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Chapter 431: The Resurrection of The Ancient Demonic Statue

Chapter 431: The Resurrection of The Ancient Demonic Statue

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[Brutal Onslaught Chest plate] (Yellow-Gold, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +302

Strength: +274

Agility: +121


Required level: 90

Wei Yan Er uncovered the first piece of equipment among the loot, which was a piece of Chest Plate that glittered in a gold complexion, looking dazzling. The piece was just magnificently beautiful to look at.

"Haha! I’m calling dibs for this one!" Wei Yan Er was grinning broadly as she held the equipment in her hands. Everyone saw how badly she wanted the Chest Plate, so they gave up on trying to take it from the little girl. Pleased with herself, she kept it in her inventory. After that, she was ready to uncover the second piece of equipment.

[Staff of Wisdom] (Yellow-Gold, Staff)

Magic attack: 1,372 - 1,772

Equip: 10% rate to add 50 intelligence points when hitting a target, can stack up to 3 times.


Required Level: 90

Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream already possessed their very own Level 80 Violet-Platinum staffs, and the quality of their staffs were so much higher compared to this [Staff of Wisdom]. Of course, they did not have any need for it, so the staff went to Fantasy Sweetheart.

"Little girl, time to take out a Violet-Platinum and show us the power of your ‘lucky hands’!" Zhang Yang teased Wei Yan Er.

"You’re really dumb, noob tank. Of course, we are viewing the stuff starting from the worst to the best! If we have already taken a look at the best stuff in the beginning, then when we are looking at the remaining stuff, we would feel disappointed!" Wei Yan Er shot back immediately.

Then, the little girl put her hands back into the loot and took out an ancient looking ring that radiated in a faint purplish light. The glow was pleasing to look at.

[Ring of New Hope] (Violet-Platinum, Ring)

Vitality: +159

Intelligence: +105

Spirit: +105

Equipment: Increase critical rate by 2%.

Use: Heals yourself and recover 50,000 health points in an instant. Cooldown: 12 hours.


Required Level: 90

"Wow! This is one fine, magnificent Magic Ring!" Wei Yan Er exclaimed immediately, and then she looked at her own hands and said, "Sigh, my hands are just too lucky! Lucky hands! These hands must be the best of the best!"

The attributes of this ring were indeed magnificent, it was definitely the best Magic Ring at the current stage of the game! It provided a substantial amount of attributes, and also gave an additional of 2% critical rate for free! The main attraction of this ring was that it had a life-saving special effect function that gave a total of 50,000 health points immediately upon activation! The amount of HP this ring could recover was actually 5 times of what [Merlinda's Appreciation Ring] could provide!

"At least, the system did not mistreat us! We have been through so much hardship, killing so many bosses already!" Han Ying Xue quickly selected the button ‘Need’.

As expected, Daffodil Daydream and Fantasy Sweetheart weren’t that kind to give the ring away to Han Ying Xue. All of them took out their dices and started rolling for it. May fortune favor the bold!

In the end, Han Ying Xue won, with 100 points!

Everyone could only admire the superb luck that this Witch Snow had. Every single time good stuff drops, this witch would definitely win the Dice Toss with the highest value!

She did have her shortcomings - she was only Level 88 now, so she would have to wait for a while longer before she can equip the ring.

After Wei Yan Er picked up another small piece of the [Fragment of Hammer of Sanctions], the remaining loots were a few pieces of [Inscribed Cloth] and a piece of Tailoring Profession Blueprint, which was taken by Daffodil Daydream. She then tapped it on her chest and learned to make whatever it was on the blueprint.

[Incandescent Electrical Robe] (Violet-Platinum, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +16

Vitality: +907

Intelligence: +601

Spirit: +259

{Level 3 Socket 1}

{Level 3 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases attack by 2%.

Required Level: 90

After viewing the attributes of the final product that Daffodil Daydream made, everyone was stunned. This piece of equipment was just too good to be true! A magnificent piece of work! Definitely a great masterpiece!

Fatty Han was drooling, "If you make this equipment and sell it, you can definitely sell at top price! Pretty Daffodil, please take me in as your ‘Mistress’!"

Indeed, at the current stage of the game, any Violet-Platinum equipment is super rare! Any piece of Violet-Platinum equipment can reach up to hundreds of thousand dollars!

Furthermore, this [Incandescent Electrical Robe] has very powerful attributes. If the seller bumps onto a rich person, the seller can actually sell it for up to millions of dollars without any problems!

So, if one can sell hundreds of this, that person would become a millionaire already!

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Do you think it’s really so convenient? Daffodil, take a look at the ingredients required to make this robe. Are they really that easy to gather?"

Daffodil Daydream picked her way through onto the ingredient required menu and showed it out to the others: Inscribed Cloth X 1000, Azure Pearl X 10, Mythical Pearl Silk X 5, Sacred Thread X 1.

"Holy!" Zhang Yang took in a deep breath and said, We can get as many [Inscribed Cloth] as we need because they’re easy to come by, but these [Azure Pearl] and [Mythical Pearl Silk]... these two items are definitely very rare, and extremely hard to come by. Price is not the problem, the problem is that there is only a limited number of these items in the game! And the final item [Sacred Thread] is even ‘better’! I have never even heard about it before!"

"If it’s so easy to make a Violet-Platinum equipment, then Violet-Platinum grade equipment would become very common in the game. The system will not make such mistakes!" Hundred Shots nodded and said.

"Alright, settle down. Time for us to meet our ‘Son of God’!" Han Ying Xue stretched herself and gave a good yawn, "After all this, I’m getting myself a great meal!"

While she was talking, she gave glanced at Zhang Yang with her sexy eyes. Obviously, she had not forgotten about how she got one big meal from Zhang Yang previously.

Zhang Yang took a peek at Sun Xin Yu without saying anything. This piece of ‘ice’ was basically invisible all the time, other than when they are engaging a boss. But as a police, her eyes and ears must be very sharp. So she might have heard Han Ying Xue and would invite herself later!

As predicted, the end of her mouth twitched a little. If Zhang Yang had not actually paid attention to her, he would not have seen that!

It’s going to be ‘merry’ later on!

The gang proceeded forward. The terrain in the area was a little different from the terrain that they had gone through earlier on. Before that, everyone was running on a platform where the path coiled up in many layers of large rings that led up to the top - as they followed the path, and from there onwards, the path stopped halfway across like half a circle. There was a long straight path that led straight towards the center point of the half circle.

There were no signs of any monsters along the way. Everyone was charging through as quickly as they could, trying not to waste a single second. After passing through the long straight path that led straight to the middle of the area, they found themselves standing on a vast, underground space!

The area had a surface area of at least 5 kilometers squares out, being about two hundred meters up from the lowest floor. The place looked just like a large palace hall, similar to a sanctuary! Right in the middle of the area, there was a sturdily stationed gigantic metallic monster, and the head of that metallic monster was about to touch the highest spot of the entire area! It was huge!

[Ancient Demonic Statue - Cazacrol] (Inactive, Servant)

Level: Inactive

HP: Inactive

Defense: Inactive

Well, who would have thought that there actually was an undated product in an unaddressed factory! The grade, the HP bar, the Defense, were all still unavailable from view!

There was nothing else in the area, other than that large demonic statue. The final boss Madran seemed to have vanished into thin air!

Zhang Yang and his gang waltzed up to the statue. As they approached the statue from about a hundred meters away, there was a low voice coming from within the demonic statue, saying "No wonder Cazacrol has stopped restoring itself, you imbeciles must have ruined the sacrificial altars!"

So, the boss was hiding inside the demonic statue all along!

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Yes indeed we did! All 12 of your disciples have been defeated by us! And, we also freed all of the Believers! So Madran, prepare to die!"

"Imbeciles!" a cold humph came from within the statue, "Although the power of the demonic statue has barely been restored, it will be enough to crush you! It can recover its lost power with bloodshed while killing any living human! Then, Cazacrol shall return to its full potential state! Unfortunately, I can no longer wait for Cazacrol to recover more power before revealing it to the public! Since you imbeciles are so eager to die, then let us use your blood to celebrate for the birth of this war machine!"


The sturdy lifeless demonic statue suddenly opened up its eyes and revealed a pair of crimson bloody eyeballs within the eye sockets. An outburst of its aura revealed it’s thirst for blood. It went across the entire area like a storm in all directions. Boom! Boom! Boom! As the berserking aura passed through, the ground trembled, as if the ground itself was in fear.

Right beneath the head of the demonic statue, a bar saying ‘Activating’ appeared, and the progress of the bar was swift! It only took 1 to 2 seconds to complete loading!


Cazacrol took its first step, and that stomp instantly cracked the ground in half, trembling the ground to the point that Zhang Yang and his gang lost their balance!

[The Ancient Demonic Statue - Cazacrol] (Mythical, Servant)

Level: 110

HP: 1,028,903/30,000,000

Defense: 4,900

"Rawgh!" Cazacrol let out a thunderous roar that shook the heavens, and the roar emitted out, wave by wave, echoing throughout the surroundings, and pak pak pak! The walls in the surroundings began to crack! It showed how powerful the intimidating aura of a Mythical grade boss was!

"Holy cow! A Mythical boss! How are we going to fight against this thing!" Lost Dream was screaming in shock.

"Zhang Yang, can you see the level of the boss?" Hundred Shots asked Zhang Yang. Because in {{God’s Miracle}}, players can only see the information of NPCs and monsters that were 20 levels higher or less, or else, all players could see are question marks.

Zhang Yang nodded as he charged forward to engage the boss, "It’s a level 110 Mythical boss, with 4,900 defense points. However, it only has about 1,000,000 health points left, it’s not like we stand absolutely no chance at defeating this piece of junk!"

"4,900 defense points!" everyone was frowning and sweating in cold fear. Without any {Cripple Defense}, the two dagger wielding Thieves, Sun Xin Yu and Lost Dreams will not be able to even break through the defensive armor of the boss. They would only be able to inflict 1 damage point to the boss - even by brute force!

Furthermore, there was also a damage penalty in effect, when players and the monster are 10 levels apart. Now that they were 20 levels lower than the boss, how much of their damage would be reduced as an act of the penalty then? Time to try it first and worry about it later!

{Spear of Obliteration}!


This {Spear of Obliteration} that ignored defense could initially inflict a damage of about 4,000+ points, but now its attack has been reduced by about 50%!

"Hahaha! Mortals, dedicate your bodies as tributes and let your deaths be meaningful, at least!" Madran laughed madly from within the Servant. As he was laughing, Cazacrol reached out its hand and slammed at Zhang Yang.



The strength of Cazacrol was just too powerful, to begin with. Although Zhang Yang raised up his shield in time to block that slam from the boss, he was still slammed into the ground as his two legs sunk into the ground up to his knees!

"How unfortunate. We have already used up our {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} in our previous battle. Or else, we could have released our super skills on the boss, and even a Mythical boss will have to die." Endless Starlight sighed.

"Hahaha! Can you feel the power of the Ancient Demonic Statue?" Madran was laughing out loud while Cazacrol reached out its hand and gave Zhang Yang another slam.


Shoof! Zhang Yang lost half of his health bar in just an instant!

"What the hell! So this is the power of a Mythical boss! It’s worthy of its title! The attack is just way too powerful!" Everyone was in shock!

Such a powerful attack! Even Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart will not be able to keep up in healing so much health even if they worked together! After all, the equipment of these two pretty ladies were still mostly Yellow-Gold grade, with a few pieces of Violet-Platinum grade. So, their tiers were basically only half of Zhang Yang’s, at the current situation!

Zhang Yang quickly made up his mind, and he commanded, "Witch Snow! Let’s use our paired skills {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew}!"

Under the activation of {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew}, the two of them be invincible for a full 30 seconds!

Han Ying Xue responded and quickly ran to the side of Zhang Yang.

"Hahaha! Give up on the futile attempt to struggle! Every attempt you make is hopeless, right before the absolute power!" Madran laughed madly again, and launched another slam over at Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue!

{Blizzard Sky}, {Luna’s Dew} activated!

In just an instant, the ground was covered by the petals of snowflakes falling from the sky, and a moon rose up high in the sky!




Cazacrol was beginning to be inflicted by a continuous chain of damages, and the damage values were appearing right on top of the boss - constantly!

Chaos Damage was not affected by any Defense, Magic Defense or even the Level Difference. It would strike squarely with its full power!

Sun Xin Yu and the remaining members saw the opportunity, and they rushed in around the boss, taking their own [Power Potions], and begin to unleash their full assault onto the boss.

This 30-second duration of time is the best time to channel damages to the boss. And if they cannot empty out the health bar of the boss within that period of time, then when Zhang Yang is no longer under invincible state, he will definitely be instant-killed by the boss and squeeze him into something else!

As Zhang Yang needed to supervise the {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew}, he only managed to smash one layer of {Cripple Defense} onto the boss. So, Wei Yan Er continued his work and smashed 4 more layers of {Cripple Defense} as a start, reducing the Defense of the boss down to 2,500 points before everyone could begin their full assaults onto the boss! Well, that managed to increase the damage output of the entire gang, which increased the efficiency on reducing the boss’s health bar!

800,000, 600,000, 400,000!

Although there was a level penalty that reduced their damage output on the boss, the firepower of these players wasn’t that bad themselves, their attacks were still very powerful and sharp! However, when the boss spawned, it’s health bar was already lower than 20%, which caused the gang to enter their ‘Slaughter Mode’ immediately, adding a substantial amount of firepower which made up with the firepower loss due to the level penalty suppression effect!

300,000! 200,000! 100,000!

"No! No! Stop!" Madran let out an angry roar, "You idiotic mortals! Stop at once! Heed my warning and stop!"

"Hahaha! Stinky boss! Don’t you love to laugh? Laugh more now! I dare you!" Wei Yan Er wielded her giant axe over and over again, and she ignored all defenses of her target when the special effect of her weapon triggered! It was really effective and convenient to use such a weapon with such a special effect on bosses that had super high defenses!

"Bastards! You idiotic imbeciles! You will regret this! I will make you regret this!" Madran’s voice was at its breaking point.

50,000! 30,000! 10,000!


At the same instant when the {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew} ended, the health bar of Cazacrol was totally emptied out as well! The gigantic demonic statue collapsed and scattered into pieces across the ground!

"Look at what you imbeciles have done!" looking at the wreckage of their deed, an old man in a red robe appeared among the pieces of the statue. He had a size of a regular person, with a regular human face, and he had an ancient-looking staff in his hand. His face was filled with unspeakable rage at the moment.

"You have destroyed everything that I have worked on for 20 years!" the old man roared into the sky and his veins were popping out of his forehead. It was obvious that he was inconsolable at that moment! "I will tear you all into pieces, like how you did to my demonic statue!"

[Madran - The Son of God]

Level: 96

HP: 9,600,000

Defense: 2,600

The final boss has finally revealed himself!