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Chapter 522: Wei Yan Er goes to University!

Chapter 522: Wei Yan Er goes to University!

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Not only was Wei Yan Er a local in Zhou Su, she was also on the Board of Directors of her company. Her assets were worth hundreds of millions. The university knew this, and were treating her like royalty! They had already sent her all the necessary information. Her enrollment process was ready-made for her. Now, all she needed to do was to turn up in person at the location and move her things into the hostel.

So, when Zhang Yang drove the little brat over to the front of the hostel building, the area was already flooded with cars. Quite a number of people were busy unloading their luggage from their cars. These students should be Zhou Su locals or from the towns or cities beside Zhou Su. So, it made sense for them to drive there by themselves.

Wei Yan Er made a call, and almost immediately, the three pretty siblings, Zhao Bin, Zhao Yu and Zhao Xue ran out from the hostel towards Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er. After all, these 3 sisters have met Wei Yan Er once and they appeared to instantly click. So, it made perfect sense for these three pretty girls to come out and welcome Wei Yan Er with open arms on her first day in university!

With the three of them taking care of the little brat, Zhang Yang felt so much more relieved. They got down from the MPV and unloaded Wei Yan Er’s stuff.

The area wasn’t just filled with the girls who occupied, or were bound to occupy the hostels, it was also filled parents, boyfriends, and even ‘sugar-daddies’. The moment everyone in the area saw that another pretty lady coming out from the MPV, they were shocked!

Besides the flirtatious, buxom looks of Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu was a cool beauty in her own right. Her face shared some of the softness that the three ‘Zhao’ sisters had. Some of the male creatures might have been ‘triggered’ into thinking about something ‘evil’. Needless to say, several ‘sugar-daddies’ had walked up to them like bosses and acted as if they were the friendliest people on earth, as they attempted to invite the ladies for a ‘tea session’ with them in a nearby hotel. They also ‘accidentally’ revealed that they were quite rich, letting slip some sensitive topics such as ‘Millionaire Assets’ and ‘Party Secretaries’.

Eventually, Wei Yan Er blew up and scolded the ‘sugar-daddies’, forcing them to retreat.

But would they give up so easily when they are so rich, or powerful? Some of them might even be rich and powerful at the same time! Also, Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue happened to be the prettiest things they have ever laid eyes on, not to mention the fact that they had just been ‘rejuvenated’ with a touch of ‘moisture’ by Zhang Yang, making them look even more gorgeous and attractive than ever! Even a noble man would feel his heart rate rising! So, what about this bunch of dirty, lecherous, old goats? The answer was obvious!

Well, so much for Wei Yan Er’s peaceful university life.

She had brought along so many items that two-thirds of the entire dorm was already occupied by her items! Even so, this mountain of things had already been filtered through, over and over again! Or else, 3 dorms would not even be enough to accommodate all of her items!

Fortunately, this little brat knew how to butter up others with her sweet tongue. She endured her ‘pain’ as she brought a lot of nice food and nice games to share with the other three of her roommates. As a result, they did not say a word about her overbearing presence.

To create a good bond between the little brat and her new roommates, Zhang Yang decided to treat the 3 girls to a meal in a nearby hotel after they were done with their packing.

Upon seeing Zhang Yang’s ride, the three girls did not hide their disdain. They even looked down on Zhang Yang and the ladies who were with him. Things changed a little after they arrived at the hotel. The hotel seemed to be ‘up to their standards’, so girls began to ease up. Zhang Yang could not help but to let out a breath of sigh, disappointed with how materialistic people were nowadays.

The 11 of them stepped into the hotel. These 11 were made up of Zhang Yang and his 4 ladies, the three Zhao Sisters, and Wei Yan Er’s three new roommates. Although Zhang Yang was filthy rich, he was no in a mood to spend his money like one. So, he simply ordered a few moderate dishes and wine. The expense was lower than 2,000 dollars. Though 2,000 dollars was not ‘cheap’ at all, they could not really get anything that matched their taste buds in this hotel.

So naturally, the three girls weren’t happy about it. They would glance at Zhang Yang out of the corners of their eyes in disdain.

Zhang Yang was feeling confused. Weren’t these college students supposed to simply accept anything that comes their way? It was not as if he was treating them to noodles by the roadside! A table of dishes that amounts up to 2,000 dollars is already the amount of salaries of a few people altogether for an entire month! Why would they be unhappy about this?

These three girls were Ma Yun Na, Zhang Yan Ni, and Li Yi Yue. Although they were not that pretty, they had youth on their side, with figures that had been well taken care of. With their make up on, they were 70% close to actual ‘goddesses’ among girls. However, without that thick make-up, that fact would have a hard time retaining itself.

After they ate for a short while, Ma Yun Na’s phone went off. She did not walk away to take the call, but picked the phone up as if she owned the table, "Stepdad... hmm, I’m having my lunch... no, no. When did I ever have a boyfriend before? Don’t you know that my heart is only yours to take? Well, I’m just having lunch with some dorm mates. Well, the food is mediocre, shabby... how could they possibly order food at your level! You’re a big boss with assets worth tens of millions... ah, you’re also around the hotel? Good, good. I’ll be waiting for you to come over! Hmm, give me a kiss! Give me another kill!"

After she hung up her phone, Ma Yun Na said, "My stepdad is coming now! You guys are in luck today! My stepdad is a very generous person, and he is going to treat you all to a meal of high standard seafood meal!"

After witnessing how she ‘stepdad’ed her way here and there on her phone, Zhang Yang and the ladies could already guess that this ‘Stepdad’ has already ‘stepped’ her flat! What a ruthless sugar-daddy!

However, to each person, his or her own way of getting by, so Zhang Yang did not get too hung up about such a trivial matter. Society nowadays laughs at the poor instead of the prostitutes. So instead of being angry at these girls for their questionable morals, Zhang Yang could only smile at them lightly.

--- Sun Xin Yu was wealthy as well. Zhang Yang only found out about it after knowing her for quite a while. Although her father is a powerful official, her mother is a CEO of a company in the market.The company was actually larger in scale compared to a weakened Silky Soft Holdings, back when it was struggling!

For them, a sugar-daddy, or as Ma Yun Na had put it, a ‘step-dad’, who was only worth tens of millions was a small fry to them. Zhang Yan and Sun Xin Yu only exchanged knowing smiles. It was not worth their time reciprocating to her show of wealth. But, Zhang Yan Ni and Li Yi Yue seemed to be very interested in Ma Yun Na’s stepdad. They were clearly very eager to get into his pockets as well.

After about 10 minutes, someone knocked on the door, and Ma Yun Na opened the door. An elderly man who was in his sixties walked right in. Although this old man was well-dressed and adorned from head to toe in branded products, his large belly bulged out, killing off the look he was going for. He had a bald patch on the back of his head, and a stern, serious face. However, his lewd, perverted eyes gave his true heart away.

"Allow me to introduce to you guys, my stepdad. His surname is Chang, full name is Chang Yue Lai, so let’s just call him Chang Yue. He is the boss of a large company, worth tens of millions!" Ma Yun Na twitted on like a bird talking about the owner of her cage, without a care for what others thought of her. She was declaring that this old man belonged to her and only her. It was like a warning to the other women and ladies that they shouldn’t try anything ‘funny’ with her stepdad.

Chang Yue Lai swept his eyes across the room and his radar immediately picked up the three beautiful ladies, Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu, and Wei Yan Er. His initially serious face immediately vanished, his heart unable to stop itself from jumping up! These 3 ladies were basically on a ‘disastrous’ level of pretty and attractive! Though Wei Yan Er was rather flat, that pure and innocent look of hers would always send wolves howling and drooling over themselves!

"Stepdad! Stepdad ---" Ma Yun Na was a little bit unhappy about that, as she kept trying to pull and prod the old man back to this realm. After a few attempts, the old man finally came back to his senses.

"Haha, what a fine bunch of young people. It seems that this old man has arrived at an inappropriate time!" Chang Yue Lai tried to amuse them with his joke.

"That’s not true! You’re still young and strong! I know so!" Ma Yun Na threw a flirtatious wink at him. It sounded as if she was implying something.

Chang Yue Lai cracked a sleazy grin as his right hand moved around the curvy butt of Ma Yun Na. He urged Ma Yun Na to have a sit. After calling the waitress, they cleared the table out and switched the dishes with a new series of seafood dishes. From the looks of it, this meal should cost at least 10,000 to 20,000 dollars!

Ma Yun Na repeatedly praised the old man for his generosity, a proud look on her face. Meanwhile, Chang Yue Lai soaked in her praise and flattery like a round sponge, and even added his own spice to her statements, talking about how large his hypermarkets were, and how much they earned him. Although Han Ying Xue and her gang of ladies were not interested at all, Zhang Yan Ni and Li Yi Yue were doing all they could to appear interested, more eager than ever to be taken under him.

With so many high standard dishes, who else would still be interested in regular dishes? At first, Chang Yue Lai was casually chatting with Ma Yun Na, but after the seafood arrived on the table, he had switched his full attention towards Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue, trying to seduce them with money and power. Ma Yun Na could not help but to feel threatened. She was enviously enraged to the point that her legs quivered uncontrollably. At that point, the looks she threw at them were nothing but friendly!

Zhang Yang sighed dejectedly. His initial intentions were to help the little brat build a good relationship with her new roommates. However, he had made things worse now. Ma Yun Na would turn into an embittered enemy!

Chang Yue Lai was more of a conman than a businessman, but he had clearly been successful in his field. As he continued hammering hard on Zhang Yang’s pride like a boss, Chang Yue Lai was also trying to win over Zhang Yang’s ladies. He kept spouting promises to convince the ladies to enter the Entertainment Circle, and that they would definitely succeed in doing so, with their gorgeous looks! He claimed that he knew a few famous directors in that field. With some ‘packaging’ and ‘training’, the ladies would definitely do well in that line of work.

From his point of view, young girls nowadays only wanted money and fame. Based on these two factors, any girl would take off their pants for him! Well, it can’t be helped, for in his case, evidence spoke up for itself. Such simple principles had never been wrong before. Just look at MaYun Na, she had given her body up to this old perverted man without sparing a thought! Only god knows how many more stepdaughters like Ma Yun Na had been ‘slaughtered’ by this old man already!

Annoyingly, however, these ladies that he was trying to ‘buy’ over at this moment did not seem to have any interest at all, instead, they were looking at him with disgusted faces! Wei Yan Er was practically fuming! She was just a step away from throwing a punch to the old man’s face! Tsk! Well, when he gets his hands on her, it would be all the more delightful The sensation of pressing his old body against the naked, ripe body of such a youthful girl was irreplaceable!

If the girl becomes a ‘stepdaughter’ to him, the girl would be moaning and calling out for her ‘daddy’ again and again. That would surely satisfy that sick mind of his.

Ma Yun Na was only getting more and more frustrated as she read his face. She now hated Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er even more than ever! If Wei Yan Er did not have to move in at such a time, if Zhang Yang did not treat them to a meal in this hotel, they wouldn’t be in such a situation at all!

From her point of view, no woman will be able to resist the seduction of money and fame. She was certain that they would definitely become ‘stepdaughters’ of Chang Yue Lai after this meal! She would have to share the ‘love’ with them after that! Meanwhile, these ladies are so impeccably pretty and attractive! She was bound to be banished into the cold storage, sooner or later!

After Chang Yue Lai boasted about a little while, his phone suddenly rang. After seeing the number on his phone, Chang Yue Lai frowned for a brief moment as he picked up the call, "Director Lee, great to hear from you... yes... yes... Oh, you’re sending your daughter to school now? ... ah.... that’s right, I’m on the 9th floor. Yes, it’s the Penny Pavillion Lounge!"

After hanging up the phone, he reverted back to his serious face. But everyone had seen his unease when he spoke on the phone. This Director Lee had to be someone above him.

After a short while, another group of people entered the lounge, and one of them was actually someone Zhang Yang knew --- Gu Jun! He was the Deputy of the Police Department that Sun Xin Yu worked under! Gu Jun looks more dignified than ever, for he was about to become the secretary ... the secretary of the state party committee. Basically, he had managed to do it all, thanks to Sun Xin Yu’s connections. He was close to becoming an important figure. He had been doing great in his line of work. Rumors have been spreading about the top position that he is about to secure. Things are going extremely well for him, so of course, he would be greatly pleased!