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Chapter 518: The Vampire Count Ferra

Chapter 518: The Vampire Count Ferra

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In 'God’s Miracle', when it comes to the Level Gap Suppression' feature of the game, there is a 10% rate of players inflicting only 10% of the damage that they can cause to monsters. Then, there is a 20% rate for players to only inflict 20% of their initial damage. This follows with a 30% rate for players to only inflict 30% of their initial damage. Last but not least, there is a 40% rate for players to only inflict 50% of their initial damage.

In other words, players would never have the chance to inflict more than 50% of their normal damage when the Level Gap Suppression' function of the game is activated, due to the large gap between the level of players and the level of monsters. The strike that Zhang Yang landed on the monster was only 20% of his normal damage.

On the contrary, the Level Gap Suppression' function of the game would give the monster an advantage over the players. The monsters would have a 10% rate of causing damage 5 times higher than their normal damage, 20% rate of causing a damage 4 times higher than their normal damage, 30% rate of causing a damage 3 times higher of their normal damage, and a 40% rate of causing damage 2 times higher!

Therefore, it is not an easy task to fight way above their levels, especially when it comes to engaging a boss that has a higher level than you.

The situation was exactly like Zhang Yang’s previous encounter with the Black Dragon, Anubask. Without Felice’s explosive madness, even if Zhang Yang had brought 10,000 Level 100 players along with him, the boss would have ‘eaten’ them like an evening snack! There was not even the slightest chance of Zhang Yang slaying that boss!

To carry out an Excessive Level Challenge on bosses with a higher level than the players, especially on an insanely powerful boss like the Black Dragon Anubask, players must have enough number of [Forbidden Scrolls] at their disposal. Players must willing to use them like tissue papers, without having to care about the cost. As Zhang Yang had already obtained the {God of War Transformation}, he had finally acquired the strength that would make it possible for him to go up against the Black Dragon Anubask! However, the insanely long HP bar of the boss would still pose a question on whether Zhang Yang could put down the boss within two hours. The possibility of that lay within the efficiency of his damage output. Since the moment Zhang Yang’s {God of War Trasnformation} period is over would be the moment where the boss instantly kills him!


The Vampiric Familiar swung one of his hands as blood began to ooze out of the Zhang Yang’s chest. A red number popped right on top of Zhang Yang’s head.


"My goodness! Are we battling an elite monster or a boss?" Endless Starlight let out a shocked scream.

"The Level Gap Suppression system is pretty awesome. The monster scored a triple damage!" Hundred Shots had certain understanding towards the data and statistics about the game, "If the monster can cause 5 times of it’s average damage, then the damage on us would have been even greater!"

Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart quickly activated their healing Skills on Zhang Yang to begin healing his HP bar back up. The HP bar of Zhang Yang was recovering swiftly.

Although there is a Level Gap Suppression on the party that causes the firepower of the party to reduce steeply, there is a saying - ‘An elephant can be killed by a large number of mosquitoes’!. In less than 40 seconds, the Vampiric Familiar collapsed to the ground and died. Well, at least the monster dropped a couple of coins and a few pieces of [Spiritual Cloth].

"Killing one elite monster here is so tiring!" Daffodil Daydream complained as she looked at the countless Vampiric Familiars wandering around every corner of the manor.

"Let’s do this!"

The party charged into the manor. Although the Level Gap Suppression was still in place, the monsters in the manor did not give the party much difficulty. After all, this party is possibly the best party in the entire world, at the current stage of the game. Even while their fire power is being restricted by the system, it only took them about 3 to 4 hours to slash all their way into the deepest area of the manor. The boss ‘Vampire Count Ferra’ that they were required to slay was located in a small garden.

[Vampire Count Ferra] (Ethereal, Spectre)

Level: 145

HP: 43,500,000

Defense: 9,410

Melee Attack: 53,216 - 61,216


[Talon’s Seduction]: every time when hitting the target, 10% of damage dealt would be turned into HP points.

[Heal]: The vampires have extraordinary healing abilities, heals 10,000 HP every 3 seconds.

[Vampiric Blood Drain]: Transforms into little bats, each bat has 500,000 HP. The number of bats is based on the number of players engaged in the battle, multiplied by 2. Every player will receive the {Vampiric Blood Drain} from 2 little bats. Players will not receive any damage during the duration of this Skill. However, as long as one of the bats is still alive, the players will lose HP and die instantly on the moment when the duration of the Skill ends. Each player’s death will contribute to 1% HP recovery of Ferra. The {Vampiric Blood Drain} will last for 30 seconds.

[Bat’s Voyage]: Transforms into a bat. Can fly in the air.

Note: The Vampire Count Ferra is said to be one of the oldest ancient Vampires. He is the progenitor of the Vampires’ Strength!

After reading the description of {Vampiric Blood Drain}, everyone frowned intensely on the spot.

To empty out a total of 1,000,000 HP within 30 seconds, each of them must maintain their DPS at 33,000 damage! Putting the Level Gap Suppression aside, for now, even if they were battling monsters of equivalent levels at the moment, it would not be possible for them to reach such a high amount of DPS! Each of them could only reach 7,000 to 8,000, at most! Of course, everyone could also gather around and use their AoE Skills to clear the bats out, but the fact that each of the bats had a total of 500.000 HP would be quite the headache!

"Little Yang, why is this boss so insanely powerful?" Fatty Han was flabbergasted. Just as he was about to finish the final quest of his Inheritance Linking Quest, it had just only struck him that it is not possible for him to slay the final boss! Of course, he would feel frustrated and emotional!

This is an Ethereal boss, so it would not be an easy battle at all!

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "This boss is Level 145. That means the developers had considered only letting players come and challenge this boss when they are at least Level 115. Players should get a whole set of Mythical Tier equipment first, before doing this! Under such consideration, it is only fair that each player only gets 30 seconds to empty out a total of 500,000 HP!"

After all, the game company had put this Level Suppression system in place to prevent players from going out of bounds. If players started getting too far ahead by themselves, the number of high level bosses would reduce very rapidly, and that would reduce the ‘lifespan’ of the game as well!

"So... are we still... doing this?" Fatty Han was asking, with a weak voice.

"Of course we are! Didn’t you see that this is an Ethereal Tier boss? If we take him down, we can get another ‘First Clear’ title!’ Zhang Yang laughed out loud, "So when the boss uses {Vampiric Blood Drain} later, we’ll just gather around and use our AoE Skills at the same time. It would still be possible to clear out those bats within the time frame!"

"Let’s try it out now!" Zhang Yang waved his [Heaven Shaker] around to loosen up his joints, and then he activated his {God of War Transformation} and activated his {God of War’s Shield}. As two divine wings sprouted out of his back, Zhang Yang looked like a god that has just descended from the heavens. As he began to charge at the boss, he threw out his {Spear of Obliteration,} as usual.


After activating his {God of War Transformation}, Zhang Yang had a total of 575% additional damage. Theoretically, he should be able to cause approximately 90,000 damage to the boss. However, because of the Level Gap Suppression function of the game, Zhang Yang could only cause 50% of his initial damage. Although the amount of damage that he dealt was still terrifying, Zhang Yang was still unhappy about the significant weakening of his power!

"Hahaha! Live creatures setting foot in my territory! Are you those Dragon Slayers or the Master of Justice who are trying to become famous by killing me?" This Count looked noble and dignified. He was dressed in a pale, gold tux. He had that handsome, nobleman vibe to his appearance. His fingers were fine and dainty.

With a leap, the Count leaped midair and he transformed into a giant bat, gliding towards Zhang Yang. He reached out with his right hand. All of a sudden, all five of his fingernails shot out, like 5 blood-coated switchblades. It was a horrific scene!

"What a handsome boss!"

"Agreed! What a manly man!"

"If this man can ride on a white horse, then he can really be a Prince Charming!"

Han Ying Xue, Daffodil Daydream, and Fantasy Sweetheart instantly started gossiping as they began to talk about how handsome and attractive the boss was.

Wei Yan Er stared at the boss for a brief moment, and then she suddenly said, "I know why the boss does not have a white horse to ride! Because he has sucked the white horse dry! Hahaha!" After that, she began to laugh on. The little brat had a terrible sense of dry humor, and started rolling on the floor, laughing. But after seeing that no one was laughing with her, she stopped and frowned, and then she said, "What a bunch of boring people!"



As the boss’ claws raked through his flesh, Zhang Yang received a horrifying amount of damage, while the effect of {Talon’s Seduction} kicked in and healed the boss by more than 10,000 HP!

"Oh my lord! Zhang Yang already has more than 10,000 Defense when he is transformed, and he also has a 40% Passive Damage Immunity! So if the damage of one hit from the boss is that high, wouldn’t regular Zhang Yang be dead already?"Lost Dream could not help but to scream in shock.

Indeed, even after Zhang Yang activated his {Vitality Aura}, he would still only have a total amount of 118,720 HP. If Zhang Yang did not have the 20% additional Passive Damage Immunity that the {God of War’s Shield} provided, even with a full bar of health, he would still be instantly killed by the boss! Furthermore, that particular strike had only been buffed up by 3 layers of the game's damage oppression system, due to their differences in levels. If the boss had been lucky enough to roll 4 layers, or even 5 layers of the Damage Oppression buff, the damage would have been even more ridiculous!

Right after he hooked the boss’s aggro onto him, everyone began to channel their damage output on the boss as they activated their powerful skills on the boss.

With their current healing capabilities, Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart need not worry about whether they would waste mana on unnecessary healing, such as overhealing someone beyond their maximum hit points. This was because the attack of the boss is so powerful, that one strike from the boss would already inflict more than 60,000 damage! The highest damage that the boss could deal would be about 180,000 damage! It would be impossible for the two of them to overheal anyone or anything! The two of them could let loose on their healings!

Fortunately, the Skill {Block} could negate one third of the boss’s damage. The stronger the attack of the boss, the more damage that {Block} would protect the player from! This has largely increased Zhang Yang’s survival capability in a battle.

Generally speaking, the normal attack of the boss could cause about 100,000 damage. So, by excluding the effect of {Block} once in every 6 seconds, the DpS of the boss would reach up to 30,000 damage. On the other hand, the healing capabilities of Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart have been weakened by the Level Gap Suppression of the game. The HP that they could heal every second only reached up to about 10,000 HP.

In other words, Zhang Yang was losing roughly 23,000HP every passing second!

The {God of War Transformation} has raised the Maximum HP by 40 times! However, even though Zhang Yang has over 4,748,800 HP at the moment while constantly using [Level 10 Potions] to heal himself while the healers are healing him, it would still be not enough at all to keep up with the boss! Now, the best and most powerful Skill would be the special effect of the [Titan Chest Plate]! By activating the {Shield Wall}, he could gain back 10% of his HP for every second!

Although the effect had already been nerfed, Zhang Yang still had a 50% rate of recovery. Plus, the effect of the [Titan Wall] extended the duration of the {Shield Wall} by 5 seconds! So, he can recover a total of 75% HP over 150 seconds. That would already cover back the gap that Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart could not heal!

Therefore, theoretically speaking, Zhang Yang should be able to hold his own the boss!

Obviously, that would only be true if the attacks of the boss stayed consistent at the rate of causing 3 times its initial damage. But, if the boss suddenly hits the jackpot and inflicts a damage 5 times harder than the boss initially does, the outcome would be totally different. Furthermore, Zhang Yang’s {God of War Shield} would only last for 10 minutes. After that, he would lose 20% of his Passive Damage Immunity!

Of course, Zhang Yang still had the {Radiance of the God of War} which he could use once in every 30 minutes. He would barely be able to make up for the 20% Passive Damage Immunity that he loses, after the effect of the {God of War Shield} fades.