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Chapter 530: The Messenger Man

Chapter 530: The Messenger Man

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Last one, the skill book.

[Pet Skill Book: Shatterpoint Weakness]

Use: Teaches you pet the skill {Shatterpoint Weakness}.

Zhang Yang was dumbfounded. Yaniboque was a Level 125 boss, despite not being the strongest entity in the map. Even so, since it was her first kill, the skill should be of some caliber. The problem was, which pet should he put the skill on?

The Mythical Turtle was the highest tier among all, but its movement speed was too slow. The flying serpent on the other hand was a flying mount, and a magic attack type, and under certain conditions, it had more damage output than the white bear. However, since its mass and size were too large, not all maps, or fields could accommodate for it. On the other hand, the white bear was useful in tight spaces. However, the bear was of a physical attack type. Its attacks were greatly behind that of the flying serpent. In cases where the flying serpent could be sortied, Zhang Yang would have never thought of using the bear.

What a drag!

Might as well gets his hands on a Thunderhawk as soon as possible. It is Violet-Platinum, magic attack type flying mount that was much slimmer and smaller than the flying serpent. As it would be easily summoned in constricted spaces, it would solve the problem of who to teach the skill {Shatterpoint Weakness}.

After he had steeled his decision, Zhang Yang kept the skill book instead of using it. He had decided to use it on the Thunderhawk later on to save some Pet Skill Engravement Scroll.

After circling the cave for half an hour, Zhang Yang finally stumbled across the Harpy Queen’s chest. He then used the iron key to unlock the hatch and open it. A bright metal that had been carved into a long, baton-like shape lay inside. Zhang Yang picked the baton up and examined the item description.

[Zinc Alloy] (Quest Item)

Item Description: A mineral alloy found in the Skeletal Spirit Mining Cave. Only one can be found in a thousand years. The Zinc Alloy is a malleable, pliable, and ductile metal. Best for a certain type of product.

Note: Yaniboque’s most precious treasure. Especially important whenever she feels lonely. Feels rough, ribbed, thick, long…and slightly bent to perfectly fit in her…

Zhang Yang frowned and twitched a little with disgust as he picked up the "Zinc Alloy" out of the box and in his inventory. He could not help but to feel a little ticked off at Margery when she had asked him to collect the metal, could it be for her own purpose? After all, she was living inside the Pandemonium. Her only neighbor was a stone giant. It could not be helped if she gets lonely sometimes…

Right then, Zhang Yang still had over 1 hour as a God of War. Zhang Yang then proceeded to move on kiting as many monsters as he could. He was still at Level 105, at 47% experience. When he was done killing everyone and the transformation skill had ended, he had gained 6% experience points. If he could maintain God of War transformation, he could level up in one day (real time).

After emptying the entire mining cave, Zhang Yang moved out of the cave and found himself inside a dark cave. He hesitated a little and thought that he might had taken a wrong turn somewhere. Right before he wanted to turn back, he picked up a putrid smell coming from a section of the cave that was devoid of light. He braced himself and move inside, only to find mountains of corpses that had already undergone putrefaction. Some of them still had fresh blood still dripping from the stumps of their headless necks. The cave… was a graveyard.

Zhang Yang ventured around, hoping to find something interesting, besides dead bodies. After digging around for a little, he found out that all of the corpse here was male. It was a little odd to find only human men, due to the fact that there many other races besides humans. There were dwarfs, centaurs, elephants, and other animals.


An inaudible voice came from a corner, like a whisper of the wind which made Zhang Yang jump a little. He then turned to the source of the voice and found a withered body of a man.

"F-Fret…not…I’m n-not *cough* d-dead yet!" The man was a human, wearing ragged clothing that resembled a magician robes. Even though he was not rotting, there was practically no flesh in his body. His body was literally skin on bones. Nothing in between. His face was sunk inwards, which made the outline of his skull stood out.

[Marronda] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid)

Level: 120

HP: 1 / 12,000,000

Defense: 3,300

Skills: NIL

Marronda? The owner of the ring that Zhang Yang had just obtained? It’s a miracle that the man was still alive. Pity that he had only 1 HP left, a state where if Zhang Yang had accidentally stepped on him, he would be delivered to heaven. However, since Marronda was a green-friendly NPC, killing him would not do any good.

Zhang Yang walked over to him and cried, "Hold on my friend. I shall take you to a Priest!"

"Don’t waste your time. I have exhausted all of my life energy. I’m afraid that I can only last for a few minutes," said Marronda. His voice was brimming with energy and he could even talk properly without stuttering.

A quest, perhaps?

Zhang Yang pats the man’s shoulder and asked, "How did you end up this way?"

"Sigh." Marronda sighed with despair. "I was an adventurer like you. It is a lifetime career. An endless adventure. My goal, was to enjoy the great land and its beauty. With my great looks, my elegant mannerisms, my noble status, and my adventurous spirit, wherever I went, ladies would be slobbering all over me. Pity that men do not share the joy of my presence. I had to leave a town in less than 2 weeks! There was this one time where I was having a happy conversation with a lady in her bed, when I was ambushed and had to leave the place!"

Zhang Yang cringed. Initially, he was empathetic towards Marronda, but when he had to mention about his unruly "adventure", Zhang Yang felt like stepping on his skull to crush him there and then.

"Sigh… I was doing so well…Until, I was caught by the harpies. It was then when I knew, that my happiness was morphed to my nightmare! Yaniboque, that crazy harpy, was a horny beast! No matter how many time I had laid with her, she was not satisfied! She had even threatened to kill me if I fail to take her to the peak of pleasure. To save my skin, I had to use a forbidden spell. The spell would grant me the power of Length, Girth, and Size, at the cost of my own life energy. In the end, when I finally subdued the female harpy, I was on the brink of death. Hence, here I am."

Forget Yaniboque, the entire mining cave must have been designed by a perverted designer with terrible taste! Zhang Yang nodded his head to his own thoughts.

"My friend, the reaper is but only a few steps away. I beg you, please take this magic letter and give it to Yanny of Galant Town. Tell her, that she is the only woman I love in my life!" The perverted bugger had taken out a white glass orb and shoved it in Zhang Yang’s hands.

‘Ding! Marronda has a quest for you: Message for Yanny. Will you accept it?’

No matter how lustful a person maybe, there will always be one person that he truly loves! Zhang Yang was not disappointed after all. Zhang Yang accepted the quest and the man’s head slump over, breathing his last breath.

Zhang Yang sighed placed his hands over the man’s eyes to shut his eyes lids. However, when he opened his quest log to read the quest description, Marronda had opened his eyes again!

Eh?! Could a person turn into a Spectre at such a speed?

Zhang Yang checked his properties and found that the man still had 1 HP and was a human.

Zhang Yang was furious and nudged the man’s head. "You’re not dead yet, why bother to close your eyes."

"I’m tired. Can’t a man have his sleep?"

Zhang Yang could just slap the man with his metal gauntlet and kill him off instantly.

"Hold on, I have just remembered. I have one more magic letter. Please take this to Julie of Wumin Village. Tell her, I will never forget her beautiful eyes," said Marronda as he shove another magic glass orb to Zhang Yang.

‘Ding! Marronda has a quest for you: Message for Julie. Will you accept it?’

"And this magic letter is for Milon of Heryu City. Tell her that I will not forget her fair legs!"

"This one is for Tinting of the Balon Island. Tell her I will not forget the taste of our first kiss!"

"This one is for Marianna of the Black Smoke Town. Tell her, I will always miss the feeling of stroking her long hair!’

The magic glass orbs in Zhang Yang’s hands started to multiply. He had obtained so many more until he had over 20 orbs in his hands, which forced Zhang Yang to place them around him to take more from Marronda. The man was a pervert of mythical proportions. When he started to shove more orbs, he did not stop!


Thud! It was the 35th or 36th time when Marronda suddenly dozed off.

Zhang Yang shooked his head and said, "Bro, enough with your sleep. Come on, how many more women have you actually pissed off."

Marronda did not respond. Zhang Yang was stuned. He then checked the NPC’s properties and found the man was already dead.

Well, sh*t. Even the reaper must be tired of waiting for so long and had just given up on waiting.

Zhang Yang felt like he had just taken a looooooong assignment. He opened his quest long and found there was as many as 90 messenger quests that he had to complete. However, there was one question that lingered in his mind when he had accepted the 30th orb in his hands. Should he just give up the quest? It was clear to anyone that a messenger quest was worth only a tiny speck of experience points and would not reward them with anything valuable.

Furthermore, the 90 messenger quests could never have a follow-up quest after. It would just be a complete waste of time.

Eh…wait a minute. Zhang Yang suddenly recalled in his past life, a player had stumbled upon a main story quest. When he was interviewed about it, the player revealed that the quest had started off with a long and draggy messenger quest.

For such a time-wasting quest, out of 100 players, perhaps 99 of them would automatically give it up. Even if there were players who would be interested in it, they might give up after delivering the 10th or the 20th letter!

The 90 letters were meant to be delivered to all corners of the Chaos Realm! Those that were bad with directions might take close to a month (real time) to complete the entire quest chain! What more, the return value of it was practically worthless! Only the unhinged would carry on through!

In that case, perhaps delivering all 90 letters would be of some worth since it could be related to a main story quest!

Zhang Yang then tore a [Teleportation Scroll] and returned to Morning Town, and then to White Jade Castle to have the [Sky Soaring Greaves] identified. After socketing a few [Gemstones], Zhang Yang returned to Morning Town and headed to a high-level map called Isaac Hills to hunt for a flying mount, the Violet Thunderhawk.

In truth, he had not wished to visit the Isaac Hills too early, since the monsters around there were of Level 150 and above. The highest-leveled monsters around the hills were Level 180. With such huge gap between him and the monsters’ levels, it would be extremely tough for Zhang Yang to kill even a single normal tier monster.

When he had just entered the new map, monsters from as far as a hundred meters away had rushed over to him like sharks that had picked up the scent of blood. In a Level 150 map, normal monsters would have the same power of a Level 100 Violet-Platinum boss. Adding that to the immense level gap and monster count, Zhang Yang would be facing a tough challenge.

If the power curve of monsters as they increased in levels weren’t steep enough, players would have already swarmed up the high-level maps and get themselves rare tiered battle mounts. If they are lucky, they might even haul in a Mythical or even a Holy tier battle mount which would be extremely powerful once they reach Level 100.

That aside, the map in Chaos Realms was huge. That was already established when Zhang Yang first entered the portal. Without a specific direction and objective, searching for a battle mount in such a place would be like searching for a golden dust on the beach. All the while, Zhang Yang knew that the Isaac Hills has battle mounts of Holy tiers, yet it was just a pipe dream. The safest plan was to just head on, find a Thunderhawk, subdue it and escape with a [Teleportation Scroll].