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Chapter 517: Aiding Fatty Han

Chapter 517: Aiding Fatty Han

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Nevertheless, Zhang Yang was pleased with the outcome of the battle. He had just crippled a party made up of Top Tier players, from a large region and more importantly, he had taken them out all by himself without any other party members around him! That itself was already an impressive achievement. It does not matter even if he fails to capture all of them.

Unfortunately, such days will not remain for long. When other players begin to acquire [Inheritances] for themselves, the advantage that Zhang Yang has right now would diminish, or even be gone! But, the [God of War Inheritance] is the best top-tier S-Class [Inheritance] in the game. Only 6 players would be able to obtain this Class. Ergo, Zhang Yang would still have some advantages over the other players. But, the advantages he holds shall not be as great as before.

The Chaos Realm had been quite merry for the passing days. The server would notify about some Territories being refreshed, and some Territories being conquered by players. In only less than a week, all eight Territory Gateways have acquired their own Barons.

Indubitably, because Zhang Yang had occupied the Territory Gateway in Winst Castle that should supposedly belong to the Japan-Korea region, the Japan-Korea region had taken a slap on their ‘shorty’ faces. It hurt them so much, having to travel all the way from the Teleportation point in the Ten Barren Seas to enter the Chaos Realm. Zhang Yang’s handy work had greatly inconvenienced them, making them take up so much time just to travel to the Chaos Realm!

Furthermore, because Winst Castle is right in the middle of the only path that led deeper into the Chaos Realm, the players from Japan-Korea region are forced to grind only in one-fifth of the Grandu Ice Ridge map! Players with [Flying Mounts] could bypass the castle by flying over it. But the others without a [Flying Mount] would have to forcefully break through the Winst Castle in order to enter the Chaos Realm!

What makes them more depressed is that every time after they have returned to their main city, they will have to repeat the exact same process just to enter the wider part of the Chaos Realm. Zhang Yang’s handy work simply gave them too much trouble!

When the number of players who reaches Level 100 increases, the Winst Castle would no longer be able to block the flow of the players from Japan-Korea region. As long as they come in a large group, they would have no problems at all in breaking through the Winst Castle. Although the Winst Castle would no longer be capable of holding the fort against the large group of Japan-Korea players, the place could still prevent smaller group of players. The situation was truly depressing and frustrating for the players of the Japan-Korea region. They would have to mobilize a large number of players every time they wanted to venture further into the Chaos Realm! If they do not do so, they would just be giving their enemies free kills!

Inconvenient! Very inconvenient!

However, without the [Territory Conquest Order], it would be pointless for them to level Winst Castle to the ground! The Baron of the Winst Castle would still be Zhang Yang. As long as he was willing to pay the repairing fees, he can just rebuild the castle as many time as he wants and continue keeping the players of the Japan-Korea region out!

In fact. he had been putting that strategy into practice! Every time after the army of Japan-Korea region leveled Winst Castle to the ground, Zhang Yang would rebuild Winst Castle by spending some money in order to collect the heads of the Japan-Korea players and get his revenge back!

He only loses a portion of his money by doing so, while wasting the time of the Japan-Korea players when they could have spent so much more time grinding up their levels! The most important thing in an online game is player's level. Without meeting the level requirement, a player will never be eligible to enter any higher leveled region, and they would also not be able to defeat high-level bosses, resulting in them not being able to acquire any high-level equipment!

With such an obstacle before them, the Japan-Korea region would definitely fall behind the rest of the game!

Currently, they were busting their asses, killing the bosses available in their area, over and over again in an attempt to acquire a [Territory Conquest Order]! They were determined to get back that which was supposed to be theirs, Winst Castle!

However, an item as rare as the [Territory Conquest Order] would only drop on the First Clear of a dungeon. All bosses located among the maps lower than Level 100 have been slain for so many times that anyone would have lost count by now! Hence, how was it possible for a [Territory Conquest Order] to still drop from the bosses, then?

Because of that, there was almost an in-fighting among the Japan-Korea players as they were arguing about the misuse of the [Territory Conquest Orders] that they had back then. Henceforth, they could only stare at Winst Castle until their eyes dry up!

Since it was no longer possible for them to obtain the [Territory Conquest Order] within their own region, the Japan-Korea players could put their hopes in the wider area of the Chaos Realm. After they managed to break through the Winst Castle, they would just have to search and slay bosses as much as they could just to attempt to get the order. Despite their efforts, a [Territory Conquest Order] would not drop so easily. It seems that they would have to keep on repeating this mundane task for a little while longer.

Well, the Japan-Korea region has become the laughing stock for the players all around the world as they are talked about in the official forums. While the players from other regions were enjoying the drama, the players from Japan-Korea region hated Zhang Yang so much that they would suck him dry and hang his meat and bones up, in front of their doorsteps! However, the players from the China region were respecting Zhang Yang more than they ever could for his handiwork. Teenagers of 16 to 17 years old viewed him as an idol.

Dungeons upwards of level 100 are designed for a much larger scale, in this case they would accommodate up to 50 players at a time. At the current stage of the game, most large-scale guilds have begun challenging those dungeons. They would get themselves familiar with the boss Skills and the attack patterns of the boss by clearing the Normal Mode and Hard Mode of the dungeons to familiarize themselves with the patterns of the boss.

In the past, the 'First Clear' achievements for the Hardcore Mode of dungeons had remained unique and individual to their respective regions. The eight big regions of the game would produce eight 'First Clears', for the same dungeon! Eight regions led to the possibility of eight ‘First Clears’! However, only one party would be able to acquire the ‘First Clear’ of a dungeon after all players from all eight main regions have entered the Chaos Realm!

Therefore, the Level 100 dungeon - Dragon Throat Fortress was currently being targeted to be taken down at all costs, by all high profile guilds from all eight main regions! Whoever who manages to take down the Hardcore Mode of this dungeon first shall claim the first and only ‘First Clear’ in the Chaos Realm!

Securing the ‘First Clear’ of such a scale is what any guild would want. It is the highest form of glory that any guild would kill for!

This is really the defining moment to be number one, in the entire world! Which guild wouldn’t want such a title bestowed upon themselves?

Therefore, even if they do not have enough members for it, they would still march into the dungeon to try on the boss! Although the Skills of the boss are clearly stated in the database, to read and come up with theories and to do it were two very different things. Seeing the others doing well is one thing, but when it is one’s turn to engage, any form of unforeseen circumstance and errors might just pop right up in the face. Some things must be practiced to perfection in order to get a pass!

Although several more players have been flitting into the Chaos Realm along the passage of time, each guild would only be able to fork out a few representatives at the moment. In Lone Desert Smoke’s case, they only had about 30 members capable of traveling into the Chaos Realm for the moment. Due to Mountain Mover's level being ineligible to enter the Chaos Realm, Zhang Yang could only allow Hundred Shots to lead the party over to the Dragon Throat Fortress dungeon to familiarize themselves with the attack pattern and Skills of the boss. Meanwhile, players who have not reached the required levels yet could only watch the video recordings of those who went to challenge the boss and failed badly. They could only learn from the mistakes that those players made through the videos.

The other guilds were also doing the same thing. In a nutshell, this is the first time that all guilds from all eight regions are fighting over this ‘First Clear’ title. The competition is even more intense than anyone could imagine. The discussions on the official forums were blazing up, as players from all eight regions were supporting the best guilds in their own regions, as they believed that their top guilds would be the ones who prevail. The servers of the official forums had crashed several times, because of the overflowing comments from the players from all eight regions. That just goes to show how intense the arguments on the forums were!

However, the total number of bosses in Dragon Throat Fortress has reached up to 15 bosses! The first 5 bosses were pushovers, giving out equipment to the players for free. However, the next 5 bosses were slightly harder. 50% of the parties could no longer progress any further into the dungeon. The final 5 bosses were the really challenging ones that are worthy of being called bosses in the Hard Mode of the dungeon. Basically, 90% of the parties could no longer progress any further as the bosses were too damn hard for them to take on! Some of them could not even catch their breaths!

The Normal Mode of the dungeon was simple enough, but the Hard Mode of the dungeon was a good ‘entry examination’ that separated the wheat from the chaff. Plus, none of the parties were complete yet. The Dungeon Expedition Force of the Lone Desert Smoke only managed to take down 11 bosses of the dungeon before the dungeon reset. The Dungeon Reset Time for a 50-player scale dungeon is 10 days (In-game Time), but truth to be told, the Dungeon Expedition Force of the Lone Desert Smoke only took two days to defeat 10 bosses. It took approximately 8 days for them to slay the 11th boss!

Furthermore, the final 5 bosses are expected to be increasing in difficulty, and that is just the Hard Mode of the dungeon! How hard would it really be when it comes to the Hardcore Mode of the dungeon then?

Naturally, the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards!

The bosses in Hard Mode would only drop Yellow-Gold Tier equipment, while the bosses in Hardcore Mode would have higher tendencies of dropping Violet-Platinum Tier equipment! So if the difficulty of the dungeon in Hardcore Mode does not meet a certain standard, then everyone will stand a chance of getting Violet-Platinum Tier equipment, and the entire game would be full of players with Violet-Platinum Tier equipment, totally defeating the purpose of equipment tiers!

Zhang Yang had thought about using his {God of War Transformation} to end the boss immediately. However, the cooldown period for the {God of War Transformation} is 3 days long! If he uses it to kill one boss at a time, then Zhang Yang could only kill 4 bosses before the dungeon resets. After the dungeon is being reset, Zhang Yang would have to repeat killing the bosses all over again!

Well, shortcuts are not meant for long-term solutions. Increasing the base skill and strength of the party is the best way to do it. After all, there are still countless of dungeons to be cleared in the future, and the bosses would only get even more difficult in the future. So, it would be impossible for Zhang Yang to always rely on his {God of War Transformation} skill.

According to the ‘history’ of Zhang Yang’s previous life, it took more than 3 months (Real Time) to completely clear the dungeon, starting with the first boss in the Normal Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress to the final boss Dragon Throat Orc Lord Basseula in the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress. It was like hell broke loose, as people and monsters were roaring in misery and death!

Therefore, Zhang Yang had no need to worry about other parties snatching the ‘First Clear’ of the dungeon away. He could just focus on aiding his core players in acquiring their own [Inheritances]. By having [Inheritance], the power level of a player is totally different than before, for the better, of course!

"Little Yang, I’ve almost completed it all!" the panting sound of Fatty Han was heard loud and clear through the party channel, "Come and help me handle the final boss!"

"Alright, I’ll be there in just a second!"

Zhang Yang agreed to help Fatty Han. He brought up his world map to check on the location of that fatty. Then he rode on Whitey Jr. and headed straight towards the location of Fatty Han. Fatty Han was currently in the Hidayat Wilderness map, at where the Antioch Forest was. It is a Level 120 - 150 Grinding Map. Therefore, there were no signs of any players on that map. Unless there are special quests requiring players to go to that map, players would only proceed in an orderly way. So, there is no way that they would suddenly come to a high leveled map to grind their levels.

When he arrived at the scene, Zhang Yang saw that fatty Han was hiding in the bushes by a manor. Fatty Han was acting extremely nervous, as he would look around very carefully like a stealthy criminal who had just committed a crime.

Zhang Yang could not help but to laugh as he landed the ground, "Fatty, why are you looking all shady over there? Is someone trying to poke your ass or what?"

"Oh my mother of god!" Fatty Han was instantly scared shitless as he jumped straight out from the bushes, "What the hell, little Yang! Don’t scare me like this! And lower your voice down! The area before us is filled with Vampires, and they are all elite Tier! I almost died trying to fight them off!"

Zhang Yang came down from the back of Whitey Jr., "The boss that you need to slay is in there?"

"That’s right. The description of the quest states that this is an S-Rank quest. So I immediately thought of you!" Fatty Han tapped on Zhang Yang’s shoulder, "This should be a Mythical Tier boss, right?"

Zhang Yang shook his head, as the quest for the [Vampire Inheritance] is just a B-Rank quest. It’s difficulty was just like the [King Kong Inheritance] that he had cleared in his previous life. So, the final boss of the quest should be the same Tier as the King Kong boss as well. This boss should be a Level 150 Ethereal boss.

Of course, there would still be some differences between the bosses, even though they are all in the same Tier. For example, the Ethereal Tier boss Black Dragon Anubask had an HP bar that was 10 times longer than the HP bar of a normal Ethereal Tier boss! If Felice had not gone crazy on the boss, Zhang Yang would not have completed his quest so soon, and it would have taken him a unimaginably long time to complete the quest!

"Let me summon the witch, little brat and the remaining of our party members over before we charge in!" Zhang Yang equipped his [Party Summon Order].

"Little Yang, oh my little Yang. You’ve ‘tasted’ that big breasted Snow already, have you?" Fatty Han suddenly interrupted Zhang Yang as he looked at Zhang Yang with a sleazy look.

Zhang Yang shrugged and said, "Why do you ask?"

"What the hell! Just look at her! That witch is always revealing her flirtatious face at you every single time she sees you. It’s like she haven’t write the words saying she had been ... ‘moisturized’ by someone! If you are saying that it wasn’t you, then this ‘someone’ will be as good as dead!" Fatty Han looked at Zhang Yang with an ambiguous expression on his face.

"... er... we should start discussing the boss!" Zhang Yang was determined to ignore this annoying fatty and he activated the [Party Summon Order]. In less than 10 seconds, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue and the rest of his party members arrived.

He observed her intently, and it was as Fatty Han said, Han Ying Xue was indeed emitting her flirtatious aura all over the place, as every single gesture she made suggested something sexual. It's like she had been awoken to a new world of passion and love, and she was unconsciously letting it show! While Zhang Yang found it highly distracting, even Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream would go blind if they had to watch her a little longer.

Zhang Yang would have never expected that the witch would actually bring in her her new awakening into the game. Worst of all, Fatty Han could see it as clear as day! Let’s just hope that that fatty can keep his mouth shut!

"Brother Fatty! I’m really having a hard time imagining a fat bat flying in midair!" Endless Starlight started to tease Fatty Han about his body size.

"Haha! Little Starlight, there is no need to be envious of me! Rest assured, when I have obtained the [Vampire Inheritance], I shall help you get a C-Class [Inheritance]! At least you can also ‘transform’ yourself that way!" Fatty Han laughed out loud.

"Fine. Enough with the chatters! Let’s hurry up and get things started. We’ll get over with it sooner! Move out!" Zhang Yang waved his [Heaven Shaker] around and walked straight towards the manor.

"Who goes there? How dare you trespass into the private property of Count Ferra!" a middle-aged man in the manor shouted. This man was wearing a ceremonial robe of sorts, and looked like a noble aristocrat.

[Vampiric Familiar] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 140

HP: 1,400,000

Defense: 2,440

Attack Power: 9,868 - 11,868


[Blood Drain]: Drains the blood of the target, inflicting 10,000 Shadow Damage to the target, while recovering the same amount of HP, based on the damage done to the target.

[Claw Skewer]: Tears open the target with sharp claws, inflicting 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage.

Note: The Vampiric Familiar that serves The Vampire Count Ferra, loyal to the master, brutal to the enemies.

"What the hell! This is an elite monster? The damage is already as high as a Yellow-Gold boss!" after reading the attributes of the monster, Endless Starlight let out a high pitched scream.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "Well, you are in a higher leveled map now, of course the elites here would be much more powerful! If you ever get to the Level 300 map, the attacks of the elite monsters over there should be even more powerful than the attacks of a Holy Tier boss! The damage of this elite monster is not the main concern. The main thing, is that the monster’s level is 30 levels higher than us, so there is a Level Gap Suppression!"

"However, the Level Gap Suppression function of the game is only annoying when it comes to boss battles. The elite monsters won’t give us that much trouble, yet!" Zhang Yang activated his {Charge} and threw himself into the monster, followed by a powerful swing of his [Heaven Shaker] that bashed the monster in the head.


Huh? That damage is really low!

Under the boost of Wei Yan Er’s {Strength Aura}, Zhang Yang’s attack should have reached up to the range of 22,820 - 26,320. Even if the monster has 2,440 Defense, Zhang Yang’s {Eagle Eye} could ignore 65% of the monster’s Defense! So, he should be able to cause about 21,966 - 25,466 damage to the monster.

This is the doing of the Level Gap Suppression function! Zhang Yang’s damage has greatly suffered because of it!