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Chapter 529: The Harpy Queen

Chapter 529: The Harpy Queen

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"Away with you! Instead, bring me back the little wooden puppet that would grow his nose when he lies!" The harpy queen drawled lazily.

"Yes! My queen!" Two elite guards knelt down and saluted.

Zhang Yang roared and paced over boldly. "No need to waste your time. Might I suggest you clean your neck a little so I that wouldn’t stain my blade when I remove your head!"

"Insolent!" All 20 elite guards raised their spear and glared at Zhang Yang. They awaited for their queen’s command to act.

"Hm?" The queen widened her eyes as she lazily crawled out of her nest. She spread open her glorified wings and hovered a few feet above the ground without the need to flap them. Judging from her completely naked upper body, all men would have slobbered over her, but their mood would be killed instantly when they lower their gazes to her lower half, which looked like eagle talons attached to the end of chicken drumsticks.

When Yaniboque spotted Zhang Yang, her expression turned incredibly lustful. "Hm. Hm. It’s a little human warrior. Come here my dear, please me and I shall spare your pathetic life~"

Zhang Yang glanced around and saw that the sticks arranged in a row were completely gnawed off. Some of them were even broken. Fuh. No wonder she was A Mythical tier boss, perhaps she was graded that way due to her level of lust! Zhang Yang drew his hammer and hurled it in the air. "Bird lady! Perhaps you would want to have a taste of my Ru Yi bang’s power!"

Who could have known that Yaniboque would look at the hammer’s long and rough appearance and slobber around like a bitch in heat. She giggled happily and said, "No bad~ Mm~ The stick is long and rough~ But is it hard enough for me~~"

Zhang Yang could have tossed the hammer over to her and let her rub it against her huha. How could a boss behave such a way!? Which developer was responsible for this boss’ development! Bring him out and give him a thousand years worth of torture. Zhang Yang was trying his best to anger the boss, yet she was greatly delighted, or perhaps, took it as an invitation?

What’s done is done, might as well just attack and get it over with.

Zhang Yang activated the God of War Transformation. His character glowed with a golden radiance and illuminated the cave for a brief second.

"Ah hah! Wonderful! You are a Harpy as well!" cried the Harpy Queen in an orgasmic voice. "Come and please me! If you can, I will marry you and pleasure you every single day!"

Oh lord, have mercy on this lost soul…

Zhang Yang completely shut himself out from listening any longer. He activated the {Spear of Obliteration} and engulfed the hammer in his hands with a shroud of dark cloud. With great force, Zhang Yang hurled the hammer in his hands towards the queen. A splatter of blood spewed out of the nest, accompanied by a scream of pain.

"Urgh~~" cried the boss. With rage, she commanded, "Kill that man!"

All 20 elite guards spread their wings and zoomed towards Zhang Yang. In a neat formation, they surrounded him and thrust their spears at him.

Zhang Yang reached his hands out and called his hammer back to him. Once the hammer got to his hands, he struck down hard at one of the elite monsters. The monster had taken more than 80,000 damage, generating so much Rage points that it filled up his gauge to its maximum. The monster was sent down to the ground and had even formed a deep crater as it hit the earth. With quick movement, Zhang Yang flew around the cave and shot towards Yaniboque, casting {Destructive Smash} the moment when he was right above her.


Now that is what you would get when you are not under-level!

The queen took the damage and had her head slammed down forcefully. The damage was so high that any DPS class would be ashamed of themselves, wishing that they could just dig a hole and hide inside. Zhang Yang flung his arm out and cast {Glare of the Death God}. The skill failed and was only rewarded Zhang Yang with a large text - "Resist!"

Such a pity that the boss-killer skill had such a low success rate on a boss. The effect was like the {Frost Strike} and the Frozen effect. For players or any normal monsters, the success rate would always be 100%. But when the target is a boss, the success rate to freeze the boss would be so low that even an ant would not feel a thing if they had stepped on it.

That being said, Zhang Yang could kill a Mythical tier boss and would still have much time to spare in his God of War Transformation skill. Using {Glare of the Death God} would not make much difference. It’s like adding salt into the sea. Go ahead and resist, the fight will last only for a few minutes, anyway.

"Bastard! Human! Despicable humans!" Right then, she had lost her lustful emotion towards the man, or perhaps, had only diverted her lust only to the hammer that Zhang Yang was wielding. The harpy queen spread out her wings forcefully and whipped out her talons to claw at Zhang Yang’s chest.


Zhang Yang raised his shield immediately. A loud metal scratch was heard along with a deep mark on the Titan’s Shield. The attack had immediately deducted 18 points of the Shield’s Durability (1) and also knocked Zhang Yang backward by 4 to 5 meters. Immediately, Zhang Yang was surrounded and attacked by the group of elite monsters.





A series of pathetic attacks landed on Zhang Yang. With his 12,000 Defense points, almost all elite monster’s attack would not make much damage, even if they do, the residual damage that manages to get pass through the Defense would still face a 20% damage deduction and 2,606 damage absorption! For them to even deal a few hundred damage meant that they had quite a respectable amount of attack power.

Zhang Yang’s Vitality Aura had been leveled up to Level 6. The bonus Vitality was as high as 24%. His original 122,120 HP was multiplied by 40, granting him a godly 4,884,800 HP! A few hundred damage was nothing but tiny specks of thorns for him.

{Horizontal Sweep}!

Wham! Bam! Boom!

Instantly, a series of 160,000 damage burst out, some of them were even 330,000 damage! If only one of them was a Lucky strike, the damage would reach over 500,000! Such a damage could kill an elite monster in just two hits!

"Argh~~" Yaniboque cried in pain. Just then, her voice grew louder. It grew so loud to the point that the sound wave was visible to the naked eye!

{Death Shriek}!




Zhang Yang, Felice, and Whitey Jr. took damage. Naturally, the damage Zhang Yang taken was the lowest among the three. The poor flying serpent had only 34,960 HP. The attack had nearly killed the poor reptile! Felice on the other had was in her Dragonhawk form, having only 880 Defense, and the damage she took was the highest. However, it did not matter, since her HP was ridiculously long.

Zhang Yang tossed a bottle of potion and a [Bandage] to Felice and she automatically healed herself. The little girl could be said to be a player herself. However, she had no inventory and had to rely on Zhang Yang to physically give her items to heal herself. As for Whitey Jr, Zhang Yang had activated {Wild Recovery}, allowing it to slowly restore its HP, 5% at a time.

"None shall harm me and live to tell the tale! Die! Death be upon you for disobeying my wishes!" Yaniboque shot into the sky and suddenly zoomed in at Zhang Yang at a high speed. Zhang Yang could see her afterimage that was heading towards his head!


If the attack lands on him, it would cause double damage!

Zhang Yang raised his shield despite {Block} was still on cooldown. A loud "skrriiiing" was heard and a loud "pak!" came after. Yaniboque’s talon had forcefully pierced through the shield and had clawed at Zhang Yang’s head.


Unfortunately, the boss’ attack had damaged the shield; however, the attack was somewhat weakened, since it had only cause normal damage to Zhang Yang.

D*mn! No wonder they say that the shield was a replica! Although the Titan’s Shield was a Violet-Platinum tier equipment, it had failed to block the boss attack without being physically damaged. That attack alone had removed 120 points of Durability! F***CK!

Zhang Yang had started to be mindful of his shield and hesitated using his shield to block any more attacks. Once the Durability of the shield reaches 0, the item attributes will be rendered useless! The shield alone gives 1,344 Vitality points, with both the Vitality Aura and the God of War Transformation skill multiplying its effect, it provided Zhang Yang 666,620 HP. If the shield was broken, he would lose that much maximum HP.

Yaniboque’s attacks came one after another without any pauses. Just 10 seconds later, the boss used {Death Shriek} again and dealt damage to everyone. The poor flying serpent had only managed to recover 50% of his HP, hence he was killed instantly. Felice, only other hand had managed to recover only 20,000 with the potion and [Bandage].

The AoE attack was starting to get annoying.

However so, it was meant to be that way. If it was not annoying, they wouldn’t be fighting a high-leveled boss! Faced with such a boss with such a devastating AoE skill, players cannot win the boss by sheer numbers. They would need to send multiple batches of players to swap around.

Zhang Yang frowned a little and cried, "Felice, I need you to withdraw for now!"

"But…Big brother! Felice wants to help!" cried the little girl disgruntledly.

"Do not fret. Big brother can take on the harpies alone!"

"Ok!" cried Felice. She then left the boss’ attack range and had accidentally kited one of the elite guards with her. The little girls then sent one {Fire Missile} at the monster, before morphing into her human form to attack with her lance.

The monster, despite being an elite tier, could not handle Felice’s powerful attack. In only a few hits, Felice had killed the monster.

"ARGH--!" Yaniboque shrieked once more and blasted out echoes of sound waves.

30 seconds after Felice had withdrawn from battle, Zhang Yang God of War EP had gained 3 points. He then quickly activated {Crushing Strike}, sending beams of light bursting out of the earth and damaging all monsters around. Sadly, the attack will never be stronger than {Horizontal Sweep}. Still, EP was given to him for free, and since the only skill that he could spend them on was {God of Wart Crushing Strike}, might as well use it rather than leaving it to gather dust.

After a series of {Horizontal Sweep} and {Thunder Strike}, Zhang Yang had successfully killed all the elite monsters, leaving the boss alone with Zhang Yang. During the fight, Zhang Yang was finally done analyzing the boss’ {Death Shriek}. At most, the boss would use the skill once every 8 seconds to 15 seconds.

Now able to time the attacks of the boss, Felice was able to join in the battle. Every time the skill was used, she would have to rush to the furthest range possible and fire three counts of {Fire Missile} before retreating from the battle to heal. Even though it was a waste of time which would diminish her overall DPS, it was better than being dead!

In truth, even though he was rather nervous, the entire boss fight was just a walk in the park. If he had fought the boss head on, he would have taken close to 7 to 8 minutes. His DPS was over 87,000, coupled with Felice’s "weakened" DPS of over 12,000, the total DPS would be around 90,000. If he had a few hits that produced a critical or even a Lucky strike, the total time taken would have been shorter!

It was nothing but a cake walk!

All S class, A class, and B class Inheritance had been adjusted in a way where players can only obtain them once they reach Level 120. Hence, truly powerful bosses would only make their appearances after level 150. Right then, when Zhang Yang had not yet even reached Level 120 and had already obtained the God of War inheritance, he was like a US Special Force that had been sent to fight the Hans or the Mongols. No matter how strong the boss is, even if it was trained in the ultimate form of martial arts, it would not be able to stop Zhang Yang’s simple Desert Eagle 50 AE bullets from blowing its head up.

Zhang Yang could not help but feel truly lucky. When he had just obtained Felice as his Battle Companion and took on the God of War Inheritance quest, Felice was able to destroy the Black Dragon with ease and had led to the early procurement of the S class Inheritance. Right then, from Zhang Yang’s perspective, all bosses around his level were like weeds in a field.

Such a relaxed period should only last until Zhang Yang surpasses Level 150. The bosses in Level 150 maps have had their difficulty adjusted to take on players with at least C class Inheritances. A few of the bosses would even require a team of B class tanks and healer players to fight together. For Zhang Yang, a player with the S class God of War Inheritance, he could easily make an Ethereal tier boss grovel at his feet when he activates the Transformation!

Yaniboque shrieked, clawed, zoomed, and tackled Zhang Yang like a deranged woman. Although her attacks were not weak, Zhang Yang’s overwhelming Defense had turned them into needle pricks. After damaging Zhang Yang by over 2,000,000 damage, she was defeated and had fallen down to the earth, leaving her blood all over the ground.

Zhang Yang headed over to the boss to quickly collect all the battle loots. The time remaining on the God of War transformation was still plenty enough for him to go for one round of grinding. The boss drops were rather fair; one Mythical tier Heavy Armor Greaves and two Violet-Platinum equipment, a ring and a dagger. There was one more skill book and an iron key which, according to its description, should be able to unlock Yaniboque’s chest.

Zhang Yang took all the items and tossed them into his inventory before splitting up with Felice to search the room for a treasure chest.

As he searched around, he reviewed the items that he had just acquired.

[Marronda’s Ring] (Violet-Platinum, Ring)

Vitality: +212

Intelligence: +137

Sprit: +137

Equip: Increases 270 maximum MP.

Equip: Increases 2.1% damage.

Equip: Increases 0.7 Critical rate.


Level Requirement: 120

Note: Marronda was a spirited adventurer Spellcaster. He was famous and renowned for venturing into places of great danger. Looks like his journey has ended. Let’s hope that the great Spellcaster had not been tortured too greatly before he died.

Pass…As for the dagger, even though it had a Level 120 Level Requirement, it would be placed in the Little Merchandise Shop for sale, since it did not have a lowered Level Requirement special effect. That being said, a Level 120 Violet-Platinum would still fetch a few hundred thousand gold coins easily.

Lastly, the greaves. It was the only Mythical item that the boss had dropped. Since it was the boss’s first kill, the best equipment should have a lowered Level Requirement special effect!

[Sky Soaring Greaves] (Mythical, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +160

Vitality: +889

Strength: +420

Dexterity: +420

Equip: Increases 1,700 maximum HP.

Equip: Increases 3.5 % healing rate and damage output.

Equip: Absorbs 358 damage on attack.

Use: Increases 50% movement speed for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 30 minutes.


Level Requirement: 120

Special: Lowers the Level Requirement by 20 Levels.

Hah…Finally! An item that he could use immediately!

Translator Note:

(1) Durability, the maximum durability points of that shield was never mentioned in the novel. It was not known to how much was the maximum durability points does each weapon has.