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Chapter 525: Land of Savages

Chapter 525: Land of Savages

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Clak clak clak!

A series of noisy footsteps was heard from afar, and a party of players had approached them. The party was consisted of multiple races of players, and were wearing different kinds of weird outfits. The group spotted Chionocpi and cried out "There!"

At the same time, they spotted Zhang Yang, but remained calm and neutral.

Zhang Yang examined each of their properties.

Savage Lord, Level 100, Guardian, Male Beastman, "Land of Savages", India Region.

King Kong Wrath, Level 100, Sacred Knight, Male Dwarf, "Land of Savages", India Region.

King King Arcane, Level 100, Assassin, Male Elf, "Land of Savages", India Region.

Hourglass Figure, Level 101, Sniper, Female Elf, "Land of Savages", India Region.

Bloodbath Apocalypse, Level 100, Pyromancer, "Land of Savages", India Region.

Woah, finally! The famous players of the India region! The core members of the S class Professional League battle team - "Steely Dangs Battle Team"! If Zhang Yang remembered it correctly, Hourglass Figure was the one who had obtained the S class Hunter’s Inheritance, the Shadow Striker. That woman was also the young mistress of the Steely Dangs Group, in reality. Her background was no joke. Furthermore, the lady was a beauty and was once voted as the most beautiful girl in all of India. Inadvertently, such a woman would have had her hand requested in marriage many times over. The girl was uncannily similar to Snow Seeker of China, being both skillful in the game, while also being rich and capable of running businesses in real life.

Her most famous feat was when she defended India from being invaded by the European army. She had led a small team and had managed to hold the invaders back until reinforcements arrived. Her actions had protected the entire map of the Indian region from being taken over by any players from the European region. That feat was soon dubbed as the Ninth Miracle in the history of ‘God’s Miracle’!

It could not be helped. Men would definitely have her in their minds as they beat their meat about.

Even so, she was capable of such a feat due to her S class Inheritance. Right then, all 5 of them had not obtained any Inheritances yet. They were nothing but scraps to Zhang Yang.

"Chionocpi, let’s go. We need to find your father." Zhang Yang ignored the Indians and lightheartedly spoke to the little boy.

"Alright!" the little boy cheered happily. He was nothing but a story plot character. He had no knowledge of the tension between players of different nations. In his heart, there was only one thought, and that was to meet his father.

"Hold!" said Savage Lord as he approached Zhang Yang. "Leave the NPC behind and we will spare your life."

"Guild master. This man has entered our region. Why are you being so courteous to him! Take his head and be done with it," said King Kong Arcane with a deep hatred in his voice. He then disappeared in a puff of smoke and headed towards Zhang Yang. If Savage Lord had given the order, King Kong Arcane would drop the man dead in the blink of an eye.

Even though Zhang Yang had hidden his character profile information, his character was marked with a red name tag, revealing that he was an enemy of their region. That sort of red color marked for players of a regional enemy would be even deeper, with a tinge of light violet and black.

Zhang Yang smirked, "Chaos Realm belongs to no one. Since when did you guys own any part of the land?! I found this NPC and killed the two monsters that were guarding him. Yet, you’re here, trying to grab what I’ve rightfully won over. Can anyone tolerate such an act?"

After Zhang Yang had finished with his speech, four of the Indians were pissed off. Only one of them, Hourglass Figure had chuckled delightfully, as if she was being given a cool drink after a hot, boring day. She placed her hands on her graceful hips and cat-walked towards Zhang Yang. Her slender waist, coupled with her rich and voluptuous chest could truly be a wonder of India.

She flashed her white, even teeth and said, "You are…Zhan Yu, I presume?"


The other four Indians were shocked, or rather, highly envious of Zhang Yang. Still, they did not lower their guards. Even though Zhang Yang was only one man, they could not be overly relaxed when facing China’s strongest player! As professional players, they had the utmost confidence of winning over their opponents, yet none of them would ever underestimate anything or anyone. It a mindset that true professionals would practice.

For Zhang Yang, however, he was greatly dismayed at Hourglass Figure’s reaction. He had wanted to lay low and avoid attracting too much attention. But, like the sun in the sky, no matter where he goes, sunflowers would be staring at it.

Zhang Yang could not help but think of Fatty Han and his catchphrase back in his previous life. Zhang Yang smirked confidently and said, "Aye. That’s me!"

"Hmph!" Bloodbath Apocalypse swung his magic staff and stabbed the ground. "He is a professional, so is he mocking us for being nobodies?! Our guild master was courteous enough to give you a chance to surrender. Now that you blatantly rejected it, no more talk! A bloodbath it shall be, then!"

Savage Lord lifted his hands and stopped Bloodbath Apocalypse from screaming any further. "Zhan Yu, this is the main battleground for players of the India region. I’ll have you know that you have my respect and profound admiration. Hence, I do not wish to have to kill you now. We shall fight, but I hope that it will be in the battle arena, a few months from now in the World Championship final rounds. Until then…"

"That sounds extremely implausible. But I accept your invitation! We’re done here, beat it!" said Zhang Yang arrogantly, as he flung his hands about as if he was chasing away flies.

His rude gesture was the limit. All four of the Indians were greatly offended and came at him. Hourglass Figure had taken a few steps back, one hand below her chin, its elbow resting on the other hand that was around her waist, her mouth parted in delight. In the field, only 3 of them were visible, as King Kong Arcane had entered stealth mode. Zhang Yang could not discern his location, but he was still able to predict where the Thief would come in from, judging by the positions of this teammates.

While facing players with no Inheritance, Zhang Yang was unstoppable!

Zhang Yang smiled widely and yelled, "Felice, let’s dispose of these Indians!’

Felice did not know the meaning of Japanese, Korean, nor Indian, all she knew was that those three were Zhang Yang’s enemy, which made them targets for her to kill! The cheerful little girl then turned serious. She morphed into her Dragonhawk form and shot into the sky to obtain air superiority, allowing her to target any player at will.

Those who would want to target Felice would have to be ranged attackers since it was impossible to ride mounts in a cave! Zhang Yang grinned and spun around with his Heaven’s Shaker.


Blood spewed out in the air from out of nowhere, and King Kong Arcane was knocked out of his stealth mode. His face was heavily bruised, and several of this teeth was on the ground.

"How did you find me!?" cried King Kong Arcane, dazed. The man had been in stealth for a good amount of time. He had been standing behind Zhang Yang all the time and had the other three of his comrades draw attention away from him. Technically, there was no way that Zhang Yang could trace his position.

"Lucky guess," said Zhang Yang, shrugging. He then lifted his hammer and struck King Kong Arcane with {Destructive Smash}.


The hit from before had taken more than 20,000 HP from King Kong Arcane’s HP bar. Knowing Zhang Yang strength, he had activated the anti-physical attack skill {Blur} to invoke a 50% chance of dodging an attack. King Kong Arcane had even leveled up the skill to max, which made him gaining 95% evasion rate!


Zhang Yang’s hammer went through him like air!

Zhang Yang scoffed and left King Kong Arcane alone, heading straight for Bloodbath Apocalypse. Inheritance in hand or not, magic class players were Zhang Yang’s greatest threat. However, with the God of War Transformation skill, he would gain a 90% chance to nullify all magic attacks!

"Oh, please do keep looking down on us!" cried Savage Lord and he glided through the ground and rushed towards Zhang Yang with {Charge}.

Just when Savage Lord was 0.1 seconds from hitting Zhang Yang, Savage Lord saw a glimpse of Zhang Yang’s grin. Before he knew it, a large bear’s claw was 1mm away from his face.

{Wild Charge}!

Zhang Yang laughed loudly and rushed towards Bloodbath Apocalypse.

All 5 of the India region players were stunned by what they had just witnessed.

The skill had no casting time, or unique postures to telegraph the coming of the attack. The time span for players to react would be less than 0,1 seconds! Yet, Zhang Yang was still able to react within such a time span and had even managed to capture Savage Lord in the middle of his high speed {Charge}!

Everyone believed that either it was pure coincidence or …

Bloodbath Apocalypse was good. After all, he was a member of an S class battle team for the Professional League. Just when Zhang Yang had activated his skill, Bloodbath Apocalypse had {Apparated} already and teleported away towards the left. Just as he took a step, he saw that his movement speed had already been greatly reduced! It was then when he noticed that he was struck with the skill - {Thunder Strike}, a Guardian AoE attack skill that could induce a 5 seconds slowing effect!

Bloodbath Apocalypse was stumped. He had paid so much attention trying to run away from Zhang Yang and had not noticed when he applied the effect of {Thunder Strike} on him.

Zhang Yang glided towards Bloodbath Apocalypse.

"Bastard!" King Kong Arcane cried out, enraged. He was right behind Zhang Yang, tailing him closely, but was affected by the {Thunder Strike} attack and had been forced out of invisibility once again.


Felice’s {Fire Missile} shot out and headed towards King Kong Arcane.



All the time, no one had paid any attention to the Battle Companion in the sky. Even though King Kong Arcane knew that Felice was targeting him when he was removed from stealth mode, he did not intend to use {Shadow Cloak} for regular Battle Companions weren’t very powerful in the first place! The blast itself had given him the shock of his life!

What the actual f*ck!? How could a Guardian produce damage stronger than a Berserker and a Battle Companion possess magic attack far superior to a Pyromancer!? Just who are these people!

Since Bloodbath Apocalypse was inflicted with the slow effect, he knew that it would be impossible for him to escape from Zhang Yang. Infuriated, the man started to think back of the initial situation. They could have simply walked away and taken him by surprise at a later venture! Too late for that now. Bloodbath Apocalypse refused to run away, he activated {Heart of Flame}and consumed a bottle of {Power Potion} and started to chant the most powerful spell, the {Explosive Flame}.

10 meters wasn’t far. A player could cover that distance by sprinting with all their might within a second. Zhang Yang let out a shout, flying across the ground, and struck him with a normal attack and a {Horizontal Sweep}.



"Umph!" Bloodbath Apocalypse fell with a grunt. His head was brutally bashed open, his brain juice was splattered all over the cave, leaving his skull empty, along with his lifeless body.

Zhang Yang was flabbergasted. He had not expected the hammer to have such a gory effect on his victims. The next second, he stomped the ground hard to push himself around and charge towards King Kong Wrath.

"Holy crap!" Savage Lord recovered from his stun and screamed in horror. He had not expected Bloodbath Apocalypse to be killed instantly without leaving a split-second reaction for him to use {Ice Barrier}. But then again, Zhang Yang had the Inheritance class’ 50% attack boost passive and the weapon’s 20% attack boost effect. Combined with the 3.8 seconds weapon attack interval, Zhang Yang’s attack could rival that of a Mythical tier boss. For him to insta-kill a Spellcaster should not be a mystery!