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Chapter 524: Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order

Chapter 524: Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order

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Compared to the normal Tier Harpies, the elite Tier Harpies were large in size, and their wings were definitely far more vibrant. They held long spears, and by the way, the spearheads glinted in the light, the spears had to be extremely sharp! The wooden shafts of the spears were stained with dry blood, suggesting that they had been used to kill before, and that goes to show that the Harpies are bloodthirsty militants!

[Raging Harpy] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 110

HP: 1,100,000

Defense: 1,200

Melee Attack: 7,594 - 9,594


[Screech of Despair]: Makes enemies run in despair, the target will not be able to do anything for 5 seconds.

[Force Strike]: Performs a powerful strike on the target, dealing 100% of Melee Damage with a 10% chance of triggering an additional attack.

Note: Loyal Servants to the Harpy Queen Yaniboque. They exist to fulfill the desire of the Harpy Queen. The entire Harpy race hunts for preys only to serve their Queen!

Although these Harpies were half-bird, half-human creatures, the human part of them were beautiful to look at. They had eyes, ears, nose, mouth, eyes brows and other features that a human would have! Even their boobs were fairly huge! They had nothing to cover their torsos except for crude, low-cut leather sash around their chests. Right between their legs, they wore metallic spats that ended right below their buttocks. Zhang Yang could see a few strands of golden hair protruding out from the bottom of those spats, and started wondering if those are bird feathers or a specific type of hair.

The only thing that was keeping this place from becoming a sacred ground for the ‘Otakus’ were the deadly talons that these creatures had!

Zhang Yang turned his attention to the little boy. He could not help but to give the name of the boy a double take.

[Chionocpi] (Normal, Puppet)

Level: 5

HP: 250

Note: He used to be a puppet. He was crafted by Kadejah with all his love and skill. Because he accidentally fell into ‘Fountain of Life’, he acquired a special but strange life force. Chionocpi is a fantastic child. His nose will extend whenever he lies.

Oh my freaking god!

At first, he thought that the Old Man Kadejah was still ‘strong’ at his age, but now, Zhang Yang saw the truth! Chionocpi, Pinocchio! He should have guessed it, earlier on!

The boy was huddled in a corner, shivering in cold and fear. A Treasure Chest lay right beside the boy. Zhang Yang eyed the Chest with greed --- it had been a long time since he last popped open a Treasure Chest!

Although there were two elite Tier monsters in the area, Zhang Yang had no fear. As the cave was rather narrow, he had brought Whitey along instead of Whitey Jr. He let out a cry and charged towards the monsters, together with Felice and Whitey. With a shoof, he flung a {Spear of Obliteration} straight at one of the elite Harpies.

"Rawgh ---" the two Harpies immediately let out deafening screeches and came at Zhang Yang with their spears.

Qiang! Qiang!

Zhang Yang raised his shield over his head and blocked the attacks of the monsters from above him. Then, he moved his shield behind him and crouched down, ready to make a leap. With all his power focused on his glutes, thighs and his leg muscles, Zhang Yang shot to the air! He then reached out his left hand which was now free, and caught hold of one of the Harpies by the claw the moment it attempted to gain more height, having dove down to use its spear. With a mighty tug, he forcefully brought the Harpy to the ground!

Bam! That Harpy smashed into the ground with such force that the area was clouded up with dust. It had been dazed by the fall! Even though that was not a skill, but that ruthless slam had stunned the monster for almost one whole second!

The game had its share of realism. However, such maneuvers are not stated in the game manual, leaving players to discover them on their own! Furthermore, the effectiveness of such moves would be decided by the skills and controls of the players themselves, and the reactions of their victims-to-be!

A professional like Zhang Yang would have the sense to prevent their head from taking a hit. Even if he gets hit in the head, he could and would use his strong willpower to recover from that hit almost immediately. As it was not a Status Restriction Skill with a set duration of stun, players would be able to recover, based on their own willpower and the toughness of their bodies.

"Stupid bird! Where are you looking at!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud, swinging his [Heaven Shaker] straight at the head of the Harpy, even while he was still in the air!

"Rawgh ---" the Harpy that fell on the ground got back up defiantly. It raised its spear up and directed it towards Zhang Yang’s chest. The Harpy that was still in flight had also let out a screech of its own as it charged at Zhang Yang, trying to work in tandem with its downed friend.

"{Dragon's Spear Barrage}!" Felice let out a loud cry as she picked her lance up and shoved it straight at the still-flying Harpy. Her swift movements churned the air current so much that dust was trailing after the movements of the lance!


Zhang Yang swung his [Heaven Shaker] hard at the Harpy before him and caused a terrifying amount of damage to the monster. At the same time, his rage bar was instantly filled! So, he went on and activated his three skills - {Horizontal Sweep}, {Destructive Smash}, and {Frost Strike} one after another, inflicting the monster with an additional 200% Melee damage!




Very good! The {Destructive Smash} was a Critical Attack!

In just 10 seconds, the Harpy had lost more than 200,000 HP! Zhang Yang would have never imagined that he would do so much damage to anything, even with his {Inheritance}! Even if he activates his {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, he would only cause about 150,000 damage!

A two-handed weapon really does so much better than a one-handed weapon when activating skills! The difference was tremendous!

Although he has lived two lives, Zhang Yang was still a newbie when it comes to using a two-handed weapon. So whenever he sees the super high damage values popping up on monsters after each attack, he was greatly content and pleased with himself. That sensation would be exactly like the sensation he felt as he stared into the lustful, lost, tender faces of Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu. Back then he had satisfied them so much that they were close to losing their senses, and had even pushed the two of them to their climaxes! He would always feel proud of achieving such a feat.

Whenever he thought about Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue, Zhang Yang could not help but to scratch his head, realizing how much trouble they gave him.

An unspoken battle of wills often occurred around Zhang Yang. The girls were not exactly allies, or comrades, but as the saying goes, If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Whatever they were, they knew each other so well that words need not be spoken. They would just stare at Zhang Yang at the same time, or just stare at each other at the same time, silently wrestling each other for Zhang Yang. Or, they would simply go up against Zhang Yang at the same time, sandwiching Zhang Yang until his eyes roll up, as if he was out of oxygen.

In bed, it was another battlefield. Well, men are not women, after all. Men are considered to be a ‘one-time’ product. Although some men can still go for a few more rounds after the act, they are not machines. The two ladies would also be fighting in this battlefield, keeping count on each other! One of them would ask for two rounds, while the other would ask for three! Zhang Yang could no longer tell if his days are considered heavenly or hellish!

But, he could not help but to wonder, why would they still be quarreling after they had grudgingly accepted each other in bed with him, at the same time?

Recently, looking at them, Zhang Yang noticed that they have been ‘moisturized’ to the extent that their beauty, mannerisms, and everything had been amplified several times over! Their skins ‘glittered,’ as if there was a translucent barrier over them! Daffodil Daydream and Wei Yan Er could only admire them more than ever, without ever finding out their secret skincare product!

Well, there’s a chinese proverb that goes, no amount of plowing would destroy the land, only the cattle who did the plowing themselves would suffer! Women will never tire, ever, unlike the finite stamina of men, when it comes to the affairs of the bedroom!

Huh? Zhang Yang could not help but laugh. How did he even end up thinking about all this!

The attack power of the elite Tier monsters still packed a solid amount of punch, but they should be able to actually land their attacks in order to prove it! Zhang Yang went all out with a flurry of strikes, swinging his [Heaven Shaker] around like a black dragon. The two monsters were hit in basically all directions, unable to even regain their balance. They could not even cause any damage to Zhang Yang, but could only repay him with more Rage points in an endless synergy!

In less than 2 minutes, the two Harpies fell to the ground, leaving some loot behind.

Felice knew that Zhang Yang was not fond of picking up ‘cheap’ items, so she ran forward and picked up the loot for Zhang Yang. It greatly pleased him! How nice would it be to have a girl doing that for him in real life?

Zhang Yang went up to the boy and said, "Chionocpi, don’t be scared. Your father sent me here to get you home."

"I, I, I’m not afraid!" the little boy tried to act tough, but his nose suddenly grew by a few inches!

What a pitiful being, if this were to happen to someone in real life, Zhang Yang was certain that poor soul would have committed suicide! Human truly love to lie, be it for good or bad reasons, well, everyone should have lied at least once in their lives!

It is alright to lie sometimes, but to have a ‘detector’ that exposes you whenever you lie? That would just make you sad and pathetic!

Zhang Yang walked up to the Treasure Chest. He was glad to see that it was a Violet-Platinum Tier Treasure Chest, and it was not locked! As he was opening up the chest, he turned to the boy and said, "It is very normal to be afraid when you are in such a situation. Come on, I am sending you to your father right away!"

"Thank you, brother!" the nose of that little boy shrunk back to it’s normal size the moment he spoke again. He nodded and said, "Brother, I promise that I will not wander around and make my father worry again! There won’t be a next time!"

His nose suddenly extended out again.

Zhang Yang could only shake his head again and again, but when he heard the ‘click’, he turned his attention back to the Treasure Chest.

Treasure Chests and bosses are basically similar. Good equipment and items would come out of them only when they are being opened up for the first few times. After being opened up several times more, the same Treasure Chests of the map will no longer drop good equipment or items. Logically speaking, this location should still remain undiscovered for now. It should be the Chest’s first uncovering.

Zhang Yang looked around in the chest and discovered that there are three things in it. One of the items was a heavy, black parchment of [Order], another was a crystal clear green [Gemstone], and the last one was an aquamarine-colored robe.

Could this be another [Territory Conquest Order]?

He quickly picked up the [Order] to examine it. However, it did not turn out to be a [Territory Conquest Order], but a [Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order]!

Now, that’s a pleasant surprise! Well, it’s also great news for Zhang Yang, as he had no use for a [Territory Conquest Order] now, anyway. Not long ago, he could have conquered as many Territory Gateways as he desired. All Territory Gateways across all eight Main Region in the Chaos Realm were all his to pick as he was the only one in the entire Chaos Realm. Because he did not want to create too many enemies for China Region, he had only taken down the Territory Gateway of the Japan-Korea Region.

A [Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order] would increase the maximum capacity of players’ number in Lone Desert Smoke by up to a total of 40,000, providing every single member of Lone Desert Smoke with an additional 40% experience points! Normally, it would take up about 10 days just to level up once. But with an additional 40% experience points, a player would save about 3 to 4 days for each level!

After all, the Lone Desert Smoke were at the maximum capacity of their Level 3 experience bar. So, Zhang Yang used the [Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order] immediately. The next thing that happened was the sweet voice of the server’s notification system. After Zhang Yang made some confirmation with the system, the Lone Desert Smoke Guild had officially been elevated up to Level 4!

The server announcement informed the players of Lone Desert Smoke, and as usual, for the next 3 days, every single member of Lone Desert Smoke would enjoy the additional experience points, along with a 50% discount on all equipment and weapon repairs!

Snow Seeker, Greensleeves Prince and other guildmasters started asking Zhang Yang about the where and how concerning the [Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order]. They were guildmasters who ran their own guilds afterall, so was completely understandable for them to be so interested. Unfortunately, no two openings of a Treasure Chest, even if it is the same Chest, would ever be the same. So there is no way of telling if the next person, or the person after the next will ever come across another [Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order] again. Treasure Chests would never be a reliable source of obtaining such rare items.

After convincing them about the unpredictable nature of Treasure Chests, they finally left him alone. Then, he continued to look at the remaining two items.

The green [Gemstone] was actually a [Level 4 Dexterity Gemstone], something that Zhang Yang had no personal need for. So, Zhang Yang placed it into his inventory, keeping in mind that he could just hand it over to Sun Xin Yu, Fatty Han or other members who relied on the Agility Attribute. The robe was a Violet-Platinum equipment. It could already be equipped upon reaching Level 100. Zhang Yang widened his eyes, not because of its power, but because he could see the monetary value of it!