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Chapter 411: Victory at a Price

Chapter 411: Victory at a Price

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Although the black water puddles could inflict AOE damage of 10,000 upon touch, upon the activation of {Vanguard’s Aggression}, the damage can be minimized greatly! As for the green flames, it was a different story. Judging from how [Devastator] was drilled to bits within seconds, and no damage values appeared on its head, it was obvious that the attacks ignored defense, damage immunity, and damage absorption. So one touch, and you are as good as dead!

Wei Yan Er had been hanging around Zhang Yang throughout the entire battle, so Han Ying Xue had to approach them quickly to enter into the radius area of 3 meters, marking Zhang Yang as the center point. By entering the effective range of {Vanguard’s Aggression}, she would be able to enjoy the special effect of the skill.

The black water puddles were right in front of them already!

Zhang Yang quickly activated the {Vanguard’s Aggression} and activated his {Shield Wall}, almost at the same time! With the special effect of his [Titan Wall] kicking in, the damage he received was reduced steeply, and he was recovering 10% of his health points in every second! He was like a god for that 15 seconds!


That final drop of the health points of Mordoro was only 80,000!

{Killing Cleave}!

The moment the cooldown period of Wei Yan Er’s {Killing Cleave} was over, she activated it again, almost immediately, swinging her heavy and powerful giant axe over at the boss and inflicting the boss with a terrifying damage of ‘-32,312’!

As Zhang Yang’s {Kiling Cleave} was still on cooldown period, he activated his {Block} to avoid some damage first, and then he activated his {Shield Bash}!


Critical Strike! Lucky!

Right after all that, the boss was left with around 40,000 health points! Since they already did not need Han Ying Xue to heal them anymore, Han Ying Xue began to hurl {Punishment Rays} at the boss as well.


The inherent damage of {Punishment Ray} was extremely low, but with the extremely high magic attack attribute of Han Ying Xue, the skill had exhibited an outstanding damage value!

The green flames were spreading over closer than ever!

30,000! 20,000! 10,000!

"Argh ---" Han Ying Xue screamed miserably, and somehow the voice turned Zhang Yang on. Her body was engulfed in green flames as the human faces tore her apart into bits! The moment she was killed, she did not even have the option to release her soul, and was transferred straight to the graveyard.

Wei Yan Er followed her to the graveyard a few seconds later. Things were happening too quickly!


Zhang Yang swung his sword across the boss’s body with a {Horizontal Sweep}! The boss was only left with about 1,000 health points! One more hit! A gentle hit, a strong brutal hit, it did not matter anymore! Just one more hit, and the boss is as good as dead!

The green flames were so close that they could touch Zhang Yang at any second now!

Zhang Yang activated his accessory [Heart of the Death Knight], but unfortunately, the invincible effect of this piece of accessory was not effective against the assault of the green flame! Countless human faces were drilling through his body. Even though Zhang Yang had a total of 70,000+ health points at the moment, and the skill - {Shield Wall} activated, everything was helpless before the blazing flames! He was instant-killed!


A white light surged through Zhang Yang’s body as he was revived back, with his health bar full again!

--- it must be Han Ying Xue’s skill, {Rise Anew}!

Zhang Yang swung out his sword with all his might at the body of the boss as soon as he was able to - with a shoof! At the same time, unfortunately, the green flames engulfed him once more and he was burned into bits in the next split second!


‘Ding! Your party has slain The Vengeful Spirit Mordoro, acquired 8,900,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have been killed, all equipment will acquire a 10% reduction on their durability!’

Shoof, Zhang Yang was transferred back to the graveyard right after the notifications.

When Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er saw Zhang Yang’s soul had respawned by their sides, they let out a breath of sigh and disappointment and said, "Sigh, after all the effort and everything that we have been through, it was all for nothing!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Who says so! Hahaha!"

"You slew the boss?" Wei Yan Er asked curiously.

"Of course I did!"

"Then, why are you here in the graveyard?"

"Heard of Arthur and Mordred? Killing each other at the same time?" Zhang Yang smiled.

Han Ying Xue curled up her lips and said, "I only heard about ‘sharing life and death’ , so, aherm! Silly Yu and the boss are really ‘we are entangled together forever, never to part for a second, like wind, like sand, indispensable for minutes1’! Haha!"

"Stop showing off your knowledge on wordings and stuff, let’s get moving! We’re giong back to pick up our ‘trophies’! Or else, the system is going to refresh everything, and all this would really have been for nothing!"

The three of them rushed back to the palace in their soul forms. It was really fortunate for three of them, that the graveyard that they were transferred to was just located right in the middle of the Black-Rock Canyon. So, it did not take them long to get back to the location of the palace. After about 10 minutes, they arrived by the side of Mordoro’s dead body. They managed to revive themselves nearby their dead bodies that were torn to bits.

Han Ying Xue gulped down a bottle of [Mana Potion] and quickly, she began to chant some of her healing skills to heal up all the three of them. It was just an act of precaution --- for example, in case other players appeared and ambushed them! So it was wiser for one to maintain health points at the maximum when traveling in the open world. You will never know what lay ahead of you in the ‘wild’!

As usual, Wei Yan Er only aimed for the coins and picked up the 20 gold coins first, and then only she began to look at the remaining ‘trophies’ that were scattered on the floor, besides the boss.

"Haha! It’s another [Armor Set]!" Wei Yan Er cheered with her hands raised up in the air, but immediately, she pulled her head and hands down facing the ground, "Unfortunately, this is not for me."

[Ring of Sincerity] (Violet-Platinum, Necklace)

Vitality: +141

Intelligence: +94

Spirit: +40

Equip: Reduces 5 seconds of cooldown period for {Holy Shield}.


Required Profession: Priest

Required Level: 80

With this ring, Han Ying Xue has finally gathered 3 [Sincerity Armor Set], activating the first special effect of the Armor Set! She was giggling and jumping in joy until her huge pair of boobs were jiggling about as if forces were applied on them, with the surface of the boobies rippling like watery sacks. Zhang Yang could not help but scold her for teasing him so!

[Raging Blaze Hand Guards] (Violet-Platinum, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +16

Vitality: +282

Intelligence: +189

Spirit: +81

Equip: Increases 100 damage points for Fire-Type Skills.


Required Level: 80

"Hmm, this should be given to Daffodil Daydream!" Zhang Yang kept it into his inventory temporarily.

"Noob tank, do you like sister Daffodil Daydream?" Wei Yan Er tried to pry from Zhang Yang.

"Where did you get that idea from? How did you even come up with that?"

"Because, if you like someone, you will give her things!" Wei Yan Er cocked her head a little and said.

"... then, do you mean to say that I like Hundred Shots, Fatty Han and the other men in the guild? Because I always give them things." Zhang Yang spoke flatly.

The expression of Wei Yan Er changed all of a sudden and she pointed at Zhang Yang, "You! You like men! Oh my god!"

Han Ying Xue twitched her lips and said, "Ignore her, let’s get all the equipment. I’m still hoping one boss can give me an entire set of [Armor Set]! Then I will finally have it!"

But her ‘hope’ was not realized as the boss only dropped two Violet-Platinum equipment, the remaining were a bunch of Yellow-Gold equipment. Because Zhang Yang and the ladies already had better equipment, so they were not interested at all. Zhang Yang took everything into his inventory as he was planning to sell all of them for gold coins.

As there was no sign of Zhang Yang’s [Armor Set], he sighed and said, "Little girl, what kind of ‘lucky hands’ are yours? I’m still one out of seven short! And it’s been so long ever since!"

"Humph! Don’t get me started on this! I haven’t made any noise even though I’m 6 out of 7 short!"

The last item on the ground was naturally, the quest item [Mordoro’s Heart]. The heart looked like a red diamond, and looked like it’s still full of life, still beating! The pulses were strong and lively.

"This is weird, aren’t the undead…dead? How is the heart so lively? And it’s beating stronger than an ox!" Wei Yan Er was beginning to ask some more senseless questions.

"Just give it a rest, we just have to complete the quest, and that would be enough for us!"

The three of them kept the [Mordoro’s Heart] and came out from the palace. They had finally obtained the necessary requirements to turn in the quest item for rewards!

They went all the way back without encountering any problems, and they arrived at the little cottage of Kyle Dylan. There, the NPC was looking forward to their return. When he saw Zhang Yang and the ladies, his face was filled with hope again.

"This old man is quite suitable for this role, always waiting for us to come back to him!" Wei Yan Er nodded.

The three of them halted their [Mounts] and dismounted. Kyle Dylan was smiling at them, "It’s good to see you all back here safe and sound, and I bet you guys have already completed the quest!"

"Here, this is the [Mordoro’s Heart] that you ordered!" Wei Yan Er took the quest item from her inventory in a hurry and was ready to place it onto the hands of Kyle Dylan. But she was stopped by Kyle Dylan himself!

"Careful there! Careful!" Kyle Dylan looked very tense as he stared at the lively beating heart in the hands of the little girl, then he took the quest item into his hands as gently as possible.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Eliminate Shaman Mordoro, acquired 5,000,000 experience points!’

Wei Yan Er was curious, seeing Kyle Dylan being so careful with the heart, "My respected old man, may I know why are you being so careful with this heart? Is it because this heart has some sort of use?"

"Of course it does!" Kyle Dylan revealed a gentle smile on his face as he waved at the three of them, "Come, come. Follow me. I want to show you something, and also tell you a story!"

He walked out the little cottage and went to the little garden at the back of the cottage.

So, did this mean that there was another quest following up? Zhang Yang and the ladies exchanged a look, and then they followed the old man out of the cottage, and into the little garden.

At that moment, they could see dust stirring up from afar, approaching their location. There were five players riding on [Storm and Gale Direwolves], heading over at a high speed. At first, Zhang Yang did not realize it, but as the five mounts were approaching nearer, they saw that the five players who were coming at their way were, in fact, the five players of The Spartan Warriors who were wiped out by Zhang Yang and the ladies!

Three of them looked at each other and smiled.

Meanwhile, The Spartan Warriors were not aware of Zhang Yang and the two ladies. They thought they were just 3 random players trying to accept a quest. Zhang Yang could hear the voice of the Ten-Times-of-Grass coming loud from afar, "What a stupid quest! Wasted our entire day just to get it done! If it’s not for that ring, I would have slaughtered that NPC and choke the life out of him --- Huh?"

The five of them saw Zhang Yang at the same time and they were terrified. Their faces were filled with pure terror as they began to back off very slowly.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely at them, "We are just going to accept a quest, if you’re here for the quest as well, give us a moment, we’re about to leave."

"No rush at all! We’re not rushing at all!" Spartan Warrior quickly bowed at them and spoke in a very good manner. The other four of his party members were also being courteous, as they were afraid that Zhang Yang could charge at them and slaughter them all.

"Pff!" Wei Yan Er was trying to hold her laugh, but obviously, she failed. "These people look exactly like the sniveling traitors in war movies!"

"Speaking of traitors, now that we’re about to enter the Chaos Realm, when the war is triggered, who knows, you might even see some traitors with your own bare eyes!" Zhang Yang smiled.

"Humph! If they ever appear in front of me, and I find out about them, I’m going to chop them down one by one, until none of them are still standing!" Wei Yan Er purposely took out her giant axe and swung it around to emphasize how she would do it! But her action scared the five Spartan Warriors until they hugged each other in one spot, having thoughts that the little girl was not happy to see them and was about to chop them into pieces.

"About 20 years ago, there was a plague that appeared out of nowhere and began to spread across our village. Many perished because of the plague!" Kyle Dylan kept the [Mordoro’s Heart] into a weird looking container as he continued to tell the story, "Among the perished, my wife, Anelia was one of them. She was infected, and she passed on!"

The NPC’s name has the term ‘Grave Keeper’, but there was no sign of any grave in the garden. Could it be, that he was only keeping an eye on his wife’s gravestone where she was buried?

Wei Yan Er was filled with curiosity, so she asked, "And then? And then?"

"... some of the dead villagers had turned into undead creatures. So, our chief was afraid that the other bodies would undergo the same changes and turn into undead creatures. So he commanded everyone to burn every single dead body with blazing fire!" Kyle Dylan began to get agitated as he stood up, took a few steps back and look into afar. Then he revealed a sense of hatred on his face, "I begged him, I knelt down with my knees on the cold stones of floors and I begged him not to burn away my Anelia. But he refused and threw her body right into the blazing flame! I did the best I could and managed to get my Anelia out from the fire, But, this is all that’s left of her, just her skull!"

The NPC suddenly revealed a very strange facial expression on his face as he continued to talk, "I fled all the way here, and all these years, I have been doing everything I could to resurrect my Anelia! Now, her resurrection is upon me! It’s happening!"

Kyle Dylan began to laugh like a mad man, revealing his true colors beneath his gentle face!

TL Notes:

1. We are entangled together forever, never apart for seconds, like wind, like sand, indispensable for minutes - means two persons sharing life together, including life and death. The same sort of line for newlywed but in Chinese culture.