearless scratched his chin as he looked at this Sunset Light Holy Beetle, "While the damages done were very low, its defence was still broken. However, something still feels wrong."

Little One asked, "What's wrong? Isn't it good that we can hurt him?" As compared to its earlier invincibility, three digits damages were still better than nothing.

"Old Bull, do you think you can flip it over?" Fearless popped the question abruptly.

Wang Yu frowned, "What?! I am not superman!"

No matter how overpowered Wang Yu was, a Pugilist was still not a power-type job. He would be challenging the rules of the system if he wanted to flip this Sunset Light Holy Beetle.

"Didn't you manage to provoke that spider goblin, Andrea before?"

Andrea's spider state was merely slightly smaller than this Sunset Light Holy Beetle. Logically speaking, if Wang Yu could do that to Andrea, he should be able to do the same to this Sunset Light Holy Beetle."

Wang Yu replied in an extremely professional manner, "Andrea had a high chassis… Moreover, it is a magic-based monster with weak physical strength… However, now that you've mentioned this, I do have something in mind."

Fearless asked surprisingly, "Say it!"

"Just watch me!" Wang Yu turned towards Crotch Lord and Sanguine Wall as he waved his hands, "Both of you, follow me!"

Strength represents charisma. Wang Yu's prestige in the squad was still high. Hearing that Wang Yu was calling for them, Crotch Lord and Sanguine Wall jumped out of the pond without any hesitation.

Wang Yu pointed to the left side as he whispered in the duo's ears. Both of them nodded their heads and went to stand at the designated position.

At this moment, the Sunset Light Holy Beetle finally noticed that Wang Yu had jumped out of the pond. It adjusted itself before burying its head to charge towards Wang Yu.

"Great timing!" Wang Yu had both hands on his pole as he took a huge step forward. He lowered his centre of gravity abruptly. Under his pole, the Sunset Light Holy Beetle emerged vertically in an attempt to swallow Wang Yu again.

"Knock him down!"

Wang Yu shouted and the duo, including Crotch Lord and Sanguine Wall, raised their shields as they charged towards the Sunset Light Holy Beetle's body.