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Chapter 516: An Easy Obliteration

Chapter 516: An Easy Obliteration

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"Zhan Yu!" Ode to the Grim Reaper was enraged. He raised up his sword and shield and pointed the sharp tip of the blade at Zhang Yang, "You dare to insult me?"

So, this imbecile claimed Zhang Yang’s nationality to be Korean, but felt humiliated when Zhang Yang claimed himself to be their supreme leader? Now, who is the joke, now?

"What are we waiting for? Stop with the bullsh*t and get rid of him already!" one of the Spellcasters with the name of ‘Ancient House Prince’ said. It was pretty obvious that he was not very fond of Ode to the Grim Reaper. He pointed his staff at Zhang Yang, and started chanting for his spell.

A Japanese player, perhaps?

Zhang Yang revealed a sinister smile on his face and said, "Felice, let’s go and kill that ‘Shorty Japan’!"

Felice wouldn’t understand the term ‘Shorty Japan’, but since Zhang Yang was pointing at the Ancient House Prince, she nodded immediately and leaped and transformed into her Dragonhawk Form. She flew into the air and began to chant the spell for her {Fire Missile} as she targeted the Spellcaster.

"Kill him!"

The battle erupted suddenly, thanks to Ancient House Prince. His action was like the trigger that ignited a barrel of explosives! The 20 players launched their assaults towards Zhang Yang, almost at the same instant!

Although a [Flying Mount] is convenient, it had a fatal weakness when it comes to battling players. The body mass of a [Flying Mount] is too large! It would make a fine target for the enemies to aim at! Zhang Yang had the {God of War Transformation} on hand, so he was confident of holding his own, here. He activated the {God of War’s Shield} as a start, acquiring an additional 20% Passive Damage Immunity. Then, he jumped down from the back of Whitey Jr. and activated {Charge,} as he charged towards Ancient House Prince.


Zhang Yang swung his quarterstaff-hammer and landed a solid hit on the neck of the Ancient House Prince. It did not just take away two-fifths of the HP bar of the player, that strike had also broken the neck of Ancient House Prince to the point that it was crooked at a weird angle! The chanting was interrupted instantly!

With the strike, the Rage Points that Zhang Yang has was instantly boosted up to a total of 120 points! The Rage Bar was full! He laughed, as he proceeded to activate his {Destructive Smash} on the Spellcaster.


"Argh!" Ancient House Prince let out a miserable cry as he was sent straight to the Graveyard. Although those were two different strikes that Zhang Yang slammed at almost the same instant on the Ancient House Prince, there was no Global Cool Down for the two strikes, as one was merely a normal attack while the other was a Skill attack. Ancient House Prince was struck so swiftly that he did not even have time to activate his {Ice Barrier} or {Apparate}!

"Holy mother of god!"

After witnessing the terrifying damage that Zhang Yang had brought upon the Ancient House Prince, everyone on the scene was shocked to core. A few of them even rubbed their eyes as they could not believe the truth that they had just witnessed!

What the hell was that? Could a Guardian really do so much damage?

However, these were the top players in their region, after all. They managed to recover from the shock in an instant. The Spellcasters carried on with their chanting while the other players started moving around in a tactical formation. But, because they had locked on to the Serpent, so most of their attacks were launched at Whitey Jr. instead of Zhang Yang.

As Zhang Yang had instantly killed the player that Felice targeted, Felice was interrupted in the chanting of her {Fire Missile} and she decided to use {Pulverizing Flame} instead, torching up the place, creating a sea of flames beneath her.

However, players are not as dumb as the monsters in the game. They would not just stand there and let the flames scorch their asses. All of them immediately fled from that area as they ran like wild gooses! With them running around wildly, trying to avoid themselves from being burned alive, it gave Zhang Yang another opportunity to attack. Zhang Yang went on with a {Heroic Leap} and landed by the spot where the Healers were standing. He stunned all 5 Healers at once!

{Horizontal Sweep}!





4 damage values popped right on top of the 4 healers’ heads, and one of them was a Critical Damage! That Critical Hit sent a Holy Knight straight to the Graveyard! Unfortunately, these Healers were standing quite far away from each other. Although Zhang Yang had managed to strike the 5 Healers with his {Heroic Leap}, his {Horizontal Strike} could not cover that much ground and he had only managed to hit 4 of them!

Well, it was still a productive outcome. The other 3 Healers were left with only a little amount of HP on them. They quickly retreated and started healing themselves up.

Meanwhile, there were no longer any available targets within the range attack of Felice’s {Pulverizing Flame}. Naturally, Felice did not waste any more time in herding the players. She dove down from the sky in high speed. While she was at it, she transformed into her Humanoid Form before she reached the ground. She landed right beside Zhang Yang. As the 1-second Global Cool Down period was over, she immediately raised her lance and struck it straight towards a Priest.


With that strike, the Priest died on the spot! Felice was being very intimidating as she continued to activate her {Blazing Dragon's Spear} on another target. Another damage of ‘-18,067’ popped up on top of one of the healers, and the third healer was killed as well!

Everything was happening so lightning fast! 4 players were already dead!

Ode to the Grim Reaper was feeling angry and shocked at the same time, and he informed one of his teammates, "Pika, go and restrict the Battle Companion!"

"Roger!" the Thief nodded and reached out with his hands as he made a gesture that suggested that he was pressing his palms against Felice, remotely. A stream of light gushed towards Felice and turned into a ball-shaped barrier the moment it reached Felice! Felice was suddenly caught in a barrier!

Felice let out a roar with rage as she attempted to break the barrier. However, everything that she did could not even give a scratch. She began to panic and started screaming for help, "Big brother! I’m stuck! Help!"

This Skill should be similar to the "Banishment" effect. Although it could restrict the movement of Felice for a short moment, but it would also make Felice immune to all damage at the same time! Zhang Yang comforted her as she looked genuinely terrified, "Don’t worry, Felice. I can handle all these clowns by myself! It will be just like dancing with a bunch of clowns!"






The attacks of Ode to the Grim Reaper and his party members had finally landed on Zhang Yang! But they could only inflict Zhang yang with approximately 5,000 damage, each. So they had only managed to damage Zhang Yang by approximately 10,000 to 20,000 damage. Well, dual-weapon wielders like Thief Class players could not even break through Zhang Yang’s Defense to even damage him!

It cannot be helped because Zhang Yang currently had a total Defense of 2,400 points, 40% Damage Immunity, and also a total of 2,606 Damage Absorption! Zhang Yang is the only player to have an Inheritance at the current stage of the game. It also happened to be the strongest class, Class S! If he is unable to oppress these players who were at such a disadvantage, then Zhang Yang should be ashamed of himself!

Truth to be told, Zhang Yang did not really care about the damage he receives. He cared more about the Status Restriction Effects that are being used on him! However, ever since he has the [God of War Inheritance], his resistance against Status Restriction Effects has greatly increased. At least, none of the Status Restriction Effects that he had encountered so far would have any effect on him!

Well, such is the power of an [Inheritance], on players without [Inheritances]!

Furthermore, even if he really is affected by a Status Restriction Effect, Zhang Yang still has {Warrior's Will}, [Heart of the Death Knight] and [Mobility Potion] to free himself from the effect. That should be enough for him to unleash hell upon all his enemies!



The [Heaven Shaker] was just like the golden cudgel, the weapon that was used by the Monkey King who made a mess in the heavens! Every touch from it hurt, every strike from it killed!

At the current stage of the game, even players who are not Tankers would only have approximately 80,000 HP when they are mounted on a Yellow-Gold Tier [Mount]. Taking damage from Skills that inflict 200% Melee Attack of Damage such as {Frost Strike}, {Horizontal Strike} and {Destructive Smash} would cause any player to lose at least 40,000HP. If there are any Critical Hits among these attacks, the player would be instantly killed!

Furthermore, even if {Cripple Defense} is just a Skill that players use to decrease the Defense of their opponents, but even so, if it comes from Zhang Yang, it would deal upwards of 10,000 damage, which also meant that Zhang Yang could cause at least 50,000 damage to a player by using Skills that inflict 200% Melee Attack of Damage, such as {Frost Strike}, {Horizontal Strike} and {Destructive Smash}! The {Cripple Defense} would serve as a great boost in filling up his Rage Bar, giving him a higher capability of inflicting even more terrifying amount of damage!

"Stop him! Restrict his movement, or do something!" Under the tactical arrangement of Ode to the Grim Reaper, the four Tankers came from 4 different directions, trying to box Zhang Yang in attempting to stop him from making his way over to the remaining Healer and the DpS players. Although the attacks of Zhang Yang were oppressively powerful, but Tankers would always give him a headache, as they could sustain much more damage than players of other Classes!

Zhang Yang let out a loud laugh, and then he used the {Glare of the Death God} on Ode to the Grim Reaper.

With another wave of his hand, Zhang Yang summoned out [Devastator] onto the battlefield and commanded [Devastator] to attack Ode to the Grim Reaper as aggressively as possible. Well, on the other hand, Ode to the Grim Reaper was not really having good luck either. The first hit from the [Devastator] had actually triggered the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God]! Zhang Yang rushed in with a stomp on the ground as he activated his {Thunder Strike}, giving a fatal blow to Ode to the Grim Reaper, that instantly killed him!

There was no doubt that the equipment set of Ode to the Grim Reaper was the best among the other Tankers. However, to see Ode to the Grim Reaper being instantly killed by a mere Level 88 Silver-Tier Servant was just unaccountable! How could anyone stand being killed by such a low Tier Servant! Furthermore, because Ode to the Grim Reaper had died so swiftly, none of them were able to see the description of the negative effect that was inflicted upon him!

The more they did not understand the situation, the more they lost the will to battle, and the more they feared. The three Tankers could not help but to retreat, one step at a time. Their faces were indistinguishable from the faces of albinos!

Zhang Yang felt very satisfied with the current situation. He could already torture them so brutally without even activating his {God of War Transformation}! If he did activate his {God of War Transformation}, would he actually be able to kill all of them instantly?

When a player with an [Inheritance] engages a player without an [Inheritance], the advantage that the player with [Inheritance] has over the player without an [Inheritance] is really oppressive! Although Zhang Yang had not activated his {God of War Transformation}, he still had a 50% damage increment and 20 additional Damage Immunity, pulling him far ahead of players without an [Inheritance]!

Zhang Yang saw the opportunity, so he grabbed it! He charged out of the box formation as swiftly as he could. By swinging his [Heaven Shaker] around consecutively, Zhang Yang oppressively crushed the players of the Japan-Korea region, like a tiger among a herd of sheep! Although it was just him alone, he had crushed the opposition party to the point that they could not even fight back! It was a total wipeout!

The Thief that was still restricting Felice with his ‘Spell’ saw that Zhang Yang was charging at him aggressively, as if he was ready to bite off his nose. He was so terrified that he stopped using his Spell and activated his {Vanish}, entering Stealth Mode. He did not want to die so horribly!

Felice was finally freed from the ‘restriction barrier’ that had held her for quite a while. She rejoined the battle and worked together with Zhang Yang in order to taken down everyone else on the opposing side. The two of them were like god slayers! Anyone who stood in their way would only be slaughtered!

After killing eight of them, Zhang Yang only had about 30,000HP left. Without panicking, he activated his {Last Vigor} before activating his {Shield Wall}. His HP bar instantly recovered completely! But, why did Zhang Yang activate his {Last Vigor}? Because, this Skill gives a temporary boost of 30% on his Maximum HP amount, and {Shield Wall}, while under the Special Effect of the [Titan Wall], could recover his HP based on a fixed percentage. That would mean that, if he has a higher amount of Maximum HP, he would be able to recover more health!

After witnessing the HP bar that they taken so much effort to reduce beginning to fill it self up, the remaining 12 players of the Japan-Korea region considered giving up immediately. They actually thought that without the {Berserker’s heal}, Zhang Yang would not be able to hold up his HP for long, as every player only has one HP bar! Furthermore, Zhang Yang was not some sort of God of War that is all powerful! So sooner or later, even Zhang Yang could be brought down to his knees!

However, they had never expected Zhang Yang to possess the powerful relic - [Titan Wall]! Zhang Yang could actually recover his HP bar, just by activating his {Shield Wall}!

Fortunately for them, they did not have to find out that Zhang Yang still had another trump card that could recover his HP back to the full state, in an instant! Or else, they could simply drop their weapons in surrender!

Another minute had passed. From 12, only 5 players remained! The 5 players looked at each other hopelessly. Then, they began to hop on to their [Mounts] and made their escapes. The 5 of them headed towards 5 different directions! They were trying not to give Zhang Yang the chance to catch them all in one draft!

Zhang Yang laughed as he mounted himself onto Whitey Jr.. The movement speed of a [Flying Mount] was extremely fast, and Zhang Yang caught up with 3 of the players with ease. He attempted to kill them one by one, however, two of them got away in the end.