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Chapter 514: Heaven Shaker

Chapter 514: Heaven Shaker

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Zhang Yang scouted around the [Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang], while Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er went up to the loot dropped from the boss, full of joy and expectations.

The Winged Monkey King dropped four pieces of equipment in total. One was a pitch black, huge, metallic quarterstaff. One end of it was heavier than the other, ending in a huge, non-reflective crown, so it should work as a bludgeoning weapon, something like a maul, or a hammer. The second equipment was a pair of greaves that was also purely black in color, looking rather bulky. The third one was a fine piece of jewelry, an alluring, dark blue necklace that sparkled brilliantly, making itself look pricey. Last but not least, was an exquisite long gown in the color of creamy white.

Zhang Yang was still searching around for his fruit. Meanwhile, Wei Yan Er picked up the gown and put it by herself, trying to see if it fit her, and she asked, "Snow, do I look pretty in this?"

"Not at all!" Han Ying Xue replied, so certain of herself, without any pause.

Zhang Yang overheard them and frowned in frustration. He turned his head back to them and snapped, "Oh please! You should judge it by its attributes!"

[Winged Phoenix Gown] (Violet-Platinum, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +16

Vitality: +857

Intelligence: +548

Spirit: +242

Equip: Increases Maximum MP by 1,100 points.

Equip: Increases damage and healing efficiency by 2%.


Required Level: 120

Well, the equipment is fine, but it could only be worn after reaching Level 120. By then, they would definitely be loaded with Mythical Tier equipment already. This gown was not likely to be used in the future. However, Han Ying Xue took the gown, regardless of that. If they really are unfortunate enough not to have acquired any Mythical Tier Cloth Armor by then, at least she could still equip this gown.

The little brat picked up the heavy pair of greaves and laughed, "I have a feeling that this is mine! It should be!"

[Mysterious Metallic Greaves] (Mythical, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +160

Vitality: +1,778

Strength: +841

Agility: +363

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 3,500 points.

Equip: Increases damage and healing efficiency by 3.5%

Equip: Absorbs 358 damage when being hit.


Required Level: 120

Special: Decreases 20 levels of Required Level to equip.

The attributes of this pair of greaves are truly something. The three of them were stunned for a moment!

"Noob tank, is this a Defensive type armor, or an Offensive type armor, then?" Wei Yan Er blinked her eyes and she asked, "We can’t call this a defensive armor, what’s with the damage increase attributes? And if we say that this is an Offensive type, it actually has a Damage Absorption attribute! What a confusing armor this is!"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Let’s just say that we have been fortunate enough to have picked up an awesome piece of armor! This piece of armor enhances both DPS and Defense! It most probably would only drop on the first kill of a boss! So, the next time when others slay this boss again, the equipment that drops might only have DPS or Defense, one way or another!"

"Wow! There’s actually such a good benefit for getting the first kill of a boss?" Wei Yan Er gave it some thought, then she threw the greaves over to Zhang Yang, "Alright, since you have not gotten yourself any offensive type armors, you should just keep it. I’ll only want purely offensive armor!"

Well, what a pleasant surprise. This little brat is actually quite generous for once!

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "This equipment is an awesome piece of equipment for both DPS and Tank players! Look at it this way. If you can ever gather a full set of this type of armor, you will become a DPS player that resemblance to a Defense of a tanker! When you fight in the arena with this type of armor, your opponent would definitely have a tough time battling you!

Wei Yan Er quickly covered her ears with her hands and said, "Stinky noob tank! If you try to draw me in, I am going to snatch those pants back!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he placed the [Mysterious Metallic Greaves] into his inventory. Well, the rate of triggering the Special Effect of the 8-Piece Titan Armor Set was extremely low. On the other hand, the Special Effect of the 5-Piece Titan Armor Set is the actual Special Effect that had been giving Zhang Yang the advantage, all this while. A free {Shield Bash} and a ‘Double damage’! As for the the Special Effect of the 3-Piece Titan Armor Set that adds 10,000 HP, it had gradually been losing effectiveness as players started to get more and more powerful.

Wei Yan Er picked up the necklace.

[Blue Jade Necklace] (Violet-Platinum, Necklace)

Vitality: +212

Intelligence: +137

Spirit: +137

Equip: Increases Maximum MP by 270 points.

Equip: Increases damage and healing efficiency by 2%.

Equip: Reduces the cooldown period of {Holy Shield} by 7 seconds.


Required Level: 120

This is also a powerful necklace for Priests! Unfortunately, this equipment can only be equipped when the player reaches Level 120. Han Ying Xue had no choice but to keep it deep in her inventory for the moment.

The final piece would be the pitch-black, huge metallic quarterstaff with a lopsided end.

[Heaven Shaker] (Mythical, Two-handed Hammer)

Weapon Attack: 5,275 - 6,675

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 1,572

Equip: Increases damage by 1%.

Equip: After striking a target, there is a small rate of breaking heaven’s floor and summoning a punishment straight from the heavens, inflicting 7,000 Fire Damage to the target.


Required Level: 120

Special: Reduces 20 levels from the required level.

Wei Yan Er was feeling confused, "This is clearly a quarterstaff! How can it be a hammer?"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud, then he began to explain, "Well, in {{God’s Miracle}}, other than the dagger, sword, hammer, and axe, all weapons that can stab are categorized as Sword type. For example, lance, spear, and other weapons that inflict damage via blunt force trauma are all categorized as Hammer types. So, this quarterstaff is categorized as a Hammer. As for those weapons that cut and slash, they are all axes and swords!"

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er rolled their eyes at Zhang Yang. What kind of explanation is this? They were not one bit convinced!

But whatever it is, this two-handed hammer is definitely one of a kind at the current stage of the game! First of all, it was a Mythical Tier weapon, which were extremely valuable and rare. Then there was also the 20 levels reduction of the Required Level, giving players ‘early access’ to the weapon before they even reach Level 120! That alone would be a powerful reason for anyone to fight for it!

"Little brat, do you want this Hammer, then?" Although Zhang Yang was tempted to take it, he had already taken one equipment from the loots, so he felt that he had to let others pick it first, "If you want this Hammer, give me the axe that you are using right now!"

Wei Yan Er gave it some thought, and then she shook her head and said, "I’ll pass. I prefer to use an Axe more. The sensation of plunging it into enemies is kind of addictive! Other than that, I believe that you haven’t had the chance to enjoy using a two-handed weapon before, right? Here’s your chance to have it!"

"Wow, why are you so generous today? Are you having a fever?" Zhang Yang laughed.

"Pui! You’re the one with the fever!"

Other than the four equipment, the boss had also dropped a [Skill Book] with a blue hardcover. The name of the Skill on that [Skill Book] is {Thunder blade}. This skill is limited only to Thieves, Warriors, and Knights.

"Well, well, well, ‘Thunder Blade’!" Zhang Yang nodded at Wei Yan Er and said, "Little brat, this is quite an extraordinary Skill we have here. It is actually the enhanced version of your {Tornado Cleave}! You’re so lucky!"

Of course, Wei Yan Er took up the book without being polite and all, as usual. She tapped the [Skill Book] against herself, and a stream of golden light flashed across her entire body. After that, she had acquired another new Skill.

[Thunder Blade]: By repeatedly swinging the weapon, inflicts 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damages all targets within the melee range of the user. Lasts for 6 seconds. Within that time, you can move around, but you cannot do any other actions. You will not be affected by any Status Restriction Effects. Required: Melee Weapon. Consumes: 100 Rage Points. Cool down period: 3 minutes.

Wei Yan Er could not stop jumping giddily about the power of this new skill. She was so eager, that she ran into the surroundings to locate a monster for her to try out her new Skill.

Zhang Yang also found his [Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang,] finally! He managed to find it among one of the bushes in the surroundings.

This was one hell of a strange looking fruit. The shape of it was in the shape of a strawberry, and the half of it was white in color, while the other half was black in color. The color of this fruit was just like the name of the fruit, ‘Ying and Yang’. However, there was only one fruit among the bushes. It was a one-of-a-kind. So, Zhang Yang had to forget about earning additional Experience Points from the quest by delivering more of these fruits.

Right after they were done ‘harvesting’ the loots, Zhang Yang and the ladies headed back to town.

Zhang Yang had two equipment that needed identifying. Since he was in a hurry, the moment he set foot on the Morning Town, he quickly used the Teleportation Circle and teleported straight back to the White Jade Castle. He then summoned Whitey Jr. and flew straight to the Identifying Shop to get the job done.

"1,000 gold coins!" the dim-sighted old Identifier raised one of his fingers up and showed it to Zhang Yang.

What a greedy old man!

After paying the cost, a stream of golden light flashed across the weapon, and the mysterious attributes of the [Mysterious Metallic Greaves] came to light!

[Mysterious Metallic Greaves] (Mythical, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +160

Vitality: +2,540

Strength: +1,201

Agility: +518

{Level 4 Socket 1}

{Level 4 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 5,000 points.

Equip: Increases damage and healing efficiency by 5%.

Equip: Absorbs 512 damage when being hit.

Required Level: 120

Special: Reduces 20 levels on the Required Level.

Comparing this new piece of equipment to his current one, the [Titan Greaves] only adds 80 Defense, 806 Vitality, 230 Strength and 115 Agility attributes. Additionally, he only gets to absorb 232 Damage while he is being hit! Clearly, the [Titan Greaves] are totally no match for the [Mysterious Metallic Greaves]!

After switching it on, the total amount of Zhang Yang’s HP increased from 94,000, straight up to a total of 120,000! What a tremendous boost!

Then, he took out the [Heaven Shaker] and placed it on the table, "There’s another one."

A player was standing right beside Zhang Yang when he took out the pitch black quarterstaff-shaped hammer. As the player saw that Mythical weapon looked just like a piece of charred, black quarterstaff, he could not help but to laugh out loud, "Brother, you must be joking! Black-Steel Tier equipment does not require identification! Speaking of which, your level must be very low, so low to be able to still acquire Black-Steel equipment! Haha! Well, online games these days define a player by the player’s level! So you will have to pick up all the hand-me-downs from the forerunners, if your level is too low! Well, it’s not that I like to tease people, but you should just focus on leveling up and stop wasting time on picking up remaining loot on the ground! Oh my god... White Piglet! Come and have a look at this! This fellow actually took a Black-Steel weapon to be identified! I can’t hold it in much longer, I’ll die laughing! Haha!"

This player did not just come in trying to act familiar with Zhang Yang, he also tried to ‘teach’ Zhang Yang a lesson by giving ‘advice’ to Zhang Yang with ‘compassion’. And that was not it, he had also called one of his friends to join in. The two of them were already laughing hard when they saw that the Identifier was beginning to look closer at the [Heaven Shaker]. However, the thoughts that did not cross their minds was that, why would an Identifier look at a piece of Black-Steel weapon, if the system already indicates that Black-Steel equipment does not require to be identified?

Zhang Yang could not help but to laugh along and shook his head for awhile. Naturally, he had no intention to argue with these two imbeciles. Firstly, it would only waste his own precious time. Secondly, well, he would not likely see these idiots again. So, why stir unnecessary things up when he can just ignore them and walk away like a real grown-up man?

"5,000 gold coins!" The Identifier adjusted his old-man glasses, as he raised up all five fingers and showed it to Zhang Yang.

What a ‘merciless’ old man!

"What? 5,000 gold coins?" The ‘friendly’ player who had tried to ‘teach’ Zhang Yang a lesson could not believe what he heard and saw as he quickly turned to his friend, "What the hell! There is a bug in the system! Why does identifying a Black-Steel weapon needs 5,000 gold? This is insane!"

"Sharp Wolf, I think you must be mistaken. It doesn’t look like a Black-Steel equipment at all!" the friend was slightly brighter as he finally realized that something was off.

Zhang Yang paid the 5,000 gold coins, and a stream of golden light flashed across the [Heaven Shaker]. However, the appearance of the weapon remained as a pitch black, huge metallic quarterstaff with a lopsided end.

However, the attributes of this equipment are astounding!

[Heaven Shaker] (Mythical, Two-handed Hammer)

Weapon Attack: 7,536 - 9,536

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 2,246

{Level 4 Socket 1}

{Level 4 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases damage by 20%.

Equip: After hitting a target, there is a small rate of breaking through heaven’s floor and sanctioning a punishment straight from the heaven, inflicting 10,000 Fire Damage to the target.

Required Level: 120

Special: Reduces 20 levels for the Required Level.

"Hey, brother. What exactly is that equipment of yours? Can you share a link of its attributes, so that we can have a look?" that annoying player could no longer keep himself from prying, so he went up to Zhang Yang with his thick face and asked Zhang Yang to show them.

Zhang Yang felt that he had nothing to lose, so he took a screenshot of the [Heaven Shaker]’s attributes and sent it to the player via chat.

When both of them saw the attributes of the weapon, they drew in a breath of cold air.

A Mythical Tier equipment! Level 120! And a reduction of 20 levels for the Required Level!

What exactly are they looking at now! They could not believe their own eyes!

Zhang Yang switched his [Sword of Purging Devourer] with the newly obtained [Heaven Shaker]. Lord’s heaven! His Attack shot up so much that he could not believe his own eyes! Zhang Yang’s basic Attack had reached up to the range of 21,947 - 25,447 [(12,541 - 14,514) *1.75, 50% {God of War’s Rage}, 20% boost on Weapon, 5% additional boost on [Mysterious Metallic Greaves]]

His Defense was far stronger than the Defense of a Super Tanker, and his Attack can even match the Attack power of the top Tiered Berserkers!

Thanks to the support of the [God of War Inheritance], Zhang Yang had attained the perfect combination of ‘immovable defense’ and ‘unstoppable offense’!

Zhang Yang walked out of the Identifying Shop, deciding to take a look at the Auction House.

"Huh?" the two imbeciles stared at the back of Zhang Yang, feeling that something was off. One of them said, "Judging by the shield on his back, he should be a Guardian. That hammer is a two-handed weapon. So, how can he equip a two-handed weapon?"

"That shield is most probably for aesthetic purposes!"

Zhang Yang took a walk around the Auction House, but he did not come across anything that would get his attention. So, he went on over to the Bank, withdrew 4 [Level 4 Gemstones] and inserted them all into his Greaves and Weapon to boost their attributes even further. Although his HP has been reduced by 1,500 points, his Strength had increased by 320 points (The socket [Gemstones] increased Strength by 60%).

Zhang Yang had planned it out in advance. For all Defense type equipment, he would just insert all [Vitality Gemstones] into their sockets. As for Weapon types, Offense type equipment or equipment that boosted both offense and defense, he would just insert [Power Gemstones] into their sockets.

After finishing things up, Zhang Yang once again arrived at Morning Town.

Although he already possessed a two-handed weapon, Zhang Yang still has his mind set on unsealing the remaining seals on his [Sword of Purging Devourer] because he was very curious to see how powerful the sword could turn out to be! After all, the [Sword of Purging Devourer] had a special effect that could replicate Skills. That is one ability that can allow Zhang Yang to use AoE attacks, not something that the high damage output of a two-handed weapon could easily replace.

Within these two days, Sun Xin Yu, Hundred Shots, Lost Dream and the others had finally reached Level 100. Then they were all summoned by Zhang Yang over to Morning Town. Following the increasing number of players in the Chaos Realm, Zhang Yang could foresee a chaotic war among the eight servers looming ahead!

After Fatty Han entered the Chaos Realm, he had made up his mind, and knowing that he was not exactly the most skilled of players, had asked Zhang Yang to give him the fragment of [Vampire Inheritance]. He only intended to get a Class B Inheritance, it would be enough to fulfill his needs.

He had been a brother to Zhang Yang. So, Zhang Yang put aside his quest on unsealing the second seal on his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and took Fatty Han on his ‘ride’ as both of them went on a journey in search of the remaining 5 pieces of fragments for the [Vampire Inheritance]. Because Class B Inheritances were not so unique that only one of each can be found in the entire game, even if someone else has already acquired such an inheritance, they would still be able to acquire one of their own.

Fatty Han had quite some luck kicking about in his belly. As they were trying to locate the fourth piece of [Vampire Inheritance], they accidentally stumbled across a gigantic moth. So, Fatty Han grabbed the opportunity and captured the month. There, Fatty Han had got his own [Flying Mount]!

The number of players who had already entered the Chaos Realm were not very numerous yet. Henceforth, it was the best time for players who are already in the realm to capture [Flying Mounts] for themselves. When more players enter the Chaos Realm, there will be much more players capturing [Flying Mounts] for themselves. The competition for getting a good [Flying Mount] would rise intensely as players will be swarming up around the good [Flying Mounts], the moment they are spawned! It would become so much more difficult later to capture [Flying Mounts]!

Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu, Lost Dream and the others had also ventured out to capture their own [Flying Mounts]. Although most of them only had Yellow-Gold Tier [Flying Mounts], it was already enough to allow all of them to fly freely through the maps. As for their attempts at getting higher Tiered [Flying Mounts], they would have to wait until they can enter higher leveled maps.