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Chapter 515: The Japan-Korea Region“s Counterattack

Chapter 515: The Japan-Korea Region's Counterattack

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The first steps of collecting the fragments of an Inheritance are understandably annoying. However, if a player could even get one piece of the fragments, it would just be a matter of time before the player can locate the remaining pieces. So in just 7 days, Fatty Han had already gathered the six pieces of the [Vampire Inheritance] fragments and put them together to form the Inheritance Keepsake of the [Vampire Inheritance]. With that Inheritance Keepsake in his hands, Fatty Han succeeded in activating the Linking Quest for the [Vampire Inheritance].

The first few quests had only required players to run around and kill some weaker monsters. Even with his current level and skills, Fatty Han could have handled things by himself with ease --- despite his controls were not at the level of a professional player, he could still crush every monster that the quests required him to kill without any problem at all!

Furthermore, even if he is no match to the monsters, Fatty Han could still activate his ‘holy’ Skill {Fake Death}. So, there was no need to worry about him being tortured to death by the monsters.

Zhang Yang could finally stop worrying about Fatty Han. Since this fatty already has a [Flying Mount] as well, he should be able to travel around conveniently. Hence, the ‘flying service’ that Zhang Yang had been providing Fatty Han was no longer needed. Other than that, two men huddling together on the back of a [Flying Mount], well, it could be easily misinterpreted. You know, gay. Meanwhile, Whitey Jr. Was not pleased with Fatty Han’s weight. If the system would even allow the Serpent do it, Whitey Jr. would have spat on Fatty Han’s face multiple times!

Meanwhile, outside the game, Silky Soft Holdings was finally regaining its standing and prestige. Be it the ‘Set Meal’ that Silky Soft Holdings had presented while collaborating with Crimson Cosmetic Holdings, or the main products that the company had introduced to the markets, everything that they did these days packed a punch in the flow of the market. The results of their performance were blooming like sesame flowers, with each flower growing higher than the last that bloomed! In other words, they were attaining a higher standard in the marketplace, each time they made a move!

Previously after the ‘scandal’, the salesmen of Silky Soft Holdings would need to fall on their knees and beg all hypermarkets to put the products from Silky Soft Holdings on their shelves. However, now, their roles had been reversed, the hypermarkets have become the ones begging the salesmen from Silky Soft Holdings to supply them the goods!

Some of the hypermarkets were proposing to pay in advance for the goods. Unlike the previous encounters, they had actually asked for the goods to be distributed over to their storehouse, before they start providing a small share of their sales! With more financial holdings to be liquidated, the company is now in a better position to expand further. Well, Silky Soft Holdings is advancing by massive strides. As long as the person is not blind, anyone can clearly see the bright prospect of the future that lay before Silky Soft Holdings.

Zhang Yang could not help but let out a breath of sigh. In his previous life, Sky and Ocean Electronics was just a small company with only tens of million dollars of assets. Just because of One Sword Stroke, and because the Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team was dominating the game with their unstoppable skills, they had managed to make a name out of themselves and had advertised their company through the game, to great effect. In just 5 years time, the Sky and Ocean Electronics had expanded into a large scale company that had assets worth hundreds of billion dollars! It seemed that the power of ‘idols’ really did the trick well!

With waves of benefits and tons of earnings gushing towards her, of course, Snow Seeker would be happy to see Zhang Yang. She invited Zhang Yang and the high-ranking officers of Silky Soft Holdings over to her Crimson Cosmetic Holdings as their ‘VIP’ guests. Perfumed Water and the other flirtatious women were trying their very best to tease Zhang Yang, saying that they would definitely thank him for ‘providing’ beautiful models who would be willing to spend a night with him. They even guaranteed that he would be very pleased when he comes.

What a bunch of thick faced whores!

At the current stage of the game, the casual players had also reached Level 95 and above. There would be a very small portion of players entering the Chaos Realm in the near future. Sooner of later, the Chaos Realm is going to become very lively with the ‘passenger flow’ soon to hit its peak!

‘Ding! The Winst Castle is under siege!’

Zhang Yang was on his way to the Flatlands of the Man-Eating Monster, with his mind set on searching for the second quest item - [Zinc Alloy] to unseal the second seal of his [Sword of Purging Devourer] --- he was bound to encounter a boss. Bosses would mean additional income to Zhang Yang.

However, not long after he flew, Zhang Yang received a System Notification.

Only the Baron of Territories would receive such alarming messages. Be it the soldiers of the Territory, the town folks, or the buildings, as long as anyone or anything that belongs to Territory is attacked by enemy forces, the system would notify the Baron with such alarming messages. Of course, players can choose to mute such notifications.

Well, it was no surprise that Winst Castle would be under attack. Since the players of Japan-Korea server would enter the Chaos Realm only to realize that their Territory Gateway had already been conquered by a player from the China server, well, it makes perfect sense for them to feel unimaginable rage. Of course they would attack Winst Castle!

Even though Zhang Yang had not spent a large sum of money on building facilities, but the basic defenses were a must! Basic defensive facilities such as [Magic Cannon], Soldiers, and even the [Mechanical Servants]! Zhang Yang had brought some [Allsparks] over to the Chaos Realm and made quite a number of [Mechanical Servant]. Although they were just Level 85 monsters, but they were still Elites!

Furthermore, the Level Gap Suppression' function of the game had been increased up to 30 levels. So, an army of Level 85 elites could still give Level 100 players a hard time, and they would greatly outnumber!

With 100 [Mechanical Servants] charging out, one or two players with powerful equipment would still be wiped out instantly --- unless they have ‘Transformation Skill’ of an Inheritance!

Therefore, although Winst Castle was also under the attack from the players from Japan-Korea server, they were all taken out by the [Mechanical Servants]. They did not even have to use the [Magic Cannon]! One shot from the [Magic Cannon] costs 100,000 gold coins! Using a [Magic Cannon] to kill one player is an act of overkill! It would be like using a cannon to blow away a mosquito! To spend money like that, it is no longer the act of a pompous, filthy-rich snot, it would be an unforgivable sin!

At first, Zhang Yang did not think much about it. He believed that the invaders would be swiftly taken care of by his army of [Mechanical Servants]. However, for the next few minutes, Zhang Yang was still receiving notifications about the attacks on his Territory. He could not help but to frown a little in annoyance as he directed the Serpent to land.

Could it be, that those people of the Japan-Korea server were about to launch a large-scale assault on his Winst Castle?

Zhang Yang could not stop wondering as he took out his [Teleportation Scroll] and tore it up. In just a manner of seconds, he was teleported back to Morning Town. Then he quickly used the Teleportation Circle in the town to travel back to Winst Castle.

After that, he jumped straight onto Whitey Jr. and flew over the top of the castle, together with Felice. He began to survey the area, trying to locate the attackers. It did not take long before Zhang Yang spotted them.

100 [Mechanical Servants] and 100 Castle Guards had been dispatched to engage the invaders. Other than the [Magic Cannons] these two armies were all who defended Winst Castle. There were a total of 20 players. Four Tankers were tanking everything in front of them, while the DPS players were channeling their damage output towards their enemies as furiously as they could. Meanwhile, there were also 5 healers healing up the Tankers from a safe distance.

The battle was halfway through, as the remaining number of the [Mechanical Servants] was only about a quarter. Not even half of the army of Castle Guard were remained on the battlefield! The enemies must have activated some powerful Skills such as Paired Skills like {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew} in order to kill so many Elites in such a short period of time!

Of course, although [Mechanical Servants] and the Castle Guards were all elite Tier, they were still no match to the elite Tier monsters in the Chaos Realm. Each of these [Mechanical Servant] only had a total HP of 150,000, and the Castle Guards were only slightly stronger. These Castle Guards only had a total of 250,000 HP! That was why they are not up to the task of holding back these powerful opposition players! Well, strictly speaking, these NPC soldiers were merely half that of an elite Tier!

Looking at the situation from above, Zhang Yang could see that these players are quite skillful and capable. They were capable of forming a human wall with 4 Tankers as vanguards. That way, they could firmly hold back the NPCs and hook on to the NPCs’ aggro while allowing the DpS players behind them to channel their damage output towards the NPCs without any interruptions! That would really maximize the efficiency of their damage output!

Well, it was also not very surprising to see such skilled players in the Chaos Realm. Well, players who can enter the Chaos Realm in the first place must be the top players of their respective servers in the first place. So it makes sense that it would not really that hard for these players to take on this bunch of ‘half elite’ NPCs.

Zhang Yang looked closer with his eyes opened wider. These 20 players were not from the same guild. They had to be the best players that different guilds could offer! A few days ago, there were only a few players at a time who were attempting to attack the Winst Castle. They were slaughtered by the NPCs like goats instead. Now, they have finally sent their high-tiered players, and had even teamed up together!

With a command through his mind, Zhang Yang ordered Whitey Jr. to descend down to the ground.

At the same instant, the battle on the ground was about to end. Although there were still a number of NPCs remaining, their HPs were already at critical levels. After another wave of powerful assaults, almost all of the NPCs were killed.

The moment when Zhang Yang touched down on the ground, the last 7 NPCs who were still standing took the final hits before they collapsed onto the ground. Now, only Zhang Yang was standing before the 20 players.

Zhang Yang sat on the back of Whitey Jr., looking mighty, while Felice stood next to him with her lance in her hand with pride. The little lady had a cold expression on her face, ready to kill.

"Zhan Yu?" one of the Tankers on the opposition side suddenly blurted out. He actually took a few, calculated steps back when he saw Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang felt a chill down his spine, knowing nothing about this guy. How did he know about him? But after giving it some thoughts about it, he was rather famous himself. He was currently the Number One Tanker in the entire China server. Countless high Tiered players would try to study and learn his tactics and skills! It was comprehensible that many players would recognize him.

The facial expression of Zhang Yang at that moment was as if he did not give a damn about anything. However, as he scanned the surroundings with his eyes, he realized that the 20 players had quietly flanked him from all directions, except for the direction from above. Zhang Yang felt like laughing hard after seeing what was going on. Well, he has a [Flying Mount]. Surrounding him up would not do any good for them at all. If he ever wanted to leave, who could have stopped him, anyway?

However, it wasn’t their fault, as they were still new to the Chaos Realm. They were not used to the idea of Air Combat, yet. They must have gotten used to rounding enemies up after years of practice. Well, no one can blame them for acting ‘rationally’ according to the situation. One can only say that these players have not caught up to the game’s current development.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely as he began to ‘welcome’ them, "Fellow players, it must have been tiring to travel a great distance just to arrive here. Come, have a rest in the castle."

Rest? F*ck you!

The Japan-Korea players were scolding and cursing him in within their hearts. This Territory Gateway should belong to the Japan-Korea server in the first place! And now, they are being treated like guests in their own Territory-was-to-be? Well, there is a limit to humiliating others!

Apparently, the first Tanker who spoke up was called ‘Ode to the Grim Reaper’, and he too, was a Guardian. He stood out from the party and said, "Our experts in Korea have been studying your ancestors, and we are very sure that your ancestors were refugees who fled from Korea many years ago! So you are not Chinese, you have the blood of our noble Korea flowing beneath your skin! Come back to our noble Korea! Only then, can you ensure the best possible paths for your future!"

The rage rushed up to Zhang Yang’s head in an instant!

Zhang Yang went all ‘Sparta’ the moment he heard what the Ode to the Grim Reaper said. The ability of that fellow to talk nonsense with his eyes closed is truly amazing! Spectacular! They didn’t even know his surname! It is amazing how they claimed to have ‘discovered’ Zhang Yang’s heritage and all!

However, it made sense when the Koreans believe that the entire universe is created by them! To them, Zhang Yang would naturally be a Korean as well! What a joke!

When players first connect to the {{God’s Miracle}}. the system will automatically spawn the players in one of the eight main cities based on the location that the players are at. No changes will be made after that. So, even if Zhang Yang travels over to America and signs in from there, the system will still recognize him as a player from China, a player from White Jade Castle.

However, players could apply to change their servers if they ever feel like it. But, they must undergo some annoying steps and pay a substantial sum of money.

Therefore, traitors from China, Korea, Japan, or America do exist in this game. Well, it mattered not, be it Zhang Yang’s previous life or this life, there would always be high-Tiered players who lacked such morality, to the point that they would turn their backs against their own people, their own countries. They would just join other servers and go up against their own kin with a snap of their fingers.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "That’s right. If you say so, I should be an esteemed Korean by now. My deeds should have spoken for themselves. So, you Korean youngsters should just call me supreme leader, or master would do!"