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Chapter 428: The Warbringer

Chapter 428: The Warbringer

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Roxburgh, the Warbringer let out a burst of thunderous roars as he lifted up the hammer backhandedly. Then, he charged towards Zhang Yang right after he took up his hammer.

"You insolent piece of sh*t, how dare you touch me! The deity of the divine servants shall not be offended! Intruders must be eliminated at once!" Roxburgh had arrived in front of Zhang Yang with only a few steps, and he lifted up his heavy hammer up into the air and smashed it down with brute force!


Although Zhang Yang had already raised his shield and blocked the attack of the boss, the strength of the boss is just too great! That smash actually staggered Zhang Yang back for about seven to eight steps back before Zhang Yang could regain his balance and stand firm! He could feel that his legs were numb, and it seemed that he could not even take another step at the moment!

"Hahaha! With that little strength in you, you dare to stir things up on my turf? What a bold move indeed!" Roxburgh wielded up his hammer once again and with a swift movement, he swung the hammer in the opposite direction and smashed at Zhang Yang again.


Zhang Yang was inflicted with a high damage, and a small little crack appeared on the Titan Armor’s spot where the hammer hit! He was being staggered backward once again to the point that he lost balance in his stance!

"What a fierce boss! The hammer is like a high-speed moving truck straight on the face!" The gang was shocked to see Zhang Yang being pushed to a tight spot like this!

A boss with such brute strength, although its attacks were not really that terrifying, but the brute force of the boss had the effect to stagger players and blast the players backward, forcing the players to lose their stance! And the automated attack function in this game required a ‘Lock On’ for the attack to be precise. So, when a player is staggered, there was no way the player can hit the target, no way at all!

Fortunately, Zhang Yang was already got used to handling these sorts of overbearing bosses in his previous life. Although he was being staggered about, but the sword in his hand would still land precisely on the body of the boss. He did not waste any single chance of attacking!

"Wow! My boss! You’re doing awesome!" Endless Starlight was praising Zhang Yang.

This time, no one ‘accused’ Endless Starlight of trying to butter up Zhang Yang, because what he said was the truth that lay before their own naked eyes. If they were in Zhang Yang’s position right now, they knew that they couldn’t have done as well as he was doing right now!

"You weak imbeciles, pests! I will crush every single bone you have in you!" Roxburgh let out a course, mad laughter as the variety of runes on his hammerhead began to radiate in blinding light, an unintelligible, virtual shadow of a hammer suddenly swung towards Zhang Yang and landed solidly on him!


Zhang Yang was inflicted with a very high value of damage! Although his maximum health points had already reached 87,670 points, but he had been wounded earlier and was left with only about 68,000 hitpoints when he was hit by this attack! He was instantly killed on spot!

‘Ding! You are killed!’

‘Ding! You are resurrected by the {Rise Anew} effect!’

The main benefits of {Rise Anew} for the tankers was the ability to resurrect the tankers once, while still maintaining the aggro of their targets!

Everyone was frightened by what they just witnessed. What did they boss just do? Is it some kind of skill? How is the damage so high and powerful? Zhang Yang still had about 80% of his health bar on him, and he was instantly killed in one single hit from the boss! Plus {Rise Anew} can only be used once per hour!

Zhang Yang quickly brought up the battle logs: Roxburgh used {Heavy Assault} and inflicted you with 76,038 physical damage (21,856 damage points reduced, 2,106 damage points absorbed).

The basic damage had reached over 100,000 points!

Zhang Yang frowned for a bit and said, "Starlight, come stand by me!"

"Alright!" Endless Starlight was not stupid, he had already figured it out, " So the damage of that hit from the boss can be shared?"

Zhang Yang nodded, "It should be, or else, who on earth can sustain that amount of damage points!"

Although the {Heavy Assault} of the boss had a clear method of telegraphing, the sign would only appear at the same time as the assault comes out. It would already be too late to activate {Shield Wall} by that time! Furthermore, no one knew how long the cooldown period of that skill is. If this skill could be activated once per half minute or sooner, then the cool down period of the {Shield Wall} would definitely not be enough to allow players to use {Shield Wall} frequently enough to counter this {Heavy Assault} from the boss!

However, if the damage of this hit can be shared among players, then it would make better sense at least. The maximum health points of Endless Starlight was somewhere up to 42,000 points, and he also had an 85% physical damage immunity. He could share the load of about 50,000 damage points once.

Endless Starlight came up and stood side by side with Zhang Yang. They tried to be as close together as possible.

Roxburgh gave another blow over onto Zhang Yang with his hammer. Other than inflicting about 13,000 damage points onto Zhang Yang, the attack also added one negative effect to him --- that attack was a{Destructive Smash}that reduced healing effects by 50%!

That actually made the situation worse and even more dangerous!

So, this {Destructive Smash} basically follows closely right after the activation of {Heavy Assault}. Even if the {Heavy Assault} does not instantly kill the target, it could still inflict a great amount of damage on the target. With an additional negative effect from the {Destructive Smash} that follows closely right after, players will be inflicted with a 50% reduction in their healing effects, and it would be much harder for the player to heal so much HP after being damaged by the powerful skill - {Heavy Assault}! Any tanker might snap anytime and die!

"Hahaha! Useless pests! Cry before your own demise!" Roxburgh laughed madly, and with a sudden rise of his heavy hammer into the sky, countless shadows of the hammer were radiated out into the surrounding like arrows!

‘Ding! Roxburgh unleashed the {Hammer Shadow Assault}!’




As the {Hammer Shadow Assault} struck them, everyone was inflicted with a basic damage of about 20,000 points!

"What the hell! This boss is just mean and violent!" everyone was shocked and exclaimed at the same instant.

A boss with super AOE skills such as Roxburgh does not fear being rounded up by players. At the current stage of the game, a basic damage point of 20,000 can directly kill at least 90% of the players in the entire game!

"Haha! So tell me, Roxburgh, what can you do other than brag!" Zhang Yang gave his sword a flourish, "I’m still standing here!"

"You bastard!" Roxburgh was enraged, and his face turned twisted and ferocious, "A mere mortal like you, I will smash with ease!"

"I’m waiting!" Zhang Yang slapped out a {Shield Bash} on the boss and inflicted about 5,400 damage points.

"Useless pests! How dare you! You will regret it!" Roxburgh let out a mad roar and began to swing his hammer about.

Wei Yan Er could not help but to laugh, "Noob tank, you’re so noob! You actually squabbled with the boss, an NPC, not a real person! You cracked me! You made my day! Haha!"



The runes on Roxburgh’s hammer began to radiate brightly again, and countless shadows of hammer began to emerge from the surrounding and flew towards Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight, inflicting the both of them with massive damage points!

"Haha! You were right! The damage can be shared!"

Everyone began to smile, because the most fatal skill of the boss was no longer a threatening factor to them! Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart quickly healed up Endless Starlight, as he was only left with 3,000 health points on him after the attack. One more hit and he would have surely been dead!

Right after the {Heavy Assault}, the boss chained a {Hammer Shadow Assault} that made everyone yell in alarm.

"Haha! Feel despair! Cry in misery! And tremble before the absolute power!" Roxburgh saw that the gang was jumping up and down yelling for help, and he instantly burst into his mad laughter again. Then, he wielded his hammer and swung it towards Zhang Yang again.

90%, 80%... although Roxburgh has been acting powerfully all the while ever since they engaged him, the threat that he posed to Zhang Yang and his gang was not really that great --- of course, forgetting about the one moment where Zhang Yang was instantly-killed because they haven’t understood the features of the {Heavy Assault}.

"Haha! This boss only knows how to brag!" Fatty Han laughed out loud because he only needed to stand at the same spot and unleash everything that he had onto the boss without having to worry or think about anything. It did not require any pick and roll, or any formation at all! Undoubtedly, the difficulty of battling this boss was greatly reduced, and it suited the style of Fatty Han who loved to play as part of a team. As his damage output was not that bad himself, he was not ditched behind by the other 5 DPS profession players in the party.

Zhang Yang said, "After encountering so many hard bosses, now it’s a good time to give us one boss that is easy to take on!"

"Hehe, picking up soft fruits, like soft persimmon! I love it!"

70%, 60%, 50%... Roxburgh only had one health bar, and it would not be enough to hold against so many players if his health was lower than 10,000,000 points. In just a brief moment of time, his health bar was reduced to below 50%. This boss didn’t seem to have any other new skills, Roxburgh was just repeatedly spamming his {Heavy Assault}, {Destructive Smash}, and {Hammer Shadow Assault} over and over again!

For a party with regular equipment pieces on them only, the {Heavy Assault} and the {Hammer Shadow Assault} would have been fatal to them! Especially the {Hammer Shadow Assault}, that skill could wipe out every single DPS profession player with average equipment on them, which would later lead to the wipeout of the entire party! But, to engage with a top-tier party, Roxburgh could only sit back and wash some vegetables while waiting for the party to send him to his demise.

40%, 30%, 20%... the health bar of the boss was getting close to the bottom as they attack, as the boss had no chance to fight back at all before the strongest players in the entire China server!

"You damned pests! Cowards! Face me alone, if you dare!" the boss was beaten to the point that he could only roar in anger, waving his hammer around like the sunset was about to end, he was just trying to prolong the inevitable, for he was about to meet his end.

10%, 7%, 4%... finally, the final drop of health points of Roxburgh was depleted! After letting out an outburst of an angry roar, the boss collapsed onto the ground heavily and dropped a few pieces of loot.

Although this boss had managed to K.O Zhang Yang once, being the boss that performed the best among the 11 disciples that they had encountered so far, the process of battling Roxburgh was actually so far the easiest boss battle, compared to the previous boss battles! This boss was only designed to test the equipment of the players. If the players fulfilled the requirement in terms of equipment, then this boss battle would become very easy. But, if the equipment of the players did not meet the requirement, well, no matter how many players are sent forth to the boss, they would all perish under the powerful skills of the boss!

After the boss died, Wei Yan Er walked up to pick up the gold coins and the loot with a joyous smile on her face.

[Boots of Loyalty] (Yellow-Gold, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +151

Strength: +137

Agility: +60


Level Required: 80

"Yo! This is one high grade pair of boots for DPS profession players, man!" Zhang Yang exclaimed. But of course, it would only be high grade, without comparing to other equipment of the Violet-Platinum class! But there weren’t many Violet-Platinum equipment at the current stage of the game yet!

Wei Yan Er made a funny face and stuck her tongue out at Zhang Yang, "Noob tank, you really are getting old now. You forgot that I have already acquired a [Titan Battle Boots] already, haven’t you?"

"Oh! Then, you finally have 3 pieces of your Armor Set already then?" Zhang Yang asked her.

"Of course I do now! It gives me additional 500 points of strength!" Wei Yan Er was feeling proud.

"Haha! No wonder your damage output today is so incredible, that explains it!" Zhang Yang smiled. With the current equipment Wei Yan Er had on her, 500 points of Strength could give her a boost of 10% attack.

"Humph humph humph! When was I ever weak? I’m always strong!" Wei Yan Er threw the boots over to Zhang Yang. Any equipment or item that no one wanted to claim would be thrown over to Zhang Yang. Then, Zhang Yang would take them and sell them at his Little Merchandise Shop for profits. Therefore, Zhang Yang had gotten stuck with another new nickname, the ‘Rubbish Collector’.

[Mark of Remorse] (Yellow-Gold, Necklace)

Vitality: +76

Intelligence: +68

Spirit: +68

Equip: When you use a healing skill, there is a 10% rate to recover 100 mana points.


Required Level: 90

Unfortunately, everyone had an Armor Set Necklace piece on them already. So, Zhang Yang could only take the ‘not-so-bad’ healing necklace and sell it in the Little Merchandise Shop.

Right after that, Wei Yan Er picked up a hammer that had many rune signs around the head of the hammer. It looked very similar to the hammer that the boss wielded.

[Hammer of Raging Fury] (Violet-Platinum, One-Handed Hammer)

Attack: 1,312 - 1,712

Attack interval: 2.5 seconds

DPS: 605

Equip: After striking the target, there is a 2% rate to inflict 14,000 physical damage points to the target and other enemy targets around. This physical damage cannot be blocked or dodged!


Required Level: 90

"Huh! The special effect of this weapon is the downsized version of the {Heavy Assault} that the boss used!" Han Ying Xue took the hammer over from Wei Yan Er and then tossed it aside.

"What an incredible attack this weapon has!" Hundred Shots was praising the weapon, "This weapon is really worthy to be a Violet-Platinum weapon! It should have almost the same DPS as the [Sword of Purging Devourer] that Zhang Yang wields, after it is identified!"

"Unfortunately, it’s a little on the fast side, so the damage of this weapon might be a little bit lower than expected."

Zhang Yang could not help but to laugh, "Starlight, do you want to take this hammer, or do you plan to try out your luck to see if the Hammer of Sanctions is a one-handed or two-handed after it’s completed?"

"... I think I shall keep both, I’ll use whichever that is better!" Endless Starlight was speaking without any sense of shame.

Everyone was laughing at him.

After passing the fragment of the [Hammer of Sanctions] over to Endless Starlight, Zhang Yang said, "Alright, let’s make haste, and continue our quest. We only have to rescue one last batch of Believers, and that does not require us to battle any bosses at all, so we should be able to complete the quest quickly!"

The gang proceeded forward as they pushed on and arrived at the location of the final blood pool. After clearing up all the monsters in the area, they succeeded in releasing the Believers from all the cages that they came across.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Break Through the Cage of Prison, total death of Believers, 388. You have acquired 5,000,000 basic experience points, and acquired an addition of 5,100,000 experience points!"

Everyone received the system notification at the same instance.

"Huh? Just experience points?" Fatty Han was feeling mistreated, "After battling so many bosses, and they didn’t even give us a few pieces of equipment! What a stingy game developer!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "This is actually an additional side quest. Whether we do this quest or not, we will also have to clear out the monsters in the areas we passed through earlier on. So, this is like a convenient ride for all of us, without having to do extra work! 10,000,000 experience points aren’t that bad either. Just think about it, how many monsters do you need to slay just to get 1,000,000 experience points?"

"Now that you have laid it out so clearly, this quest is indeed a bonus for all of us!"

"Alright, let’s go now, we only have two bosses left to deal with!" Daffodil Daydream was trying to hasten them up.

"Alright! Let’s move!"

The gang proceeded forward.

Zhang Yang was actually more eager about getting the final piece of the [Dimensional Key Fragment], because he was just two steps away from getting it now!

The party charged into the boos stage and they laid their eyes on the final Disciple, right before them.

It was a middle-aged man with a very refined look, dressed in light gray robes, while holding a blue staff in his hand. He was not huge nor small in size, just the average size of a regular person.

[The Apostle of Wisdom - Shaloni] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 95

HP: 9,500,000

Defense: 2,600

Note: One of the 12 Disciples