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Chapter 521: The Vampire Inheritance

Chapter 521: The Vampire Inheritance

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However, the last two [Skill Books] that the little brat picked up were much less capable of such torture.

Wei Yan Er took out the first [Skill Book] and pasted the name of the book onto the party channel. The Skill on the [Skill Book] is called {Vampiric Touch}. It is a Skill that was not limited to Classes. Everyone stands a chance to learn it.

Everyone rolled for it. The little brat was the one who got the [Skill Book]. After she learned the Skill and revealed the description for the Skill, Wei Yan Er posted the description of the Skill onto the party channel immediately.

[Vampiric Touch]: Touches the target with the power of a Vampire! Lasts for 30 minutes. During the effective period, whenever the target receives any attack from the caster, 5% of the damage dealt by the caster would heal the caster’s own party members (5 members at most). The caster can only place the spell on one target at a time. Furthermore, the healing effect of the {Vampiric Touch} would not generate additional aggro. Range: 30 meters. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh, and he said, "If only I knew the details about this skill, I would have learned it himself. Or maybe, Sun Xin Yu should have learned it. It’s such a waste to give this to the little brat!"

Wei Yan Er was enraged and yelled at Zhang Yang, "Noob tank! I’m also a powerful DPS myself, you know it!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "What power are you talking about? The power of your poor chest? I can’t seem to see any power whatsoever!"

"You!" Wei Yan Er was so angry that she kept stomping the ground, "That’s because I haven’t hit puberty yet! My mum’s chest was ginormous! Just like my aunt’s! If you don’t believe it, you can ask sister Snow! Humph! Humph! I have inherited excellent genes! You shall regret the day you underestimated me! I shall grow a pair of boobs that are larger than sister Snow’s! Just wait and see!"

Everyone could only try their best not to laugh. Well, most of them were covering their mouths and faces, physically stopping themselves from laughing.

Zhang Yang looked at her and nodded, "Little brat, just forget about that unrealistic fantasy of yours and accept the truth!"

"Pui! You bastard!" Wei Yan Er decided to huff off the loot. Then, she picked the other [Skill Book] up and pasted the name of the book onto the party channel.

[Skill Book: Destroyer’s Madness]

Use: Teaches you the {Destroyer’s Madness}.

Required Class: None

Required Level: 100

‘Huh? Another [Skill Book] that does not have any required Class?" Everyone was curious and confused a little at the same time. Ever since they had entered the Chaos Realm, they had come across numerous [Skill Books] that did not have Class Requirements. Does this mean that every [Skill Book] in the Chaos Realm could be learned by anyone, blurring the lines between the Classes in the game?

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "Well, this Skill can support those with [Inheritances] below Class C. So, this Skill will only serve its purpose until you guys get your [Inheritances]. I suggest that you guys get a Class B [Inheritance,] at the very least. So, concerning this Skill, since it wouldn’t really matter much, let’s roll and see who gets it."

"Silly Yu, what does this Skill do?" Han Ying Xue asked out of curiosity.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely at her and said, "Whoever learns this, just post it up on our party channel later for everyone to see!"

The little brat got it again. The little brat was so full of herself that she threw a supercilious look at Zhang Yang. After learning the Skill, the little brat posted the description up on the party channel.

[Destroyer’s Madness]: Upon activating the Skill, additional 50% increase in Attack. Lasts for 2 hours. Cooldown: 72 hours. This skill shares the same Global Cool Down with ‘Inheritance Transformation’.

"Only Class S, Class A, Class B and Class C have the ‘Inheritance Transformation’. So this {Destroyer’s Madness} here is designed to cover the disadvantages of the [Inheritance] Classes that are lower than Class C!" Zhang Yang explained.

Fatty Han had already acquired the quest items that he needed to complete his quest. Right after distributing the 3 pieces of [Middle-tier Aura Stones] among themselves, they tore their [Teleportation Scrolls] and traveled back to Morning Town. All of them agreed on one thing, that they will never repeat something as idiotic thing as performing an Exceed Level Challenge! It was suffering that they did not need in the first place!

Well, by doing an Exceed Level Challenge to kill a boss that is of much more higher level than you will earn the ‘First Clear’ title for the dungeon, or for slaying the boss. Other than that, you get nothing else. Firstly, you might not prevail. Even if you manage to slay the boss and get your hands on some pretty powerful equipment, you would still need to wait until your level is high enough to equip them! Finally, an Exceed Level Challenge is just too d*mn difficult! Zhang Yang and his party had only managed to slay the Vampire Count Ferra because they were lucky. According to the system of the game, when players engages a boss that has Level Gap Suppression over them, rate of Spell type Skills affecting the bosses would be as low as only 10%! However, out of three times, the effect of {Glare of the Death God} got triggered twice! Zhang Yang had been ridiculously lucky, back there! So, counting on such luck would not be reliable, either! As it is, nobody should be fighting above their weight class in this game!

However, the ‘First Clear’ for this boss had rewarded every single one of them with an additional Luck Attribute Point. Currently, Zhang Yang has accumulated up to a total of 23 Luck Attribute Points. No doubt, that amount was otherworldly.

Fatty Han did not get the [Vampire Inheritance] right away after slaying the boss. He still had some leftover quests to take care of before he can actually complete the entire Linking Quest. But they were all simple quests, so it wasn’t really a big deal for him.

Endless Starlight, on the other hand, had witnessed how powerful a player becomes after obtaining a high-class [Inheritance]. He could uphold the ‘oath’ that he took previously, and begged Zhang Yang to aid him in getting a battle-type [Inheritance] for him. Well, according to Endless Starlight himself, he wasn’t asking for much, he only wanted a Class B [Inheritance]!

Zhang Yang could not help but frown intensely. Fine, Class S [Inheritances] was definitely out of the picture, as there were only 6 of them in the entire game. Meanwhile, all Class A [Inheritances] was as well hidden as Class S [Inheritances], which would be very difficult to obtain. Even Zhang Yang had no idea on how to obtain any of the Class A [Inheritances]!

That would leave the Class B [Inheritance] as the last option then!

But truth to be told, in Zhang Yang’s previous life, the most popular and prevalent [Inheritances] were the Class B [Inheritances]. But to assume that Class B [Inheritance] are easy to acquire, would be total bullsh*t! Although Class B [Inheritances] are not one-of-a-kind, each fragment of the [Inheritance] is unique. For example, if the first player acquires a piece of the fragment in Morning Town, Morning Town will never spawn a second fragment of the same piece!

In other words, other players cannot acquire the fragment from the same location, or the same quest, or the same monster. So, players cannot repeat the steps taken by the first player. Or else, everyone would be able to obtain the same [Inheritance], and Class B [Inheritances] would all become valueless!

As he gazed into the idiotic face of Endless Starlight, Zhang Yang started telling him the method of obtaining the [Kong Inheritance]. With Endless Starlight’s current level of skills, Zhang Yang believed that Endless Starlight would still manage it without many problems --- of course, other than battling that terrifyingly powerful boss, the King Kong Lord!

Zhang Yang was also having doubts about himself. Even the with {God of War’s Transformation}, because of the Level Gap Suppression function of the game, he would still be unable to defeat the boss! To acquire the [Kong Inheritance], it would be better for them to reach Level 120 first.

Initially, if Zhang Yang did not have the knowledge of his previous life, he might end up obtaining his first Fragment of an [Inheritance] three months later. With all the preliminary quests before the final quest that required players to battle the boss, players should be able to reach Level 110. By then, players should be able to remove the Level Gap Suppression function of the game.

After Zhang Yang took care of the Vampire Count Ferra, the remaining ‘errand’ quests of Fatty Han’s [Inheritance] Linking Quest were not difficult at all. In just two days time, the fatty had stepped up the figurative podium, triumphantly declaring that he has officially obtained the [Vampire Inheritance]!

On the spot, he posted the series of Skills that he had acquired from his new [Vampire Inheritance]. All members of the gang, other than Zhang Yang were drooling at the Skills.

[Bloodthirst]: Increases 40% damage dealt.

[Immortal Constitution]: Transforms into an immortal subject, providing 5% additional Passive Damage Immunity. Recover 1% of HP in every 10 seconds. Lasts for 10 minutes. Cool down: 60 minutes.

[Vampire Transformation]: Transforms into a Vampire. Increases initial Maximum HP by a multiplier of 20 times. Increases initial Defense by a multiplier of 3 times. There is a 70% rate to be immune to Magic Damage. Increases initial Attack by a multiplier of 3 times. When you are in the {Vampire Transformation} form, you will acquire 1 Vampire Energy Point every 10 seconds. Some of your Special Skills would require Vampire Energy Points to be used. The {Vampire Transformation} lasts for 2 hours. Cooldown: 72 hours.

[Bat Form]: Disperses yourself into 10 little bats. These bats will then approach and stick themselves onto targets and begin draining their blood. Recovers 1% HP every second. These blood-sucking little bats can fly. However, they are very weak, and can easily be killed. Reintegrating yourself would allow you to recover additional HP depending on the amount of blood that the bats manage to drain. {Bat Form} requires Vampire Energy Points to operate, 1 Vampire Energy Point can prolong the duration by 1 second. The {Bat Form} will be over when the Vampire Energy Bar is depleted, or when all of the little bats have been killed. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Currently, Fatty Han only had 4 [Vampire Inheritance] Skills. Of course, his [Inheritance] was no match for Zhang Yang’s [God of War Inheritance], however, it was enough for Fatty Han to brag about! The wretched fatty went straight to the arena as he pulled Endless Starlight and Lost Dream along. He then tested out the transformation on the first opponent in the first match they got into, subjecting the poor soul through great! Well, at least he was having fun.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh at that fatty. What a ridiculous joke! The {Vampire Transformation} can only be used once in every three days! This fatty had actually used it to show off in the arena during a duel! Zhang Yang was truly struck speechless.

But even without the {Vampire Transformation}, Fatty Han had attained another level in terms of DPS. With just the additional Skill {Bloodthirst}, Fatty Han’s damage had gone way up --- and because the Vampire Count Ferra had a very high amount of Defense, the 40% increase in Fatty Han’s attack wasn’t exactly 40%! In other words, the damage output of Fatty Han would definitely be much higher on players, monsters, and other bosses, besides Vampire Count Ferra.

Therefore, Zhang Yang kicked Fatty Han straight over to the Dungeon Expedition Force of Lone Desert Smoke to explore the Dragon Throat Fortress together with Hundred Shots.

Dragon Throat Fortress was a Level 100 Dungeon, and only a few final bosses in the dungeon were Level 110. Without the Level Gap Suppression to suppress the damage output of players, even Fatty Han could saunter around like a boss. Him joining the Dungeon Expedition Force had solved the damage output shortage problem they were having. With Fatty Han leading the Dungeon Expedition Force, they managed to take out the 12th boss in the Hard Mode. Three days after, Fatty Han had engaged with the 13th boss in his {Vampire Transformation} form. To battle against this boss, players must have the extremely powerful equipment to survive the battle long enough to slay the boss! With his {Vampire Transformation} kicking in, the Dungeon Exploration party of the Lone Desert Smoke finally broke through the boss and went on to the 14th boss.

By that act, many of the young, pretty female players in the guild greatly admired Fatty Han. Many of them were blinking at him flirtatiously. Unfortunately, this fatty already has someone back in his place. He would even need to ‘report’ to her whenever he goes out. So, as he ‘engaged’ with a bunch of flirtatious girls in conversation, Fatty Han would only dare to ‘cheat’ in his mind, entertaining them with his own cheesy lines.

Without even knowing it, Summer break ended, and it was now time to go back to school!

Wei Yan Er was now a University Freshman. So, her first time entering the university was a huge affair. Zhang Yang purchased an MPV (Multi-Purpose-Vehicle) for her as a gift. The main purpose of the MPV was to allow Wei Yan Er to load and transport her items, such as her ‘toys’, her clothes, and of course, her perfumes. Even Sun Xin Yu took a day’s leave just to send Wei Yan Er off to her campus.

Zhang Yang did not think of it as such a big deal. Wei Yan Er would not be far from home. It wasn’t like she was leaving town to study in another state, or in some overseas country. The Zhou Su University was just in the city. It was just 20 kilometers away from where Zhang Yang lived. So there was no need for all the fuzz.

However, the little brat had immediately shot down his complaints, even to his shock, "You can’t imagine having a thief living in your own house!" It cannot be helped, that the little brat did not trust the witch that goes by the name of Snow. She had been taking the little brat’s items for her own use. Even before she had finished piling her grievances on Zhang Yang, they saw that very witch walking out from the little brat’s room, with a lot of items in her hands as she made her way back to her room like a sneaky rodent!


So, Zhang Yang sent Wei Yan Er to the front gate of Zhou Su University. Because the new MPV that Zhang Yang had bought was only to allow Wei Yan Er to transport her stuff, Zhang Yang had not really invested much in it. The moment his low-end MPV entered the campus area, quite a number of people were laughing at them. Of course, Zhang Yang did not mind it at all. He had just graduated from this place about a year ago. He was more nostalgic than anything at that moment.