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Chapter 484: S Class Inheritance Fragment

Chapter 484: S Class Inheritance Fragment

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"Futile!" Serena proclaimed, as she swung her sword and blasted the healers behind Moucander with a wide green sword aura. The green light radiance morphed into the dragon and tore them all to pieces. Without any signs of losing strength, the green dragon flew straight on and clawed its way through the castle wall. A loud crashing noise was heard, and the castle wall collapsed, revealing a large hole that drew the attention of many players around.

The blade aura had more power than it was expected to have and soared to the sky, at where the Dragonriders of Emerald Kingdom hovered. The light force cleaved through the giant dragon in half and brought its rider down.

It couldn’t be help, that’s the power of the Meteor Sword. Players had to drop their jaw and stare in amazement. The sword had destroyed the castle wall. That was justified. But the residual power had even killed a giant dragon that had its level hidden away from players! Who in the field had not raided the Level 50 dungeon Poison Fireland? The little bugger that disguised its dragon form had managed to deceive many unfortunate players. Those who wanted revenge had even returned to the dungeon at Level 80 or 90 and would still be killed in a blast! That’s just how powerful a giant dragon was! And yet, Serena had only needed to graze the dragon to cleaved it in two! There were no words to describe her power!

After Serena’s display of power, the hatred in the glare of players towards Zhang Yang had grown stronger. Now that the relationship of Serena and Zhang Yang had been publicly displayed, if Zhang Yang were to be killed and have his corpse camped, he could easily call for the Queen to rescue him! Whether or not it was possible, it's better to be safe than sorry.

"Lucky f*cker!"

Not far from the battle, Liu Wei cursed. He was being guarded by more than 20 players around. He spat on the ground with such enmity towards Zhang Yang, he was willing to give up his life to kill that bugger.

His talent in gaming was only average, but he had money. A lot of money. With close to unlimited financial supplies, he had hired many professional players to be his underlings and had spent enough money to buy himself a full set of the best equipment available in the market. Through his monetary efforts, he had managed to survive till this point. Just then, he noticed the presence of One Sword Stroke and Luo Xin Yan in the corner of his sight. A sudden rage rose to him like bile.

It’s not that he held precious memories with the woman. It was the humiliation she had put him through. Word had already got out. Liu Wei had already become the laughing stock of his circle of friends. If he does not do something about this, he would not have the right to raise his head in his circle.

However, that’s easier said than done. One Sword Stroke’s family business had gained massive profits through the help of Luo Xin Yan, who provided business strategies. One Sword Stroke’s family business had multiplied their business profit to several folds over the past few months. Even though their 700 to 800 million dollar company would never stand on par with the Liu’s family multi-billion dollar assets, they were not easy to be trampled upon.

Zhang Yang was despicable, but One Sword Stroke and Luo Xin Yan were his prime source of shame, and he made up his mind there and then.

Players from both sides of the war had started their final push. Since they would never get anywhere close to the two bosses without killing themselves, its best to just fight among themselves. However, it was obvious that Serena was having the upper hand in the battle, Moucander was bound to fall sooner or later. The victory of White Jade Kingdom was as clear as day!

Hence, many of the players had given up on killing the boss. Instead, they turned their sights to the players instead. Best not to cry over spilled milk, and start farming cows instead.

The battle between Serena and Moucander was almost coming to an end. The Queen had laid down more attacks than Moucander could, leaving the king battered and covered in his own blood. Zhang Yang’s eyes were constantly glued to Moucander’s character. He had taken into account Serena’s attack and Moucander HP loss per second and was constantly making adjustments to his timing!

2%! It’s time!

Zhang Yang activated {Shadow of the Void} and rushed towards Moucander. His heart was beating at such a rate that he might even die of cardiac arrest, there and then. The battle between Moucander and Serena was so intense, that the attacks in the crossfire would reach as far as hundreds of meters away. It was made that way by the system so that players were not able to reach the boss! The game was only at the age of the Violet-Platinum. Mythical equipment were rare enough and it would be a huge problem if an Ascended tier equipment appeared now!

Based on the game’s setting, you qualify to loot the drops of a monster, as long as you have scratched it. The question then, is, would the boss drop anything at all? If he does not, it would a slap in the face, but if he does, it would be another question of snatching the loot. However, right then, no one could even get close to the boss, much less attack them. Naturally, no one would have a chance, at all! If others can’t get it, and I can’t get it, what’s there to complain about?!

Zhang Yang counted the seconds down. 1…2…3…4…10…15…16…

At that moment, he manually disabled {Shadow of the Void} and unleashed {Killing Cleave} at Moucander. He knew that he only had a one split second window to land a hit. If he fails to kill the boss with it, he would get caught in the crossfire and be killed instantly. Technically, he would use {Horizontal Sweep} or {Blast Wave} that had AoE attacks, which could tough the boss in passing. But then again, there was a problem with the boss’ high defense value.

In his past life, he had fought a Holy tier boss before, and remembered that the boss’ Defense value was close to 20,000. Supposedly. this Ascended tier boss should have more than that amount. Even if Zhang Yang had Level 4 {Eagle Eye} that could ignore 65% of the enemy’s Defense, it should still be high enough to only deal Suppressed damage (1 damage). Worst off, the gap between his level and the boss’ level was more than 30 Levels, and he would not be even able to deal any damage at all! With no damage, his effort would be all but for naught.

That is why he resorted to the {Killing Cleave}. The skill ignored all Defense, was un-Blockable, and unavoidable. It was probably the only skill that would deal damage to the boss!



Zhang Yang thrust his sword into Moucander’s back. His blade protruded out of the King’s chest. Surprised, Moucander stared down at his chest to look at the blade, and turned back to see his killer. His HP was down to 6,000 HP before that blow, and to have a Level 101 player kill him?!

The boss dropped the shield and sword in his hands and fell to the ground, as his life force seeped out of him completely. 10 minutes ago, he had been boldly chasing after Zhang Yang, yet now, he was killed by that same puny, weakling.

"Hmph." Zhang Yang scoffed. He felt satisfied. Call it what you may, cowardice, experience, backstabbing, but revenge was still sweet revenge!

‘Ding! You have killed Moucander, King of Emerald Kingdom. Obtained 100,000,000 Experience Points!’

‘Ding! You have utilized an unorthodox method to kill the first Open-World Ascended tier boss. You have lost the qualifications to be named in the Hall of Fame!’

100,000,000 Experience points!?


Zhang Yang’s character glowed in a golden hue, and gained a level. That was one of the reasons why Zhang Yang wanted to land the killing blow! It was to allow him to obtain the 50% experience points gain. In the game, the system would grant 50% of the entire experience pool provided from the monster to the player who lands the killing blow.

Zhang Yang smirked. It was a huge gain. He then turned his sight to the body of the fallen king and noticed two loot. One was a dark-green, two-handed battle axe and a milky-white shard that looked like a jade fragment.

It was a pity that the boss had only dropped two drops. Still, it was more than he could have asked more. Zhang Yang had only needed to land a hit to gain two drops from the boss. It was an Ascended boss after all, and for the system to drop anything at all was already a blessing.

‘Server Announcement: Moucander, King of Emerald Kingdom had been slain! The War of Kingdom had ended! The player with the highest score: Zhan Yu, shall be given a title "Imperial Aggrandizer"!’

‘Server Announcement: White Jade Kingdom has absorbed the Emerald Kingdom. The origins of players of both major cities will not be affected.’

With the system announcing the title owner, the battle had officially closed its curtains.

Everyone had seen the bright flash of light coming from Zhang Yang. If they had any sense of logical thinking, they would have easily guessed that he had landed a hit on the boss, and had obtained a massive amount of experience points to gain a level. Those who had eyes as sharp as eagles had noticed Zhang Yang looting the battle axe and the milky piece of jade. That was the drop of an Ascended boss! The urge to rush over at him and kill him for the equipment was overpowering!

Zhang Yang noticed their rash behavior and felt a little disappointed in their stupid actions. Could they not see that Queen Serena was standing right next to Zhang Yang? His "bodyguard" had just defeated another Ascended tier boss, all by herself! Her power exceeded that of a god even though she only bore the title of Ascended.

Before the greedy players got close to him, logic found its way back into their heads and calmed them down.

"Noob tank! Did you just kill the boss? Nyahahaha! Come on! Show me the goods! I wanna see how strong an Ascended tier equipment is!" cried the little girl.

Fatty Han and the rest of the party cheered for Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang gave his thanks.

The battle axe was extremely strong for its level. At his current Strength level, Zhang Yang could barely lift the weapon up, much less swing it around! The blade of the axe was curved like a scythe. There were markings on the blade that glowed with a pale, blood-colored hue. The shaft of the axe had black linings that flowed with a dark energy, from the blade, down to the hilt.

[Agos, The Destroyer’s Blade] (Ascended, Two-Handed Axe)

Weapon Attack: 30,612 – 36,612

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 8,845

Equip Effect: Increases 35% damage.

Equip Effect: Increases 3.5% Critical rate.

Equip Effect: Upon attack, grants a chance to trigger the Destroyer’s Blade effect to deal 5.6x damage.

Level Requirement: 200

Special: Lowers the Level Requirement by 20 Levels.

Zhang Yang had nothing to say. As expected from an Ascended tier weapon! In his previous life, he had never even been able to obtain such a weapon before!

Before Identifying, the item would only have 70% of the original specs. Upon identifying, the axe should have more than 12,000 DPS, 50% damage increment, 5% critical rate increment, and a chance to deal 8x damage!

Better yet, the weapon even had a special effect that would allow Zhang Yang to equip the axe at Level 180!

Zhang Yang believed that he could finish the God of War Inheritance quest before he reaches Level 150! By then, he could equip a Two-Handed weapon on his main hand, and a Shield on his secondary!

Zhang Yang could hardly contain his excitement! He was about to unlock the power of a Berserker, and the ultimate defense of a Guardian! How strong would he be, when he gains this Inheritance!

"Hey hey! Dummy~ What did you get? I see that you’re smiling like a retard! You must have obtained a legendary item!" Han Ying Xue laughed.

Zhang Yang chuckled and posted the axe’s properties in the party channel.

"Holy moley! That’s crazy damage right there!’

"D*mn! It’s more than 30,000 damage in one hit! You plan to behead someone with that?"

"Haha! That’s my weapon! Good job! Since you can’t really use it, this young lady shall take it off your hands!"

Everyone was enjoying themselves, chattering about the equipment prowess. Not far from where they gathered, players noticed Zhang Yang had already picked one equipment out of the loot. Greed had managed to find its way back into their hearts as the players roared and charged towards Zhang Yang!

"Insolent!" Serena roared and swung her sword around. The green dragon appeared, and swept all players off their feet, instantly killing them!

Just then, they remembered that this very NPC had just killed Moucander with relative ease. She was much stronger than Moucander ever was! How could they, mere players, be her opponents?

In an instant, no other players dared to charge forward. Some of them had a plan. Mentally planning their assault, hoping that Serena would eventually leave Zhang Yang alone at some point in time! That would be their cue to kill Zhang Yang, and get his equipment!

Zhang Yang glared around and continued to pick up the last piece of drop on the floor.

[Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Fragment Piece] (Inheritance Class: S)

Description: Collect 10 Fragment of Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Fragment to form a complete Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Keepsake. You can initiate the Inheritance quest for Milkmaid Deity. You will obtain the Inheritance - Milkmaid Deity upon clearing the quest line. You will gain skills of your related class and skills of Milkmaid Deity. All Inheritance Fragments will resonate with each other and if you are killed while carrying an Inheritance Fragment in your inventory, the Inheritance Fragment will drop at a 100% rate. All Inheritance Fragments can only be stored in a player’s inventory.

Special Requirement: Milkmaid Deity Inheritance quest can only be taken by Priest class.

HOHO! S class Inheritance Fragment! So is this how you get it?!

According to Zhang Yang’s knowledge, there were only five S class Inheritances in his past life. The warrior class, God of War Inheritance was taken by a North America player. The Knight class, God of Holy Knights Inheritance was taken by a European player. The Hunter class, Shadow Striker fell into the hands of an India player. The Thief class, Shadow Dancer inheritance went to Sun Xin Yu, and the Spellcaster Inheritance, God or Arcane Magic Inheritance was taken by a player from the Japan-Korea region.

As for the sixth Inheritance, the Priest class S class inheritance was never found! The developers of the game had never revealed the method of obtaining it. No one knew the method of obtaining the Inheritance, much less even, the name of it!

Now, the mystery had been solved! The Priest class S class Inheritance was called Milkmaid Deity! Zhang Yang frowned. Which bugger was the person who was in charge of naming the Inheritances! S class Inheritances are such a big deal, that once obtained, the player will be wearing the title like a crown! Who in their right mind would want to have a tag named "Milkmaid Deity!"

Translator Note:

The original name of Milkmaid Deity was 奶牛之神. Which literally translates to Milk – Cow – God. In mandarin, or China’s mandarin, 奶牛 also means babysitting or supporting. The term is used to dub healers. Initially, we planned on using God of Heavy Support, or other names that carry the meaning of support. However, there would, of course be jokes about Han Ying Xue having more milk to heal which brings us back to square one. In the end, we’ve figured that the most suitable translation would be Milkmaid Deity.